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Eric R. Kandel papers, 1940s-2015

Series IV: Grant Files, 1965-1983

This series includes several grant applications and progress reports submitted by Kandel, or by Kandel with William Allen Spencer, from 1965-1980. Some of the files contain personal information about living applicants, and are restricted until 2029.

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Box 20 Grant Applications, 1965-1969

Box 20 New York University Grant Application, 1971

Box 20 Learning K - Progress Report, 1971-1974

Box 20 Program Project, 1978-1983

Box 20 NS 12744-14 (85), 1978-1979

Plasticity of the Simplest Neuronal Pathways

Box 20 Continuation Application 3 Year GM23540-03, 1978-1979

RESTRICTED until 2029.

Cellular Analyses of Behavior

Box 20 MH 26212-04 (97), 1979

RESTRICTED until 2029.

Learning Mechanisms in Abdominal Ganglion ofAplysia

Box 20 Mariculture of Aplysia NIH Application for Woods Hole Project, 1978

RESTRICTED until 2029.

Box 20 Research Scientist Award MH 18558, 1978-1979

RESTRICTED until 2029.