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Douglas Darden papers and drawings, 1979-1996

Series IV: Personal and Professional Papers

This series contains Darden's professional papers, including information on Darden, his correspondence, teachings, exhibitions, publications, and reference material.

Darden's correspondence is arranged chronologically; most regard submissions for publications and the organization of exhibitions and lectures. It also contains many postcards, both to and from Darden, many of which he drew on or added pieces in collage.

In the early 1990's Robert Miller worked in conjunction with Darden on a documentary about Darden, entitled "Douglas Darden: Looking After the Underbelly." This series includes promotional material and two copies of the documentary, as well as correspondence between Miller and Darden concerning the documentary, and Darden's progress on . Also included is "Dardenalia," consisting of articles on or by Darden that Miller had saved or that Darden had sent to Miller, a photograph of Darden, and a collage Darden made for Miller.

Darden's exhibitions encompass eleven folders arranged chronologically from 1984 to 1995, which include correspondence, promotional material, prints of artwork displayed and views of shows.

One folder contains publications about Darden and is arranged chronologically from 1985 to 1998. Seven folders contain publications by Darden from 1986 to 1991, including correspondence and drafts associated with each work. These folders also include drafts of works that were never published widely or were unpublished. In addition, they include two of Darden's lectures, three cassettes with audio of Darden's lectures, and a self-printed book of Darden's haiku, called "Bright Moments: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter." Darden's reference material also includes several books of Haiku to which Darden submitted poems.

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Box 10 Folder 1 Background Material, ca. 1985-96

Includes Personal History, CVs, & Obituaries

Box 18 Folder 2 to 3 Portraits of Darden, 1976, 1984, ca. 1985

Photographs : 3 items

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Box 18 Folder 1 Self-portraits (underwater series), ca. 1985

3 items : color photo prints (2), Polaroid (1)

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Box 10 Folder 2 Correspondence, arranged chronologically, 1984-95

Newspaper clippings; submissions; arranging lectures, publications, exhibitions; photographs : 4 items ; slides : 3 items. RE: "Temple Forgetful," "Melvilla," "Oxygen House," "Clinic for Sleep Disorders," "Museum of Impostors,"Condemned Building; Jina Lipkin, Rizzoli International Publications, Herbert Muschamp; Dennis Dollens, Ronald Christ, Sites; Alberto Perez-Gomez; Melissa Feldman, Stroll ; Olivia Georgia, Maryland Art Place; Sverre Svendsen, Oslo Arkitektforening; Michael Hardiman; Carter H. Manny, Graham Foundation; Kengo Kuma; Harvard Architecture Review 12; Stanley Hallet, Richard Loose, The Catholic University of America; Jane Blackstone, University of Colorado at Boulder; Mark Robbins, Ohio State University, Standards; American Academy in Rome, Whitney Snow; Carl Fredrik Svenstedt , Perspecta: The Yale Architectural Journal; Lillian Stephenson, BACS Newsletter; Jean La Marche, University at Buffalo; Alan Plattus; Christopher A. Carvell, James Stuart Polshek, AIA Colorado; Yale Journal of Architecture and Feminism; Hope Kurtz, Nomad; Ruth Eaton, Centre Georges Pompidou; Piper A. McKee, University of North Carolina at Charlotte; Michele Bazan Giordano, Anna Palange, l'Arca Edizioni; Verr B. Soltes, SCI-Arc; Elizabeth Cherry, Galerie Philomene Magers; Lisa Findley; Barbara Kelly, Japan America Society of Colorado; Thom Mayne; David Lever, Starbucks; Mohammed Saleh Uddin, Composite Drawing; UWM; Bann Williams, Bass Museum of Art; Thomas Sofranko, Louisiana State University; Susan Sanders, University of Arkansas; Andreas W. Blinkert, Architecktur Forum Zurich, Architektur-Galerie Luzern; Bill Carpenter, Southern College of Technology.

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Box 18 Folder 6 Yellow Notebook (Egypt trip diary), 1989

Diary kept by Darden during a 1989 trip to Cario and Aswan; includes sketches, daily entries, and ephemera. Portrait of Darden in pencil by egyptian art student on verso of notebook cover.

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Box 18 Folder 7 Sketchbook, 1980-1983

Ink, color pencil, and pencils sketches throughout notebook of various building exteriors and plans; many sketches of buildings at Harvard University; also sketches of New York skyline; possibly notes from a lecture/s.

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Box 17 Douglas Darden: Looking After the Underbelly, 1992, 1 videocassettes (VHS)

Rob Miller filmed interview with Douglas Darden, who discusses his philosophical views on architecture.

Box 10 Folder 3 Documentary, 1992

"Douglas Darden: Looking After the Underbelly," Rob Miller ; DVD : 1 item ; promotional material

Box 4 Folder 9 Douglas Darden Memorial Service, 1996, 2 videotapes; 8mm

2 8mm Video Cassette

Box 10 Folder 4 Robert Miller [1 of 2], 1991-96

Correspondence: includes postcards, Eric J. Morris (1991 Dec 21) re: "Follies" student project, information on Looking at the Underbelly video, process on Laughing Girls; photographs : 13 items ; floppy disc : 1 item

Box 10 Folder 5 Robert Miller [2 of 2], 1991-96

Articles, Lectures, Dardenalia: Architecture and Urbanism "Douglas Darden: Between Corpus and Corpse" Jul 1988 ; Architecture and Urbanism "Douglas Darden: Building Against the Grain" Feb 1991 ; Appearances "Spaces Left Behind" 14 Nov 1988 ; Avant Garde 3 "Nearly Impossible Theatres" undated ; Melville Society Extracts "Melvilla : An Architect's Reading of Moby-Dick," drafts and final in Nov 1992 ; OZ KSU Journal of Architecture Vol. 14 "Confidences of a Spec-Writer," drafts and final 1992 ; Jenkins, Jacqueline M. "Museum Piece," Journal of Architectural Education, Nov 1991 ; "Building Machines," Pamphlet Architecture, No. 12, 1987 ; Lecture: University of North Carolina, Charlotte "Building against the Grain," 1 Nov 1991 ; collage : 1 item ; print 1 item

Box 10 Folder 6 Faculty Papers, 1986-96

Syllabi, course documents ; arranged chronologically: Sep 1984-Jul 1987: Columbia University & Barnard College ; Jan 1987-May 1988: New Jersey Institute of Technology ; Jan 1990-Mar 1996: University of Colorado at Denver

Box 11 Folder 1 Exhibitions, "2x4", 1986-7

"2x4: An Exhibition of Eight Architectural Projects," planned exhibition; correspondence 1986 May 28 to Jul 10, Neil Denari, Ben Ledbetter, Valerie Smith, Karen Bausman, and Leslie Gill

Box 11 Folder 2 Exhibitions, 1984 to 1985, 1984 Feb to 85 Jun

Promotional Material : Feb 1984: "Emergency" (Group), MAP Gallery, Baltimore ; June 1984: "The Chicago Studios" (Group), Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago ; Mar 1985: "Rough Drafts" (Group), The Architectural League at the Urban Center, correspondence: 1985 Mar 7 to Jun 17, Emilio Ambasz, Betsey Feeley, Frances Halsband.

Box 11 Folder 3 Exhibitions, "Scaffolds", ca. 1986

Mar 1986: "Scaffolds," Union Theological Seminary, New York ; promotional material ; negatives : 24 items ; contact sheets : 9 items; prints : 26 items ; bound book of prints : 1 item ; includes notes and information

Box 11 Folder 4 Exhibitions, "From Here to Eternity", 1986 May to Jul

May/Jun 1986: "From Here to Eternity" (Group), Artists Space, New York ; promotional material ; Michael Sorkin article in The Village Voice, 1986 Jul 8.

Box 11 Folder 5 Exhibitions, 1986 to 1991, 1986 Jul to 91 Apr

Promotional Material: Jul 1986: "Bridges" (Group), Cambridge Arts Center, Boston ; Oct/Nov 1986: "American Excursions," New York Institute of Technology, Old Westbury ; Nov/Dec 1986: "Building of Architectural Vision" (Group), Princeton University School of Architecture, article "Building a Vision," The New York Times, 1986 Dec 22 ; Jun/Jul 1988: "Spaces Left Behind," John Nichols Gallery, New York ; Mar 1989: "Work by Recent Alumni 1980-1988" (Group), Harvard University Graduate School of Design ; Apr/May 1989: "Night School" (Group), Steelcase Design Gallery, New York ; May/Jun 1989: "Exhibition MCMLXXXIX" (Group), American Academy in Rome, Rome ; Jun 1990: "Spazio contra Spazio" (Two-Person), Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, correspondence: 1989 Nov 13, Carol Keller ; Jan/Apr 1991: "Architects + Artifacts" (Group), Society for Art in Crafts, Pittsburgh

Box 15 "The Building of Architectural Vision," City Gallery, New York, 1986 Nov 24 to 87 Jan 3

Promotional Poster

Box 11 Folder 6 Exhibitions, Japan: 1991, 1991

Promotional Material ; prints : 17 items ; Jun 1991: "Past the Present," Koizumi Gallery, Tokyo ; Jul 1991: "Past the Present," Hexa Gallery, Osaka ; Oct 1991: "The Nakamura Collection" (Group), Japan Institute of Architects, Tokyo

Box 11 Folder 7 Exhibitions, 1992 to 1993, 1992 Mar to 93 Apr

Mar 1992: "Condemned Building" (Two-Person), Gwenda Jay Gallery, Chicago ; remarks from Stanley Tigerman; Feb/Apr 1993: "Douglas Darden: Symmetries of Conscience," National Institute for Architectural Education, New York ; press release, promotional material

Box 11 Folder 8 Exhibitions, Japan: 1993, 1992 Jan 18 to 94 Jul 18

Promotional Material; correspondence: 1992 Jan 18 to 1994 Jul 18, Osamu Nakasuji & Sachiko Onishi, Hexa ; May 1993: "Allegories," Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art, Okayama ; May 1993: "Allegories," Tojuso Cultural Center, Osaka ; May 1993: "The Osaka Prints," Aoki Gallery, Tokyo

Box 15 "Douglas Darden: Allegories," Japan, 1993

Promotional Poster

Box 11 Folder 9 Exhibitions, 1994, 1994 Jun to Oct

Sep 1994: "Architectural Narratives," University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, promotional material ; Oct 1994: "Douglas Darden: Looking After the Underbelly" (Video), Kyoto Future Space Art Museum, Kyoto. Correspondence: 1994 Jun 22 to 1994 Oct 19, Sabie Cultural Institute & Kengo Kuma

Box 11 Folder 10 Exhibitions, Taiwan, 1995

Promotional Material, newspaper clippings, scrapbook, correspondence: (Mandarin) to Zhihua Huang?, [this letter written in Mandarin (probably dictated to an interpreter), requests compensation for several artworks damaged and/or missing after their exhibition in Taiwan. The letter is written in a formal, businesslike style, but also suggests that Darden was good friends with the addressee. Although Darden is writing to request compensation, he also mentions that two works were gifts and that he hopes the addressee will enjoy them; Darden also notes that they will speak later on other subjects.] Mar/Apr 1995: "Architectural Allegories," Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan ; Apr/May 1995: "Architectural Allegories," Galerie Luminous, Taichung City; Jun 1995: "Architectural Allegories," New Phase Art Space, Tainan; Jul 1995: "Architectural Allegories," Taichung County Cultural Center, Taichung; small notebook

Box 11 Folder 11 Exhibitions, "Fearful Symmetries", 1995 Oct/Nov

"Fearful Symmetries," Boston Architectural Center, Boston ; prints 7 items

Drawer 206 Folder 3 Exhibition Posters, 1986-1995

"American Excursions: Doug Darden" Center for Architecture, New York, 1986 Oct 20; "Douglas Darden: Spaces Left Behind: Architecture and the Body Politic" John Nichols Gallery, 1988 Jun 16-Jul 23; "Douglas Darden: Past the Present" IZM Gallery, Tokyo & Tojuso Center, Osaka, 1991 Jun 3 – 27; "The Prints of Douglas Darden" Osamu Nakasuji Printmakers, Osaka, Japan 1993; "Douglas Darden" Taiwan, 1995; "Douglas Darden: Allegories" Okayama, Japan, 1993 May 15-21.

Box 11 Folder 12 Publications About Darden, 1985-86

"MSAC Work-in-Progress Grant Program." Arts Maryland, Vol. II No. 1, 1985 Feb ; re: 1983-84 Works-in-Progress Grant for "Museum of Impostors," Maryland State Council on the Arts ; "Young bloods at the Architectural League." Progressive Architecture.1985 Apr ; "ASR Auction: A Solid Return." Progressive Architecture. 1985 Aug ; Monaco, Angelo. "Douglas Darden and the Expression of Spirit." The Columbia Art Review. 1986 Spring ; Laurence, Victoria A. "Monograph: Douglas Darden." 1988 Spring ; Pomper, Miles. "Architect's 'purgatory' will never be built." The Jersey Journal. 1988 Jun 9 ; Pomper, Miles. "Architect's 'purgatory' will never be built." Gold Coast. 1988 Jun 30-Jul 7 ; Smith, J. "The Architecture of Literature, A study and Comparison of Guiseppe Terragni's Danteum and Douglas Darden's Melvilla." History of Architectural Theory, 1991 Mar 24. [2 copies] ; Fishel, Adrian Z. "Final Topic Essay [Douglas Darden's Melvilla]" Instructor Peter Wong. 1991 Nov 20 ; "Monumentality and the City," Design Lecture Series, Denver Art Museum, 1992 Spring ; Speigel, Bill. "Architect to give first Bryant lecture," The Collegian? 1992 Sep 23 ; Speigel, Bill. "Architect relates art to discipline," The Collegian? 1992 Sep 25 ; "Douglas Darden: Past the Present," Japan Institute of Architects, JIA News, Vol. 029, 1993 ; Tynan, Bernadette. "UCD Prof Voted One of Top 50 Architects in the World," ca. 1993 ; Ledbetter, Ben. "Condemned Building" Book Review, Harvard Graduate School of Design News, 1993 Fall ; "Jurors' Comments," Boston Society of Architects design Committee's Unbuilt Architecture Awards 1995 ; "Unfolding" Lecture Series, Southern College of Technology, 1995-1996 ; La Marche, Jean. "The Life and Work of Douglas Darden: A Brief Encomium." Utopian Studies. Vol. 9, No. 1 (1998), pp. 162-172.

Box 12 Folder 1 Publications By Darden, 1986 to 1987, 1986-87

"The Danteum by Thomas Schumacher" Book Review, Sites 15, 1986 Sep; correspondence from "N." ; "The Architecture of Frank Gehry" Book Review, Sites 19, 1987 June ; "Architecture in the Age of Spatial Dissolution," OZ 9, 1987 Jun; drafts, abstracts ; "3 Letters to an Architect Dissolving," Places: M.I.T. Journal of Architecture, 1987 Jul; correspondence: 1986 Aug 23 to Nov 24, responses from various publications, including Places ; "Descent into Mannahatta," Stroll Magazine, 1987 Nov.

Box 12 Folder 2 Publications By Darden, 1988, 1988

"Spaces Left Behind," Appearances: Journal of Art & Artists, No. 14., 1988 Mar; correspondence: 1987 Feb 2 to Oct 25, assorted addressees, includes inquiries into showing work in addressee's galleries, and respective denials, notes and list of work ; "Notes on a Repressed Agenda," Abacus, 1988 Spring; drafts; correspondence: 1986 Jul 20 to 1987 Nov 14, Joan Bassine, Jason Popkin, Maria Wiltheau, Abacus Forum, New York Institute of Technology Center for Architecture ; "Tropes and Trapts," University of Tennessee Journal of Architecture, May 1988; drafts; correspondence: 1987 Mar 15 to 1988 Jun 6, Richard Drinkwater & Son Sang Kong.

Box 12 Folder 3 Publications By Darden, 1989 to 1991, 1989-91

"Architecture of Exhaustion," Pratt Journal of Architecture, Vol. 2, 1989 Mar; correspondence: 1986 Nov 22 to 1988 Mar 9, Steve Perrella, undated "David" ; "Melvilla," Sites 24, 1991 Nov.

Box 12 Folder 4 Publications By Darden, 1993 to 1994, 1993-94

"Melvilla; An Architect's Reading of Moby-Dick," A + U (Japan), 1993 May; correspondence: 1991 Jul 10 to 1993 Mar 1, Toshio Nakamura, Architecture and Urbanism ; "Oxygen House: A Near Triptych on the Act of Breathing," The Southern Quarterly, 1994 Winter; correspondence: 1993 May 17 to 1994 Jun 4, Stephen Young, SoQ ; "Coffee," National Public Radio: All Things Considered; drafts, research material, "Coffee Matters," Starbucks Newsletter, Vol. 2, Issue 1, 1994 Jan/Feb; correspondence: 1994 Jun 13 to Jul 26, Joe Juhasz, University of Colorado at Boulder; 1994 Jul 7, "Greg" ; 1994 Jul 15: "Bobski" Robert Curtis, includes Curtis' "3 Treatments for: The Letter Left to Me (or Roy, etca.)"

Box 12 Folder 5 Publications By Darden, Lectures, 1989, 1991

"Remus Re-Membered" lecture, Notre Dame University, Rome, Italy, 1989 Mar 14 ; "Building against the Grain" lecture, University of North Carolina, Charlotte, 1991 Nov 1; drafts

Box 12 "Lecture D, Lowell, Ma & Pullman, American Industrial Landscape" Catholic University, 1984 Feb 2


Box 12 "Remus Re-Membered," Notre Dame, Roma, 1989 Mar 14


Box 12 "Re-Membering Remus," American Academy, Rome, 1989 May 19


Box 12 Folder 6 Publications By Darden, Drafts, undated, 1985-86

"The Extended Vernacular of the Body: Notes on a Third Paradigm for Spatial Representation," draft, undated ; "Misgivings From a Suburb: 7 Appendices for an Unwritten Novel," draft, undated ; "One-Hundred Nights of Building" abstract: 1986 Sep 1, book synopsis, precis, correspondence: 1986 Sep 19, Gibbs M. Smith, Peregrine Smith Books ; "Past the Present: Two Works by Douglas Darden," Daidalos & Lotus International, undated ; "Vacancies/American Excursions" drafts: 1985 Sep 30 to 1986 Feb 1.

Box 12 Folder 7 Publications By Darden, Poetry, 1982, 1993

"Bright Moments: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter," book of haiku, unpublished, 1982, 1993; includes drafts.

Box 13 Reference Material, ca. 1980s-96

Bonsai: A Quarterly of Haiku, 1977 Apr 19 [contains poem by Darden] ; College Poetry Review. (Los Angeles: National Poetry Press, Spring 1975). ; Dragonfly: A Quarterly of Haiku, 1976 Oct, Vol. 5, No. 4 [contains poem by Darden] ; Dragonfly: A Quarterly of Haiku, 1977 Apr, Vol. 5, No. 2 [contains poem by Darden] ; Dragonfly: A Quarterly of Haiku, 1977 Jul, Vol. 5, No. 3 [contains poem by Darden] ; Stone Country: Men's Poetry Issue, 1977 Feb [contains poem by Darden] ; Molinaro, Ursule . Needlepoint. (New York: Red Dust Inca., 1987). ; Molinaro, Ursule [text] & John Evans [collage/drawings]. Remnants of an Unknown Woman. (New York: Red Dust Inca., 1987). ; Shaw, Bernard. Major Barbara. (London : Penguin, 1941 [1972 printing]). [With annotations by Darden]

Box 13 Folder 1 Reference Material [1 of 3], ca. 1980s-96

Notes ; Xeroxes ; "The Role of Pilates Technique in the Rehabilitation of the Injured Dancer" ; Paterra, Vincent. "A Letter to Myself" ; Eisenman, Peter. "The Futility of Objects: Decomposition and the Processes of Difference." 1982 Dec 27 ; Eisenman, Peter. "Architecture and the Problem of Rhetorical Figures," Parsons School of Design, New York. 1987 Apr 2.

Box 13 Folder 2 Reference Material [2 of 3], ca. 1980s-96

Xeroxes of Darden's works

Box 13 Folder 3 Reference Material [3 of 3], ca. 1980s-96

Prints of Darden's works; prints : 97 items ; slides : 2 items

Box 15 Folder 14 Reference Articles, 1984 Feb, 1987 Mar 8

Kozloff, Max. "Contention Between Two Critics About a Disagreeable Beauty" ArtForum International, 1984 Feb, pp. 45-53; The Mail Townsend Thoresen Herald of Free Enterprise Ferry Disaster, 1987 Mar 8; Sunday Today Townsend Thoresen Herald of Free Enterprise Ferry Disaster, 1987 Mar 8.

Box 13 Folder 4 Miscellaneous, undated

Includes postcards, address labels, item with image of Condemned Building frontispiece

Box 15 Folder 19 Ephemera, Diplomas and Certificates, 1974, 1983, 1995

7 items

[Acquisition 2022.005]

Drawer 206 Folder 9 Untitled, by Fred Soffa, undated

1 item : graphite drawing