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   Pamela Moore papers, 1939-2018 [Bulk Dates: 1950-1964]

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Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Pamela Moore Papers; Box and Folder (if known); Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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Pamela Moore (1937-1964) was an American novelist, best known for Chocolates for Breakfast (1956). The papers contain correspondence, clippings, contracts, diaries, drafts, manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs, notebooks, notes, outlines, proofs, school materials, sketch books, and a collection of published editions of Moore’s novels.

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Call No.:MS#1928
Bib ID:13202800 View CLIO record
Creator(s):Moore, Pamela, 1937-1964,
Title:Pamela Moore papers, 1939-2018 [Bulk Dates: 1950-1964]
Physical description:12.5 linear feet (20.5 document boxes, 1 record storage carton, 1 card file box, 6 custom book boxes, and 1 temporary box)
Language(s):English and in French , with some materials in Dutch , German , Hebrew , Italian , Korean , Norwegian , Polish , Slovenian , and Spanish .
Access: This collection is located on-site. This collection has no restrictions. Some materials currently housed in a temporary box will be reboxed, but all items are accessible at this time. Please note that the final diary has a very fragile binding and should be handled with care.  More information »



This collection is arranged in seven series and several subseries:

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Scope and Content

Pamela Moore (1937-1964) was an American novelist, best known for Chocolates for Breakfast (1956). Although Moore’s career was short, the collection contains a wealth of documentation about her life and writings during this period. The papers contain correspondence, clippings, contracts, diaries, drafts, manuscripts, memorabilia, photographs, notebooks, notes, outlines, proofs, school materials, sketch books, and a collection of published editions of Moore’s novels.

The collection includes contracts, outlines, typescripts, setting copies, and other materials related to Moore’s published novels. The collection lacks a full typescript for The Exile of Suzy Q , but includes working files with typescript pages. For Chocolates for Breakfast and The Pigeons of St. Marks / East Side Story / Diana , which went through some revisions, there are multiple typescripts and revisions in the collection. There are several published editions of all of Moore’s novels in the collection, as well, primarily of foreign editions of her works.

The collection also includes materials related to Moore’s unpublished works, including articles, novels, short stories, plays, and poetry. The collection contains a significant amount of materials for both Prophets Without Honor and Kathy , including contracts, notes, notebooks, outlines, typescripts, and other materials. These are also working files for several other projects that include character sketches, notes, synopses, and manuscripts of varying lengths. There are also typescripts for poems and several short stories, and some materials related to ideas for plays. The collection includes notes, typescripts for both published and unpublished articles, as well as copies of Moore’s published articles. In many cases, Moore’s unpublished works are untitled, so some manuscripts may be found to be related to one another or to larger novel projects upon further examination of the available records.

The collection also includes material related to Moore’s professional activities, including correspondence, contracts, clippings files, financial records, photographs, and memorabilia.

Moore’s papers contain many personal materials, including books, correspondence, diaries, financial records, a passport, photographs, receipts, school records, sketchbooks, and travel notes. These records shed light on Moore’s relationships with her husband, her family, and with Edouard de Laurot, among others. Later correspondence and notes by others also shed light on Moore’s life and work. Lastly, Moore’s diaries provide insight into her family life, emotional life, relationships, social life, travel, writings, and ultimately, in her final diary entries, her suicide.

The collection includes printed materials related to Moore’s life and work. There are several editions of Moore’s published novels; these are primarily foreign editions. The editions include original editions of Moore’s novels, as well as foreign editions based upon the Harper Perennial edition of Chocolates for Breakfast (2013). The printed materials also include several books owned by Moore, several of which are inscribed to her, or signed by her. A few of these also relate to equestrians who knew and worked with Moore.

A copy of the catalog prepared the literacy agency for this collection is included with the papers. The catalog provides more detailed subject information and context on correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, and other materials in the collection. While the final arrangement and organization of the collection differs from the catalog, it is still a valuable resource.

Series I: Manuscripts and Related Materials, 1942-2013 [Bulk Dates: 1950-1964]

This series includes manuscripts as well as related materials such as drafts, notes, notebooks, outlines, and proofs.

Contracts for first editions were originally filed with the corresponding manuscripts, and are included in this series. Additional contracts are filed in Subseries II.2: Contracts.

In general, any related correspondence is filed in the professional correspondence files in Subseries II.1.

Subseries I.1: Published Novels, circa 1952-1964, 2013

This subseries contains contracts, drafts, manuscripts, outlines, and proofs for Moore’s four published novels.

Subseries I.2: Unpublished Novels and Novellas, circa 1957-1964

This subseries contains contracts, outlines, drafts, manuscripts, notes, notebooks, and related materials.

Subseries I.3: Short Stories, 1945-1962, undated

This subseries contains drafts and typescripts for several short stories. Many of the stories are untitled, and most are undated.

Subseries I.4: Poetry, 1950-1952

This subseries contains one set of poems, written between 1950 and 1952.

Subseries I.5: Plays, undated

This subseries contains outlines, a few typescript pages, and notes for two undated plays.

Subseries I.6: Articles, 1950s-1960s

This contains materials related to both published and unpublished articles, and includes typescripts, notes, and clippings of published articles.

Subseries I.7: Drafts and Fragments, 1942-1978, undated

This subseries contains a few folders of unorganized manuscript pages, notes, correspondence, and other materials.

Some items are clearly related to works elsewhere in Series I, but many are unidentified.

Subseries I.8: Other Notes and Notebooks, 1962-1964, undated

This subseries contains notebooks and notes on various subjects.

Series II: Professional Files, 1956-1964, 1987, 2002-2011

This series contains correspondence, contracts, clippings files, and items Moore received from her publisher René Julliard.

There are also some professional topics covered in the correspondence, financial, tax, and legal files in Series III: Personal and Biographical Materials.

Subseries II.1: Correspondence, 1956-1964, 1987, 2002-2011

This subseries includes correspondence with individuals, literary agents, and publishers, on a variety of professional issues. This correspondence was largerly maintained in one alphabetical set. The correspondence also includes condolence letters, mostly from professional contacts, written to Adam Kanarek after Moore’s death in 1964, and a few folders of fan mail and correspondence from readers.

The subseries also includes some later correspondence with Adam and Kevin Kanarek on subjects related to Moore.

Correspondence and other materials related to Edouard de Laurot are filed in Series III: Personal and Biographical Materials.

Subseries II.2: Contracts, 1956-1963

This subseries contains contracts, signed and unsigned, for various editions and licensing rights to Moore’s works. There is also a file of contract copies.

Contracts for first editions remain filed with their corresponding manuscripts in Series I.

Subseries II.3: Clippings Files, 1950, 1956-1964, 1997-2014

This subseries primarily consists of clippings related to the publication of Moore’s novels: many were obtained from a clippings service. These are primarily in English and in French, although there are some items from the German and Italian presses, and others.

There are also some later articles (2000-2014) related to Moore.

Subseries II.4: Julliard--Promotional Materials and Souvenirs, 1956-1964

This subseries contains items that Moore received from her publisher René Julliard.

Moore received several items when Chocolates for Breakfast was published in France: a scarf, a set of dishes, and three matchbooks that were created as promotional items for the book.

Two other items appear to have been issued as “souvenirs” after the death of René Julliard in 1962: a book, titled En Souvenir de René Julliard (1963), and a paperweight, which has an accompanying card on the stationary of Madame René Julliard (1964).

Series III: Personal and Biographical Materials, 1948-2013 [Bulk Dates: 1948-1964]

This series contains personal and family correspondence, diaries, official documents, school files, sketchbooks, travel notes, and a set of financial, tax, and legal files.

Photographs are filed in Series IV: Photographs.

Subseries III.1: Personal Correspondence and Related Materials, 1956-2013

This subseries contains correspondence and related materials such as clippings, magazines, and personal documents.

Subseries III.2: Diaries, 1948-1964

This subseries contains six diaries, kept between 1948 and 1964. Some diaries also contain clippings, notes, drafts of her writings, and other materials.

There are also a few personal notes in a 1963 notebooks filed in Series I.8: Other Notes and Notebooks.

Subseries III.3: Documents, 1956-1962

This subseries contains Moore’s drivers’ license and passport.

Subseries III.4: Financial, Tax, and Legal Files, 1957-1967

Moore maintained a set of financial, tax, and legal files that are primarily related to her failure to pay taxes in 1957. This led to ongoing issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. These files include correspondence, forms, subpoenas, warrants, notices of judgment, tax returns, bank statements, royalty reports, and other materials.

A savings account book and a file on medical expenses also pertain to Moore’s finances during this period.

Subseries III.5: School Materials, 1949-1958

This subseries contains school files from both Rosemary Hall and Barnard College.

The Rosemary Hall files include school notebooks and a school magazine. There is an additional report card in Subseries III.2: Diaries (with the gray “ledger” diary). Moore’s class photographs are filed in Series IV: Photographs.

The Barnard College files include correspondence and other materials related to the submission of Moore’s senior thesis and her progress towards the completion of her degree, as well as a copy of her senior thesis, other academic papers, notes, a yearbook, and Moore’s diploma.

Subseries III.6: Sketchbooks and Artworks, 1953-1958, undated

This subseries contains five sketchbooks, and a few additional artworks and drawings. One of the items contains a montage of characters from Chocolates for Breakfast.

Series IV: Photographs, 1939-1964, undated

This series contains both personal and professional photographs of Moore and Moore’s family.

Subseries IV.1: Professional Photographs of Pamela Moore, 1940s-1964

This subseries contains class pictures, contact sheets and prints for several professional photo shoots related to the release of several of Moore’s books, portrait photographs, and the obituary issued by APWire Photo.

Subseries IV.2: Snapshot Photographs, 1956-1962, undated

This subseries contains snapshot photographs, primarily of Moore and Adam Kanarek. Many of the photographs are dated, but most are unidentified.

Subseries IV.3: Family and Miscellaneous Photographs, 1939-1963, undated

This subseries contains photographs of Moore’s family, as well as additional photographs of Adam Kanarek and some photographs of his family. There are also some unidentified photographs, perhaps of family, in this subseries.

Series V: Printed Materials, 1956-2016

This series contains various editions of Moore’s books, books owned by Moore, and a few additional items that are related to Moore.

Subseries V.1: Editions of Moore's Books, 1956-1964, 1988, 2013-2015

This subseries contains several editions of Moore’s works. There are original editions, as well as various editions of the reissue of Chocolates for Breakfast by Harper Perennial in 2013.

Subseries V.2: Books Owned by Moore, 1918-1963

This subseries contains seven books owned by Moore. Several of these are signed by Moore, or inscribed by to Moore.

Subseries V.3: Other Items, 1952, 1962, 2016

This subseries contains three items on subjects that are related to Moore.

Series VI: Literary Agent's Catalog of Archival Collection, circa 2017

This series contains a copy of the literary agent’s catalog of the collection available for purchase. The catalog includes detailed information and subject analysis on correspondence, diaries, manuscripts, and other materials in the collection.

Please note that the interviews described in the catalog have not yet been received by the Rare Book & Manuscript Library.

Series VII: Archived Web Site, 2018

This series contains a web site capture of the Chocolates for Breakfast website,, created by Moore’s son, Kevin Kanarek. Many (but not all) of the photographs of Moore, as well as editions of the book, are of materials contained in this collection.

The archived site is here:

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Using the Collection


Access Restrictions

This collection is located on-site.

This collection has no restrictions.

Some materials currently housed in a temporary box will be reboxed, but all items are accessible at this time. Please note that the final diary has a very fragile binding and should be handled with care.

Restrictions on Use

Single photocopies may be made for research purposes. The RBML maintains ownership of the physical material only. Copyright remains with the creator and his/her heirs. The responsibility to secure copyright permission rests with the patron.

No additional material is expected.

Preferred Citation

Identification of specific item; Date (if known); Pamela Moore Papers; Box and Folder (if known); Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University Library.

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History / Biographical Note

Biographical Note

Pamela Moore was born on September 22, 1937, the daughter of Donald and Isabel Moore (née Walsh). Both of Moore’s parents were writers. They had married in 1934, and Isabel’s young daughter, Elaine, had adopted Moore’s surname after their marriage. By the mid-1940s, the Moores had divorced, and Pamela Moore split time between her father in California and her mother in New York.

Moore was educated at Rosemary Hall (now Choate Rosemary Hall) and Barnard College. While Moore was matriculated with the Class of 1957 at Barnard College, it appears that she received her diploma in 1958 from the records in the collection.

While studying at Barnard College, Moore published her first book Chocolates for Breakfast in 1956. The first American edition of the book was published in September 1956, at the start of Moore’s senior year. As Moore had planned to spend her senior year in France, she had already left the county when the edition was published in the United States. The novel became a bestseller not only in the United States, but also in Italy and France. The book went into multiple printings and was translated into several languages. The book gained notoriety for its content, which was uncommon for the 1950s, and it was compared to Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan at the time. Moore spent much of the next two years in Europe, returning to the United States in the spring of 1958.

Moore married Adam Kanarek shortly after returning to the United States in 1958. The couple settled in New York, where Kanarek was studying at Brooklyn Law School. They had one son, Kevin, in 1963.

Moore wrote another novel during this period, Prophets Without Honor , but it remains unpublished. Moore had started this novel in Europe, and it was based upon her relationship with Edouard de Laurot, whom she had met on her way to France in 1956. Knopf had bought the novel based upon an outline, but rejected the finished manuscript when it diverged significantly from the original outline and ultimately rescinded its contract.

Moore published three additional novels after Chocolates for Breakfast but none of these matched the success of her first novel. Moore’s next novel was rejected by American publishers, and published as Les Pigeons de Saint Marc by Julliard in France (1960) and as East Side Story by Longmans (1961). The book received favorable reviews in France and was reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement in the United Kingdom, but it did not receive much notice otherwise. The development of a screenplay for Chocolates for Breakfast was also explored during this period, but ultimately the project did not move forward. Moore’s next novel, L’Exil de Suzy-Cœur , was published only in France (1962), and Moore and Kanarek travelled to Europe for its publication. Moore’s last novel, The Horsy Set , was published by Simon & Schuster in 1963, but it did not sell well, and did not receive reviews in prominent magazines or literary publications.

Moore continued to write, and began work on a novel tentatively titled Kathy , which had grown out of her revisions to Prophets Without Honor . The novel remained unfinished at the time of Moore’s death.

Moore committed suicide on June 7, 1964, at her home in New York City.

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