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James Graham Phelps Stokes papers, 1779-1960, bulk 1884-1960

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Call No.: MS#1207
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Creator(s) Stokes, James Graham Phelps, 1872-1960
Title James Graham Phelps Stokes papers, 1779-1960, bulk 1884-1960
Physical Description 38 linear feet (21 letterbooks; 2 ledgers; 19 document boxes; 99 metal correspondence file boxes)
Language(s) English .
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Correspondence, manuscripts, documents, financial records, memorabilia, and printed materials. The papers relate to numerous organizations--social, political, civic, and philanthropic--with which he was associated. Among these organizations are Legal Aid Society; Prison Association of New York; Outdoor Recreation League; Socialist Democratic League and National Party; American Alliance for Labor and Democracy; Constitutional Democracy Association; National Security League; YMCA, etc. Included among the papers are his journals and diaries, 1884-1950. An incomplete set of his letterbooks 1905-1960 and some family papers relating to real estate and financial matters

Among the more than 1,600 cataloged letters there is correspondence with people associated with organizations to which Stokes also belonged, such as Marcellus Hartley Dodge and May Matthews of Hartley House; Samuel Barrows and William Marshall Fitts Round of the Prison Association of New York; William Henry Baldwin and Booker T. Washington of Tuskegee Institute; Charles Edward Russell, John Spargo and William English Walling of the Social Democratic League; and Charles B. Stover of the Outdoor Recreation League. There are also letters from Pearl Buck; John Dewey; Theodore Dreiser; Hamlin Garland; Sol Hurok; Helen Keller; Rockwell Kent; Robert Moses; Anna Pavlova; Jacob Riis, Upton Sinclair, and Lillian Wald.

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Alternate Form Available

The Pearl S. Buck letters are also available on microfilm. Request MN# 91-2094-2.

Ownership and Custodial History

Gift of J. G. Phelps Stokes, June 24 and July 22, 1959.

Gift of Mrs. J. G. Phelps Stokes, 1984.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Papers: Source of acquisition--Stokes, J. G. Phelps. Method of acquisition--Gift & purchase.

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Papers Entered in AMC 12/04/90. Papers processed 1959, revised March 1985 by BRC/RL, and revised June 1988 by JL-W.

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2022-07-05 Container list created by CCR.

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African Americans -- History Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
American Alliance for Labor and Democracy Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Baldwin, William Henry, 1863-1905 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Barrows, Samuel J (Samuel June), 1845-1909 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Buck, Pearl S (Pearl Sydenstricker), 1892-1973 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Charities Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Constitutional Democracy Association Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Correctional Association of New York Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Deeds Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Dodge, M. Hartley (Marcellus Hartley), 1881-1963 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Hartley House (New York, N.Y.) Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Hurok, Sol, 1888-1974 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Kent, Rockwell, 1882-1971 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Legal Aid Society (New York, N.Y.) Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Matthews, May, 1887-1974 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Moses, Robert, 1888-1981 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
National Security League Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Outdoor Recreation League Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Pavlova, Anna, 1881-1931 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Philanthropists Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Prison Association of New York Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Radicalism Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Riis, Jacob A (Jacob August), 1849-1914 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Round, W. M. F (William Marshall Fitts), 1845-1906 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Russell, Charles Edward, 1860-1941 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Social Democratic League of America Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Socialism Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Socialists Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Spargo, John, 1876-1966 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Stover, Charles B Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Tuskegee Institute Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Wald, Lillian D., 1867-1940 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Walling, William English, 1877-1936 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915 Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID
Young Men's Christian associations Portal CLIO ArchiveGRID

History / Biographical Note

Biographical / Historical

Socialist and philanthropist. (Columbia University. College of P&S, M.D. 1896).

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Catalogued Correspondence, Manuscripts, and Documents

Box Cataloged 1 Abbott, Leonard D.

Box Cataloged 1 Adler, Felix

Box Cataloged 1 Agar, John G.

Box Cataloged 1 Aldrich, Winthrop W.

Box Cataloged 1 Alexander, James W.

Box Cataloged 1 Allen, Frederick H.

Box Cataloged 1 Appelton, Richard P.

Box Cataloged 1 Armstrong, Lady Margaret

Box Cataloged 1 Bacheller, Irving

Box Cataloged 1 Baker, George Pierce

Box Cataloged 1 Baldwin, Joseph Clark, III

Box Cataloged 1 Baldwin, Roger

Box Cataloged 1 Baldwin, William Henry

Box Cataloged 1 Barker, Wharton

Box Cataloged 1 Barnes, Henry B,

Box Cataloged 1 Barringer, Daniel Moreau

Box Cataloged 1 Barrovs, Samuel J.

Box Cataloged 1 Barlow, Ellen Shaw

Box Cataloged 1 Battle, George Gordon

Box Cataloged 1 Beard, Daniel Carter

Box Cataloged 1 Beatson, J.W.

Box Cataloged 1 Bell, Bernard Iddings

Box Cataloged 1 Bemis, Edward Webster

Box Cataloged 1 Bernays, Edward L.

Box Cataloged 1 Bernheimer, Charles

Box Cataloged 1 Blackwell, Alice Stone

Box Cataloged 1 Blaine, James G.

Box Cataloged 1 Blatch, Harriet Stanton

Box Cataloged 1 Bliss, William Dwight Porter

Box Cataloged 1 Blossom, Frederick A.

Box Cataloged 1 Bousios, Basil Nicholas Helleagoras

Box Cataloged 1 Bovker, Richard Rogers

Box Cataloged 1 Breshkovsky, Catherine Konstantinovna

Box Cataloged 1 Brisbane, Arthur

Box Cataloged 1 Brockway, Zebulon R.

Box Cataloged 1 Bruce, Matthew Linn

Box Cataloged 1 Bruere, Henry

Box Cataloged 1 Bruere, Robert V.

Box Cataloged 1 Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker

The Pearl S. Buck letters are also available on microfilm. Request MN# 91-2094-2.

Box Cataloged 1 Bullard, Arthur E.

Box Cataloged 1 Bullard, Robert Lee

Box Cataloged 1 Burnet, James Robison

Box Cataloged 1 Butler, W. P.

Box Cataloged 1 Cadman, Samuel Parkes

Box Cataloged 1 Cantacuzene, Julia Grant, (Princess Michael)

Box Cataloged 1 Cantor, Jacob Aaron

Box Cataloged 1 Carrington, Hereward

Box Cataloged 1 Chadbourne, William M.

Box Cataloged 1 Chamberlain, Joseph Perkins

Box Cataloged 1 Chapman, Henry Grafton

Box Cataloged 1 Childs, Richard Spencer

Box Cataloged 1 Chisolm, B. Ogden

Box Cataloged 1 Choate, Washington

Box Cataloged 1 Chrysler, Walter P.

Box Cataloged 1 Clark, James L.

Box Cataloged 1 Cochran, Thomas

Box Cataloged 1 Coffin, Howard E.

Box Cataloged 1 Coit, Stanton

Box Cataloged 1 Colby, Everett

Box Cataloged 1 Coleman, George W.

Box Cataloged 1 Commons, John Roger

Box Cataloged 1 Cooke, George Willis

Box Cataloged 1 Copeland, Royal Samuel

Box Cataloged 1 Cosgrave, John O'Hara

Box Cataloged 1 Coudert, Frederic Rene

Box Cataloged 1 Cravath, Paul D.

Box Cataloged 1 Creel, George

Box Cataloged 1 Creighton, John B.

Box Cataloged 1 Crosby, Ernest Howard

Box Cataloged 1 Cummings, Homer

Box Cataloged 1 Curtis, Anna Shaw (Mrs. George W)

Box Cataloged 1 Curtis,Charles E.

Box Cataloged 1 Cutting, Robert Bayard

Box Cataloged 1 Cutting, R. Fulton

Box Cataloged 1 Dana, Harry

Box Cataloged 1 Daniels, John

Box Cataloged 1 Davis, James J.

Box Cataloged 1 Davis, Robert C.

Box Cataloged 1 Davis, Thomas K.

Box Cataloged 1 de Forest, Robert W.

Box Cataloged 1 Delafield, Levis L.

Box Cataloged 1 de Luze, Philip Schuyler

Box Cataloged 1 Devine, Edward T.

Box Cataloged 1 Dewey, John

Box Cataloged 1 Dixon, W. Macneile

Box Cataloged 1 Dodge, Cleveland E.

Box Cataloged 1 Dodge, Grace Hoadley

Box Cataloged 1 Dodge, Marcellus Hartley

Box Cataloged 1 Dodge, William Earl

Box Cataloged 1 Donovan, William Joseph

Box Cataloged 1 Downer, Charles Albert

Box Cataloged 1 Dreiser, Theodore

Box Cataloged 1 Drew, John

Box Cataloged 1 Drum, H.A.

Box Cataloged 1 Dunn, Gano

Box Cataloged 2 Easley, Ralph Montgomery

Box Cataloged 2 Eastman, Crystal

Box Cataloged 2 Edgerton, Franklin

Box Cataloged 2 Edwards, Edward Junius

Box Cataloged 2 Einstein, Alfred

Box Cataloged 2 Elliott, John Lovejoy

Box Cataloged 2 Ely, Robert Erskine

Box Cataloged 2 Emerson, Guy

Box Cataloged 2 Farnam,Henry Walcoot

Box Cataloged 2 Farwell, Arthur

Box Cataloged 2 Finley, John H.

Box Cataloged 2 Fisher, Irving

Box Cataloged 2 Fiske, Bradley A.

Box Cataloged 2 Flagler, Harry Harkness

Box Cataloged 2 Folks, Homer

Box Cataloged 2 Ford, Henry

Box Cataloged 2 Fosdick, Raymond B.

Box Cataloged 2 Foss, Eugene Noble

Box Cataloged 2 Fox, Charles P.

Box Cataloged 2 Fuchs, Emil

Box Cataloged 2 Fuller, Harold de Wolf

Box Cataloged 2 Fulton, John, Jr.

Box Cataloged 2 Gale, Zona

Box Cataloged 2 Gannett, Frank

Box Cataloged 2 Garland, Hamlin

Box Cataloged 2 Gerard, James W.

Box Cataloged 2 Ghent, William James

Box Cataloged 2 Giddings, Franklin Henry

Box Cataloged 2 Gilder ,R.W.

Box Cataloged 2 Gill, Laura D.

Box Cataloged 2 Gilman, Charlotte Perkins

Box Cataloged 2 Gilman, Elizabeth

Box Cataloged 2 Gimbel, Bernard F.

Box Cataloged 2 Gompers, Samuel

Box Cataloged 2 Griffiths, William R.

Box Cataloged 2 Grimm, Peter

Box Cataloged 2 Grosvenor, William M.

Box Cataloged 2 Gulick, Luther Halsey

Box Cataloged 2 Gulick, Sidney L.

Box Cataloged 2 Guthrie, William Norman

Box Cataloged 2 Hackett, Edward

Box Cataloged 2 Hackett, Frank S.

Box Cataloged 2 Hadley, Arhtur T.

Box Cataloged 2 Haight, Frederick E.

Box Cataloged 2 Hall, Bolton

Box Cataloged 2 Hall, George A.

Box Cataloged 2 Hard, B.

Box Cataloged 2 Harriman, Edward Ronald

Box Cataloged 2 Harriman, Mary (Mrs. Edward H.)

Box Cataloged 2 Harrison, Francis Burton

Box Cataloged 2 Harrison, John

Box Cataloged 2 Hart, Hastings Hornel

Box Cataloged 2 Harvey, E.L.

Box Cataloged 2 Haskins, Davis G.,Jr.

Box Cataloged 2 Haviland, C. Augustus

Box Cataloged 2 Hayes, William Van Yalzah

Box Cataloged 2 Hellman, Frances

Box Cataloged 2 Herron, George Davis

Box Cataloged 2 Hilles, Charles Dewey

Box Cataloged 2 Holt, Hamilton

Box Cataloged 2 HoIt, Roland

Box Cataloged 2 Hoover, Herbert

Box Cataloged 2 Hopkins, Harry L.

Box Cataloged 2 Houston, Herbert S.

Box Cataloged 2 Howe, Stanley H.

Box Cataloged 2 Howells, John Mead

Box Cataloged 2 Howland, Hewitt H.

Box Cataloged 2 Humphrey, Andrew B.

Box Cataloged 2 Hunt, Henry T.

Box Cataloged 2 Hunter, Robert

Box Cataloged 2 Huntington, Samuel

Box Cataloged 2 Huntington, William Read

Box Cataloged 2 Hurok, Sol

Box Cataloged 2 Hutchins, Francis S.

Box Cataloged 3 Ickes, Harold L.

Box Cataloged 3 Ingersoll, Raymond V.

Box Cataloged 3 Isaacs, Stanley M.

Box Cataloged 3 Ivins, William M

Box Cataloged 3 Keller, Helen

Box Cataloged 3 Kennedy, Charles Rann

Box Cataloged 3 Kent, Rockwell

Box Cataloged 3 Kingsley, Darwin Pearl

Box Cataloged 3 Klein, Isaac H.

Box Cataloged 3 Kunz, George Frederick

Box Cataloged 3 La Farge, Oliver

Box Cataloged 3 LaGuardia, Fiorello

Box Cataloged 3 Laidler, Harry W.

Box Cataloged 3 Laidlaw, Walter

Box Cataloged 3 Lamb, Charles Rollinson

Box Cataloged 3 Lamb, Frederick Stymetz

Box Cataloged 3 Lamont, Thomas S.

Box Cataloged 3 Lande, Louis

Box Cataloged 3 Lansing, Robert

Box Cataloged 3 Lawrence, David

Box Cataloged 3 Leach, Henry Goddard

Box Cataloged 3 Lee, Algernon

Box Cataloged 3 Lee, Gerald STanley

Box Cataloged 3 Leon, Maurice

Box Cataloged 3 Lewisohn, Adolph

Box Cataloged 3 Lewisohn, Sam A.

Box Cataloged 3 Lindsay,Samuel McCune

Box Cataloged 3 Lippmann, Walter

Box Cataloged 3 Livingston, Cambridge

Box Cataloged 3 Lloyd, William Bross

Box Cataloged 3 Lloyd, J. William

Box Cataloged 3 Lockwood, Louise B.

Box Cataloged 3 Loeb, James.

Box Cataloged 3 Logan, Warren

Box Cataloged 3 London, Charmian Kittredge (Mrs. Jack)

Box Cataloged 3 Low, Seth

Box Cataloged 3 Lowell, Josephine Shaw

Box Cataloged 3 Logan, Walter S.

Box Cataloged 3 McAneny, George

Box Cataloged 3 MeCarran,Pat

Box Cataloged 3 McConnell, Francis John

Box Cataloged 3 McCulloch, James D.

Box Cataloged 3 McDowell, William 0.

Box Cataloged 3 McElroy, Robert McNutt

Box Cataloged 3 McFarland, J. Horace

Box Cataloged 3 Mac Kaye, James

Box Cataloged 3 Macy, V. Evert

Box Cataloged 3 Maloney, Francis

Box Cataloged 3 Manning, William J.

Box Cataloged 3 Mansfield, Howard

Box Cataloged 3 Markham, Edwin

Box Cataloged 3 Marks, Marcus M.

Box Cataloged 3 Marraro, Howrd Rosario

Box Cataloged 3 Marsh, Benjamin C.

Box Cataloged 3 Martin, Everett Dean

Box Cataloged 3 Martin, John

Box Cataloged 3 Mason, William T.

Box Cataloged 3 Matthews, May

Box Cataloged 3 Maury, James F.

Box Cataloged 3 Maxim, Hudson

Box Cataloged 3 Maxwell, William Henry

Box Cataloged 3 Mayer, Ju-ius M.

Box Cataloged 3 Mead, Edwin Doak

Box Cataloged 3 Mead, Elsie C. (Mrs. Robert)

Box Cataloged 3 Mellen, Chase

Box Cataloged 3 Menken, S. Stanwood

Box Cataloged 3 Merrett, George Power

Box Cataloged 3 Merrill, William Pierson

Box Cataloged 3 Meserole, Darwin J.

Box Cataloged 3 Miller, John Goodriim

Box Cataloged 3 Moe, Henry Allen

Box Cataloged 3 Morgan, William Fellowes

Box Cataloged 3 Morgenthau, Henry

Box Cataloged 3 Morris, Robert C.

Box Cataloged 3 Moses, Robert

Box Cataloged 3 Moton, Robert Russa

Box Cataloged 3 Mott, John R.

Box Cataloged 3 Murphy, Edgar Gardner

Box Cataloged 3 Mussey, Henry Raymond

Box Cataloged 3 Muste, Abraham John

Box Cataloged 3 Myers, Gustavus

Box Cataloged 4 O'Brien, Morgan J.

Box Cataloged 4 Odell, Benjamin B.

Box Cataloged 4 Ogden, Tobert C.

Box Cataloged 4 O'Higgins, Harvey J.

Box Cataloged 4 O'Mahoney, Joseph C.

Box Cataloged 4 Opdycke, Leonard E.

Box Cataloged 4 Oppenheimer, Moses

Box Cataloged 4 Ordway,Edward W.

Box Cataloged 4 O'Ryan, John F.

Box Cataloged 4 Osborn, William Church

Box Cataloged 4 Oswald, John Clyde

Box Cataloged 4 Ottmann, William

Box Cataloged 4 Page,Edward D.

Box Cataloged 4 Paine, Robert Treat

Box Cataloged 4 Parker, Willard

Box Cataloged 4 Parkhurst, CharlesHenry

Box Cataloged 4 Parsons, Edward L.

Box Cataloged 4 Parsons, Elsie Clews

Box Cataloged 4 Parsons, Herbert

Box Cataloged 4 Parsons, John Edward

Box Cataloged 4 Partridge, William Ordway

Box Cataloged 4 Paulding, James Kirke

Box Cataloged 4 Pavlova, Anna

Box Cataloged 4 Peabody, George Foster

Box Cataloged 4 Peale, Norman Vincent

Box Cataloged 4 Pepper, George Wharton

Box Cataloged 4 Perkins, Frances

Box Cataloged 4 Perkins, George W.

Box Cataloged 4 Peters, John P.

Box Cataloged 4 Phillips, Wilbur C.

Box Cataloged 4 Pinchot, Gifford

Box Cataloged 4 Pink, Louis H.

Box Cataloged 4 Pittman, Key

Box Cataloged 4 Pole, Rehinald

Box Cataloged 4 Polk, Frank L.Poole, Ernest

Box Cataloged 4 Potter, Henry Codman

Box Cataloged 4 Potter, Virginia(Mrs. Theodore)

Box Cataloged 4 Potts, William

Box Cataloged 4 Pratt, Frederick B.

Box Cataloged 4 Price, Joseph M.

Box Cataloged 4 Proffitt, Charles G.

Box Cataloged 4 Pryor, James W.

Box Cataloged 4 Pumpelly, Josiah Collins

Box Cataloged 4 Putnam, George Haven

Box Cataloged 4 Radin, Mex

Box Cataloged 4 Reid, Helen Rogers

Box Cataloged 4 Reynolds, James Bronson

Box Cataloged 4 Rhoades, John Haven

Box Cataloged 4 Rhodes, Willard

Box Cataloged 4 Ridgway, Erman Jesse

Box Cataloged 4 Riis, Jacob August

Box Cataloged 4 Rittenberry, Alma

Box Cataloged 4 Robbins, Jane E.

Box Cataloged 4 Robinson, Margaret Blake

Box Cataloged 4 Robinson, William J.

Box Cataloged 4 Rockefeller, David

Box Cataloged 4 Rockefeller, John D., Jr.

Box Cataloged 4 Rockefeller, Nelson A.

Box Cataloged 4 Rockefeller, Winthrop

Box Cataloged 4 Rogers, Bruce

Box Cataloged 4 Rogers, Cornelia Barnes(Mrs. Francis)

Box Cataloged 4 Roosevelt, Eleanor (Mrs-. Franklin D. )

Box Cataloged 4 Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Box Cataloged 4 Roosevelt, Sara Delano (Mrs. James)

Box Cataloged 4 Round, William Marshall Fitts

Box Cataloged 4 Rousseau, Theodore

Box Cataloged 4 Russell, Charles Edward

Box Cataloged 4 Russell, Walter

Box Cataloged 5 Schieffelin, Bradhurst

Box Cataloged 5 Schieffelin, William Jay

Box Cataloged 5 Schiff, Jacob H.

Box Cataloged 5 Schiff, Mortimer L.

Box Cataloged 5 Schlesinger, Arthur M.

Box Cataloged 5 Schuyler, Montgomery

Box Cataloged 5 Scott, Emmett J.

Box Cataloged 5 Scott, Leroy

Box Cataloged 5 Schwab, Gustav H.

Box Cataloged 5 Seabury, Samuel

Box Cataloged 5 Sedgwick, H- D.

Box Cataloged 5 Seligman, Edwin Robert Anderson

Box Cataloged 5 Sellon, S. M.

Box Cataloged 5 Sheldon, James

Box Cataloged 5 Sheppard, J.I.

Box Cataloged 5 Short, William Harrison

Box Cataloged 5 Simons, A.M.

Box Cataloged 5 Simpson, Herman

Box Cataloged 5 Sinclair, Upton

Box Cataloged 5 Skouras, Spyros P.

Box Cataloged 5 Sloan, Alfred P., Jr.

Box Cataloged 5 Sloan, William

Box Cataloged 5 Sloane, William Milligan

Box Cataloged 5 Smith, Alfred E.

Box Cataloged 5 Smith, Charles Sprague

Box Cataloged 5 Smith, Edward S.

Box Cataloged 5 Smith, John Ambler

Box Cataloged 5 Spargo, John

Box Cataloged 5 Spellman, Francis Joseph, Cardinal

Box Cataloged 5 Spencer, Lorillard

Box Cataloged 5 Speranza, Gino C.

Box Cataloged 5 Speyer, James

Box Cataloged 5 Stevenson, Archibald Ewing

Box Cataloged 5 Stewart, John A.

Box Cataloged 5 Stoiber, Louis

Box Cataloged 5 Stokes, Anson Phelps

Box Cataloged 5 Stotesbury, Louis M.

Box Cataloged 5 Stoughton, Charles W.

Box Cataloged 5 Stover, Charles B.

Box Cataloged 5 Strong, Josiah

Box Cataloged 5 Sturgis, Thomas

Box Cataloged 5 Sulzer, Willima

Box Cataloged 5 Summerall, Charles Pelot

Box Cataloged 5 Sutro, Theodore

Box Cataloged 5 Swope, Gerard

Box Cataloged 6 Taft, Henry Waters

Box Cataloged 6 Taylor, Laurette

Box Cataloged 6 Thacher, Thomas

Box Cataloged 6 Thomas, John Lloyd

Box Cataloged 6 Thomas, Norman

Box Cataloged 6 Thompson, C.S.

Box Cataloged 6 Thorne, Samuel

Box Cataloged 6 Tifft, Henry N.

Box Cataloged 6 Tokaji, Bela

Box Cataloged 6 Tomkins, Calvin

Box Cataloged 6 Townsend, Howard

Box Cataloged 6 Townsend, Reginald T.

Box Cataloged 6 Trapper, Emma L.

Box Cataloged 6 Tucker, Frederick Booth

Box Cataloged 6 Untermeyer, Samuel

Box Cataloged 6 Valyi, Felix

Box Cataloged 6 Vanderbilt, Cornelius

Box Cataloged 6 Vanderbilt, Frederick William

Box Cataloged 6 Van Doren, Carl

Box Cataloged 6 Veiller, Lawrence

Box Cataloged 6 Vezin, Charles

Box Cataloged 6 Waite, Mary L.

Box Cataloged 6 Wald, Lillian

Box Cataloged 6 Walker, John Brisben

Box Cataloged 6 Wall, Judson G.

Box Cataloged 6 Walling, William English

Box Cataloged 6 Wardwell, Allen

Box Cataloged 6 Warburg, Felix M.

Box Cataloged 6 Warburg, Paul Moritz

Box Cataloged 6 Waring, George E., Jr.

Box Cataloged 6 Warner, John DeWitt

Box Cataloged 6 Warren, Charles Eliot

Box Cataloged 6 Warren, Whitney

Box Cataloged 6 Washington, Booker Taliaferro

Box Cataloged 6 Watson, Thomas J.

Box Cataloged 6 Watson, Thomas J., Jr.

Box Cataloged 6 Weller, Charles Frederick

Box Cataloged 6 Welling, Richard

Box Cataloged 6 Wendell, Everett Jansen

Box Cataloged 6 Weyl, Walter E.

Box Cataloged 6 Whalen, Grover

Box Cataloged 6 Wheeler, Burton K.

Box Cataloged 6 Weeler, Everett P.

Box Cataloged 6 White, Eliot

Box Cataloged 6 White, Gaylord Starin

Box Cataloged 6 Whitin, E. Stagg

Box Cataloged 6 Whyte, Margaret (Mrs. Alexander F.)

Box Cataloged 6 Wickersham, George W.

Box Cataloged 6 Willcox, William R.

Box Cataloged 6 Williams, Mornay

Box Cataloged 6 Wilson, Woodrow

Box Cataloged 6 Winthrop, Henry Rogers

Box Cataloged 6 Wise, Stephen S.

Box Cataloged 6 Woodin, William H.

Box Cataloged 6 Woodson, Carter G.

Box Cataloged 6 Wookman, Mary Schenck

Box Cataloged 6 Worden, Eugene C.

Box Cataloged 6 Wright, Chester M.


Box 1 Early journals, etc., 1884-1899

Box 2 Early diaries, 1900-1952

Box 3 Squadron "A", 1896-1951

Box 4 University Settlement, 1895-1907

Box 4 Miscellaneous Settlements, 1898-1916

Box 4 Boys' Clubs, etc., 1900-1923

Box 5 Hartley House Reports (Sundry), 1898 October - 1902 December, 1913 January - 1915 October

Box 5 Report of Special Study, 1949 December

Box 5 New York Times Article, 1897 June 27

Box 6 Hartley House Reports (Monthly), 1907 July - 1909 December

Box 7 Hartley House Reports (Monthly), 1910 January-September

Box 8 Hartley House Correspondence "A", 1896-1907

Box 9 Hartley House Correspondence "B", 1908-

Box 10 Legal Aid Society, 1898-1903

Box 10 Municipal Art Society, 1903-1911

Box 10 New England Society, 1899-1940

Box 11 Burnham / Berkshire Industrial Farm, 1897-1899

Box 11 New York Juvenile Asylum / Children's Village, 1900-1909

Box 11 New York Child Labor Committee, 1902-1935

Box 12 Prison Association of New York, 1899-1920

Box 13 AICP-COS, etc., 1896-1907

Box 13 New York State Conference of Charities and Correction, 1898-1905

Box 13 National Conference of Charities and Correction, 1900-1906

Box 14 Outdoor Recreation League, 1898 June - 1899 December

Box 15 Outdoor Recreation League

Box 16 Outdoor Recreation League

Box 17 Tuskegee Institute, 1898-

Box 18 Armstrong Association, 1899-1916

Box 18 Miscellaneous Negro Schools, etc., 1900-

Box 19 Muncipal Ownership Campaign, 1903-1906-

Box 19 League for Political Education, 1900-1907

Box 19 Civic Forum, etc., 1907-

Box 20 Sundry Peace Organization, etc., 1898-1909

Box 20 League to Enforce Peace, 1915-1916

Box 20 League of Nations, etc., 1916-1935

Box 20 Civic Council, 1901-1902

Box 20 W.D.P. Bliss Fund, 1901-1902

Box 21 Manhattan Trade School for Girl, 1902-1903

Box 21 People's Institute, 1897-1917

Box 22 Special Civic Organizations, 1898-1919


Box 23 Sundry Economic, Ethical, and Sociological Societies, 1900-

Box 23 Author's League, 1918-1921

Box 24 Prohibition Amendment, etc., 1917-1918

Box 24 Liberal League, 1923-1924

Box 25 Intercollegiate Socialist Party and Forerunners, 1903-1916

Box 25 Noroton Conference, 1906

Box 25 Socialist Party, 1904-1916

Box 26 Socialist Democratic League and National Party, 1917 January-June

Box 27 Socialist Democratic League and National Party, 1917 July-August

Box 28 Socialist Democratic League and National Party, 1917 September-October

Box 29 Socialist Democratic League and National Party, 1917 November-December

Box 30-31 Socialist Democratic League and National Party, 1918 February-June, 1 boxes

Box 31A Socialist Democratic League, 1919

Box 32 National Party, 1917-1918

Box 33 SDL, R.A.A., L.R.D., 1920-1932

Box 34 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy, 1919

Box 34 C.M. Wright's New York Tribune File, 1919 October 6-23

Box 35 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy, 1919

Bulletins, etc.

Box 36 American Red Cross (Disaster Relief Organization, 1942), 1937

Box 36 British War Relief, etc., 1941-1942

Box 36 Miscellaneous Foreign Relief, etc.

Box 36 Sundry Relief Organizations

Box 36 "Immigration", "Foreign Born", etc.

Box 36 English Speaking Union

Box 36 China Society, 1924

Box 37 Veteran Corps of Artillery 1st Provisional Regiment VCA Post

Box 37 9th CAC, to 1917 October 8

Box 37 ORC, NYS, ROA Res. and Ret. Lists

Box 38 9th CAC, 1918 January - 1919 August 6

Box 38 9th CDC, 1919 August 7 - 1920 December 31

Box 39 9th CDC, 1921-1939

Box 39 "Bowl Mount", etc., 1921-1929

Box 39 HQ, CA, NYNG, 1930-1935

Box 40 9th Regiment--Historical Research Papers A, 1922-1938

Box 41 9th Regiment--Historical Research Papers B, 1922-1938

Includes Civil War

Box 42 2nd Corps Area, etc., 1920-1944

Box 42 Military Training Camps Association, 1926-

Box 42 Miscellaneous Defense Organizations, 1916-1945

Box 42 American Legion, 1921-1936

Box 42 7th Regiment, 1925-1927

Box 43 Society of American Wars, 1923-

Box 43 Society of Colonial Wars, 1923-

Box 43 Naval and Military Order of the Spanish-American War, 1899-

Box 43 Military Order of Foreign War Veterans, 1924-1933, 1926-1931

Box 43 Military Order of the World War

Box 43 Army and Navy Day Parades, 1931-1947

Box 44 National Security League, 1915-1940

Box 44 National Civic Federation, 1900-

Box 44 Sulgrave Institution, 1920-1928

Box 44 Navy and Marine Memorial, 1924-1928

Box 45 "Massing of the Colors", 1923-1950

Box 45 Old Guard of the City of New York, 1920-1939

Box 45 Society of American Military Engineers, 1928

Box 46 New York State Committee for Reception of Distinguished Guests

Box 46 Miscellaneous International Hospitalities

Box 46 Miscellaneous American Hospitalities

Box 46 New York State and City Appointments

Box 46 Special Military Data, JPGS

Box 47 American Defense Society, 1917-1942

Box 48 New York Society of Military and Naval Officers of the World Wars, 1920-1934

Box 49 New York Society of Military and Naval Officers of the World Wars, 1935-1947

Box 50 Military and Naval Club, 1934-1947-

Box 50 National Defense Committee, 1934-1940

Box 51 National Defense Committee, 1941-1946

Box 52 Constitutional Democracy Association, 1936-1938

Box 52 National Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government, 1937

Box 52 American Coalition, 1937

Box 52 Allied Patriotic Societies, 1939

Box 52 U.S. Sesquicentenial Committee, 1937-1938

Box 52 Victory Hall Association, 1920-1921

Box 52 Navy and Marine Memorial, 1924-1928

Box 52 National Civic Federation, 1900-

Box 53 American Asiatic Association, 1916-1917

Box 53 France-America Society, 1921-

Box 53 Lafayette-Marne Day Committee, 1920-1929

Box 53 India Societies (New York and London), 1929-

Box 53 Italy-America Society, 1920-1925

Box 53 Japan Society, 1920-1940

Box 53 Netherlands-America Foundation, 1925-

Box 54 Academies, Learned Societies, Museums, Etc., 1898-1950

Box 55 Sons of the Revolution, 1920-1925

Box 56 Sons of the Revolution, 1926-1938

Box 57 Sons of the Revolution, 1933-1953

SAR, 1940

Box 58 Russian Information Bureau, 1917-1923

Box 58 Russia, Miscellaneous, 1906-1951

Box 59 International School of Vedic and Allied Research, 1928-1929

Box 59 James S. Cousins Papers, 1928-1932

Box 59 Tagore Reception Committee, 1920

Box 59 Max Gysi, Dwight Goddard, etc.

Box 60 Roerich Museum, A, 1924-1935

Box 61 Roerich Museum, B, 1934-1944

Box 62 Special Educational--Berkeley, Yale, Columbia, etc., 1889

Box 63 Miscellaneous Educational Political, etc., 1901-

Box 64 Miscellaneous Conservation, State Park, Forestry, and Humane Societies

Box 64 Audobon Societies, etc., 1910-1942

Box 65 Miscellaneous Charities and Philanthropic and Spec, 1897-1950

Box 65 New York Marble Cemetary

Box 65 Bide-A-Wee Home Association, 1930

Box 66 Miscellaneous Charities and Philanthropies, etc., 1926-1950

Box 67 YMCA, 1896-1944

Box 68 YMCA, 1945-1952

Box 69 Special Religious Organizations--A-Fel

Box 70 Special Religious Organizations--Fel-YMCA

Box 71 Miscellaneous Religious Organizations, 1899-1950

Box 72 Special Civic and Philanthropic Organizations--N-O, 1898-

Box 73 Miscellaneous Civic and Political Organizations, 1897-1912

Box 74 Miscellaneous Civic and Political Organizations, 1913-1925

Box 74 Re: U.S. Government, Sundry, 1905-1920

Box 75 Clippings, 1903-1909

Box 76 Talks and Writings, 1898-1905

Box 77 Talks and Writings, 1906-1916

Box 78 Talks and Writings, 1917-1925-

Box 79 Clubs, New York City--A-C, 1920-1951

Except City

Box 80 Clubs, New York City--D-Y, 1894-1951

Except City, Miscellanous, Reform

Box 81 Clubs, New York City--City, Reform, etc. and Miscellaneous, 1894-1951

Box 82 Clubs, Out of Town, 1898-

Box 83 Sundry Groups Seeking to Promote Cooperation in Furtherance of the Common Good; City Club, 1898-1918

Box 84 JPGS, Social Letters, etc. "By Subjects."

Box 85 Miscellaneous Early letters (Family)

Letterbooks and Ledgers, 1905-1960

Letterbooks appear chronological; some letterbooks included a handwritten date range at the front of the book.

1959 Gift: 6-18, and 2 ledgers, and 1984 Gift: 23-24, 29-35

Volume 6 No. 6, 1905 October - 1906 December

Volume 7 No. 7, 1906 December - 1908 June

Volume 8 No. 8, 1908 June - 1910 August

Volume 9 No. 9, 1910 August - 1913 November

Volume 10 No. 10, 1913 November - 1914 December

Volume 11 No. 11, 1915 January - 1916 May

Volume 12 No. 12, 1916 May - 1917 April

Volume 13 No. 13

Volume 14 No. 14

Volume 15 No. 15

Volume 16 No. 16

Volume 17 No. 17

Volume 18 No. 18, 1925 May 4 - 1927 Spetember 21

Volume 23 No. 23

Volume 24 No. 24

Volume 29 No. 29

Volume 31 No. 31, 1950 September 6 - 1952 July 23

Volume 32 No. 32, 1952 July 24 - 1955 January 4

Volume 33 No. 33

Volume 34 No. 34

Volume 35 No. 35, 1959 June 17 - 1960 April 15

Stokes died on April 8, 1960.

Volume Two Unnumbered Ledgers Ledgers, 2 Volumes

Two blank books

Financial Records

1959 Gift

Box 100 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy

Box 101 Constitutional Democracy Association

Box 101A Constitutional Democracy Association--Minutes, Ledgers, Contributors' List

Box 102 Miscellaneous Ledgers

Box 102A Miscellaneous Ledgers

Box 102B Public Welfare Association--Minutes, Ledgers, Membership list

Printed Material

1959 Gift

Box 103 Club Publications--Membership lists, Bylaws, etc. of clubs to which J.G.P. Stokes belonged

Box 104 Club Publications--Membership lists, Bylaws, etc. of clubs to which J.G.P. Stokes belonged

Box 105 Nicholas Roerich et al. vs Louis L. Horsh et al. Court Records

1984 Gift


Box 106 General Correspondence--Academy-Curan, 1943-1954

Box 107 General Correspondence--Hunter-Kyanston, 1943-1954

Box 108 General Correspondence--Lamb-Otheman, 1943-1954

Subject File

Box 109 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy

Box 109 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy--Printed Material

Box 109 Bibliography on the History of Writing

Box 109 Children of the American Revolution

Box 109 National Civic Federation

Box 109 Pan-American Federation of Labor

Box 109 Pan-American Labor Press--Printed Material

Box 109 Russian Information Bureau

Box 109 Socialist Democracy League

Box 109 U.S. Department of State

Box 109 World War I--Miscellaneous Statements, etc.

Box 109 World War I--Socialists and War Notes

Family Documents

Box 110 Bowl Mount for telescopic sights--Blueprint


Box 110 Connecticut Property

Box 110 Massachusetts Property

Box 110 Rhode Island Property, 3 folders

Box 110 Virginia Property-Webb, Anna B.

Box 111 General

Box 111 Hose Permit

Box 111 List of Ancestor who served in the Colonial Wars in America

Box 111 Halkett, Sarah--Accounts and Release Papers

Box 111 Phelps, Issac N.--Summons concerning Estate

Box 111 Rock, Lillian D. Papers

Box 111 Stokes, John G. P. - -Contents of Safe and Deposit Box

Box 111 Stokes, John G.P.--Estate of

Box 111 Stokes, John G. P.--Insurance Policy

Box 111 Stokes, John G.P.--Miscellaneous Personal Papers

Box 111 Stokes, Roste Pastor--Case

Box 111 Webb, Anna B.--Policy Affairs

Box 111 Webb, Anna B.--Summons concerning Estate

Box 112 Maps--Connecticut Property

Box 112 Maps--Rhode Island

Box 112 Photos--Connecticut Property

Box 112 Photos--Connecticut Propery--Caritas Island

Box 112 Photos--Stokes, Rose P. and John G. P. Wedding

Box 112 Photostats--World War I Activities

Box 112 Printed Material

Real Estate

Box 112 Consolidated Edison Papers

Box 112 Church of Saint Michael the Archangel

Box 112 Farm Reclaimation and Gilman Papers

Box 112 Stokes, John G. P. --Tax Receipts New York City

Box 112 Stokes, John G. P.--Tax Receipts Rhode Island

Box 112 Tax Bill Stamford, Connecticut

Box 112 Tax Bill New York City


Box 86 American Theosophical Society; Liberal Catholic Church, 1925-1928

Box 87 Sundry Indian Teachers, etc., 1927-1951

Box 88 Eastern Religious; Sundry Indian Teachers; Keskar-Omkar and Peace Foundations

Box 89 Miscellaneous Theosophical Groups: L.C.C., Order of the Star, etc.; Vedanta, Sufi, etc.

Box 90 Arcane School, 1927-1941

Box 90 Keskar, Rana, Balkrisna, etc.

Box 90 Omker Peace Foundation

Box 90 Union for the Study of Great Religions

Box 91 Sivananda, etc.

Box 92 Special Letters, 1902-1925

Box 93 Miscellaneous "Personal", etc.; Religious Writings; "Gatherings" and Biographical Sketches; Dr. Jacques de Marquette

Box 94 "Special Letters"; RPS "Spec."; "Alphabetic" A-Z

Box 95 Grove Street Papers

Box 96 Stokes Family--General

Box 97 Stokes Family--Genealogy

Box 112 Stokes Family--Genealogy

1959 Gift

Box 98 "The Ever-Returning Christ"

Box 99 Early letters on Socialism, Philanthropy, Business Investment and other Miscellaneous Matters, 1900-1914


Box Flat Box 573 Scrapbook of Newspaper clippings, 1941

Mapcase 15-H-4 Photograph of a banquet in honor of General Robert Nivelle, under the auspices of the France-America Society. The Baltimore, New York, 1921 January 5