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J. Max Bond Jr. papers, 1955-2009

Series II: Personal Papers

is made up of some correspondence, pocket diaries/day planners, event invitations, Bond's Ghana Driver's License, alumni material for the Cambridge School and Harvard Graduate School of Design, photographs and slides from various travels and of family members, an oral history transcript of Bond's mother Ruth Clement Bond, and papers related to South Africa protests and activism.

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Box 04 Folder 23 Pocket Diaries / Day Planner, 1984-1994

12 items.

Box 05 Folder 27 Berea College Founders' Day Celebration in honor of James Bond, 2003-2004

Includes a group photo of members of the Bond Family including J. Max Bond, Jr. and Julian Bond.

Box 05 Folder 28 Bond Family Tree, 2004

Box 05 Folder 29 Cambridge School of Weston, The, 1951

Yearbook and Certificate.

Box 05 Folder 30 Correspondence, 1980-81, 1985-1992, undated

Box 26 Folder 05 Correspondence, 1966 Mar 28

1 Letter from J. Max Bond, Jr. to his parents Dr. and Mrs. J. Max Bond, sent from U.S.T. in Kumasi, Ghana.

Box 26 Folder 06 Digital Photos, 2001-2002

Images stored on CD-ROM.

Box 05 Folder 31 Event Invitations, 1994

Box 05 Folder 32 to 34 Event Invitations, 2000s

(3 folders)

Box 05 Folder 35 Events and Talks, 1990-2007

Box 05 Folder 36 Ghana, 1964, 1998, 2005

Correspondence and other papers regarding the construction of a personal home for J. Max and Jean Bond in Ghana; also included is J. Max Bond, Jr.'s Ghana Private Motor Driver's License issued in 1964.

Box 05 Folder 37 Harvard University Graduate School of Design, 1993

Alumni Material.

Box 05 Folder 38 HistoryMakers, J. Max Bond Documentary Project, 2002-2007

Box 06 Folder 01 New York State Education Department Identification, 1962

Includes a photograph of J. Max Bond, Jr.

Box 33 Folder 11 Notebooks

2 items; includes sketches and floor plans.

Box 06 Folder 02 Photograph, Unidentified Portraits, ca. 1900, ca. 1990s

Possibly relatives of J. Max Bond, Jr. [?]

Box 06 Folder 03 Photographs, J. Max Bond, Jr., 1963, 1980s-1990s

Box 06 Folder 04 Photographs, Miscellaneous, 1980s

Includes photographs from vacations and various family functions; locations include Cuba, Columbia, Tuskegee, Martha's Vineyard, the Hamptons.

Box 06 Folder 05 Riverbend Housing Company, Inc., 1969-1973

Box 06 Folder 06 Ruth Clement Bond Oral History Transcript, 1992, 2007

Interview conducted by Jewell Fenzi for The Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training.

Box 06 Folder 07 Selective Service System, 1957-1960

Includes Notice of Classification and Order to Report for Armed Forces Physical Examination.

Box 06 Folder 08 Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity, Zeta Boule of New York, 2000-2006

Box 06 Folder 09 South Africa Protests, 1960s

Includes Unity Movement Pamphlets, Memorandums and Addresses by Dr. Horace Mann Bond, I.B. Tabata.

Box 06 Folder 10 South Africa Protests, 1981-1985

Includes "An Open Letter to Michael I. Sovern, President of Columbia University, From the Black Faculty and Administrators of Columbia University."

Box 06 Folder 11 Tom Feeling Sketches, 1988

Box 24 Folder 08 Slides, Afghanistan, 1955

Taken by George Bond(?)

Box 24 Folder 09 Slides, Bond Ryder Principals & Associates, undated

Image of J. Max Bond with Bond Ryder Associates.

Box 24 Folder 10 Slides, Cuba, 1968, 1980

Box 26 Folder 07 Slides, Davis Brody Bond, undated

Image of J. Max Bond, Jr. with DBB associates.

Box 24 Folder 11 Slides, India, 1957

Box 24 Folder 12 Slides, India, 1999

Box 24 Folder 13 Slides, Malawi, 1965

Box 24 Folder 14 Slides, Malawi, undated

Box 24 Folder 15 Slides, Malawi House and Blantyre, 1963

Box 24 Folder 16 Slides, Malawi School, 1963

Box 24 Folder 17 Slides, Miscellaneous, 1966, 1968

2 slides of an unidentified home.

Box 24 Folder 18 Slides, Miscellaneous, 1985

Includes images of a parade possibly in Harlem celebrating MLK, Jr. and various images taken during a trip to Europe.

Box 24 Folder 19 Slides, Miscellaneous, 1960

Includes images of family members, Puerto Rico, Dakar, and Morgan State.

Box 24 Folder 20 Slides, New York City, undated

Box 24 Folder 21 Slides, North Africa, 1959-1998

Box 24 Folder 22 Slides, Oakland, 1992

Box 24 Folder 23 Slides, Ruth and Carey Bond, 19671

Box 24 Folder 24 Slides, Washington, D.C., 1989

Box 24 Folder 25 Slides, Washington, D.C., 1986

Includes images of D.C. House and Family.

Box 24 Folder 26 Slides, Washington, D.C., 1968

Includes images of D.C. House and Family.

Box 24 Folder 27 Slides, Zimbabwe, undated

Box 24 Folder 28 Photographs, City College Commencement, ca. 1990

Box 24 Folder 29 Photographs, Langston Hughes Library Ground Breaking Ceremony, 1999

Box 24 Folder 30 Photographs, St. Louis, MO, 1998

Box 25 Folder 09 Clippings, Bond Family Members, 1969-1997