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Pamela Moore Papers, 1939-2018, bulk 1950-1964

Series III: Personal and Biographical Materials, 1948-2013 [Bulk Dates: 1948-1964]

This series contains personal and family correspondence, diaries, official documents, school files, sketchbooks, travel notes, and a set of financial, tax, and legal files.

Photographs are filed in Series IV: Photographs.

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Subseries III.1: Personal Correspondence and Related Materials, 1956-2013

This subseries contains correspondence and related materials such as clippings, magazines, and personal documents.

Subseries III.1.1: Family, 1956-2002

This subseries contains correspondence involving members of Moore's family. The correspondence is between Moore's family and Pamela Moore, Adam Kanarek, and Kevin Kanarek, with the exception of a few items sent to Isabel Moore by Jerry Asher.

This series includes correspondence written during Moore's lifetime, as well as later correspondence between her family members.

The subseries also contains a few other items – clippings, draft cards, postcards, and a life insurance policy – related to individual family members.

Box 15 Folder 8 Adam Kanarek--Correspondence with Pamela Moore, 1957-1963

Box 15 Folder 9 Elaine Moore Moffat, 1957-1962, undated

Correspondence with Isabel Moore, Pamela Moore, and Adam Kanarek. Also includes a photocopy of a typescript of what are apparently Elaine's notes/quotations from a memoir by Isabel Moore, going back to Isabel's childhood and ending with the end of her marriage to Don Moore.

Box 15 Folder 10 Donald Moore--Correspondence to Kevin Kanarek, 1979-1986

Includes obituaries.

Box 15 Folder 11 Donald Moore--Correspondence with Pamela Moore, and to Adam Kanarek, 1957-1966, 1979-1984, undated

Box 15 Folder 12 Donald Moore--Draft Cards and Documents, 1942

Box 16 Folder 1 Isabel Moore--Correspondence from Jerry Asher, 1956

Asher was an MGM publicist and later a fan magazine writer.

Box 16 Folder 2 Isabel Moore--Correspondence with Adam Kanarek, 1957-1964

Box 16 Folder 3 Isabel Moore--Correspondence with Pamela Moore, 1957-1958, undated

Box 16 Folder 4 Isabel Moore--Forgive Me, My Darling--Advertisement and Memo, circa 1964

Isabel Moore wrote a memoir regarding Pamela Moore, but there are no known copies of the book. According to the "In the Next Room" essay in the Harper Perenniel edition of Chocolates for Breakfast, it was never published, although there were advance advertisements. There is a 9-page memo in the file with quotations and notes from the text in this file.

Box 16 Folder 5 Isabel Moore--Press Clippings, 1939, 1962-1963

Box 16 Folder 6 Isabel Moore--Life Insurance Policy, 1936

Box 16 Folder 7 Postcards, Miscellaneous, 1950s-1960s

Seven postcards. One was mailed to Adam Kanarek in 1953; the others are unsent.

Subseries III.1.2: Edouard de Laurot, and Others, 1956-1963, 1982, 2013

This subseries contains correspondence from Moore to Laurot, as well as clippings, and several issues of Film Culture magazine.

The correspondence file for Laurot is a photocopy of the original file kept by Jonas Mekas; Mekas retains the original file. This file contains correspondence from Moore to Laurot (given to Mekas for safe keeping by Laurot) and from Laurot to Mekas, some of which concern Moore.

The subseries also contains clippings on Laurot and Mekas, and copies of Film Culture magazine, which they co-founded in the 1950s.

This subseries also contains a few miscellaneous files kept by Pamela Moore. There is also a file of correspondence with journalists and friends in France. One of these dates to Moore's time in Paris. These files include business cards, clippings, correspondence, notes, drafts, etc.

Box 16 Folder 8 Edouard de Laurot--Correspondence, 1956-1957, undated, Photocopies

Photocopies in this file were provided by Jonas Mekas, who retains the originals. This file contains correspondence from Moore to Laurot (given to Mekas for safe keeping) and from Laurot to Mekas, some of which concern Moore.

Box 16 Folder 9 Edouard de Laurot--Draft of Letter to Mr. Borde, undated

Draft, with notes by Moore.

Box 16 Folder 10 Edouard de Laurot and Jonas Mekas--Clippings, 1960

Box 16 Folder 11-12 Film Culture Magazine, 1955-1958, 2 folders

Various issues.

Box 16 Folder 13 Miscellaneous, 1956-1957, 1982, 2013

File contains notes, drafts, fragments, receipts, business cards, etc. dating to Moore's time in Paris. There are a few later items: a letter from school friend Barbara Montgomery to Alison Ehringer with her recollections about Moore and Adam Kanarek (1982) and a short postcard from George Morris to Kevin Kanarek (2013).

Box 16 Folder 14 Pamela Moore--Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1957-1963

File contains a few pieces of correspondence, and sketches of furniture.

Box 16 Folder 15 Pamela Moore--Miscellaneous Correspondence and Notes, 1958-1961, undated

File contains correspondence, notes, articles, etc.

Box 19 Folder 10 France--Journalists and Friends, 1957-1962

Subseries III.2: Diaries, 1948-1964

This subseries contains six diaries, kept between 1948 and 1964. Some diaries also contain clippings, notes, drafts of her writings, and other materials.

There are also a few personal notes in a 1963 notebooks filed in Series I.8: Other Notes and Notebooks.

Box 24 Diary, 1948 May-August; 1951 April-August, Red diary, with clasp

This diary is accessible, but please take care that the lock remains open during use.

Box 25 Diary, 1952-1953, 1956, Gray "Ledger"

Some portions of this were used as a creative journal, and the portion from 1956 was to record her emotions during the writing of Chocolates for Breakfast. Items inserted loosely inserted into the front of the diary have been removed and housed in an appropriate folder. See Box 17, Folder 12.

Box 17 Folder 12 Diary--Inserted Items, 1952-1953, 1956, Gray "Ledger"

Includes items inserted loosely inserted into the front of the diary: report card from Rosemary Hall, typescript of the story, "Veteran," with teacher's comments and grade, and clipping of Moore's first byline in the Greenwich Times. The diary itself is in Box 25.

Box 26 Diary, 1953 May-1954 April, Small blue diary

Box 27 Diary, 1956, 1959, 1961, Large red and black volume.

Covers Moore's travels and her relationship with her family during 1956. Also includes telegrams from Moore's father, letters from Adam Kanarek, and other items. Includes draft and notes for "Heat."

Box 28 Diary, 1959-1963, National Diary for 1961

Diary is used primarily for clippings, and also includes notes and outlines for Kathy.

Box 29 Diary, 1963-1964, National Diary for 1961, with Officer of the Medical Examiner Sticker on Front

This diary is missing its spine and the binding is quite fragile. It is accessible at this time, but please handle with care.

This diary served both as a diary and a writing notebook. It includes drafts and notes for Kathy, Northscape, and several short stories and plays. There is a table of contents in the front of the volume. This volume also contains her last diary entries: entries and notes about her pregnancy and the birth of her son, and entries from 1964, including an entry for June 7th. This volume was used as evidence by the Office of the Medical Examiner, and the printed form sticker from the office is still affixed to the front of the volume.

Subseries III.3: Documents, 1956-1962

This subseries contains Moore's drivers' license and passport.

Box 19 Folder 1 Drivers' License, 1962

Box 19 Folder 2 Passport, 1956-1958

Subseries III.4: Financial, Tax, and Legal Files, 1956-1967

Moore maintained a set of financial, tax, and legal files that are primarily related to her failure to pay taxes in 1957. This led to ongoing issues with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. These files include correspondence, forms, subpoenas, warrants, notices of judgment, tax returns, bank statements, royalty reports, and other materials.

A savings account book, a file on medical expenses, and a file of receipts also pertain to Moore's finances during this period.

Box 19 Folder 3-5 Tax and Legal Files, 1957-1967, 3 folders

File includes correspondence, forms, subpoenas, warrants, notices of judgment, tax returns, bank statements, receipts, and royalty reports. These are related to Moore's failure to pay income tax in 1957.

Box 19 Folder 6 Savings Account Book, 1958 September-1959 August

Box 19 Folder 7 Medical, 1958 May-December

Medical bills, and list of medical expenses for 1958.

Box 19 Folder 8 Receipts--Columbia University, New York City, Paris, 1956-1957

Subseries III.5: School Materials, 1949-1958

This subseries contains school files from both Rosemary Hall and Barnard College.

The Rosemary Hall files include school notebooks and a school magazine. There is an additional report card in Subseries III.2: Diaries (with the gray "ledger" diary). Moore's class photographs are filed in Series IV: Photographs.

The Barnard College files include correspondence and other materials related to the submission of Moore's senior thesis and her progress towards the completion of her degree, as well as a copy of her senior thesis, other academic papers, notes, a yearbook, and Moore's diploma.

Box 17 Folder 1 Rosemary Hall--School Notebooks, 1949-1950

With notes on French, Grammar, History, English, etc.

Box 17 Folder 2 Rosemary Hall--Question Mark Magazine, 1949 October

Box 17 Folder 3 Barnard College, 1954-1957

This file includes correspondence and other records pertaining to Moore's progress towards the completion of her degree, including the completion of her senior thesis. The file includes transcripts, reports of standing, and bursar's receipts, as well as correspondence with Professors Burrell and Mundy, as well as the Registrar.

Box 17 Folder 4 Barnard College--Mundy, undated

This file includes a history exam with a note from Professor John Mundy, papers, notes, and pages 136-150 of a corrected typescript of Prophets Without Honor.

Box 17 Folder 5 Barnard College--Papers--The Dardanelles Expedition, 1956 May

Box 17 Folder 6 Barnard College--Papers--L'Affaire Aragon, undated

Box 17 Folder 7 Barnard College--Papers--Incomplete Paper on Glanville, undated

Box 17 Folder 8-9 Barnard College--Senior Thesis--"Towards an Existentialist Interpretation of History", 1957 September, 2 folders

Includes a working draft and the final copy.

Box 17 Folder 10 Barnard College--Yearbook, 1957

Moore is listed with the Class of 1957 but there is no school portrait of her in the yearbook. There is an unidentified photogaph of her on page 64.

Box 22 Folder 6 Barnard College--Diploma, 1958

Box 17 Folder 11 Blue Book Exam Essay, undated

Subseries III.6: Sketchbooks and Artworks, 1953-1958, undated

This subseries contains five sketchbooks, and a few additional artworks and drawings. One of the items contains a montage of characters from Chocolates for Breakfast.

Box 18 Folder 33 Co-Mo Sketchbook, 1953

Pencil sketches and poetry.

Box 18 Folder 34 Middlesex Sketchbook (1), undated

Figures, faces, hands, legs, etc. Primarily in pencil, one in color.

Box 18 Folder 35 Middlesex Sketchbook (2), undated

Pencil portraits. One nude, a few include two figures. One entitled, Figures, faces, hands, legs, etc. Primarily in pencil, one in color.The Co-Eds."

Box 18 Folder 36 Rich Art Studio Sketchbook, undated

3 pastels of a house, 1 of a girl's face. Draft letter in pencil related to Pigeons of St. Marks.

Box 18 Folder 37 Stuart Sketchbook, 1958

Items in ink, pastel, watercolor, and pencil. Various subjects.

Box 18 Folder 38 Montage of Characters and Settings from Chocolates for Breakfast, circa 1956

Small pencil drawing.

Box 18 Folder 39 Artworks, undated

Various pages of sketches and drawings.

Box 22 Folder 3-5 Artworks, undated, 3 folders

3 items: a portrait of a girl (in color), a city scene (unfinished, partially in color), and a sketch.

Subseries III.7: Travel Notes, 1962

Box 18 Folder 40 Travel Notes, 1962

Travel notes for the Azores, Lisboa, Gilbraltar, Naples, Pompeii, and Palermo.