Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Douglas Darden papers and drawings, 1979-1996

Series III: Other Projects

This series encompasses two projects that were not featured in or and also includes documents pertaining to some unidentified projects.

The folder, "Misanthropy Hall," contains notes and research materials, as well as a print of the drawing, "H.M.M. House for a Mad Misanthrope," currently held at the Bass Museum in Miami. [Note: this project was originally to be featured in but was ultimately left out.]

The folder "I-Club" contains research materials and process work concerning Japanese culture, armor, samurai, opium, military technology, mechanical machines, and the Rape of Nanking. The process work includes the manipulation of line drawings using transparencies, the same process Darden used to create his "Dis/continuous Genealogies" for the projects in .

Box 6: Folder 1 Misanthropy Hall ca. 1980s-96

Notes, research materials, prints : 1 item

Box 6: Folder 2 "I-Club" ca. 1980s-96

Research material and process work: visual and textual references, Xeroxes, magazine articles, newspaper clipping, manipulation of line drawings using transparencies

Box 15: Folder 6 Allison's New House/First Home 1994 Mar 21, 23

Drawing and xeroxes of drawings of Allison Darden's house in Denver, CO.

Box 6: Folder 3 Unidentified Projects ca. 1980s-96

Includes paste up for "Station of the Eclipsing Child?" negatives : 6 items ; drawings : 13 items