Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Andrew Alpern Collection of Edward Gorey Materials, 1954-2019

Series V: Edward Gorey House and Charitable Trust, 2000-2018

Series V contains promotional materials for the Edward Gorey House, Gorey's home in Massachusetts, which became a museum after Gorey's death in 2000. It also includes licensed calendars, prints, and other items produced by the Edward Gorey Charitable Trust. Finally, it contains a pendant worn by Gorey, which was left to Andrew Alpern in Gorey's will.

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Box 15 Folder 14 Item 414 Edward Gorey memorial gathering program, 2000 June 5, Four-page folder and insert page.

For memorial gathering in Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts, with two Gorey drawings.

Box 15 Folder 15 Item 413 Edward St. John Gorey memorial broadside, 2000, Two-sided broadside. Recto: name and dates and six photos of Gorey from age 2 to age 53; verso: The Ballad of Barnaby and 10 critical quotes.

Produced shortly after Gorey's death.

Box 15 Folder 16 Item 415 Postcard for third anniversary of Eileen McMahon and Co., 2000, Colored Gorey drawing on recto and uncolored drawing on verso.

One example issued early in 2000 and a second copy with a memorial sticker added later in the year, after Gorey's death.

McMahon was Gorey's literary agent.

Box 15 Folder 17 Item 420 Edward Gorey 1925-2000, 2000-2007

Folder of obituaries and other articles and materials published as a result of his death, assembled by Andrew Alpern.

Box 15 Folder 18 Item 412 A Gathering of Friends to Celebrate the Life of Robert L.B. Tobin program, circa 2000

Memorial program folder with a Gorey proscenium drawing on the front and a photograph of Tobin on the inside, with Tobin obituary and related article laid in.

Tobin was a friend of Gorey who died two weeks after Gorey did.

Box 15 Folder 19 Item 82 Edward Gorey House brochure, circa 2000s

Box 23 Item 121 Handmade silk tie, circa 2000s, Printed in gray and black on a medium blue ground, lined in black silk.

With an overall pattern of seated smiling cats and the figure of a man [Edward Gorey] in a long fur coat and tennis sneakers, viewed from behind. Bearing a black silk label embroidered in white. Made by Gallery Partners Ltd.

Box 23 Item 122 Handmade silk tie, circa 2000s, Printed in gray and black on a pale gray ground, lined in black silk.

With a design of various figures and animals in a strange landscape with a pattern of clouds above. Bearing a black silk label embroidered in white. Estate of Edward Gorey. Made by Gallery Partners Ltd.

Box 16 Folder 1 Item 117 A Gorey Year: 365 Days of the Art and Words of Edward Gorey desk calendar, 2001, Individual sheets, padded, on a black plastic desk holder, boxed.

Box 16 Folder 2 Item 165 Invitation to a preview opening of the Edward Gorey House, A Gorey Affair, 2002 June 15, Multi-fold invitation with response card, directions, and return envelope, all within a mailing envelope.

Box 16 Folder 3 Item 291 Edward Gorey House Alphabet Auction announcement, 2002 October 5, With envelopes.

Box 16 Folder 4 Item 242 The Year of the Elephant postcard, 2003

Announcing exhibition opening March 1, 2003 at the Edward Gorey House.

Box 16 Folder 5 Item 243 "S is for SAVE" postcard, 2003, Used.

For Second Annual Alphabet Auction, October 4, 2003. Gorey drawings both sides.

Box 3 Folder 11 Item 40 Elephant House, or, The Home of Edward Gorey poster, 2003 September 29-November 29, Numbered 116/200 and signed in ink by Kevin McDermott.

An exhibition of photographs by Kevin McDermott from the new book, Gotham Book Mart and Gallery.

Box 16 Folder 6 Item 292 Second Annual Alphabet Auction announcement, "Who IS Edward Gorey?", 2003 October 4, In the form of an auction paddle, with folder and with return card and envelopes.

Box 16 Folder 7 Item 237 Christmas card with colorful carol singers, circa 2003, Inscribed and signed "Andrew, Best for 2004, Ray [Giordano]"

Box 16 Folder 8 Item 244 Third Annual Alphabet Auction save the date postcard and invitations, 2004 October 9, Used.

Gorey drawings both sides.

Box 16 Folder 8 Item 293 Third Annual Alphabet Auction announcement, 2004 October 9, With cards and envelopes.

Box 19 Folder 9 Item 245 Fourth Annual Alphabet Auction save the date postcard, 2005 October 1, Unused.

Gorey drawings both sides.

Box 16 Folder 9 Item 294 Fourth Annual Gorey Affair and Alphabet Auction announcement, 2005 October 1

Box 16 Folder 10 Item 238 Dinner triptych Christmas card, circa 2005, Inscribed and signed "Andrew! Best for 2006! Andreas [Brown]"

Box 16 Folder 11 Item 295 Edward Gorey House News! promotional newsletter, 2006, With website pages laid in.

Box 26 Four laser cels of illustrations by Edward Gorey, 2008

Box 2 Folder 9 Laser cel illustration by Edward Gorey, 2008

Box 16 Folder 12 Item 296 The 8th Annual Goreyfest is A House Party invitation, 2009 October 17, With return card and return envelope, in mailing envelope as sent.

Box 16 Folder 13 Item 239 Christmas card with colorful alligator on ice skates (Gazebo, detail), 2009, Inscribed "Let me know when I can be of help, Best, Andreas [Brown]," with envelope.

Box 16 Folder 14 9th Annual Goreyfest and Gala invitation, 2010 October

With reply card and stamped return envelope, as sent

Box 17 Folder 22 "Some Things are Scary" print, circa 2010s

Original artwork owned by San Diego State University.

Box 2 Folder 8 "A Limerick by Edward Gorey" print, circa 2010s

Black and white printed four-panel illustration showing Little Zooks being shot into a pond.

Box 16 Folder 15 Edward Gorey Wrap It Up Pomegranate Art Piece Puzzle, circa 2010s

100-piece puzzle with a Gorey illustration of a family covering a dead tree with wrapping paper.

Box 16 Folder 16 The Gashlycrumb Tinies 50th anniversary desk calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2012

Box 17 Folder 23 "Seventeen cats on the front steps of 82 Maple Street" print, 2012

with Signals catalog in which it was sold, along with other items with licensed Gorey imagery.

Box 16 Folder 17 Edward Gorey sticker book, published by Pomegranate Kids, 2012

Featuring more than 150 reusable stickers!

Box 17 Folder 24 Edward Gorey 2013 calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2012

Box 17 Folder 24 Edward Gorey 2015 calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2014

Box 16 Folder 18 Gorey Creatures 2015 calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2014

Box 17 Folder 24 Edward Gorey 2019 calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2018

Box 16 Folder 19 Edward Gorey 2019 miniature wall calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2018

Box 16 Folder 20 Edward Gorey 2019 Engagement Calendar, published by Pomegranate, 2018

Box 20 Item 48 Pendant, undated, A heavy metal (brass?) pendant apparently of great age, of primitive cross-like design (Ethiopian?), with holes and incised decoration with a (later?) rolled soldered loop at the top, on a piece of black cord, in a commercial black-plush-covered jeweler's box bearing a printed label on the bottom reading The Edward Gorey Estate #, with the typed number AA-1.

This pendant belonged to Edward Gorey and was worn by him. It was given to Andrew Alpern by the Gorey estate in accordance with Mr. Gorey's wishes.

Box 16 Folder 21 Item 236 Christmas card with colored Gorey cat wearing very long red and white scarf, undated, Inscribed to Andrew and signed The "G.B.M. Gang."

Box 16 Folder 22 Postcard-sized color print of a purple bear on a unicycle, undated