Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Andrew Alpern Collection of Edward Gorey Materials, 1954-2019

Series IV: Clippings and press, 1954-2019

Series IV contains clippings and full volumes of periodicals with stories about Edward Gorey, or which include work (both written works and illustrations) by Gorey.

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Subseries IV.1: About Gorey, 1954-2015

Box 18 Folder 1 Item 417 Scrapbook 2, 1954, 1975-1982

1. "Les Mystères de Constantinople," The New York Review of Books, February 20, 1975 et seq 2. "Edward Gorey's Tantalizing Turns of the Screw" by Selma Lanes, New Boston Review, Vol 1, No. III 3. "Edward Gorey Inhabits an Odd World of Tiny Drawings, Fussy Cats and `Doomed Enterprises'," People Weekly, July 3, 1978 4. Sales of Furs to Men Gaining as Season Starts by Barbara Ettorre [with Gorey illustrations], New York Times 5. New York Times article on men in furs with Gorey photograph 6. "He fancies furs for men" by Eugenia Sheppard, [Gorey photo and drawing] New York Post, Oct 26, 1978 7. Small article on Gorey's fur coats, New York Magazine April 30, 1979 8. "That oft-passing, silent stranger emerges as the admirable Gorey," by Diane Judge, NYPost, Oct 22, 1978 9. "Edward Gorey" by Sally A. Lodge, Publishers Weekly, November 26, 1982 10. Photocopy of TLS, 26 November 1966 11. "A House for Count Dracula Designed in Goreyland," by Phyllis Funke, Los Angeles Times, Sept 24, 1978 12." The Great Bore Competition," by Patricia Arbuthnot, House and Garden, June 1984 13. Title page drawing, The New York Review of Books Christmas Issue, December 16, 1982 14. Title page and other drawings, New York Times Book Review Christmas, November 25, 1979 15. Ad for "What Nigel Knew" 16. Two original photos of TV screen showing Gorey on Dick Cavett show 17. "If everybody lived forever . . .," by Mike Lipton [Gorey drawing], TV Guide, July 12, 1980 18. "The Darkwater Hall Mystery" by Kingsley Amis [Gorey drawing] Playboy, May 1978 19. "`Gorey Stories,' Exquisite Playlets," by Mel Gussow, New York Times, December 1977 20. "New Tales of Gore(y)" by Frances Herridge, New York Post, October 19, 1978 21. "What's in Store" photo of Gorey and set from Gorey Stories at Lord and Taylor 22. "And the subject is: Style" by Linda Stevens 23. "People: Edward Gorey and his flying Chinese dogs," Women's Wear Daily, September 3, 1978 24. Three small clippings relating to Gorey Stories 25. "`Gorey Stories' could drive an author and a director batty," by John Corry, New York Times June 23, 1977, w/ ad 26. Caricature of Gorey Stories cast, City News, October 29, 1978 27. "Gorey Story a Dull Evening" by John Correy, City News, October 31, 1978 28. "Staged `Gorey' looks pale," by Clive Barnes, New York Post, October 31, 1978 29. `Gorey Stories' [notes that the show closed Monday night] Women's Wear Daily, November 1, 1978 30. A Gorey Halloween ad for program on Channel 7 31. "And the subject is: Style" by Linda Stevens, New York Post, October 22, 1978 32. Book mark for NY State Small Press Assoc. with Gorey drawing 33. "Edward Gorey: A Taste for the Terrible," by Dale Harris, The Soho Weekly News, October 26, 1978 34. Postcard advertising Gorey Stories 35. Postcard advertising exhibition of drawings and sketches for Gorey Stories at Gotham Book Mart 36. Double-sided page of Gorey Stories reviews, issued by Gotham Book Mart 37. Four Christmas greeting cards with Gorey drawings, published by Book-of-the-Month Club, 1954 38. Two Christmas greeting cards (w/ envelopes) 39. "Artists' Greetings," The New York Times Magazine, December 24, 1978 40. Four promotional flyers for events produced by the Mohonk Mountain House and Murder Ink in 1977, 1978, 1981 and [undated] 41. The Happy Ending: The Best of National Lampoon #4 42. I want to say knockwurst [Gorey drawing], TV Guide, November 20, 1982 43. Announcement of film benefit at Gotham Book Mart 44. "And `G' Is for Gorey Who Here Tells His Story," by Jan Hodenfield, New York Post, January 10, 1973 45. Exhibition announcement card and print price list issued by Gotham Book Mart 46. "A Very Tragic Story Including Five Big Dance Numbers" [Gorey drawing], TV Guide, December 11, 1976 47. "Mr. Nice Guy . . . By a Wire" [Gorey drawing], TV Guide, February 19, 1977

Box 11 Folder 1 Print XI:4, 1958 January-February

Includes two-page spread on Edward Gorey's cover art for Doubleday Anchor Books, pages 44-45.

Box 17 Folder 8 Item 66 The New York Herald Tribune clipping: Review by Haskel Frankel of "The Vinegar Works" by Edward Gorey, 1963 August 25

Box 19 Folder 1 Item 418 Scrapbook 3, 1965-1979, 1988

1. Edward Gorey by Jerrold Alpern, May 24, 1967, photocopy of college paper w/ professor's comments 2. Commentary, January 1979, reviews of Amphigorey and The Awdrey-Gore Legacy 3. "Edward Gorey: An American Gothic," by Thomas M. McDade, American Book Collector, May 1971 4. "Edward Gorey: Had the Vapours Lately?," by James R. Mellow, New York Times December 31, 1972 5. Limericks typed out from The Listing Attic 6. Movies Wardore Edgy Gorey drawing with caption for The Soho Weekly News 7. Drawing of flying creature as logo for The Soho Weekly News 8. Drawing of man contemplating pile of large books in The Soho Weekly News 9. "Gorey, Glory Hallelujah," short illustrated article on Doubtful Guest doll, New York Magazine 10. "The Glorious Nosebleed," serialized in The Soho Weekly News, beginning March 14, 1974 11. Gorey drawing as ad for subscriptions to The Soho Weekly News 12. "The Green Beads" serialized in The Soho Weekly News, beginning Vol 2 No 1. (one drawing different from version published as a book) 13. "The Loathsome Couple" serialized in The Soho Weekly News, beginning Vol 2 No 17 (two alternate last drawings) 14. "The Pious Infant" as published in Evergreen Review, March 1965 (photocopy) 15. Photocopy of "The Disparaged Draftsman" by Edward Glorey [a parody] 16. Ad with Gorey drawing and clipping mentioning Gorey 17. New York Magazine article on Doubtful Guest doll as reprinted by Gotham Book Mart 18. Postcard with drawing of Gorey 19. Postcard of Doubtful Guest for LBMA Arts Forum, September 1976, signed in ink by Edward Gorey 20. "The Incredible Revenge of Edward Gorey," by Alexander Theroux, Esquire, June 1974 21. Bookmark with Gorey drawings, Gotham Book Mart 22. Postcard by Addée Gorrwy, The Postcard Poetess 23. "Gotham Book Mart Thins Its Shelves," by Thomas Lask, New York Times, April 24, 1975 24. "New Mexico State U.: Major Book Purchase from Gotham," American Bookman, March 24, 1975 25. Two ads for The Soho Weekly News with photo of girls wearing Gorey-designed T-shirt 26. "A Chthonian Christmas," Esquire, December 1966 27. Christmas by Jonathan Schwartz [two Gorey drawings], New York Times Magazine, December 19, 1976 28. "Edward Gorey for Christmas" one-page listing by Gotham Book Mart 29. "The Grand Passion," New York Times Magazine, June 20, 1976 30. Letter to the Editor of The Soho Weekly News from Suzy Conway ["an Edward Gorey maniac"] 31. "Disaster at the Degenerates' Ball," by Ken Sandler, City News, October 9, 1978 32. Ad for New York is Book Country, September 16, 1979 33. Short article and ad for Christmas 1979 exhibit at Graham Gallery 34. Hallowe'en drawing, New York Times, October 31, 1979 35. "An American Original" by Carol Stevens [photocopy], Print, January/February 1988

Box 19 Folder 2 Item 419 Scrapbook 4, 1968-1978

1. postcard with drawing of Gorey 2. Alpern bookplate 3. original photograph of Gorey in full fig during a ballet intermission at the New York State Theatre, inscribed For Andrew and signed Edward Gorey [barely visible at bottom edge of photo] 4. original color photo of Gorey and a cat in a wood box 5. original color photo of Gorey in a wood box with cat on top 6. What is Life [Gorey color drawing] Playboy, December 1976 7. Portrait of the Artists as a Furry Creature [four photos of Gorey in four different fur coats plus drawing of/by Gorey in fur coat] New York Times, January 11, 1978 8. Out Style photos of three men (one is Gorey) in fur coats 9. photo of Gorey in huge fur coat, scarf and hat 10. A Gorey Story by Robert Cooke Goolrick, New Times, March 19, 1976 11. ad for B Altman and Co with Gorey drawing 12. Edward Gorey: Had the Vapours Lately? by James R. Mellow, New York Times December 31, 1972 13. two drawings of ballet dancers and two ads for Graham Gallery 14. The City Ballet Fan Extraordinaire by Anna Kisselgoff, New York Times, November 13, 1973 15. Unionization in Academe Gorey OpEd drawing, New York Times, February 2, 1973 16. Gorey OpEd drawing, New York Times, December 9, 1972 17. Gorey OpEd drawing, New York Times, December 28, 1972 18. Gorey drawing Most, New York Times 19. Gorey drawing How, New York Times 20. Gorey OdEd drawing of lemmings and vice, New York Times, September 28, 1971 21. Bicentennial Time, Gorey drawing of postage stamp (with others), New York Times, October 31, 1971 22. Gorey OpEd drawing of man reaching up to statue, New York Times 23. Gorey OpEd drawing of boy lighting firecracker, New York Times, June 30, 1972 24. Patriotism - An interpretation by Edward Gorey, New York Times, September 29, 1970 25. Gorey drawing with woman on pedestal and as balloon, New York Times 26. Gorey drawing of woman within torus desk, New York Times 27. Gorey drawing on pot smoker young man floating in the smoke, New York Times, December 14, 1973 28. Gorey drawing of funeral party standing around the open grave with the coffin in it, New York Times 29. Gorey drawing of doors opening from reading books, New York Times, October 2, 1971 30. Gorey small of plane with name on side: Ripoff Tours, New York Times 31. Gorey drawing of large man in wooden shoes, New York Times, March 11, 1972 32. Gorey drawing of maiden being stalked within cave drawn as a mouth, New York Times 33. Gorey drawing of illuminated FUN sign with switched-off hippie types, New York Times, July 22, 1971 34. Gorey drawing of morose dog and man, What Might Have Been, New York Times 35. Gorey drawing of couple at bus stop refusing death as a beggar, New York Times, September 24, 1974 36. Gorey drawing of small children with a bomb or rocket heeded towards them, New York Times 37. Gorey drawing of people and huge rib bones in bleak landscape, New York Times, December 24, 1974 38. Gorey drawing of man in chair with drink and watermelon as bomb, New York Times, September 29, 1973 39. Gorey drawing of three conservatives in chairs and two hippies on floor with "love" floating through the air, New York Times, January 12, 1973 40. Dessert at the Belevedere Gorey drawing of hotel desk and people, Playboy, January 1973 41. ad for Grande Dames of Detection, New York Times, November 4, 1973 42. postcard from Gotham Book Mart Sorry if we left you hanging telling of Fall 1973 priced order list 43. postcard for Gotham Book Mart with stack of books and three cats 44. elaborate postcard for exhibition of Gorey drawings at Gotham Book Mart, 18 Dec 1972 - 20 Jan 1973 45. book list with Gorey color drawing of book collector and John Locke quote on books 46. drawing of fearsome women The New York Times Book Review, September 17, 1972 47. two ads for olivetti: A calculator is not a toy, and We sell answers, not just machines New York Times 48. obit for William Targ, New York Times, July 25, 1999 49. article on publication party for The Glorious Nosebleed with many photographs, the first showing William Targ, Edward Gorey, Andreas Brown, and Mrs. Targ, The Soho Weekly News, April 3, 1978 50. map showing towns of Tedium, Ennui, Apathy, etc, by Charles Slackman (Goreyesque) New York Times, New York Magazine, April 14, 1975 51. Harvard Offers Thieves a Self-Help Course with two Gorey draawings, New York Times, July 20, 1975 52. B Altman and Co ad showing man in plaid suit with potted plant, The New Yorker, April 22, 1974 53. Paper Back Talk, New York Times, October 12, 1975 54. The Peanut Cook-Book, with Gorey chef in toque, ad in New York Times 55. Gorey Sets Spice Eglevsky `Swan Lake' by Don McDonagh, New York Times November 3, 1975 56. card of Rumplestilskin little people figures to pop out and set up 57. Post Cards Come Home Again mentioning Gorey post card collecting, New York Times, November 5, 1976 58. two ads for New York City Ballet with Gorey drawings, New York Times, January 11 and 18, 1976 59. large ad for New York City Ballet with Gorey drawing and limerick, New York Times, February 1976 60. Gorey design for dollar bill as colored rhinoceros, Avant Garde #3, May 1968 61. two drawings of men throwing darts at dummy-board figures, New York Times (to The Filthy Rich article) 62. two Gorey ads and one small announcement 63. Gorey Letter to the Editor on Oreo cookies tasting funny in New York and his giving up buying them here, New York Magazine, December 18, 1978 64. Gorey drawing of man at a buffet, New York Times, December 8, 1976 65. squib on Amphigorey Too, with drawing, New York Times 66. The Filthy Rich by Mark R. Horowitz, New York Times, November 27, 1976 67. photo of Gorey with cat on his shoulder 68. Gorey Turns His Talent to WindowShudders by Georgia Dullea, New York Times June 3, 1978, with twelve original color photographs of the window installation taken by Andrew Alpern 69. The Wedding Racket by Peregrine Pace, Look Magazine June 10, 1969 70. The Gorey Details, Harpers and Queen, November 1978 (photocopy) 71. very large publicity postcard for Light Metres by Felicia Lamport

Box 11 Folder 2 Item 655 New York Times review of "The Shrinking of Treehorn", 1972 March 5

Book cataloged as The shrinking of Treehorn

Box 11 Folder 3 Item 372 GRAPHIS, No. 163, 1973

Includes illustrated article on Gorey with text and captions in English, German, and French. Together with reprint of the article stapled into a printed gray folder.

Box 11 Folder 4 Item 332 Commencement and Reunions 1974, 1974

Published by Yale Daily News. Includes on page 23 "Best Bets" calling attention to "Phantasmagorey, The Work of Edward Gorey," an exhibition in the Sterling Library's Book Room, with two illustrations.

Box 17 Folder 9 Item 341 New Boston Review, Volume I Number III, Winter Issue,, 1975

Includes "Edward Gorey's Tantalizing Turns of the Screw," by Selma Lanes, with three illustrations, pages 4-6

Box 11 Folder 5 Item 346 New Times, 1976 March 19

includes "A Gorey Story" by Robert Cook Goolrick, with full-page color photo of Gorey in a wooden box with cat on top, pages 54-58

Box 11 Folder 6 Item 380 Current Biography, 1976 November

Cover photo of Gorey with cats. First Gorey biography of at least three pages.

Box 11 Folder 7 Item 390 Al Goldstein's National Screw, 1977 February, Two copies

Includes a Gorey parody on page 52 done in the Gorey style, titled "The Disparaged Draftsman by Edward Glorey"

Box 17 Folder 10 Item 59 The New York Times Magazine, 1977 October 16

Containing a well-illustrated article by Mel Gussow titled "Gorey Goes Batty" that is equally about Edward Gorey and the then-current Broadway production of Dracula. With a duplicate tear sheet of the article.

Box 11 Folder 8 Item 369 Newsweek, 1977 October 31

Includes "Dracula Lives," pages 74-78 and "Gothics by Gorey," page 81

Box 11 Folder 9 Item 368 Horizon, 1977 November

Includes "Edward Gorey Onstage" by Peter Andrews pages 12-15

Box 11 Folder 10 Item 367 After Dark, 1978 March

Includes "Dracupuncture, Transylvanian Style" by Richard Philp, pages 62-67

Box 11 Folder 11 Item 378 The Lion and the Unicorn, Vol.2 No.1, 1978 Spring

Includes "An Interview with Edward St. John Gorey at the Gotham Book Mart" by Jane Merrill Filstrup, pages 17-37

Box 11 Folder 12 Item 360 People Weekly, 1978 July 3

Includes "Edward Gorey Inhabits an Odd World of Tiny Drawings, Fussy Cats and `Doomed Enterprises'," pages 70-73

Box 11 Folder 13 Item 362 "Meet the man who makes children do terrible things," by Tania Brassey, The Sunday Times [London], 1978 August 13

With photo and five drawings

Box 11 Folder 14 Item 65 "Edward Gorey: A Taste for the Terrible," by Dale Harris, Soho Weekly News, 1978 October 26

An article about Gorey. Illustrated with a Gorey drawing and a corresponding photograph showing the cast of the Gorey Stories stage production (then just opened), plus a photograph of Gorey.

Box 11 Folder 15 Item 374 Harpers and Queen, 1978 November

Includes an illustrated article "The Gorey Details" pages 306-308

Box 11 Folder 16 Item 421 Gorey Articles, 1978-2002

Originals and photocopies of various published articles about Gorey and his work.

Box 12 Folder 1 Item 349 Boston Magazine, 1980 September

Includes interview with Gorey and three photos of him with unusual expressions, pages 77-97

Box 12 Folder 2 Item 362 Cape Arts Number 5, 1982 Early Summer

Includes photo and drawings inside the front cover previewing the Gorey article in issue Number 6 (below)

Box 12 Folder 3 Item 363 Cape Arts Number 6, 1982 Late Summer

Includes cover photomontage and "Edward Gorey: An Appreciation" by Paul and Lily Giambara, pages 31-40

Box 12 Folder 4 Item 67 The Boston Globe Magazine clipping: "Categorically Gorey" by Richard Dyer, 1984 April 1

Box 12 Folder 5 Item 381 American Book Collector, 1985 May-June

Edward Gorey Checklist compiled by P. Matthew Monahan, with Gorey illustration on the cover (also article on "newly refurbished" Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Columbia).

Box 12 Folder 5 Item 382 American Book Collector, 1985 November-December

Continuation of Edward Gorey Checklist compiled by P. Matthew Monahan

Box 17 Folder 11 Item 58 The New York Times Book Review, Christmas Books 1990, 1990

With the title "A Gorey Christmas," the cover drawing shows a distinctly odd Gorey group decorating a Christmas tree. Additional Gorey drawings are scattered within, and nine writers each write a short piece interpreting one of the Gorey drawings.

Box 12 Folder 6 Item 163 "Getaways with Murder," by Alessandra Stanley, The New York Times Weekend section, 1992 October 9

Box 12 Folder 7 Item 389 The New Yorker, 1992 November 9

Includes "Edward Gorey and the Tao of Nonsense" by Stephen Schiff on page 84, with a photograph of Gorey by Richard Avedon and a two-page illustrated story, "Serious Life: A Cruise"

Box 12 Folder 8 Item 371 PURR: a gun to the head in print, 1995 Spring

Includes an illustrated interview with Gorey by Simon Henwood, pages 16-24, and a color photograph of Gorey in from of his Cape Cod house on the back cover. Blue Eyed Dog Publishing, London.

Box 12 Folder 9 Item 386 Warped Reality, #4, 1996

Includes an article on Gorey with one small (Figbash with horn) and three full-page Gorey drawings (Thoughtful Alphabets No. 3, 4, and 15).

Box 17 Folder 12 Item 68 SPEAK Magazine, "A Gorey Encounter" by Ed Pinsent, 1997 Fall

Interview with Gorey, illustrated with published drawings and two small poster designs of very limited distribution.

Box 12 Folder 10 Item 385 Biblio: Exploring the World of Books Volume 3 Number 1, 1998 January

Includes a 6-page illustrated article "Edward Gorey's Fiendish Fables and Bizarre Allegories"

Box 12 Folder 11 Item 164 "A Gorey Halloween: Dead Letter Writer," by Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times, 1998 October 29

Box 12 Folder 12 Materials related to Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey, edited by Karen Wilkin, 2001

Published by Harcourt, New York. With correspondence between Alpern and Karen Wilkin, invitation to Tibor de Nagy Gallery exhibition of selected work by Edward Gorey, and book publication party invitation.

Box 12 Folder 13 Color photocopy of Illustration magazine clipping, "Postcards from the Edge: Card Sets and Series by Edward Gorey," by Edward Bradford, 2012 Spring

Box 12 Folder 14 MOE, a Japanese magazine, including article titled "Edward Gorey: Elegant Enigmas", 2015 March

Subseries IV.2: Contributions by Gorey, 1961-2019

Box 12 Folder 15 Item 120 First Person promotional booklet, circa 1961

For a special issue, with a Gorey drawing. First Person, Boston 1, Massachusetts.

Box 17 Folder 13 Item 729 "The Rats of Rutland Grange" by Edmund Wilson, illustrated by Edward Gorey., 1961 December

Clipping from Esquire magazine.

Box 12 Folder 16 Item 336 Friends, 1963 May

With illustration for "Forsooth, the Enemy Doth Approach", page 15

Box 12 Folder 16 Item 337 Friends, 1963 November

With illustration for "Upside-Down World of Children," pp 26-27

Box 12 Folder 16 Item 338 Friends, 1964 May

With two illustrations for "They Don't Take Pictures Like These Any More," pages 14-15

Box 12 Folder 16 Item 339 Friends, 1965 February

With illustration of many dogs chasing one fox for "North Carolina's Horseless Fox Hunt," pages 20-21

Box 12 Folder 17 Item 361 Evergreen Review No. 35, 1965 March

Includes "The Pious Infant," pages 22-25

Box 12 Folder 18 Item 340 Friends, 1965 April

With illustrations for "Shoot the Moon," pages 2-3.

Box 13 Folder 1 Item 379 The Kenyon Review, 1966 November

Cover and two full-page illustrations by Gorey

Box 13 Folder 2 Item 54 The Case of the Heavy Reader, circa 1967, A six-page gate-fold pamphlet with covers simulating a book, signed on the cover by Edward Gorey.

A promotional piece for Esquire magazine with three Gorey drawings.

Box 13 Folder 3 Item 375 Consumption Vol. 1 No. 1, 1967 Fall

Cover drawing by Gorey

Box 13 Folder 4 Item 160 "The only real live bookstore in New York," by David Dempsey, from Holiday vol. 46 no. 5, 1969 November

Magazine article reprint.

Box 13 Folder 5 Item 359 The Atlantic Monthly, 1971 May

Includes six illustrations to "Welcome to Charnel Castle" by J.P. Donleavy, pages 79-95

Box 13 Folder 6 Item 353 National Lampoon, 1971 December

Includes colored cover drawing

Box 13 Folder 6 Item 351 National Lampoon, 1972 July

Includes "The Abandoned Sock," pages 65-67

Box 13 Folder 7 Item 356 The Best of National Lampoon #3, 1973

Includes "The Disrespectful Summons"

Box 13 Folder 8 Item 355 The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor, 1973

Includes "The Lost Lions," pages 100-102, and individual drawings throughout

Box 13 Folder 9 Item 358 The Atlantic Monthly, 1973 February

Includes two illustrations for "The Dublin Social Scene" by Mary Manning, pages 78-81

Box 13 Folder 10 Item 350 National Lampoon, 1973 March

Includes "The Happy Ending," pages 65-69

Box 13 Folder 11 Item 357 The Atlantic Monthly, 1973 October

Includes illustrations for "The Blind Harper" by Mary Manning, pages 81-90

Box 13 Folder 12 Item 373 das da, Nr. 1 1974, 1973 December 27

German political and skin magazine, including a two-page spread of "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" translated into rhyming German.

Box 13 Folder 13 Item 209 New York Times clipping on Fonthill, by by Aubrey Menen, 1974

Book's cover was designed by Edward Gorey. Book catalogued as Fonthill ; a comedy

Box 13 Folder 14 Item 354 National Lampoon Comics, 1974

Includes "The Abandoned Sock"

Box 13 Folder 15 Item 366 Dance Magazine, 1974 January

Includes "Balletgorey" by Tobi Tobias, pages 67-71

Box 13 Folder 16 Item 352 National Lampoon, 1974 June

Includes colored cover drawing and "The Worsted Monster, pages 27-30

Box 14 Folder 1 Item 342 Antæus, Special Fiction Issue, 1974 Spring/Summer

Includes "Five Instant Lives" by Hoard Moss with three Gorey drawings; and some fragments by Lewis Carroll with six Gorey drawings.

Box 14 Folder 2 Item 365 Publishers Weekly, 1975 May 19

Includes color cover drawing

Box 14 Folder 3 Item 347 Sports Illustrated, 1976 June 14

Includes "Cycling Cards," pages 44-49

Box 14 Folder 4 Item 343 Antæus, 1976 Autumn

Includes "English Summer, A Gothic Romance" by Raymond Chandler, illustrated by Gorey

Box 14 Folder 5 Item 422 Gorey Drawings, 1976-1999

Folder of published tear sheets and clippings incorporating Gorey drawings, with some originals and some photocopies.

Box 14 Folder 6 Item 333 The Performing Arts at UCLA, 1977-78, 1977

A schedule of performances and arts doings at the University of California with ticket order form, illustrated throughout with Gorey drawings.

Box 14 Folder 7 Item 384 Ballet Review, Volume 6 Number 2, 1977-1978

Gorey cover drawing, with related material laid in

Box 17 Folder 14 Item 56 The New York Review of Books 15th Anniversary Issue, 1978 October 12

With a large Gorey cover drawing showing an elaborate number 15 embellished with two reading people and a cat on a book.

Box 14 Folder 8 Item 161 Ben Kahn presents "the premier showing of the Edward Gorey fur collection for men" at Sardi's, 1979 May 17, Press releases and invitation, with mailing envelope as sent.

With four Gorey drawings.

Box 14 Folder 9 Item 376 TV Guide, 1980 July 12-18

"If everybody lived forever . . ." page 34, with colored Gorey drawing, with World Trade Center postcard asking about the significance of the drawing

Box 14 Folder 10 Item 335 Drawing, 1980 July-August

Includes one Gorey drawing, page 28

Box 17 Folder 15 Item 64 The New York Times Book Review clipping: review by Robert Nisbet of "The Hour of our Death" by Philippe Ariès, 1981 February 22

Illustrated with a drawing by Gorey of the dance of death.

Box 14 Folder 11 Item 364 Harper's, 1982 October

Includes two illustrations for "Revenge" by Alexander Theroux, pages 26-31

Box 15 Folder 1 Item 377 TV Guide, 1982 November 20-26

The Actor Who Wouldn't Say `Spaghetti', page 14, with colored Gorey drawing

Box 17 Folder 16 Item 42 The New York Review of Books 20th Anniversary Issue poster, circa 1983, Black and red printing on white paper, signed in ink by Edward Gorey.

With a Gorey illustration.

Box 17 Folder 17 Item 57 The New York Review of Books 20th Anniversary Issue, 1983 October 27

with a Gorey cover illustration showing two characteristically Goreyesque creatures of indeterminate species pushing a number 20 on wheels through a blizzard of books, with a muse on top showing the way.

Box 15 Folder 2 Item 407 Art and Antiques clipping, 1984 December

"Pen, Pencil, and Poison" by Oscar Wilde, with illustrations by Edward Gorey.

Box 17 Folder 18 Item 60 The New York Times Magazine clipping, 1984 December 23

A full-page color illustration depicting a family around a Christmas tree with a video cassette player, each thinking of what he would watch.

Box 17 Folder 18 Item 61 The New York Times Magazine clipping, 1985 March 17

"Back Home," by Edward Gorey: four colored illustrations with captions showing people back home with the results of their travels.

Box 17 Folder 19 Item 55 Los Angeles Times Calendar, 1986 March 2, 92-page Sunday supplement, signed in ink by Edward Gorey.

With a large Gorey cover drawing showing a funeral procession, to illustrate an article (starting on page 52) about a ballet titled Murder by the American Ballet Theatre. Also with a sidebar titled "Edward Gorey's Danse Macabre" that includes a photograph of Gorey with a cat on his shoulder.

Box 17 Folder 18 Item 62 The New York Times Magazine clipping, 1986 March 16

"Being Brave Abroad," by Edward Gorey. Four colored illustrations with captions showing risky travel experiences.

Box 17 Folder 20 Item 85 Carlson and Turner Books 1988 calendar, 1988

With a drawing titled "The Missing Book," showing two men and a bookcase with one empty spot. Signed in pencil by Edward Gorey.

Box 15 Folder 3 Item 344 Print, 1988 January-February

Includes colored cover drawing and well-illustrated article titled "An American Original" by Carol Stevens, pages 49-63

Box 17 Folder 18 Item 63 "Signs of Spring" New York Times Magazine clipping, 1988 April 24

Four colored illustrations with captions showing curious springtime occurrences.

Box 15 Folder 4 Item 370 Small Press: The Magazine of Independent Publishing, 1992 Winter

Includes colored Gorey drawing on cover and many black-and-white drawings within the magazine

Box 15 Folder 5 Item 348 Sports Illustrated, 1993 June 19

Includes colored drawing of baseball players, page 21

Box 15 Folder 6 Item 388 Your Company, 1994 Winter

Includes "A House Divided" with one small and one full-page colored Gorey drawing

Box 15 Folder 7 Item 345 Worth, 1994 February

Includes small color photo of Gorey (page 11) and four-panel colored drawing of imprudent buyer of a flamboyant red dress (page 128)

Box 15 Folder 8 Item 387 Scenario: The Magazine of Screenwriting Art, Vol. 4 No. 1, 1998 Spring

Includes Gorey's screenplay "The Black Doll" with Gorey illustrations, pages 154-170; "Writing Black Doll: A Talk with Edward Gorey," by Annie Nocenti, pages 171-177; and editorial mention on page 3.

Box 15 Folder 9 Item 669 New York Times obituary for Felicia Lamport, formerly laid into The Remembered Visit: A Story Taken from Life, by Edward Gorey, 1999 December 25

Box 17 Folder 21 New York Review of Books clippings with illustrations by Edward Gorey, 2008-2012

Box 15 Folder 10 "Church of the Trump of Doom" Gorey cartoon color photocopy, with commentary by Andrew Alpern, 2019

Box 15 Folder 11 Item 80 Flyer for New York Times Fall Children's Book Section, undated

With Gorey cover illustration showing arched stone bridge, titled "There don't seem to be as many trolls under bridges as there used to be." (reprinted in F.M.R.A., q.v.).

Box 22 Item 128 Soho Weekly News t-shirt, undated, On yellow fabric.

Black flying clawed creature encircled by a red banner with yellow letters.

Box 22 Item 129 Soho Weekly News t-shirt, undated, On light blue fabric.

Black flying clawed creature encircled by a red banner with light blue letters.

Box 15 Folder 12 Item 334 Town and Country's Select Guide to the Ins and Outs of Tennis, undated

With Gorey colored cover drawing.

Box 15 Folder 13 Item 710 Clipping of advertisement for Belle, a novel by Michael Stewart, undated

With Gorey illustration.