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Edith Schloss Burckhardt Papers, 1962-2011


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Subseries III.A: Correspondence

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1978 March 24

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1978 September 19

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1978 November 7

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1978 November 17

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1978

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1979 July 17

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1979 September 14

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1979 December 7

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca--New Year note, circa 1979

Box 8 Note from Francesca Woodman stuck on ESB's apartment door.

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1979

Box 8 Letter written on transparent tracing paper and mounted on Russian music manuscript with the artist's (self-portrait) passport photo, 1979

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca, 1980 May 12

Box 8 Woodman, Francesca--ESB letter to

Box 8 Michener, Charles--ESB letter to

Box 8 Moore, Benjamin, 1981 July 16

Moore had been Woodman's boyfriend at RISD. Many have blamed her suicide on their breakup. He addresses her suicide in this letter to ESB.

Box 8 Politi, Giancarlo--ESB letter to

Box 8 Quintin, François

Box 8 Rankin, Sloan

Francesca Woodman's close friend, model, and sometimes collaborator.

Box 8 Woodman, Betty

Francesca's mother

Subseries III.B: Work

Box 8 Announcements

Box 8 Clippings

Box 8 Photo shoot with ESB and her dog Ida. Contact sheet and negatives from photo session, 1977-1978

Box 8 Some Disordered Interior Geometries. Published by Synapse Press, 1981. The only book by Woodman that was published during her lifetime.

Subseries III.C: Writings by ESB

Box 8 "Francesca" by ESB

Box 8 International Herald Tribune review by ESB

Box 8 Copies of the first published review of Woodman's work, 1978 March 31

Box 8 Wanted in Rome published articles by ESB

Box 8 "Woodman" by ESB

Subseries III.D: Assorted

Box 8 Lang, Andrew. The Violet Fairy. Dover Publications, 1966 [oversize], 1966

Given to ESB as a gift by Francesca Woodman. Woodman has signed her name on the f.f.e.

Box 8 Assorted

Box 8 The Woodman Family--catalogs and announcements