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Pamela Moore Papers, 1939-2018, bulk 1950-1964

Series IV: Photographs, 1939-1964, undated

This series contains both personal and professional photographs of Moore and Moore's family.

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Subseries IV.1: Professional Photographs of Pamela Moore, 1940s-1964

This subseries contains class pictures, contact sheets and prints for several professional photo shoots related to the release of several of Moore's books, portrait photographs, and the obituary issued by APWire Photo.

Box 18 Folder 1 Class Pictures, 1940s-1953

Three items, probably from Rosemary Hall.

Box 18 Folder 2 Press Conference, Paris, 1957 January

Includes one photograph, and caption. In French.

Box 18 Folder 3 Keystone Press Photographs, Paris, 1957 January

Four photographs, with captions.

Box 18 Folder 4 Reporters Associés Photographs, circa 1956-1958

Six photographs, stamped Reporters Associés, Paris. Includes one photograph with Edouard Laurot.

Box 18 Folder 5 Moore in Paris, circa 1956-1958

Seven photographs. These may have been cut out from contact sheets for the Reporters Associés images. They are not stamped, but some of the images are the same.

Box 18 Folder 6 Photographs by Peter Basch, circa 1956-1958

Five photographs and three contract sheets.

Box 18 Folder 7 Pamela Moore with Lamp, circa 1956-1958

Three photographs of Moore with a lamp with various liquor labels on the lamp shade.

Box 18 Folder 8 Cunard Line Photographs (Exile of Suzy-Q), 1962 March

Three photographs of Moore, in one she holds the book Exile of Suzy-Q. File includes related newsletter from Cunard Line.

Box 18 Folder 9 Photographs for The Horsy Set and Similar Images, circa 1963

Nine photographs and six contact sheets.

Box 18 Folder 10 Unidentified Contact Sheets, circa 1956-1963

Three contact sheets; all images of Pamela Moore.

Box 18 Folder 11 Miscellaneous Portraits of Moore and Adam Kanarek, circa 1956-1963

One portrait of Moore (possibly a school photograph) and one portrait of Moore and Kanarek. Photographs are small, approximately 2x2".

Box 18 Folder 12 APWire Photo and Obituary, 1964 June 8

Photograph and obituary issued by the Associated Press.

Subseries IV.2: Snapshot Photographs, 1956-1962, undated

This subseries contains snapshot photographs, primarily of Moore and Adam Kanarek. Many of the photographs are dated, but most are unidentified.

Box 18 Folder 13 Europe, circa 1956-1958

Three photographs of Moore.

Box 18 Folder 14 Arctic Circle, circa 1956-1958

Three photographs of Moore at the Arctic Circle, possibly in Finland.

Box 18 Folder 15 Snapshots, circa 1956-1958

Ten photographs, mostly of Moore. A few are identified as "St. Andrew".

Box 18 Folder 16 Snapshots, 1958 August

Ten photographs of Moore, Adam Kanarek, and travel scenes.

Box 18 Folder 17 Snapshots, 1958 November

Seven photographs of Moore and travel scenes.

Box 18 Folder 18 Snapshots, 1958 August and November

Six photographs of Moore and Adam Kanarek.

Box 18 Folder 19 Snapshots, 1959 June

Three photographs of Moore, and two children.

Box 18 Folder 20 Snapshots, 1962 August

Seven photographs of Moore, Adam Kanarek, and travel scenes.

Box 18 Folder 21 Snapshots, circa 1958-1963

Three photographs of Moore.

Box 18 Folder 22 Snapshots, circa 1958-1963

Five photographs of Moore, possibly in Florida.

Box 18 Folder 23 Snapshots, circa 1958-1963

Three photographs, and seven contact sheets. Photographs of Moore and travel scenes.

Box 18 Folder 24 Miscellaneous Contact Sheets, circa 1956-1963

Various contact sheets, cut into strips. These include images of Moore, Adam Kanarek, Kanarek's children (Moore's stepchildren) and possibly other family members, and travel scenes.

Subseries IV.3: Family and Miscellaneous Photographs, 1939-1963, undated

This subseries contains photographs of Moore's family, as well as additional photographs of Adam Kanarek and some photographs of his family. There are also some unidentified photographs, perhaps of family, in this subseries.

Box 18 Folder 25 Elaine Moore Moffat and Others, circa 1940-1960

Seven photographs and one negative. Includes identified photographs of Elaine Moore Moffat and Cadet Albert Merkle. A few other photographs are unidentified.

Box 18 Folder 26 Donald Moore, 1950s

Black and white portrait photograph of Donald Moore in his army uniform. 3 copies.

Box 18 Folder 27 Donald Moore, 1950s

Two negatives of portrait photographs of Donald Moore in his army uniform. One is in black and white, and one is in color.

Box 18 Folder 28 Donald Moore--Childhood Home, undated

Photographs of Donald Moore's childhood home in Bellevue, Iowa. Includes a wedding invitation for his parents.

Box 18 Folder 29 Donald and Isabel Moore, 1940s

Box 18 Folder 30 Donald, Isabel, and Pamela Moore at the Stork Club, 1940s

Box 18 Folder 31 Adam Kanarek, Kanarek Family, and Unidentified, 1939, undated

16 photographs and one contact sheet. This file contains photographs of Adam Kanarek, as well as some photographs of his family in Poland. Other photographs are unidentified.

Box 18 Folder 32 Miscellaneous Photographs, circa 1950s

This contains a small set of unidentified photographs and related contact sheets, perhaps family photographs.