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Moses Moskowitz papers, 1923-1990, bulk 1942-1982

Series V: Publications--Collected

This series is organized into two subseries: articles and books. The articles and books subseries are arranged alphabetically by author. If the author is unknown, the article or book is placed within the suberies list alphabetically by title. English language translations have also been provided in brackets for all foreign language article and journal titles.

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Articles, 1944-1985

Box 12 Ackerman, Nathan W., MD Prejudice, Mental Health and Family Life, undated

Box 12 Cassin, René, "La Cour européenne des Droits de l'Homme" ["The European Court of Human Rights"] L'Annuaire Europeen [ The European Yearbook ], vol. 7, pp. 75-99, 1961

Box 12 Dépliant de Luxe [Luxury Brochure]--Postcards, undated

Duker, Abraham G.

Box 12 "The Polish Political Émigrés and the Jews in 1848," Proceedings of the American Academy for Jewish Research, vol. 24, pp. 69-102, 1955

Box 12 "The Polish 'Great Emigrations' Appeal to the Jews of October 3, 1832," The Historical Society of Israel, Jerusalem, pp. 431-446, 1960

Box 12 "The Mystery of the Jews in Mickiewicz's Towianist Lectures on Slav Literature," The Polish Review, vol. 7, no. 3, pp. 1-27, 1962

Box 12 extrait de revue des droits de l'homme [extract review of human rights], vol. VI, no. 2,, 1973

Box 12 Ginsburg, Leo Gefangene der Hoffnung (Stuttgart: Wilhelm Hergot, 1945) [ Prisoners of Hope ] [Leo Ginsburg, Field Rabbi in the United States Army],, 1945

Box 12 Greiner, Wilhelm Kriegswahn: ein Beitrag zum Menschentum, Kulturäufbäu-Verlag, Stuttgart-Botnang [ War Mania: a Contribution to Humanity ], 1945

Box 12 "International and Comparative Law, René Cassin (1887-1976)," La Revue des Droits de l'Homme [ The Human Rights Journal ], 1985 December

Box 12 Das neue Wort: Zeitschrift für politische, soziale und kulturelle Neugestaltung, 1. Jahrgang, 1. Heft [ The New Word: Magazine for Political, Social and Cultural Redesign, vol. 1, issue 1],, 1946 January 1

Box 12 Métall, Rudolf Aladár,,,Der Beitrag der Internationalen Arbeitsorganisation zur Fortbildung des Völkerrechtes ["The Contribution of the International Labor Organization for Training in International Law"], Juristische Blätter [ Judicial Papers ], vol. 91, nos. 7/8, 1969 April 5

Box 12 Monneray, Henri, compiler La persecution des juifs dans les pays de l'Est, présentée à Nuremberg [ The Persecution of Jews in Eastern Countries, presented at Nuremberg ], 1949

Box 12 Schönfeld, Walter Das Naturrechtslehre (Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer Verlag, Sonderreihe Heft 4, 1943) [ The Doctrine of Natural Law, Special Series 4], 1943

Box 12 Stanowisko Stronnictwa Narodowego w Kraju (London, 1944) [ The Position of the National Party in the Country ], 1944

Box 12 University of Pennsylvania, 214th Commencement, Philadelphia Civic Center,, 1970 May 18

Books, 1961-1981

Box 13 Agi, Marc René Cassin: Fantassin des droits de l'homme [ René Cassin: Solider of Human Rights ] (Plon), 1979

Box 13 Cassin, René La Pensée et l'Action [ Thought and Action ] (F. Lalou) [Inscribed], 1972

Box 13 de Guinzbourg, Victor S.M. Wit and Wisdom of the United Nations: Proverbs and Apothegms on Diplomacy (New York: United Nations) [Inscribed], 1961

Box 13 de Guinzbourg, Victor S.M. The Eternal Machiavelli in the United Nations World: Based, in part, on Wit and Wisdom of the United Nations: A Treatise on Diplomacy (Privately published) [Inscribed], 1969

Box 13 Human Rights: Comments and Interpretations, A Symposium edited by UNESCO with an introduction by Jacques Maritain (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press Publishers, reprint),, 1973

Box 13 Israel Yearbook on Human Rights (Tel Aviv: Published under the auspices of the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University, vol. 6),, 1976

Box 13 Lewin, Isaac War on War (New York: Shengold Publishers) [Inscribed],, 1969

Box 13 Lewin, Isaac Towards International Guarantees for Religious Liberty: Addresses before the United Nations (New York: Shengold Publishers) [Inscribed], 1981

Box 13 Mikaelsen, Laurids European Protection of Human Rights: The Practice and Procedure of the European Commission of Human Rights on the Admissibility of Applications from Individuals and States (Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands: Sijthoff & Noordhoff),, 1980

Box 13 Report of the Fifty-seventh Conference Held at Madrid, August 30th, 1976 to September 4th, 1976 (The International Law Association, 3, Paper Buildings, The Temple, London, E.C.4.),, 1976

Box 13 United Nations The Unveiling of Single Form, by Barbara Hepworth, gift of Jacob Blaustein after a wish of Dag Hammarskjold, 11 June 1964 United Nations, New York (New York: United Nations), 1964