Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Samuel Oldknow papers, 1782-1924, bulk 1782-1815

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Andrew, Littlewood

Box 1 Andrew, Samuel

Box 1 Arkwright, Richard Sr.

Box 1 Arkwright, Richard Jr.

Box 1 Bancroft, Robert

Box 1 Barton, John Bayley

Box 1 Blackwall, Robert

Box 1 Blundell, John

Box 1 Boulton and Watt

Box 1 Briscall, James

Box 1 Bromehead, William

Box 1 Cartwright, Thomas

Box 1 Chorlton, John

Box 1 Clerkenwell Parish Overseers (London)

Box 1 Cowpe, John

Box 1 Crowther and Stutt

Box 1 Crowthers, E. and R.

Box 1 Curnuth, John

Box 1 Drinkwater, John

Box 1 Evans, Thomas and Son

Box 1 Ferns, George and R.

Box 1 Gant, William

Box 1 Goodwin, George

Box 1 Grimshaw, Robert and Sons

Box 1 Hall, S.

Box 1 Hallerond, Roger

Box 1 Heywood, S.

Box 1 Hindley and Bradshaw

Box 1 Hindy, Thomas and Sons

Box 1 Hope, William

Box 1 Hudson, E.

Box 1 Hunt, Mrs. C.

Box 1 Hyde, John

Box 1 Kale, I.

Box 1 Kirk, Matthias

Box 1 Kirkham, Ralph

Box 1 Leame and Spalton

Box 1 Lingard, R. and R.

Box 1 Lingard and Smith

Box 1 Linnen, G.

Box 1 Lister, Thomas

Box 1 Liuston and Southwaite

Box 1 Lomas, Thomas

Box 1 Lowe, Robert and Co.

Box 1 Lowe, Thomas

Box 1 Lycett, William

Box 2 Mallalieu, James

Box 2 MuGuffog, James

Box 2 MacKenweda, Edward

Box 2 Manchester and Buxton Turnpike Trustees

Box 2 Markland, John and Sons

Box 2 Mason, Charles

Box 2 Mather, Samuel

Box 2 Merryweather, T.

Box 2 Miller, Thomas

Box 2 Millar, Thomas

Box 2 Molineux, W. and G.

Box 2 Mycock, George

Box 2 Nelson, Ann

Box 2 Newland, James

Box 2 Nightingale, Peter

Box 2 Noble, Miss

Box 2 Norris, Henry

Box 2 Norris, Thomas

Box 2 Oldknow, B.

Box 2 Oldknow, Joseph

Box 2 Oldknow, Samuel

Box 2 Oldknow, Thomas

Box 2 Oliver, William

Box 2 Osbaldiston, Joseph

Box 2 Page and Bennet

Box 2 Parker, Abraham

Box 2 Parker, Robert

Box 2 Parkinson and Willson

Box 2 Parsons, William

Box 2 Parson and Hurles

Box 2 Parsons, Studley and Co.

Box 2 Paulson and Siddon

Box 2 Peak-Forest Canal

Box 2 Pearson, James

Box 2 Penrhyn, Richard Pennant, Baron

Box 2 Penrhyn, Susannah Pennant, Lady

Box 2 Percival and Condell

Box 2 Pitches, Robert

Box 2 Potter, John, Benjamin and James

Box 2 Prescott, Mrs.

Box 2 Radley, Samuel

Box 2 Ramsden, Harrison and Co.

Box 2 Rathbone, William and Sons

Box 2 Reynolds, James

Box 2 Reynolds and Warner

Box 2 Rigby, Peter

Box 2 Robinson, John

Box 2 Roe and Co.

Box 2 Roward, Stephen and Co.

Box 3 Salte, Samuel and William

Box 3 Sawyer, John Martin

Box 3 Seedhouse, William

Box 3 Shaw, James and William

Box 3 Shaw, Miss and Joel Ratcliffe

Box 3 Shepherd, William

Box 3 Siddon, John

Box 3 Siddon, Samuel

Box 3 Siddon, William

Box 3 Sims, Oliver

Box 3 Smith and Blackwell

Box 3 Smith, Payne and Smith

Box 3 Steven, Thomas

Box 3 Stock, James

Box 3 Stock, Cooper and Watson

Box 3 Stocks, Sam

Box 3 Stringers, Thomas

Box 3 Strutt, Joseph

Box 3 Strutt, Joseph and Sons

Box 3 Strutt, William Jr.

Box 3 Stubbs, George

Box 3 Swainston and Lythgoe

Box 3 Tarleton's and Backhouse

Box 3 Thompson, Edward

Box 3 Towkinson (?),Henry

Box 3 Von der Beck, Brothers

Box 3 Whitehead, David

Box 3 Wood, John

Box 3 Worthington, George

Box 3 Worthington, James