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Edith Schloss Burckhardt Papers, 1962-2011


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Subseries I.A: General

Box 1 Notebooks, diaries and calendars

Box 1 Abt, Sam

Box 1 Ackerman, Diane

Box 1 Acocella, Joan

Box 1 Adams, Pat

Box 1 Adams, Phyllis

Box 1 Allen, Phil and Judy

Box 1 Allessio, Collega

Box 1 Armour-Brown, Miranda and Ashlyn

Box 1 Daughter of Patience Gray

Box 1 Arnot, Andrew and Eric Brown (Tibor de Nagy Gallery)

Box 1 Arango, José

Box 1 Ashbery, John

Box 1 Auberbach, Ellen "Pit" and Walter

Box 1 Auberbach, Walter

Box 1 Baen, Noah

Box 1 Baker, Betsy

Box 1 Baghosian, Varujan

Box 1 Baker, Elizabeth

Box 1 Bakoian, Lauren

Box 1 Barron, David and Susan

Box 1 Barry, Ann

Box 1 Barry, Ann--ESB letters to

Box 1 Bates, Betsy Buffington

Box 1 Beck, Julian

Box 1 Becker, Virginia (Ginny) and John

Box 1 Benci, Jacopo

Box 1 Bendixen, Dora

Box 1 Berkson, Bill

Box 1 Bernacchi, Roberto

Includes correspondence and other items on the death of the sculptor Roberto Bernacchi (1984) primarily between ESB, Patience Gray and Norman Mommens

Box 1 Bertolucci, Attilio

Box 1 Blaine, Nell

Blaine was the youngest member of the American Abstract Artists group. She was a founding member of the early artists' cooperative Jane Street Gallery and had her first solo show there in 1945. Her New York circle of artist and writer friends in the 1950s included John Ashbery, Frank O'Hara, Kenneth Koch, Larry Rivers, Jane Freilicher, Leland Bell, Robert De Niro Sr. and Rudy Burckhardt.

Box 1 Botti, Eugenia

Box 1 Bowery, Zagreus (Jeffrey Isaac)

Box 1 Brent, Stan

Box 1 Brigitte

Box 1 Buckmiller, Michael

Correspondence on Karl Korsch and Heinz Langerhans.

Box 1 Burckhardt, Helen

Box 1 Burckhardt, Esther (Mamama)

Box 1 Burckhardt, Esti

Box 1 Sister of Rudy Burckhardt

Box 1 Burckhardt, Henriette, (4 folders)

Box 1 Sister of Rudy Burckhardt

Box 1 Burckhardt, Henriette--ESB letters to, (2 folders)

Box 1 Burckhardt, Jacqueline

Box 1 Burckhardt, Lukas

Box 1 Brother of Rudy Burckhardt

Box 1 Burckhardt, Nicole

Box 1 Burkhardt, Tom

Box 1 Buri, Charlotte

Box 1 C----, Judy ?

Box 1 Cairns, Peter

Box 1 Calvino, Italo

Box 1 Campbell, Lawrence, (2 folders)

Art critic associated with the Art Students League where he was known as the "resident intellectual." His writings appeared in Art News, Art in America and other publications.

Box 1 Campbell, Virginia

Box 1 Cancogni, Allessandra

Box 1 Caregnato, Paola

Box 1 Carpi, Cioni

Box 1 Carter, Elliott

Box 1 Carter, Helen Jones, (3 folders)

Sculptor and wife of composer Elliott Carter.

Box 1 Carter, Helen Jones and Elliott--ESB letters to, (3 folders)

Box 1 Carter, Helen Jones--ESB eulogy

Box 1 Casini, Susanna

Box 1 Castile, Rand

Box 1 Ceccarelli, Corrado

Box 1 Cesarini Sforza, Primarosa

Box 1 Charlip, Remy

Box 1 Chiari, Giuseppe

Box 1 Chiari, Giuseppe

Box 1 Chuma, Yoshiko

Dancer, choreographer and director of the performance art group The School of Hard Knocks. Chuma was married to ESB's son, Jacob.

Box 1 Ciarrochi, Ray

Box 1 Cohen, Arthur

Box 1 Colin, Lucille

Box 1 Consagra, Sophie

Box 1 Coolidge, Clark

Box 1 Corey, Tom

Box 1 Cornell, Joseph

Box 1 Holiday card from Cornell

Box 1 Cornell, Joseph--ephemera

Including Night Voyage exhibition announcement (Egan Gallery, 1953), Winter Night Skies folded card (Stable Gallery, 1955), Selected Works announcement (Stable Gallery 1957), Scatole & Films announcement (L'Attico, Rome, 1977), and Boxes & Films folded catalog with Jonas Mekas and Robert Motherwell essays (L'Attico, Rome, 1977).

Box 1 Corsini, Elisa--drafts and notes for writing on Corsini

Box 1 Corsini, Elisa--catalogs with ESB essays

Box 1 Corsini, Elisa--catalogs and announcements

Box 1 Cove, Rosemary

Box 1 Crema, Giovanna

Box 1 Cunningham, Betty

Box 1 Curran, Alvin, (6 folders)

Box 2 Curran, Alvin, (5 folders)

Box 2 Curran, Alvin--ESB letters to

Box 2 Curran, Alvin--photographs

Box 2 Curran, Alvin and Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV)--ephemera

Box 2 Curran, Alvin and Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV)--photographs

Box 2 D'Amore, Judy and Michael

Box 2 Darmouni, Anne and Francesco Sancisi

Box 2 Davidson, Rosemary

Box 2 Day, Lucien

Painter and founder of the Green Mountain Gallery. The gallery showed Edward Dugmore, Helen DeMott, Rudy Burckhardt, Robert De Niro, and ESB among others. It was founded in Greenwich Village in 1968 but moved in 1971 and became part of the burgeoning SoHo gallery scene.

Box 2 Day, Lucien--ESB letters to

Box 2 De Chiara, Sara

Box 2 de Kooning, Elaine

Box 2 De Luca, Gaston

Box 2 De More, Judy and Michael

Box 2 DeMott, Helen, (7 folders)

Painter and poet. DeMmott, Lucia Vernarelli and ESB were all best friends and were referred to as ""Chelsea Girls"" by Edwin Denby. In 1949 She, Vernarelli and ESB had a 3-person exhibition at the Pyramid Gallery in New York. DeMott also exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at 112 Workshop/112 Green Street. Additionally, she became known as an East Village New York community activist.

Box 2 DeMott, Helen--postcards, postcards with collages and assorted

Box 2 DeMott, Helen--ESB letters to

Box 2 Denby, Edwin, (2 folders)

Box 2 Dodd, Lois

Abstract expressionist painter. She was the only woman founder of the Tanager Gallery, which was an integral part of the Tenth Street co-operative gallery scene of the 1950s and 1960s

Box 2 Doll, Martha

Box 2 Downes, Rackstraw, (4 folders)

Painter and writer. Lifelong friend of ESB and Fairfield Porter. Among other things, he edited Art In Its Own Terms: Selected Criticism, 1935--1975 a collection of Porter's writing.

Box 2 Downes, Rackstraw--ESB letters to, (2 folders)

Box 2 Draeger, Wolfhart

Box 2 Dugmore, Edith

Photographer and wife of abstract painter Edward Dugmore.

Box 2 Ehret, Gloria

Box 2 Elisa ?

Box 2 Enggass, Robert

Box 2 Esterow, Milton

Box 2 Fabrizio ?

Box 2 Falciani, Georgio, (2 folders)

Box 2 "A foolish love story"

Box 2 Feldman, Barbara

Box 2 Fenton, James

Box 2 Ferguson, Bob

Box 2 Ford, Hermine, (2 folders)

Painter and daughter of Jack Tworkov, ESB babysat Hermine when she was a child.

Box 2 Ford, Hermine--ESB letters to

Box 2 Franchi, Andrea

Box 2 Frank, Peter

Box 2 Fricker, Lizzie and Michael Bacharach

Box 2 Friendly, Pie

Box 2 Gallagher, Carole

Box 2 Gallati, Barbara Dayer

Box 2 Gatti, Claudio

Box 2 Geller, Joan, (2 folders)

Box 2 Gendel, Milton

Box 2 Getz, Ilse

Painter and collage artist. Born in Germany, and came to the United States in 1933. She studied at the Art Students League in New York.

Box 2 Gillespie, Frances and Gregory

Box 2 Glasser, Barbara

Box 2 Gottlieb, Robert

Box 2 Gray, Patience, (4 folders)

Patience Gray was a British cookery and travel writer. Her most popular books were Plats Du Jour (1957), written with Primrose Boyd about French cooking, and Honey From A Weed (1986), about Mediterranean rural life, folklore and cookery. She was married to Norman Mommens. See also Mommens, Norman.

Box 3 Gray, Patience and Norman Mommens--ESB letters to

Box 3 Griffiths, Clive Malcolm

Box 3 Gross, Mimi

Box 3 Guest, Barbara

Box 3 Hacker, Ernst

Married to Lucia Vernarelli. He was the Assistant Chief City Planner for the City of New York, also painted and created woodcuts.

Box 3 Hacker, Ernst--prints

Box 3 Hani, Susumi

Box 3 Heinbocker, Madeline

Box 3 Heliker, John, (4 folders)

Painter and teacher. Heliker taught at the Art Students League and was a professor of art at Columbia University for 27 years. He was also one of the founders of the New York Studio School.

Box 3 Hershey, Nona

Box 3 Hess, Thomas

Box 3 Higgins, Trumbull

Military historian, author and husband of Barbara Guest.

Box 3 Holmes, Jill

Box 3 Hoenig, Michael

Box 3 International Herald Tribune

Box 3 Jackson, Joan and Henry

Box 3 Jacquette, Yvonne, (4 folders)

Painter and printmaker. She is the second wife of Rudy Burckhardt.

Box 3 Jacquette, Yvonne--ESB letters to, (3 folders)

Box 3 Jan and Ken

Box 3 Joffe, Chantal

Box 3 English painter.

Box 3 Johnson, Ben

Box 3 Kean, Katharine

Box 3 Kenner, Rob

Box 3 Kernan, Nathan and Tom Whitridge (Ink, Inc.)

Box 3 Klerr, Paul

Box 3 Knorr, Katherine

Box 3 Kirnan, Liza

Box 3 Koch, Katherine

Box 3 Kozloff, Joyce

Box 3 Kramer, Hilton

Box 3 Kramer, Marjorie

Painter. Helped found the New York Studio School. She often modeled for Philip Pearlstein, Lois Dodd and friends. Kramer also helped Lucien Day with the management of Green Mountain Gallery.

Box 3 Lee, Annabel

Box 3 Leonelli, Chiara and Tommaso Masini

Box 3 Lerner, Abram

Box 3 Levertov, Denise

Box 3 Linfante, Paul

Box 3 Lissandrello, Paul

Box 3 Lombardi, Tony

Box 3 Lopate, Philip

See also Subseries II.B

Box 3 Lowenherz, Susan

Box 3 Lowenstein, Ellen

Box 3 MacKay, William

Box 3 Mainardi, Pat

Scholar of nineteenth-century European art and European and American modernism. She is one of the founding members of the Redstockings radical feminist group and a pioneer of women's studies. She helped Marjorie Kramer and Lucien Day run the Green Mountain Gallery.

Box 3 Mainardi, Pat--ESB letters to

Box 3 Manzo, Helene K.

Box 3 Maraini, Toni

Box 3 Martelli, Gisberto

Box 3 Martin, Julie

Box 3 Mason, Emily

American abstract painter.

Box 3 Mayer, Bernadette

Box 3 Mayfield, Barbara

Box 3 Meir, Rita, (3 folders)

Box 3 Melchert, Jim and Mary Ann

Box 3 Melikian, Souren

Box 3 Meo, Salvatore

Box 3 Miller, Peter Benson

Box 3 Mitchell, Fred

Box 3 Mommens, Norman

Belgian sculptor. Married to Patience Gray. He lived and worked in their a farmhouse in Puglia, southern Italy. See also Gray, Patience.

Box 3 Morandi, Georgio--October 19, 1961

Italian painter and printmaker.

Box 3 Morandi, Georgio--July 23, 1962

Box 3 Morandi, Georgio--August 11, 1963

Box 3 Morandi, Georgio--photographs and assorted

Box 3 Morandi, Georgio--Grizzana postcards

Box 3 Morrison, George

Box 3 Mozer, Tassilo

Box 3 Musti, Claudio

Box 3 The New Yorker

Box 3 Nahrgang, Delfina

Box 3 Naifleisch, Diana Lea

Box 3 Nirenberg, Lisa

Box 3 North, Charles

Box 3 Oliver, Joseph

Box 4 O'Reilly, William

Box 4 Oppenheim, Meret, 1948 February 23

Box 4 Oppenheim, Meret--ephemera and assorted [items also in oversize]

Box 4 Oppenheim, Meret--ESB writing on

Box 4 Oppenheimer, Sandy

Box 4 Padgett, Ron

Box 4 Pascine

Box 4 Passerli, Rita

Box 4 Pearlstein, Philip

Box 4 Pearlstein, Philip and Dorothy

Box 4 Peggy

Box 4 Pettet, Simon

Box 4 Politi, Giancarlo

Box 4 Porchia

Box 4 Powell, Faye

Box 4 Riva, Cesare

Box 4 Riva, Stella

Box 4 Robinson

Box 4 Roca-Rey, Sandra

Box 4 Rockwell, Cinny

Box 4 Rockwell, Mary (Faino)

Box 4 Rockwell, Peter

Box 4 Rogers, Esther

Box 4 Rolick, Esther

Box 4 Root, Waverly

Box 4 Roselli, Amelia

Box 4 Rossi-Burckhardt, Caroline Marcacci

Box 4 Roth, Gary

Box 4 Roth, Massimo

Box 4 Russell, John

Box 4 Rzewski, Frederic

American composer, virtuoso pianist and a co-founder of Musica Elettronica Viva (MEV).

Box 4 Rzewski, Alexis and Giuseppina Mecchia

Box 4 Rzewski, Nicole

Wife of composer Frederic Rzewski.

Box 4 Safford, Frank

Box 4 Salati, Vincio

Box 4 Sallian, Mirella Rodriguez

Box 4 Sandler, Irving

Box 4 Santoro, Suzanne

Box 4 Saroyan, Aram, (2 folders)

Poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright. Saroyan acted as ESB's literary agent.

Box 4 Saroyan, Aram--ESB letters to

Box 4 Santoro, Suzanne

Box 4 Schaire, Geoffrey

Box 4 Schejdahl, Peter

Box 4 Schloss, Fritz (Fred)

Box 4 Schloss, Fritz (Fred)--ESB letters to

Box 4 Schloss, Lisanne, (3 folders)

Box 4 Schloss, Lisanne--ESB letters to

Box 4 Schneemann, Carolee

Box 4 Schneider, Judy

Box 4 Schroth, Joseph

Box 4 Schuyler, James

Box 4 Shepard, Charles

Box 4 Short, Cynthia

Box 4 Shure, Brian

Box 4 Smith, Pat

Box 4 Snodgrass, Joan Gay

Box 4 Sofer, Ken

Box 4 Solin, Beth

Box 4 Spengler, Georgina (Gina)


Box 4 Stone, Claudia

Box 4 Storr, Robert

Box 4 Stucky, Silvia

Box 4 Sturm, Ilona and Wang Po Shu

Box 4 Sullivan, Bill

Box 4 Suzuki, Nana

Box 4 Teoli, Natasha

Box 4 Tomalia, Sylvia

Box 4 Trageser, Josiane

Box 4 Tricoli, Ida

Box 4 Turcato, Vana Caruso

Box 4 Twombly, Cy--ESB letters to

Box 4 Tworkov, Jack

Box 4 Tworkov, Jack--ephemera and ESB writings on Tworkov

Box 4 Villa, Emilio

Box 4 Valeria, Angela

Box 4 van den Elshout, Anne-Claire Josepha Maria

Box 4 Venturoli, Marcelo

Box 4 Vernarelli, Lucia, (4 folders)

Painter and collage artist. Vernarelli, Helen DeMott and ESB were all best friends and were referred to as "Chelsea Girls" by Edwin Denby. In 1949 she, DeMott and ESB had a 3-person exhibition at the Pyramid Gallery in New York. She was married to Ernst Hacker.

Box 4 Vernarelli, Lucia, (2 folders)

Box 5 Vernarelli, Lucia--ESB letters to

Box 5 Vidal, Gore--ESB letter to

Box 5 Walker, Pat

Box 5 Walton, Jim and Ellen

Box 5 Watson, Peggy

Box 5 Watt, Candace

Box 5 Weaver, William

Box 5 Werner, Hazel Hawthorne

Writer. She was known for her literary Greenwich Village and Provincetown literary salons.

Box 5 Whitney, Stanley

Box 5 Wilsey, Mary

Box 5 Wilson, Alan

Box 5 Wilson, Robert

Box 5 Wolf, Sarah

Box 5 Ziegler, Laura

Box 5 Zimmerman, Walter

Box 5 Zwerin, Michael

Box 5 Assorted

Box 5 Early Rome--from ESB

Box 5 1963--from ESB

Box 5 1978--from ESB

Box 5 1983--from ESB

Box 5 1984--letters and diary from ESB

Box 5 1985--from ESB

Box 5 1986--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1987--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1988--from ESB

Box 5 1989--from ESB

Box 5 1990

Box 5 1991--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1992--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1993--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1994--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1995--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1996--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1997--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1998--primarily from ESB

Box 5 1999--primarily from ESB

Box 5 2000--primarily from ESB

Box 5 2001--from ESB

Box 5 2002

Box 5 2003

Box 5 2006

Box 5 2007--from ESB

Box 5 2008--from ESB

Box 5 2010--2011--primarily from ESB

Box 5 Announcements from others

Box 5 Legal

Box 5 Postcards and cards, (7 folders)

Box 5 Assorted Italian correspondence, (2 folders)

Box 5 Postcards--Italian, (2 folders)

Box 5 Assorted--including correspondence, (2 folders)

Subseries I.B: Jacob Burckhardt

Includes drafts of letters by ESB and copies of the letters received by Jacob; and correspondence received from Jacob by ESB

Box 6 Edith Schloss Burckhardt to Jacob Burckhardt, 1970-2011, (39 folders)

Box 6 Edith Schloss Burckhardt to Jacob Burckhardt--Postcards, 1973-2006

Box 6 Jacob Burckhardt to Edith Schloss Burckhardt, 1962-2011, (32 folders)

Box 6 Jacob Burckhardt to Edith Schloss Burckhardt--Postcards, 1963-2009

Box 6 JB to ESB Empty Envelopes, various

Box 6 Assorted Photographs, 1983-2008 undated, 1983-2008, undated

Box 6 Hugh Correspondence, 1990 1997 2006 2008, 1990, 1997, 2006, 2008

Box 6 Art Projects, undated, unsigned

Box 6 ESB Diary, 2007 undated

Box 6 Newspaper Clippings, 1988 undated

Box 6 ESB Notes, 2010 2011 undated, 2010, 2011 undated

Box 6 Jacob Burckhardt's Diary (written by ESB), undated

Box 6 JB Childhood Ephemera, undated

Box 6 Correspondence to/from others, 1973-2010

Box 6 Miscellaneous, undated