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Catholic University of Beiping Art Department papers, 1937

Catholic University of Beiping Art Department papers, 1937

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This series contains two copies of a book of 13 photographs of ink paintings, titled 基督教聖蹟圖 (Christian Sacred Pictures). The original paintings were produced by four Chinese artists working in the Art Department of the Catholic University in Beiping, and exhibited in February 1937 at the College of Chinese Studies, California College in China. Although the subjects of the paintings are Christian themes, the artworks are executed in the traditional Chinese style of monochromatic ink painting. The book includes a summary of the circumstances behind the exhibition written by missioary William B. Pettius, and a list of titles for the artworks. The titles are as follows, with artist information based on painting inscriptions: 1. "Annunciation"; 2. "No Room in Bethlehem" by [John] Lu Hongnian 陸鴻年 of Taicang 太倉; 3. "The Madonna of the Bamboo" by Luke Chen 陳路加; 4. "The Madonna of the Pine" by [Luke] Chen Yuandu 陳緣督 of Lingnan 領南; 5. "The Madonna of the Little Children" by Lu Hongnian; 6. "The Flight into Egypt" by Lu Hongnian; 7. "Madonna and Child in Spring" by Lu Hongnian; 8. "The Holy Family in Autumn" by Lu Hongnian; 9. "The Holy Family in Winter" by Lu Hongnian; 10. "The Prodigal Son" by Luke Chen Yuandu; 11. "The Good Samaritan"; 12. "The Last Supper"; 13. "Phillip and the Ethiopian Ruler" by Xu Jihua 徐濟華. (Lu Hongnian, 1919 - 1989, was a well-known Chinese artist and scholar of art. Chen Yuandu, 1902 - 1967, was a prolific artist who showed pieces internationally. Xu Jihua was the eldest daughter of Xu Xiangsun 徐翔荪, the wealthy head of the Shanghai-based Huamei Pharmacy 華美藥房.)

This series is arranged in original order.

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Box 1 Folder 1-2 基督教聖蹟圖 (Christian Sacred Pictures), 1937