Avery Drawings & Archives Collections

Klaus Herdeg papers, 1963-1992

Series II: Formal Structure In Indian Architecture

Box 6: Folder 6 Correspondences 1963-1966

Includes correspondences relating to Herdeg's application for the Eidlitz fellowship to study architecture in India as well as correspondences during Herdeg's trip and after he returned to Zurich and was appointed as a faculty member at Cornell University.

Box 6: Folder 7 India Travel Diary 1965 Jan-May

Contains a small travel diary with notes and sketches from Herdeg's journey to India

Box 6: Folder 8 Correspondences 1967-1968

Includes correspondences regarding the publication of the exhibition folios into a book

Box 6: Folder 9 Notes On Expositions And Talks 1967-1968

Includes the transcripts for lectures and expositions talks Herdeg delivered accompanying the opening of Formal Structure in Indian Architecture

Box 6: Folder 11 Exhibition Travel 1967-1981

Includes correspondences between Herdeg and instructions receiving Formal Structure in Indian Architecture, travel schedules, campus plans and Herdeg sketches for how the exhibition was to be installed and set up

Box 6: Folder 12 Exhibition Flyers circa 1968
Box 6: Folder 13 Correspondences and Order Forms 1968-1970

Includes correspondences regarding ordering the portfolio and filled out order forms

Box 6: Folder 14 Mailer For Formal Structure In Indian Architecture 1969
Box 6: Folder 15 First Reprint Of The Folios 1969-1974

Includes correspondences regarding the reprinting of Formal Structure in Indian Architecture

Box 6: Folder 16 Publication Advertisements 1977

Includes correspondences, order forms and samples regarding the advertisements printed for the reprinting of Formal Structure in Indian Architecture

Box 6: Folder 17 Exhibit In Switzerland 1980

Includes correspondences and notes regarding the exhibits travel in Switzerland

Box 6: Folder 18 1991 Reprint circa 1991

Includes the key to published and unpublished photographs and edits to the text

Oversize 1: Folder 4 Draft Pages 1967

Includes 8 draft pages with edits

Oversize 1: Folder 5 First Reprinting of the Portfolio 1977
Oversize 1 Boxed Portfolio 1977
Oversize 1: Folder 1 Indian Architecture Sketches Undated