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Eric R. Kandel papers, 1950s-2015

Series XI: Dissertations by Students of Kandel, 1967-2013

This series contains dissertations by students of Kandel that represent the intellectual influence of Kandel in his field. Most appear to be final copies, but a few are drafts and include Kandel's corrections and notes.

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Box 14 Agnihotri, Naveen. "What Makes Hippocampal Representations Stable?" Dissertation, Columbia University, 2002 (3 Items), 2002

Box 14 Blumenfled, Hal. "Modulation of Intracellular Calcium in Aplysia Sensory Neurons." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1990

Box 14 Boyle, Mary Bernice. "Long-Lasting Changes Induced by Serotonin in Tracellular Free Calcium and Calcium-Activated Outward in Molluscan Neruons." Dissertation, Yale University,, 1983

Box 14 Braha, Orit. "Possible Involvement of Protein Kinase C in Presynaptic Facilitation of the Sensory-Motor Synapse of Aplysia ." Dissertation, Columbia University, 1990

Box 15 Chen, I-Hweii Amy. "The Role of C/EBP in Hippocampal-Based Neuronal Plasticity and Memory Storage; Evidence for Inhibitory Constraints at the Transcription Level." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2001

Box 15 Chiu, Arelene Yuen-chin. "Biochemical and Immunohistochemical Studies of the Egg-Laying Hormone of Aplysia Californica: Purification, Primary Structure, Neurosecretion and Morphological Distribution." Dissertation, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena,, 1981

Box 15 Dudman, Joshua Tate. "Defining New Roles for the Integrative Properties of Neurons in the Medial Temporal Lobe." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2006

(This is a draft, with corrections and comments in ink by Kandel.)

Box 15 Edmonds, Brian. "Contributions of Two Classes of Calcium Channels to Transmitter Release and Plasticity in the Sensory Neurons of Aplysia ." Dissertation, Columbia University, 1990

Box 15 Eliot, Lise Suzanne. "Presynaptic Modulation of Aplysia Sensory-to-Motor Neuron Synapses in Culture." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1991

Box 15 Etkin, Amit. "Genetic Evidence for a Role for hippocampal Long-term Depression in Contextual Habituation and Immediate Memory." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2005

Box 15 Frost, William Nelson. "Mechanisms Contributing to Short-and Long-Term Sensitization in Aplysia. " Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1987

Box 15 Gardner, Daniel. "Synaptic Organization and Bilateral Symmetry in the Buccal Ganglia of Aplysia ." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1971

Box 15 Giller, Earl. "Choline Acetyltransferase and Acetylcholinesterase in Identified Cells of the Abdominal Ganglion of Aplysia Californica. " Dissertation, New York University, undated

Box 16 Kaang, Bong-Kiun. "Studies of Long-Term Facilitation using Gene Transfer Methods." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1992

Box 16 Kauderer, Beth S. "Capture of a Novel Protein Synthesis-Dependent Component of Long-Term Depression." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2001

Box 16 Kennedy, Timothy Edward. "Molecular Mechanisms of Learning in Aplysia Californica: Modulation of Protein and mRNA Expression During Long-Term Sensitization and Long-Term Facilitation." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1992

Box 16 Klein, Marc. "The Biophysical Basis of Habituation and Sensitization in Aplysia. " Dissertation, Columbia University, 1980

Box 16 Kriegstein, Arnold. "Development of the Sea Hare Aplysia Californica. " Dissertation, New York University,, 1977

Box 16 Lei, Ya-Ting. "TRPM5 Channels Contribute to Persistent Neural Activity and Working Memory." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2013

Box 16 Leibowitz, David. Drafts of Dissertation, 1985 (2 Items), 1985

Box 16 Lopez-Garcia, Juan Carlos. "A Presynaptic Locus for Long-Term Potentiation of Elementary Synaptic Transmission at Mossy Fiver Synapses in Culture." Dissertation, Columbia University, 1998 (2 Items), 1998

Box 17 Perlman, Andrew J. "Central and Peripheral Control of the Siphon Withdrawal Reflex in Aplysia Californica. " Dissertation, New York University,, 1975

Box 17 Pittenger, Christopher. "A Shared Role for CREB in Declarative and Procedural Memory." Dissertation, Columbia University, 2002 (2 Items), 2002

(One copy is a draft that includes some remarks by Kandel.)

Box 17 Pollock, Jonathan. "Potassium Channel Modulation by Serotonin and Cyclic AMP in Pleural Sensory Neurons of Aplysia: A Neural Mechanism for Synaptic Plasticity and Learning." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1985

Box 17 Rajasethupathy, Priyamvada. "Novel Small-RNA Mediated Gene-Regulatory Mechanisms for Long-Term Memory." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2012

Box 17 Rayport, Stephen G. "Development of the Functional and Plastic Capabilities of Neurons Mediating a Defensive Behavior in Aplysia. " Dissertation, Columbia University, 1981

Box 17 Rosen, Zev A. "Dichotomous Regulation of CA3-CA1 Synaptic Excitation by the VTA/SNpC Dopaminergic Afferent System." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2013

(This is a draft, with comments in ink by Kandel.)

Box 18 Segal, Michael Myer. "Convergent Cholinergic Neurons Produce Similar Postsynaptic Actions in Aplysia: Implications for Neural Organization." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1982

Box 17 Till, Sally. "Genetic Approaches to Fragile X Syndrome." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 2006

Box 17 Wachtel, Howard. "A Single Synaptic Connection Mediating Dual Synaptic Actions." Dissertation, New York University, 1967 (2 Items), 1967

(One copy appears to be a draft.)

Box 18 Walters, Edgar Terrell. "Sensitization and Classical Conditioning in Aplysia: Behavioral and Neuronal Studies." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1980

Box 18 Wang, Jian. "Studies of Synaptic Plasticity and Memory in Calcium/Calmodulin-Dependent Protein Kinase II Mutant Mice." Dissertation, Columbia University,, 1996

Box 18 Zhao, Biao. "Molecular and Functional Studies of K+ Channels in the Nervous System of Aplysia. " Dissertation, Columbia University, 1993 (2 Items), 1993