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Samuel Oldknow papers, 1782-1924, bulk 1782-1815

Series II: Cataloged Documents

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Box 4 Agricultural Society

Box 4 Allen, James

Box 4 Arkwright, Richard Sr.

Box 4 Arkwright, Richard Jr.

Box 4 Arnsworth, P. and Sons

Box 4 Arrowsmith, J.

Box 4 Ashton Canal

Box 4 Bennison, Thomas

Box 4 Bertles, William

Box 4 Bibby and Downhall

Box 4 Boardman, P.

Box 4 Booth, Samuel

Box 4 Bowden, Thomas

Box 4 Briscall, James

Box 4 Brook, Benjamin

Box 4 Brown, Charles

Box 4 Brown, Isaac

Box 4 Brown, Thomas

Box 4 Bury, John and Sons

Box 4 Callico and Fustian Printers

Box 4 Carrington, William

Box 4 Chatterton, John

Box 4 Chatterton, William

Box 4 Clarkson, Knight and Pratt

Box 4 Clegg, William

Box 4 Coppock, William

Box 4 Darlington and Henderson

Box 4 Davenport, Charles

Box 4 Derby, County Constable of Mellor

Box 4 Derby, County Overseers of the Poor

Box 4 Downes, William

Box 4 Ellison, Matthew

Box 4 Ferns, George

Box 4 Ferns, R.

Box 4 Gardner, Edward

Box 4 Garside, Samuel

Box 4 Gaskill, John

Box 4 Hargreaves, Robert and Sons

Box 4 Hatfield, Thomas and Sons

Box 4 Huchinson Mallalieu and Co.

Box 4 Jowett, Robert and Jonathan

Box 4 Keeling, Benjamin

Box 4 Killer, J.E.

Box 4 Lee, Charles and Co.

Box 4 Lee, William

Box 4 Lindley, George

Box 4 Lings, Charles and Neb.

Box 4 Lloyd, J.

Box 4 Manchester Infirmary and Dispensary

Box 4 Moorcraft, Ralph

Box 4 Morris, John

Box 4 Morris, Richard

Box 4 Newby, William

Box 4 Nicholson, George

Box 4 Norbury, Bradford

Box 4 Norris, Thomas

Box 4 Oldknow, Joseph

Box 4 Oldknow, Samuel

Box 5 Oldknow, Samuel

Box 5 Parker, Robert and Co.

Box 5 Peak Forest Canal

Box 5 Percival, Joseph

Box 5 Pott, James

Box 5 Roberts, John

Box 5 Rothwell, Richard

Box 5 Salte, Samuel and William

Box 5 Sanderson, James and Co.

Box 5 Sandford, Richard

Box 5 School for the Blind

Box 5 Shaw, James and George

Box 5 Sims, Ollive

Box 5 Sleigh, William

Box 5 Sun Fire Office

Box 5 Swire, Longbotham and Co.

Box 5 Thornhill, John

Box 5 Topham and Sowden

Box 5 Von der Becke and Co.

Box 5 Wade, William and Co.

Box 5 Whitehead, David

Box 5 Whitehouse, John

Box 5 Wild, Immanuel

Box 5 Wood, William

Box 5 Worthington and Harrop

Box 5 Wright, John

Box 5 Wright and Brown