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Moses Moskowitz papers, 1923-1990, bulk 1942-1982

Series III: Military Service Records, 1942-1953

This series is organized alphabetically by genre and form. English language translations, in turn, have been provided in brackets for all foreign language article and journal titles. In November 1942, Moskowitz was drafted into the Armed Forces. In May 1943, he entered the U.S. Army Air Force (USAAF) Officer Candidate School (OCS) at Miami Beach, FL, where he was eventually commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. While at the OCS, Moskowitz specialized in intelligence. He was appointed, in turn, to the Military Government School, Fort Custer, MI. Later, he attended the School for Overseas Administration at Harvard University for eventual assignment in Italy. Moskowitz saw distinguished military service in England, France, Germany, Italy and North Africa. His last assignment was as the Chief of Political Intelligence, U.S. Military Government for Wuerttemberg-Baden, Germany. Upon his military discharge in April 1946, Moskowitz rejoined The American Jewish Committee as a Foreign Affairs Department staff member.

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Box 5 Address Book, undated

Box 5 Advanced Field Training--Organization of German Cities, Towns, and Rural Communities,, 1944 April

Box 5 Air Forces Training Center, Miami Beach, FL, undated

Box 5 Articles--Collected, 1944-1945, undated, 1944-1945, undated

Box 5 Civil Affairs Center--American School Center--German Language Course,, undated

Box 5 Diary--Daily Entries--Headquarters, Office of Military Government, Wuerttemberg-Baden,, 1945 March-June

Box 5 Map--Germany--Occupied Areas, undated


Box 5 Currency--100 Lire Note, 1943

Box 5 Jewish Calendar for Members of the Armed Forces, 5717, 1956-1957

Box 5 Patch--U.S. Army Air Corps, undated

Box 5 Memos--Headquarters, Office of Military Government, Wuerttemberg-Baden--General,, 1945-1946

Box 5 Political Parties--German--U.S. Occupation Zone, 1945-1946

Box 5 Notebooks--U.S. Military Occupation, 1943 September-October

Box 5 Off Duty Activities--Headquarters, Office of Military Government, Wuerttemberg-Baden,, 1945-1948

Box 5 Orders, 1942-1951, (3 folders)

Box 5 Organized Reserve Corps Service Evaluation Form Questionnaire and Personal History Statement,, 1951-1953

Box 5 Photograph--German Military Officer, undated


Box 5 Army Reserve Military Police Training Bulletin, The Provost Marshall General's School, Camp Gordon, GA,, 1953

Box 5 Basic Field Manual: Military Government, War Department, 1940

Box 5 Basic Field Manual: Rules of Land Warfare, War Department, 1940

Box 5 Bauser, Adolf,,,Krieg dem Krieg!: Dem Recht der Sieg!" ["War Against War!: The Law of Victory!"] (Kulturaufbau, Verlag Stuttgart-Botnang),, 1946

Box 5 Charter of the United Nations, and Statute of the International Court of Justice , undated

Box 5 The Chatterbox of Queens County Chapter, NY, Reserve Officers Association of the United Nations , 1952-1953

Box 5 Elementary Military Cryptography-War Department Technical Manual, TM11-484,, 1945 March

Box 5 Ernst, Franz J. Der Reichstags-Brand [ The Reichstag Fire ], Liga gegen den Faschismus [League Against Fascism],, 1946

Box 5 Facts About Occupied Germany, vol. 4 (New York: American Association for a Democratic Germany),, 1946 May

Box 5 German Conversational Course: Exploratory Notes on the German, Linguaphone Institute,, undated

Box 5 German Conversation Course: Collateral and Alphabetical Vocabularies, Linguaphone Institute,, undated

Box 5 German Language Course--Civil Affairs Center--American School Center--Linguaphone: Konversations--Kursus--Deutsch, Linguaphone Institute,, undated

Box 5 Erobert, Paul Nicht Befreit: Das Deutsche Volk im Ersten Besatzungsjahr [ Conquered, not Liberated: The German People in the First Year of Occupation ] (New York: American Association for a Democratic Germany),, 1946

Box 5 Landsberger Lager-Cajtung, Landsberg [Landsberg am Lech, Germany: Komitat fun gewezene jidisze politisze gefange, 1945-1946] [Committee of Former Jewish Political Prisoners, 1945-1946]--Visit--Ben-Gurion, David,, 1945 October

Box 5 Military Government Regulations Title 3: Political Activities, Headquarters U.S. Forces, European Theater, Office, U.S. Zone,, 1946

Box 5 Military Manual of Civil Affairs in the Field, The War Office, 1944

Box 5 Das neue Wort: Zeitschrift für politische, soziale und kulturelle Neugestaltung [ The New Word: Journal for Political, Social and Cultural New Design ], 1 Jahrgang, 3 and 4 Heft, 1946 February

Box 5 Newspapers--German, 1943 1945, 1943, 1945

Box 5 The Officer's Guide: A Ready Reference on Customs and Correct Procedures which Pertain to Commissioned Officers of the Army of the United States , 1943

Box 5 Poletti, Charles "Discorso" [speech], Official Head of Civil Affairs of Sicily, Allied Military Government,, 1944

Box 5 Protokoll über die Tagung der Landräte der amerikanisch besetzen Kreise Württembergs am 15. August 1945 Ludwigsburg [ Protocol about the meeting of the District Adminstrators of the American Occupied Divisions on 15 August 1945 in Ludwigsburg ], 1945

Box 5 Report to the Army , 1952-1953

Box 6 Sofort Programm zur finanziellen und wirtschaftlichen überwindung der kriegschäden und Tilgung der Reichsschulden [ Immediate-Program to Overcome the Financial and Economic War Damages and Repayment of National Debt ], 1944 October

Box 6 Technical Manual: German Phrase Book, War Department, 1943 January 12

Box 6 Der 20. Juli 1944 Beiträge zur Geschichte der deutschen Widerstandsbewegung, mit einem Nachwort von Dr. Fritz Harzendorf [ 20th July 1944 Contributions to the History of the German Resistance Movement, with an Afterword by Dr. Fritz Harendorf ], undated

Box 6 U.S. Army and Navy Manual of Military Government and Civil Affairs--Advance Copy, 1943

Box 6 Unzer Weg [ Our Way ], nos. 1, 4 and 6, 1945

Box 6 Verhandlungen der Verläufigen Volksvertretung für Württemberg-Baden [ Negotiations of the Provisional Parliament for Württemberg-Baden ], 1946 January-March

Box 6 Vojáci, učtese anglicky!: Základymluvnice a praktická Konversace [ Soldiers, learn English!: Principles of Grammar and Practical Conversation ], undated

Box 6 Wing Tips: The Official Handbook of the Corp of Army Air Forces Officer Candidates, Army Air Forces Officer Candidate School, Miami Beach, Florida,, undated

Box 6 Wolfson, Harry Austryn Escaping Judaism (New York: Intercollegiate Menorah Association, 1923)


Headquarters, Office of Military Government, Wuerttemberg-Baden

Box 6 Dr. Dröse--Germany--U.S. Occupation, 1945-1946, (2 folders)

Box 6 Monthly Historical Reports--Draft Notes, 1945-1946, undated

Box 6 Political Activity Reports, 1945-1946

Box 6 Weekly Consolidated Report for Land Wuerttemberg, 1945 May-July, undated

Box 6 Weekly Information Bulletin, 1945-1946

Box 6 Weekly Military Government Reports, 1945 October-1946 August (8 folders), 1945

Box 7 Weekly Military Government Reports, 1946 September-December (3 folders), 1946

Military Government of Germany, U.S. Zone

Box 7 Monthly Reports, No. 2 (Coal-Transportation) (Alphabetical by Subject),, 1945 September 20

Box 7 Monthly Report, No. 3 (Intelligence), 1945 October 20

Box 7 Monthly Reports, No. 4 (Cartels and External Assets-Transportation) (Alphabetical by Subject),, 1945 November 20

Box 7 Monthly Reports, No. 5 (Cartels and External Assets-Transportation) (Alphabetical by Subject),, 1945 December 20

Box 7 Monthly Reports, No. 6 (Cartels and External Assets-Transportation) (Alphabetical by Subject),, 1946 January 20

Box 7 Monthly Reports, No. 7 (Intelligence and Confidential Annexes-Military Governor) (Alphabetical by Subject),, 1946 February 20

Weekly Information Bulletin, 1946

Box 7 Office of the Director, Office of Military Government (U.S. Zone), U.S. Forces European, Reports and Information Branch, 1945-1946 (2 folders), 1945-1946

Box 7 Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff, G-5 Division USFET, Information Branch,, 1945

Box 7 Research--Political Parties--German--U.S. Occupation Zone, 1945-1946, undated