Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Klaus Herdeg papers, 1963-1992

Series VIII: Misc. Publications

Box 14: Folder 03 Hassan Fathy 1961-1965

Manuscripts of "The City of the Future: Aesthetics in the C.O.F.," "The City of the Future: Comtemporaneity," and "Ce que j'ai appris a Louqsor"

Box 14: Folder 04 Ekistics/Doxiades 1963-1965

Doxiades Associates, Consultants on Development and Ekistics (December 1963); Doxiades Associates, Islamabad: The New Capital of Pakistan no. 64 (March 1964); Ekistics Revies on the Problems and Science of Human Settlement vol. 19 no. 110–115 (January–June 1965)

Box 14: Folder 05 Reports, New York 1970-1980

Building Code of the City of New York (New York, Cincinnati, Toronto, London, Melbourne: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1970); Space Standards Committee (New York State, Urban Development Corporation, May 11, 1972); Legacies of a Radical Era, Architecture at Columbia: 1968-80 (Columbia GSAPP, April 26, 1980); "Commercial: Parking"; "Residential: Apartments"

Box 14: Folder 06 Transit-Land/Use Working Committee 1972 Apr, 1973 Mar

Land Use Planning Considerations, Route 132-C, Second Avenue Subway, East 34th St. to Whitehall St., Manhattan (Transit-Land/Use Working Committee, April, 1972); Transit Recommendations and Related Surface Improvements, Route 132-C, Second Avenue Subway, Lower East Side, Manhattan (Transit/Land-Use Working Committee, March, 1973)

Box 14: Folder 07 Reports, Middle East and Asia 1990-1991, undated

"The Reconstruction of Beirut, Central District: The Major Urban Redevelopment Project of the 1990s"; I. M. Goodovitch, "The Saddle Shape Vertebra Method for Prefabricated Houses," (Israel: Ministry of Housing and Development); Masood Khan, "The Walled City of Lahore: Conservation, Historical Continuity and Change" (August 1990); Klaus Herdeg, Masood Khan, and Hashim Sarkis, "Kashan and Beirut Workshops (Cambridge, MA: Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fall 1991)

Box 14: Folder 08 Magazines 1968-1983

Connection (Winter/Spring 1968); Journal of Architectural Education vol. 33, no. 2 (November 1979); Journal of Architectural Education vol. 34, no. 1 (Fall 1980); Crit no. 7 (Spring 1980); The Kaleidoscope Review (April 1980); Asia (August 1983)

Box 14 Magazines 1979-1994

Precis vol. 1 (Spring 1979); Precis vol. 2 (1980); Precis vol. 3 (1981); Precis vol. 4 (1983); Precis vol. 5 (Fall 1984); Abstract (1988-89; 1989-90; 1990-91; 1992-93; 1993-94)

Box 14 Student Work 1972, 1991

Steven Rankin, Wolf Point Development: Urban Design Prototype (December 18, 1972), with note from Steven Rankin addressed to Herdeg; Hatice Yazar, "Architecture in Miniature: Representation of Space and Form in Illustrations and Buildings in Timurid Central Asia," (M.S.Arch.S ., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, June, 1991); Chuan Wang, "The Garden Houses in Beijing and Suzhou: A Comparison" (Fall 1991)

Box 14 Books 1971, 1974, undated

Architecture of the Arts: The State University of New York College at Purchase (New York, NY: The Museum of Modern Art, 1971); Maki: Three Projects in Progress, Architecture in Place; Peter Wolf, The Evolving City: Urban Design Proposals by Ulrich Franzen and Paul Rudolph (New York, NY: The American Federation of the Arts, 1974)