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J. Max Bond Jr. papers, 1955-2009

Series VI: Reference Materials

includes clippings, pamphlets, essays, and books collected by Bond on topics such as architecture, urban planning, public housing, Harlem, Africa, and other related themes.

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Box 25 Folder 10 Clippings, Reference, 1960s

Box 25 Folder 11 Clippings, Reference, 1970s

Box 25 Folder 12 Clippings, Reference [1 of 2], 1970s

Box 25 Folder 13 Clippings, Reference [2 of 2], 1980s

Box 25 Folder 14 Clippings, Reference, 1980s

Box 25 Folder 15 Clippings, Reference, 1990s

Box 26 Folder 20 Various Material on Affordable Housing [1 of 2], 1980s-1990s

Box 26 Folder 21 Various Material on Affordable Housing [2 of 2], 1980s-1990s

Box 26 Folder 22 Various Material on Ghana, ca. 1970s-1980s

Box 26 Folder 23 Various Materials on South Africa, 1995-1996

Box 26 Folder 24 Harlem Walking Tour Guides, 1999

Box 26 Folder 25 Harlem News , 1967 Oct, 1968 Jun, and 1969 Mar

3 issues.

Box 26 Folder 26 Housing Costs, NYC Housing Partnership, 1984

Box 27 Folder 01 How to Build to Size and Shape, A.E.S. Alcock, 1958

Box 27 Folder 02 Education for Barbarism: Bantu Education in South Africa, I.B. Tabata, 1959

Box 27 Folder 03 Toward a Contemporary Art in Africa, Selby Mvusi, 1962

Box 27 Folder 04 The Structural Propertieis of West African Timbers, R.G. Tyler, 1962

West African Building Research Institute.

Box 27 Folder 05 Report on the Development of the Town of Teme [Ghana] from 1951 to 1961 , ca. 1962

Box 27 Folder 20 Perkins and James, Architects, ca. 1971

Publicity Material.

Box 27 Folder 06 Record of Submissions and Awards Competition for Middle-Income housing at Brighton Beach, Brooklyn , 1968

Box 27 Folder 07 Nonprofit Landlord: A Case Study in Sponsor-Tenant Relationships at Linda Pollin Apartments in Washington, D.C., Nonprofit Housing Center Urban America, Inc., ca. 1968

Box 27 Folder 08 Housing Revolving Fund: A Propsoal for the Washington Metropolitan Area, Nonprofit Housing Center Urban America, Inc., ca. 1968

Box 27 Folder 09 Community Development Corporation, Corpus Christi: A Prospectus of Action, Nonprofit Housing Center Urban American, Inc., ca. 1968

Box 27 Folder 10 Progress Report: The economic regeneration of a community through the control of its capital goods and services, Harlem Commonwealth Council, Inc., 1968

Box 27 Folder 11 Le Carré Bleu , 1969

3 issues.

Box 27 Folder 12 Architecture: Whom Does It Serve?, The Architects' Resistance, 1969

Box 27 Folder 13 Zine by J.K. Webb, 1970 Oct 12

Box 27 Folder 14 "The Fraud of Black Capitalism," Dick Roberts, 1970

Box 27 Folder 15 City: Magazine of Urban Life and Environment , 1971 Jan/Feb

Box 27 Folder 16 The Columbia Forum, Vol. 1, No. 1, 1971 Winter

Box 27 Folder 17 black economic research center: Report of Activities 1970 & 1971 , 1971

Box 27 Folder 18 "Development of a Tropical Roofing Material," The Center for Development Technology, Washington University, 1971 Oct

Box 27 Folder 19 "Houses Generated by Patterns," Center for Environmental Structure, 1970 Apr

Reprinted fromArchitectural Design.

Box 27 Folder 21 Coalition News, New York Urban Coalition, Inc., 1972 Apr

Box 27 Folder 22 Action Now: Report of the Task Force on Education, Urban Coalition of St. Joseph County, Indiana, 1972 Aug

Box 27 Folder 23 How to Build a House…Using Self-Help Housing Techniques, The Office of International Affairs and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, 1974 May

Box 27 Folder 24 "update," Levatich Miller Hoffman PC (issue 8), 1975 Jul

Box 27 Folder 25 Address by Amadou-Mahtar M'Bow, Director-General of the United Nationals Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1978 Jan 31

Box 27 Folder 26 Architecture Nebraska, A College of Architecture Publication (Vol. 3), 1979

Box 27 Folder 27 AU, arquitectura y urbanismo, Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio, 1980 Aug

Box 27 Folder 28 AU, arquitectura y urbanismo, Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio, 1980 Dec

Box 27 Folder 29 AU, arquitectura y urbanismo, Instituto Superior Politécnico José Antonio, 1981 Aug

Box 27 Folder 30 "First Annual Research Report: Southeastern Center for Afro-American Architecture," R.K. Dozier, 1980 Sep

Box 27 Folder 31 The Proceedings of the International Symposium on Metropolis: The Locus of Contemporary Myths, National Institute for Research Advancement and Japan Society, Inc., N.Y., 1982 Oct

Box 27 Folder 32 Boston Tomorrow: Background on Development, Boston Redevelopment Authority, 1983 Fall

Box 27 Folder 33 "Keyenburg: the impact of user-participation on the designing, building and managing of support-infill project," Stichting Architecten Research, 1985

Box 27 Folder 34 "A Housing Platform For Harlem: The Commuinity Design Worksho," Columbia University Graduate School of Architecure and Planning, 1985 Jun

Box 27 Folder 35 "Metals in construction," The Steel Advantage, 1986 Spring

Box 27 Folder 36 "Shell Infill House: A Study on the Application of the Open Systems Approachin Housing Design," N. John Babraken, 1987 May/Jun

Box 27 Folder 37 Strategic Planning Initiative: year Three Report, Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 1988

Box 27 Folder 38 "Maximizing Opportunities in a Declining Economy Seminar Program," LePatner, Blcok, Pawa & Rivelis and The LePatner Management Group, 1990

Box 27 Folder 39 "Temple of Justice: A Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Albany County Court House, 1915-1990," Albany County Hall of Records, 1990

Box 27 Folder 40 "Black Architects Up Against A Brick Wall," Roberto Rodriguez, 1991

Box 27 Folder 41 "Houses of Light: Jean-Paul Bourdier analyses the rural mosques of Senegal and Mail,"Mimar, 1991 Jun

Box 27 Folder 42 "Communite Industrielle: Mixed Use Prototypes for the New Industrial City," John Loomis, 1992

Box 27 Folder 43 "National Conference in support of the African National Congress and Other Democratic Forces for a New South Africa", 1992

Box 27 Folder 44 "Afrocentric Architecture: A Concept/Theory," David Hughes, 1993

Paper prepared for International Conference on (Post) Modernity and Difference in Architecture.

Box 27 Folder 45 "Dear Mr. President: Answering Clinton's call for a design strategy in America," The International Design Magazine, 1993 Mar/Apr

Box 28 Folder 01 "Lower Manhattan Urban Design Plan," Peterson Littenberg Archiects, 1995

Sponsored by Battery Park City Authority.

Box 27 Folder 49 "Sports and the City: A study for Randall's and Wards Islands, New York," National Institute for Architectural Education and The Center for Public Architecture, 1994

Box 27 Folder 48 "World War II and the American Dream: How Wartime Building Changed a Nation," Blueprints (Vol. XII, No. 4), 1994 Fall

Box 28 Folder 02 "Good Neighbors: housing that supports stable communities," Lost Angeles Housing Department, 1995

Box 27 Folder 46 "Lift Every Voice: A Community Plan for Central Harlem," Hunter College Planning Studio, 1993 Spring

Box 27 Folder 47 "A Greenway Plan for New York City," Department of City Planning / City of New York, 1993 Fall

Box 27 Folder 48 "A Vision for the Open Space in the Federal Triangle: Urban Design and Landscape Guidelines for Benjamin Frankliln Circle and Woodrow Wilson Plaza," U.S. General Services Administration, Design Programs Center of Expertise, 1999

Box 27 Folder 49 "Re-valuing Buildings: Investing Inside Buildings to Support Organizational and Technological change through Appropriate Spatial, Environemtal, and Technical Infrastructures," Steelcase, Inc., 1996

Box 27 Folder 50 "Quality in Public Construction," Interministerial Mission for Quality in Public Construction, 1999

Box 29 Folder 01 African American Architects in Current Practice, Jack Travis, 1991

Box 28 Folder 03 "Facing Triple Jeopardy, Health Policy and the Health of Black New Yorkers," Urban Issues Group, 1995

Policy Report.

Box 29 Folder 02 "A Report to Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer," Bronx Center Steering Committee, 1993 May

Box 28 Folder 04 "Red Hook: A Plan for Community Regeneration," Community Board 6, Borough of Brooklyn, New York City, 1996 Fall

Box 28 Folder 05 "Opportunities and Issues: East 125th Street, A Planning Study," Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart Inc. for CIVITAS, 1995 Fall

Box 28 Folder 06 "The White House & President's Park: Comprehensive Design Plan Summary," U.S. Department of the Interior, 1999

Box 28 Folder 07 "10th Annual Harlem Renaissance Day of Commitment Program," Abyssinian Development Corporation, 1997 May 30

Box 28 Folder 08 "Paradoxes of Progress and the Crisis of the Africa-American Architect," Melvin L. Mitchell, 2001 Mar

Keynote Address to the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture.

Box 28 Folder 09 "Connecticut Economic Vitality & Land Use," Connecticut Regional Institute for the 21st Century, 2003

Box 28 Folder 10 El Anatsui Exhibition Catalogue, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, 2003

Box 28 Folder 11 "Proposal to District of Columbia Public Schools for hilltop Gateway Academies, Campus, and Community," The New American School Design Project, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Plannning, 2004 Sep

Box 28 Folder 12 "Detail," Geschosswohnungsbau, 2006

Box 28 Folder 13 "The Majors' Institute on City Design," National Endowment for the Arts, 2005

Box 28 Folder 14 "Designing a City of Learning: Paterson, NJ," Roy Strickland, editor, 2001

Box 28 Folder 15 "Transforming Providence: A Civic Discussion on Design: Summary Report," Kathryn J. Cavanaugh, 2000 Nov 4

Box 28 Folder 16 1951 Park Avenue, East Harlem, Manhattan, NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development, 2008

Request for proposals.

Box 28 Folder 17 Long Island City: Connecting the Arts, Design Trust for Public Space, 2006

Box 28 Folder 18 "Position Paper on Neighborhoods & Housing: Lower Manhattan - A Mixed Income Community," A Project of Rebuild Downtown Our Town and pratt Institute Center for Community and Environmental Development, 2004 Apr 14

Box 28 Folder 19 Building the New South Africa: One House, One Dreat at a Time: The Story of Nurcha, Open Society Institute, 2001

Box 28 Folder 20 "Indoor Air Quality Study," South African Embassy, 2004

Box 28 Folder 21 "12th Annual Harlem Renaissance Day of Commitment Program," Abyssinian Development Corporation, 2006

Box 29 Folder 04 "Techtown Vision, Volume 1 of 3: Year One," A City of Learning Project, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan, 2006 Sep

Box 28 Folder 23 Partisan Planning, Architects Renewal Committee in Harlem, 1972-1973

9 issues.

Box 28 Folder 24 "The Aga Khan Award for Architecture: The Seventh Award Cycle, 1996-1998", 1995

Box 28 Folder 25 "Black Policits on the Apollo's Stage: The Return of the Handkerchiefs Heads," S. Alan Clarke, 1990

Prepared for delivery at the 1990 Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association.

Box 28 Folder 26 "Le Corbusier and the Death of the Street," Richard Ingersoll, undated

Box 28 Folder 27 "Roy DeCarava," Maren Stange, 1995

Box 28 Folder 28 "Tradition in the Service of Modernity: Architecture and Urbanism in French Colonial Policy, 1900-1930," Gwendolyn Wright, 1987

Box 28 Folder 29 Richard Dozier Essays, 1992, 1994

2 essays on African-Americans in Architecture.

Box 28 Folder 30 "The Schools and Urban Renewal: A case study from New Haven," Terry Ferrer, undated

A Report from Educational Facilities Laboratories.

Box 28 Folder 31 Various Essays on African-American Architects, undated

Box 28 Folder 32 "Module Communities Incorporated", undated

Box 28 Folder 33 "Can community design centers do any good? How?," vital questions, ca. 1968

Box 28 Folder 34 "Problemes Communs a la Sociologie et a L'urbanisme dans le Developpement Systematise des Territoires et des Localites," Ioan I. Matei, undated

Box 28 Folder 35 Various Articles on Architecutre, 2002-2004

Box 28 Folder 36 "The Ning Schools of Architecture in New York State," New York State Association of Architects, inc., undated

Box 28 Folder 37 Polshek and Partners Architects Firm Booklet, undated

Box 28 Folder 38 "The Improved Mud Wall Building," Department of Housing and Planning Research Faculty of Architecture, U.S.T. Kumasi, Ghana, undated

Box 28 Folder 39 "An Ideology for Making Architecture," Catalogue, Yale School of Architecture, undated

Box 28 Folder 40 "Proposal in Response, RFP No. CAP-8108: Part I: Monitoring of Housing Development Corporations Funded by the Office of Economic Opportunity," Nonprofit Housing Center Urban America, Inc., undated

Box 29 Folder 03 "Harlem, the next 10 years: A proposal for discussion," The Harlem Urban Development Corporation, 1974 Jul

Report of the Harlem Task Force.

Box 28 Folder 41 "Long Island City Study," Muncipal Art Society and The New York City Planning Commission, 1976 Jul

Design Team: Ada Karmi Melamede; Gerrard F. Vasisko; James G. Dicker; Peter Marangoni; Gil S. Snyder.