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James Graham Phelps Stokes papers, 1779-1960, bulk 1884-1960

1984 Gift

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Box 106 General Correspondence--Academy-Curan, 1943-1954

Box 107 General Correspondence--Hunter-Kyanston, 1943-1954

Box 108 General Correspondence--Lamb-Otheman, 1943-1954

Subject File

Box 109 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy

Box 109 American Alliance for Labor and Democracy--Printed Material

Box 109 Bibliography on the History of Writing

Box 109 Children of the American Revolution

Box 109 National Civic Federation

Box 109 Pan-American Federation of Labor

Box 109 Pan-American Labor Press--Printed Material

Box 109 Russian Information Bureau

Box 109 Socialist Democracy League

Box 109 U.S. Department of State

Box 109 World War I--Miscellaneous Statements, etc.

Box 109 World War I--Socialists and War Notes

Family Documents

Box 110 Bowl Mount for telescopic sights--Blueprint


Box 110 Connecticut Property

Box 110 Massachusetts Property

Box 110 Rhode Island Property, 3 folders

Box 110 Virginia Property-Webb, Anna B.

Box 111 General

Box 111 Hose Permit

Box 111 List of Ancestor who served in the Colonial Wars in America

Box 111 Halkett, Sarah--Accounts and Release Papers

Box 111 Phelps, Issac N.--Summons concerning Estate

Box 111 Rock, Lillian D. Papers

Box 111 Stokes, John G. P. - -Contents of Safe and Deposit Box

Box 111 Stokes, John G.P.--Estate of

Box 111 Stokes, John G. P.--Insurance Policy

Box 111 Stokes, John G.P.--Miscellaneous Personal Papers

Box 111 Stokes, Roste Pastor--Case

Box 111 Webb, Anna B.--Policy Affairs

Box 111 Webb, Anna B.--Summons concerning Estate

Box 112 Maps--Connecticut Property

Box 112 Maps--Rhode Island

Box 112 Photos--Connecticut Property

Box 112 Photos--Connecticut Propery--Caritas Island

Box 112 Photos--Stokes, Rose P. and John G. P. Wedding

Box 112 Photostats--World War I Activities

Box 112 Printed Material

Real Estate

Box 112 Consolidated Edison Papers

Box 112 Church of Saint Michael the Archangel

Box 112 Farm Reclaimation and Gilman Papers

Box 112 Stokes, John G. P. --Tax Receipts New York City

Box 112 Stokes, John G. P.--Tax Receipts Rhode Island

Box 112 Tax Bill Stamford, Connecticut

Box 112 Tax Bill New York City


Box 86 American Theosophical Society; Liberal Catholic Church, 1925-1928

Box 87 Sundry Indian Teachers, etc., 1927-1951

Box 88 Eastern Religious; Sundry Indian Teachers; Keskar-Omkar and Peace Foundations

Box 89 Miscellaneous Theosophical Groups: L.C.C., Order of the Star, etc.; Vedanta, Sufi, etc.

Box 90 Arcane School, 1927-1941

Box 90 Keskar, Rana, Balkrisna, etc.

Box 90 Omker Peace Foundation

Box 90 Union for the Study of Great Religions

Box 91 Sivananda, etc.

Box 92 Special Letters, 1902-1925

Box 93 Miscellaneous "Personal", etc.; Religious Writings; "Gatherings" and Biographical Sketches; Dr. Jacques de Marquette

Box 94 "Special Letters"; RPS "Spec."; "Alphabetic" A-Z

Box 95 Grove Street Papers

Box 96 Stokes Family--General

Box 97 Stokes Family--Genealogy

Box 112 Stokes Family--Genealogy

1959 Gift

Box 98 "The Ever-Returning Christ"

Box 99 Early letters on Socialism, Philanthropy, Business Investment and other Miscellaneous Matters, 1900-1914