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Klaus Herdeg papers, 1963-1992

Series IV: Professional Papers

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Box 7 Folder 4 Work For RP&M Steiger Architects, 1966

Includes work done for RP&M Steiger Architects on a series of Urban Design Problems relating the issues of the suburban growth surrounding Zurich particularly in a series of small historic towns

Box 7 Folder 5 Urban Design Group Publication, circa 1966

Includes material relating to a publication at Harvard critiquing contemporary urban design and architecture paradigms

Box 7 Folder 6 City Hall Competition, 1967

Includes competition material published in Amsterdam for a new city hall building

Box 7 Folder 7 PAX Life Insurance Competition, 1967

Includes newspaper article, correspondences and photocopied of submitted drawings

Box 7 Folder 8 Miscellaneous Articles, 1967 Circa

Box 7 Folder 9 Photocopied Articles, 1967 Circa

Includes background information on swimming pool design

Box 7 Folder 10 Comparative Type Study Of Some Colleges And Universities, 1968

Box 7 Folder 11 Student Housing Competition Material ETH Zurich, 1969

Includes competition publication material

Box 7 Folder 12 Student Housing Competition ETH Zurich I / II, 1969

Includes material relating to Herdeg's competition entry

Box 7 Folder 13 Student Housing Competition ETH Zurich II / II, 1969

Includes material relating to Herdeg's competition entry

Box 7 Folder 14 Form as a Tool, 1969

Includes sheets of drawn diagrams

Box 7 Folder 15 Professional Licensing Examination, 1970

Box 7 Folder 16 Correspondence, 1970

Includes correspondence with Alberto Longoni and photocopies of Longoni drawings

Box 7 Folder 17 Harvard Square, 1972

Box 7 Folder 18 Personal Project Ideas, circa 1972

Box 7 Folder 19 The City Form And Intent, Undated

Includes photocopies of text

Box 7 Folder 20 City Of New York License Examination, 1974

Includes course material Herdeg had prepared

Box 7 Folder 21 West Village Houses, 1974

Includes newspaper clippings and real estate prospectus

Box 8 Folder 1 Adaptive Re-use of Lofts, 1974-1975

Includes newspaper clippings on the adaptive reuse of loft buildings

Box 8 Folder 2 Federal Office Building (FOB), 1974-1975

Includes writings on significance and National Register of Historic Places Inventory Form for the Federal Office Building/ US Appraisers Warehouse

Box 8 Folder 3 FOB Existing Conditions, circa 1974-1975

Box 8 Folder 4 FOB Feasibility Studies, circa 1975

Box 8 Folder 5 FOB Financial Records, 1975

Box 8 Folder 6 FOB Developmental Sketches, circa 1975

Box 8 Folder 7 FOB Background Research, circa 1975

Box 8 Folder 8 FOB Exterior Conditions, circa 1975

Box 8 Folder 9 FOB Proposals "As Presented', circa 1975

Box 8 Folder 10 FOB Final Feasibility Study, 1975

Box 14 FOB Site Photographs [1 of 2], undated

Binder with photographs : ca. 80 items [Accession 2015.012]

Box 14 Folder 01 FOB Site Photographs [2 of 2], undated

Xeroxes; contact sheets : 5 items [Accession 2015.012]

Box 14 Folder 02 FOB Presentation Material, undated

Xeroxes of presentation material (diagrams, plans, photographs) [Accession 2015.012]

Oversize 1 Folder 1 FOB blueprints, 1975

Box 8 Folder 11 Villa Mairea, undated

Includes a visitors pamphlet, written work and notes about the house as well as a comprehensive set of analytical drawings

Box 8 Folder 12 Working Papers, 1976-1977

Box 8 Folder 13 Zurich Seminars, 1983

Transcripts of three lectures given: I "Nature vs. Artifice", II "Chinese Gardens", III "Decorated Diagram"

Box 8 Folder 14 Graham Foundation Lecture, 1983