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Eric R. Kandel papers, 1940s-2015

Series III: Manuscripts, Published Works, and Television Series, 1950s-2015

This primarily consists of correspondence, manuscripts, outlines, and published materials related to Kandel's published works and television series, however, Subseries III.3 includes publications with articles written by Kandel and pieces written about him.

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Subseries III.1: Abstracts, Reviews, Talks, 1958-2003, undated

This subseries contains abstracts, drafts, notes, reviews, and notecards used for talks.

Box 1 Early Abstracts, Reviews, Talks, 1958-1966 undated, 1958-1966, undated

Box 1 Abstracts, Reviews, Talks, 1997-2003 undated, 1997-2003, undated

Subseries III.2: Manuscripts and Drafts of Works with Related Material, 1952, 1976-2013

This subseries contains a copy of Kandel's bachelor's thesis (1952), as well as agreements, articles, correspondence, proofs, reviews, and other material related to several of Kandel's published books.

Box 2 "Carl ZuckMay er, Hans Carossa, Ernst Jünger: A Study of Their Attitude Toward National Socialism," 1952 March, 1952

(This is a photocopy of Kandel's bachelor's degree thesis, written at Harvard College.)

The Age of Insight

Box 2 Corrected Proof, circa, 2009

Box 1 General, 2009-2012

(Correspondence, agreements, reviews, etc.)

Box 1 Reviews and Articles, 2011-2013

Box 1 Cell-Biological Approach to Learning , 1978-1979


Box 1 Cellular Basis of Behavior , 1976-1978

(Correspondence and reviews)

Box 18 Discover Article: Minouche Kandel and Eric Kandel,, 1993

In Search of Memory

Box 2 General, 2005-2011

(Includes material related to awards, reviews, royalties, and the Shoah Foundation)

Box 2 Letters and Emails / Email Invites, 2006-2010

Box 2 Reviews, 2006-2012

Box 2 Talks, Lectures, Dinners, 2006-2007

Box 2 Film Premieres in Germany, 2009 June, 2009

Box 2 Miscellaneous, 2007-2011, (2 Folders)

Subseries III.3: Publications Related to Kandel, 1958-2013

This subseries includes publications with articles by Kandel and publications with articles or other pieces about Kandel.

The publications are arranged by title.

Box 3 Publications with Titles A-K

Box 4 Publications with Titles M-Z

Box 19 Publications--Oversized (2 Items)

Subseries III.4: Published Books, 1976-2013

This subseries includes published copies of several of Kandel's books.

Box 5 Kandel, Eric R. The Age of Insight. New York: Random House,, 2012

Box 5 Kandel, Eric R. Behavioral Biology of Aplysia . San Francisco: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1979

Box 5 Kandel, Eric R. Cellular Basis of Behavior . San Francisco: W.H. Freeman and Company, 1976

Box 5 Kandel, Eric R. Psychiatry, Psychoanalysis, and the New Biology of the Mind . Washington, D.C.: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc.,, 2005

Box 5 Kandel, Eric R. In Search of Memory . New York: W.W. Norton and Company,, 2006

Box 6 Kandel, Eric R. and James H. Schwartz, eds. Principles of Neural Science . New York: Elsevier/North-Holland, 1981

Box 6 Kandel, Eric R. ed. Principles of Neural Science . 5th edition. New York: McGraw Hill, 2013

Subseries III.5: Reprints, 1960-2010

This series consists of reprints of articles written by Kandel. These reprints were arranged chronologically and bound into volumes by Kandel.

Box 13 Collected Reprints, Volumes I-VII, 1960-1995 (7 Bound Volumes), 1960-1995

Box 14 Collected Reprints, Volumes VIII-X, 1996-2010 (3 Bound Volumes), 1996-2010

Subseries III.6: Television Series--Charlie Rose: The Brain Series, 2009-2015

This subseries contains the outlines for the episodes inCharlie Rose: The Brain Series, which is co-hosted by Eric Kandel. The subseries includes outlines for Series I, Episode 1 (2009) through Series III, Episode 3 (2015).

Box 20 Charlie Rose: The Brain Series--Episode Outlines for Series I, 2009-2010

Box 20 Charlie Rose: The Brain Series--Episode Outlines for Series II, 2011-2012

Box 20 Charlie Rose: The Brain Series--Episode Outlines for Series III, 2015