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Edith Schloss Burckhardt Papers, 1962-2011


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Subseries II.A: Correspondence

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1949

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1955

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1949

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1957

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1968

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1970

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1971

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1972

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1974

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1975

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1976

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1980

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1981

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1982

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1983

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1984

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1985

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1986

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1987

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1988

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1990

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1993

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1997

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--1998

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy, undated

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--empty envelopes

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--collages

12 handwritten postcards and cards collaged elements

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--postcards and announcements to ESB

Box 7 Burckhardt, Rudy--ESB letters to, (6 folders)

Box 7 Haldeman, Anita--ESB letter to

Box 7 Quadro, Franco--letter to ESB

Subseries II.B: Assorted

Box 7 Announcements and programs

Box 7 After 1999--obits, tributes, exhibitions and assorted

Box 7 "How did I meet Edwin?"

Copy with corrections of Burckhardt remarks read at the October 1983 memorial for Edwin Denby at St. Mark's Church, NYC.

Box 7 "Over the roofs of Chelsea"

Copy prints of the 1949 Burckhardt photomontage created for the 3 woman show with Helen DeMott, Lucia Vernarelli and ESB at the Pyramid Gallery.

Box 7 ESB in Green Mountain Gallery show, 1972.

Box 7 Burckhardt photograph of ESB in the Green Mountain Gallery, Greenwich Village, during her solo 1972 show., Black and white silver gelatin print, 9 5/8 x 4 inches. Also a photocopy of the original.

Box 7 Rome movie screenings, 1965, 1968

Box 7 Clippings

Box 7 Memorial book

Box 7 A Celebration of Rudy Burckhardt 1914--1999

Box 7 "Adventures with Rudy"--by ESB

Read at Cooper Union, November 2, 1999 and included in the Rudy Burckhardt memorial book.

Box 7 "Remembering Rudy"

Exhibition at Tibor de Nagy, June 14, 2000.

Box 7 "Splitting Up," "Rudy, and Me, and Edwin," and assorted by ESB--Fragments, notes and manuscripts, (2 folders)

Box 7 "Notes while looking at catalogue Rudy Burckhardt exhibition" and notes on RB 1944--1983--by ESB

Box 7 ESB correspondence with Philip Lopate and Sarah Hermanson Meister

Box 7 Rudy Burckhardt's Life and Work--Philip Lopate manuscript. With some corrections and comments added in pencil by ESB.

Box 7 Burckhardt family