Columbia University Archives

Department of Classics records, 1885-1992

Series III: Administrative records, 1885-1974

This series contains a number of administrative records collected by the department. There are copies of by-laws, which can also be found in the department meeting minutes; lists of resources, dissertations and other bibliographies. Class books is the term used to describe the large-format ledger books used by faculty to record class attendance and grades.

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Box 11 Folder 10 Brief bibliography of classical philology

(Graduate bibliography, 532 items organized by subject)

Class books

Box 12 Folder 1 Class book, 1885-1886

(Class attendance and grades for the freshmen up to senior class sections. Includes notes on Hannibal's route over the Alps.)

Box 12 Folder 2 Class book, 1908-1911

(Attendance and grade book for Latin A, Latin I and Latin II.)

Box 12 Folder 4 Class book, 1930 Summer-1936

Box 12 Folder 3 Class book, 1905-1915

(Prof. Nelson Glenn McCrea)

Box 11 Folder 11 Department of Classical Philology by-laws, circa 1930

(Constitution, rules and committees)

Box 11 Folder 12 Department of Greek and Latin by-laws, 1974 April

Box 11 Folder 13 Dimensions for Greek costumes, undated

Box 11 Folder 14 Dinsmoor, W.B, 1934-1937

Box 11 Folder 15 Dissertations in Classics at Columbia from 1885 to 1933, 1934

(Compiled by Charles Knapp)

Box 11 Folder 16 Egbert, James - University Extension, 1929 November

(Course offerings for 1930-1931)

Box 11 Folder 17 List of articles for the Olcott memorial, undated

Box 12 Folder 5 PhD candidate list, 1907 October

(List of candidates with major subjects under the Division of Classical Philology. For each student, there is a registration date (staring in 1898), courses taken, exams passed, dissertation information, etc.)

Box 11 Folder 18 Regulations for AM and PhD in Classical Archaeology, circa 1934

(Includes lists of recommended readings)

Box 11 Folder 19 Report on the uniform pronunciation of Greek and Latin, 1911 November

(And a uniform system of treatment of Greek and Latin proper names)