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Carnegie Corporation of New York records, circa 1872-2015

Series II: Microfilm, circa 1886-1977

Most of the original (paper) files represented in this series on film were discarded after they were filmed in the 1940s and 1950s. In a few instances, the files exist only on microfiche rather than microfilm. The 107 reels consist of correspondence files and index card files. They chiefly pertain to gifts and grants made by Andrew Carnegie and Carnegie Corporation for free public library buildings and academic library buildings. The reels also include files pertaining to grants-in-aid to individuals, gifts and grants to communities for church organs, and miscellaneous "General Donations."

In addition, Reels 41-42 (II.B) contain an index to the minutes of the meetings of the Corporation's Board, and Reels 90 and 91 (Subseries II.C: General Correspondence on Myrdal, "An American dilemma : the Negro problem and modern democracy") pertain to the Corporation study which resulted in Gunnar Myrdal's highly influential book, An American Dilemma. Reel 107 (II.D) contains General Ledger and Securities Cards.

Please note that the content of this series has been digitized and provided with item-level data in the Carnegie Project portal, found here: https://dlc.library.columbia.edu/carnegie If you are searching for specific city or person, you should try your search there first.

This series is arranged in four subseries: Subseries II.A: Gifts and Grants Subseries; II.B: Index to Board Minutes Subseries; II.C: General Correspondence on Myrdal, "An American dilemma : the Negro problem and modern democracy"; Subseries II.D: General Ledger and Securities Cards

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Subseries II.A: Gifts and Grants, circa 1886-1977

Subseries II.A.1: Libraries, circa 1886-1920s

Reels 1-39

Section II.A.1.a: Free Public Library Buildings

As a self-educated man and firm believer in popular education (his formal education ended at the age of twelve), Carnegie thought that access to books should be a part of the birthright of every youngster and that public libraries, still an innovation in American life, should be an indispensable civic institution. Carnegie and Carnegie Corporation spent $56 million to establish 2,509 public libraries, of which 1,681 were in the United States.

The public library files are arranged by the name of the community to which the grants were made; the academic libraries by the name of the university, college or school which received the grant. The number of documents in each file varies widely. These documents include correspondence, completed applications and questionnaires, newspaper clippings, illustrations and building dedication programs.

United States and elsewhere, Reels 1-35

Great Britain, Reel 36

Reel 1 Aberdeen, SD-Arkansas City, Kan., 1899-1919

Reel 2 Armada, Mich.-Beatrice, Neb.

Reel 3 Beaufort, SC-Boswell, Ind.

Reel 4 Boulder, Colo. -Caldwell, NJ

Reel 5 Caledonia, Ont.-Cherokee, Iowa

Reel 6 Cherryvale, Kan.-Columbus, Ohio

Reel 7 Columbus, Wis.-Davenport, Iowa

Reel 8 David City, Neb.-Duluth, Minn. (first half)

Reel 9 Duluth, Minn. (second half)-Enfield, Conn.

Reel 10 Englewood, NJ-Fort Fairfield, ME

Reel 11 Fort Frances, Ont.-Gibbon, Neb.

Reel 12 Gilman, Ill.-Greenville, Ill.

Reel 13 Greenville, Ohio-Hendersonville, NC

Reel 14 Herington, Kan.-Hutchinson, Minn.

Reel 15 Idaho Falls, Idaho-Kitchener, Ont.

Reel 16 Klamath Falls, Ore.-Lehi, Utah

Reel 17 LeMars, Iowa-Los Angeles, Cal.

Reel 18 Los Gatos, Cal-Marion, Ohio

Reel 19 Marion, Ohio-Milford, Ill.

Reel 20 Milford Junction, Ind.-Mount Vernon, NY

Reel 21 Muizenberg, S.A. (Kalk Bay)-Newport, Ky.

Reel 22 New Rochelle, NY-Ocala, Fla. (first half) (Microfiche)

New York, NY

Reel 23 Ocala, Fla (cont'd)-Oyster Bay, NY

Reel 24 Pacific Grove, Cal.-Petosky, Mich.

Reel 25 Philadelphia, PA-Preston, Minn.

Reel 26 Preston, Ont.-Rockford, Ill.

Reel 27 Rockford, Ohio-Salt Lake City, Utah

Reel 28 San Anselmo, Cal.-Scottsburg, Ind.

Reel 29 Seabord Railway-South Omaha, Neb.

Reel 30 South Pasadena, Cal.-Superior, Neb.

Reel 31 Superior, Wis.-Tomah, Wis.

Reel 32 Tooele City, Utah-Vinalhaven, ME

Reel 33 Vincennes, Ind.-Waynesboro, VA

Reel 34 Webb City, MO-Winterset, Iowa

Reel 35 Woodbine, Iowa-Zumbrota, Minn.

Reel 36 Aberdene, Wales-Woolwich, England

Section II.A.1.b. Academic Library Buildings--United States

Reel 37 Agnes Scott College-Howard University

42 microfiche (Includes Biddle Univ.,now Johnson C. Smith Univ.)

Reel 38 Juniata College-Oklahoma, Univ. of

26 microfiche (Judson is out of order and follows Juniata.For Johnson C. Smith Univ., see Biddle Univ., Reel 37

Reel 39 Otterbein College -Yankton College

33 microfiche

Section II.A.1.c. Promised But Lapsed (Reels 66E-68)

Reel 66E Augusta, Ga.-Chillicothe, Mo.

16 microfiche (Not in alphabetical order)

Reel 67 Chisholm, Minn.-Petrolea, Ont.

Reel 68 Portage, Wis.-York, Pa.

Subseries II.A.2: Individuals, circa 1886-1947

Reel 44 Individuals - Abbott, C.D.-Yoe, J.H.

Carnegie Corporation - Authorization Sheets Ending September 1947

Subseries II.A.3: Church Organs, circa 1886-1920s

Correspondence as to Gifts and Grants, U.S. and elsewhere

Reel 45 Abington, MA-Athens-on-Hudson, NY

Reel 46 Atlanta, Ill.-Beebe, P.Q., Can.

Includes Bellevue, Beloit, and others out of alphabetical orde

Reel 47 Bedford, Pa.-Brooklyn, NY

Bellevue, Beloit, and others out of alphabetical order are on 46

Reel 48 Brooklyn, NY-Carrolton, Ky

Reel 49 Carrington, ND-Chicago, Ill. (cont'd on 50)

Reel 50 Chicago (cont'd)-College Point, NY

Reel 51 Columbus, Ohio-Donora, Pa.

Reel 52 Dorset, Mass.-Elmer, N.J.

Reel 53 Elmira, Ont., Can.-Gainesville, Ga.

Reel 54 Galva, Illinois - Hartwell, Ohio

Reel 55 Harveyville, Pa.-Indianapolis, Ind.

Reel 56 Indiana Harbor, Ind.-Lancaster, Pa.

Reel 57 Lee, Mass.-Lynchburg, Va.

Reel 58 McAdoo, Pa.-Moorestown, NJ

Reel 59 Maytown, Pa.-Moorhead, Pa.

Reel 60 Medford, N.J. -Newville, Pa.

Reel 61 Newark, N.J.-Oxford, Mass.

Reel 62 Oxford, N.Y.-Philadelhia, Pa.

Reel 63 Philadelphia, Pa.-Plainfield, N.J.

Reel 64 Pleasantville, N.J.-Temuka, N.Z.

Includes many files not in this alphabetical sequence

Reel 65 Kingston, Jamaica, B.W.I.-Russellville [?]

Includes several files pertaining to communities which begin with the letter S

Reel 66 Rushville, Indiana-Schenectady, NY

Reel 66A Village of Port Ewen-Silverton, Oregon

Reel 66B Sioux Falls-Toluca

Reel 66C Toronto-West Chelmsford (Microfiche and reel)

Reel 66D Westchester, Penn.-Worthington-Greene, Ind.

Subseries II.A.4: Universities, Colleges, and Schools, circa 1886-1940s

Reels 69-78. Correspondence as to Gifts and Grants

Promised and made, reels 69-77

Promised but lapsed, reels 77-78

Reel 69 Acadia University-Carroll College

Reel 70 Chatham Episcopal Inst.-Cornell College

Reel 71 Cornell College-George Washington College

Reel 72 Georgia School of Tech.-Kentucky College (39 Microfiche)

Reel 73 Kentucky College-Montana College

Reel 74 Montana College-Perkiomen Seminary (Includes Pennsylvania, Western College of)

Reel 75 Pittsburgh, Univ. of-South, Univ. of

Reel 76 South Carolina-Wesleyan College

Reel 77 Wells College-Yale University

Reel 77 Alabama State Normal-MIT

Reel 78 McGill Univ.-Young's Female College

Subseries II.A.5: General Donations, circa 1886-1920s

Reels 78-86

Reel 78 Am. Agri. Org. Society-Anti-Saloon League

Reel 79 Anti-Saloon League (cont'd)-Kingsley House

Reel 80 Legal Aid Society-YWCA

Reel 81 Birds of California-Yerkes, R.M.

Reel 82 Beecher Fund-Hospital for Joint Diseases

Reel 83 Hornaday-National Federation

Reel 84 National Federation (cont'd)-Pan Amer. Committee

Reel 85 Pan Amer. Committee (cont'd)-YMCA

Subseries II.A.6. Orders for Payment of Gifts Andrew Carnegie to R.A. Franks, circa 1886-1915

Reel 43


See also: VI.A.1.b.Instructions to Franks

Reel 43 Orders for Payment of Gifts Andrew Carnegie to R.A. Franks

Subseries II.A.7. Turn-downs for organs, library buildings, art and music sets, 1923-1953

Reel 89

Reel 89 Turn-downs for organs, library buildings, art and music sets

Subseries II.A.8. Cards, circa 1886-1977

II.A.8.a. General Donations - U.S. and Elsewhere

Reel 86 Acad. of Poli. Sci.-Zerdahelyr; Aberavon, England-Ytham Wells

II.A.8.b. Individuals - Abramovitz, Moses-Ziskind, J.J.

Reel 40

Reel 40 Individuals - Abramovitz, Moses-Ziskind, J.J.

II.A.8.c. Free Public Libraries

Reels 86-88

Reel 86 Aberdeen, S.D.-Rutherford, N.C.

Reel 87 Sac City, Iowa-Zumbrota, Minn.

Also on microfiche

Reel 88 United Kingdom - Abercynon, Wales-Youghal, Ireland

II.A.8.d. Church Organs, U.S. - Abberville, S.C.-Zionsville, Ind.

Reel 87

Reel 87 Church Organs, U.S. - Abberville, S.C.-Zionsville, Ind.

II.A.8.e. Active Files Index, circa 1955-1977

Reels 92-103

These index cards represent an index with cross-references for finding relevant grants in Series III associated with a name, organization or acronym. There are also scattered references to trustees and staff files in Series I. Note that the cards only refer to files from circa 1955 to circa 1977.

The physical cards are found in series III.

Reel 92 A Better Chance - Breznitz, Shlomo

Reel 93 Brian, Douglas - COPE

Reel 94 Coogan, J. Daniel, Jr. - Elza, P.M.

Reel 95 Emanuel, Irvin - Goosen, Eugene

Reel 96 Gordon, Phyllis (Mrs. John D.) - Hu, Chang-Tu

Reel 97 Huang, Rayson L. - Koprowski, Eugene J.

Reel 98 Koranteng, E.K. - McCullough, David

Reel 99 McCullough, Graham - Nicholson, Charles

Reel 100 Nicholson, Hayden C. - Reif, Jane

Reel 101 Reif, Rita - Skinner, David B.

Reel 102 Skinner, Elliot - United World Colleges

Reel 103 Unity Capital Corp. - Zyyad, Hamza Busar

II.A.8.f. Cumulative Cards, circa 1916-1968

Reels 104-106

Cumulative cards represent Corporation grants with each card holding the name of organization, person, address, board or discretionary number, date of gift/grant, amount of grant and purpose. These cards were updated each time an organization received a grant or had a grant continued, providing an overall funding picture. The microfilmed cards here are cumulative to 1968. The physical cards in Series III are cumulative up to circa 1990.

Reel 104 Schools and Colleges Organizations Academy for Educational Development-Ceylon, Educational Development

Reel 105 Chamber of Commerce - Zoological Society of London General Donations - Academy of Political Science-Zerdahelyer; Honoraria and Travel Abbott - Glidden

Reel 106 Goettsch - Zigler Old Promises by Andrew Carnegie to Colleges:Conditions not fulfilled and payments not made

Subseries II.B: Index to Board Minutes, 1911 November 10 - 1946 September 17

Reels 41-42

Reel 41 Abbatt, Wm.-Proposal Deferred

Reel 42 Subisco College-Zoological Society

Subseries II.C: Carnegie-Myrdal Study, The Negro in America: Correspondence and research memoranda for use in the preparation of Gunnar Myrdal's An American Dilemma, 1939-1953

Reels 90-91

Study informally referred to thoughout as Negro Study.

Reel 90 Committee on Selection, August 1940-February 1943

Reel 90 Fortune Survey, January 1939 to August 1943

Reel 90 Reviews

Reel 91 Brown, Sterling A, 1939-1943

Reel 91 Bunche, Ralph J., 1939-1953

Reel 91 Cayton, Horace R., 1939-1942

Reel 91 Herskovits, Melville, 1939-1944

Reel 91 Guy B. Johnson, 1939-1944

Reel 91 Paul H. Norgen, 1939-1943

Reel 91 Richard Sterner, 1939-1951

Reel 91 Stouffer, Samuel A. & Thomas, Dorothy

Reel 91 Wilkerson, Doxey A.

Reel 91 Woofter, T. J., Jr.

Subseries II.D: General Ledger and Securities Cards, circa 1886-1930s

Reel 107 (Negative)

Reel 107 General Ledger and Securities Cards