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Ulysses Kay papers, 1938-1995

Series IX: Audiovisual Materials, 1947-1988 undated, 1947-1988, undated

This series contains audio and video primarily related to Kay's professional life. The materials include U-Matic video, film reels, audio reels, audio cassettes, commercially-issued phonograph records, and acetate discs.

Many audio recordings have been digitized by Columbia University Libraries' Digital and Preservation Division, and can be accessed on-site via the links below.

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Subseries IX.1: Audio Recordings, 1947-1988 undated, 1947-1988, undated

The majority of this subseries consists of recordings of performances of Kay's works, but there are also some interviews, lectures, talks, and music used in television and commercials.

Box 109 A "4 Contemporary Choral Works" King's Chapel Choir of Boston and Cambridge Festival Strings, recorded at Jordan Hall, Boston, Daniel Pinkham, conductor, Cambridge Records 1M/8/64,, 1963

(Includes Kay's "Choral Triptych." 3 copies, one in mono and two in stereo)

Box 106 "Admiral Byrd," 1960 December 5, 1960

(Produced by CBS The 20th Century. Music Only.)

Box 110 "Admiral Bird," 1961 March 13, 1961

(Produced by CBS "The Twentieth Century")

Box 106 American Composers Alliance (ACA) / Chamber Music Time (CMT) / Kay, 1960 November 6, 1960

WNYC Chamber Time Featuring Ulysses Kay .The program featured the American Composers Alliance, with m.c. Don Jennings and Ulysses Kay as the featured composer.

Box 104 American Composers Program Interview, WHIB, Chicago, 1986 January 7, 1986

Box 106 "Aulos," 1971 February 21, 1971

(For Solo Flute and Chamber Orchestra (first performance) from Benefit Recital, John Solum, flute, and Walter Robert, piano. Henry Charles Smith, conductor.)

Box 108 Birthday Variations for Ulysses Kay, 1967

(Birthday music composed for piano, four hands, from Kay's "Suite for Strings" 2nd movement. Includes six variations composed by Slonimsky, Vincent, Cortes, Stevens, Dahl, and Kohs. Ingolf Dahl and Ramiro Cortes, pianists. See Also: Box 103, which contains the scores)

Box 109 A "The Black Composer in America" Oakland Youth Orchestra, Cynthia Bedford, mezzo-soprano, Robert Hughes, conductor, Desto Records DC 7107 circa 1970, 7107, 1970

(Includes Kay's "A Short Overture")

Box 109 A Black Composers Series Volume 3, London Symphony Orchestra, Paul Freeman, conductor, Columbia, M 32783, 1974

(Includes Kay's "Markings")

Box 111 B'Nai B'Rith Memorial Concert, circa, 1947

(Includes Kay's "A Short Overture")

Box 106 Boston Interview for Premiere of "Presidential Suite,", 1966

Box 104 "Brief Elegy", undated

(Roy Mueller, oboe)

Box 104 Brevard Music Center (Former Composers) Symphonic Band, 1986 July 28, 1986

(Includes Kay's "Four Silhouettes")

Box 106 "Capitoline Venus,", undated

Box 104 "Celebration in Song", 1984 March13, 1984

(Holland, Michigan)

Box 106 Chapman College Symphony Orchestra #1, 1979 March10, 1979

(Includes "The Quiet One" and "Scherzi Musicali)

Box 106 Chapman College Symphony Orchestra #2, 1979 March10, 1979

(Includes "Concerto for Orchestra" and "Markings." John Koshak, conductor.)

Box 106 "Chariots,", 1979

(Philadelphia Orchestra, Saratoga, New York)

Box 114 "Chariots," 1980 April 15, 1980

(Performed by the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra, John Shenaut, conductor.)

The digitized audio is probably from this reel, although the digitized content was given a 1979 date when it was digitized.

Box 104 "Chariots", 1984 October 1, 1984

(New York Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta, conductor)

Box 106 "Choral Triptych,", undated

Box 106 Comm. Talk, 1967

Kay Seminar for South Carolina State College (SCSC), 1967

Box 106 Composer in Our Time: Ulysses Kay (WRVR), undated

Box 109 A The Contemporary Composer in the USA, Westphalian Symphony Orchestra, Recklinghausen, Paul Freeman, conductor, Turnabout TV-S 34546, 1974

(Includes Kay's "Six Dances for Orchestra")

Box 109 A Composers Recordings, Inc., Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, George Barati, conductor, Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI-139, 1958 or later, 1958

(Includes Kay's "Sinfonia in E")

Box 109 A Composers Recordings, Inc., Camarata and the New Symphony Orchestra of London, Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI-119,, 1950s

(Includes Kay's "Round Dance and Polka for Strings")

Box 109 A Composers Recordings, Inc., Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Arthur Bennett Lipkin, conductor, Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI SD 209, circa, 1965

(Includes Kay's "Fantasy Variations")

Box 109 A Contemporary American Composers, Teatro la Fenice Symphony Orchestra, John Perlea, conductor, Remington Records R-199-173,, 1953

(Includes Kay's "Concerto for Orchestra." 3 copies)

Box 108 Danse Calinda, undated

(For piano)

Box 110 Death Essay Music, undated

Box 104 "Divertimento" / Brass Quartet, undated

Box 106 "Essay on Death," 1964 November, 1964

Box 104 "Everett Suite,", undated

(Tom Everett, Brass Trombone)

Box 106 Excerpts for Talk, 1973 November 25, 1973

Box 106 "Facets," 1971 October 19, 1971

(Peformed by Musica Nova)

Box 106 "Fall of China," 1959 August 31, 1959

Box 111 "Fall of China", undated

(Produced by Twentieth Century (Past).)

Family Tapes

Box 106 Family Tape (Christmas), 1968

Family Xmas 1964-1965, 1964 December 24

This item was digitized from an audio analog reel in the collection, but it is unclear exactly which reel.

Box 108 Kids Speaking, 1964 May, 1964

Box 104 Fanfares by Kay and Britten, undated

(Includes "Three Fanfares" (Kay) and "Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury" (Britten) )

Box 106 "Fantasy Variations," 1963 November 19, 1963

(Performed by the Portland, Maine Symphony)

Box 106 "Fantasy Variations" and "Umbrian Scene," circa, 1963

("Fantasy Variations" performed by the Portland, Maine Symphony and "Umbrian Scene" performed by the New Orleans Philharmonic)

Box 106 "Fantasy Variations," 1974 September, 1974

(Performed by the Oakland Symphony Youth Orchestra in Berlin, Germany, Denis de Cobeau, conductor)

Box 111 "FDR," 1958 March19, 1958

([Produced by] Twentieth Century Past. See Also: "Roosevelt Show" on audio reel.)

Box 108 Fisk University Film Music, undated

(Duplication of original music for "Fisk Film" "A Thing of Beauty")

Box 106 Five Portraits for Violin and Piano," 1974 February22, 1974

(Coolidge Auditorium, Ruggiero Ricci, violin, and Leon Pommers, piano)

Box 104 Five Winds: "Divertimento" Movements 1-4 (all), undated

Box 114 "Forever Free," circa, 1965

(Bill, New Jersey Civil War Centennial Commission, State House, Trenton, New Jersey. Washington DC Ceremony, outdoors.)

Box 108 "Forever Free," 1967 March, 1967

(UCLA Band. Ulysses Kay, conductor.)

Box 110 "Forever Free-A Lincoln Chronicle,", undated

Box 106 "Four Inventions," 1970 April 23, 1970

(Ruth Slenczynska, piano recital at Karachi)

Box 106 "The Game," 1963 January 8, 1963

(Contains two excerpts: Robbie's Aria, "Change," and Leila's Aria, "Maugeritus")

Box 104 Green #1, 1984 May 26, 1984

(University of Toledo. Includes "A New Song", "Two Dunbar Lyrics," "Forever Free," "Four Silhouettes," "Pieta for English Horn and Strings," "Of New Horizons,")

Box 104 Haddonfield Symphony Orchestra, 1984 May 19, 1984

(Includes Buck's "Festival Overture on the National Air," Grieg's "Concerto in A minro for Piano and Orchestra (Natalie Hinderas, solo piano), Kay's "Presidential Suite," and Hanson's "Symphony No. 1 in E Minor-'Nordic' ")

Box 104 Harvard and McGill Wind Ensembles, 1988 March12, 1988

(Includes "Heralds I," and "Forever Free")

Box 114 Houston Symphony Orchestra, 1974 September, 1974

(Includes Kay's "Three Pieces After Blake." Paul Freeman, conductor.)

Box 106 "Interview - Black Music, Florida, undated

"Sketch of Black Music" with Ulysses Kay, Florida Technological University University of Orlando.

Box 106 "Jubilee," circa, 1976

Box 104 "Jubilee" (Dorr) and Sermon (White), undated

Box 104 "Jubilee" (Choral Chant) (Dorr) and "Essay 3" (Barber), undated

Box 106 Untitled, undated

(The reel is not labeled, but there are notecards in the box on what appears to be "Jubilee")

Box 106 "The Juggler of Our Lady," 1962 February 23, 1962

(World Premiere at Xavier University, New Orleans, Louisiana. Richard Harrison, conductor. Mervin Wallace, tenor. Xavier University Opera Workshop.)

Box 104 "Juggler of Our Lady,", undated

Box 104 Kay, undated

( Includes "Of New Horizons," "Sinfonia in E," "A Short Overture," "Markings," "Serenade for Orchestra", and "Umbrian Scene")

Box 105 Kay, 1983

Box 106 Kay Concert Part I and II, undated

(Includes "Brief Elegy" for oboe and piano, "Triptych on the Texts of Blake" for Soprano, Vln, Vc, and Pfe, "Suite for Flute and Oboe," and "Choral Triptych" )

Box 106 Lehman Talk, 1973 November 22, 1973

Box 109 A Lament for April 15 and Other Modern Madrigals, The Randolph Singers, Composers Recording Inc. CRI-102, 1956 or later, 1956

(Includes Kay's "How Stands the Glass Around?" and "What's in a Name?")

Box 106 "The Land" (NBC News), 1962 February19, 1962

(Music only)

Box 110 "The Land," 1962 February19, 1962

(Produced by NBC. Music only.)

Box 108 Lincoln, Illinois Centennial, 1953 September 1, 1953

(Includes "A Lincoln Letter")

Box 109 B Louisville Orchestra First Edition Records, Robert Whitney, conductor, First Edition Records LOU-545-8, circa, 1948-1960

(Includes Kay's "Serenade for Orchestra")

Box 109 B Louisville Orchestra First Edition Records, Robert Whitney, conductor, First Edition Records LOU-651, After, 1964

(Includes Kay's "Umbrian Scene")

Box 107 "Markings," 1967 April 16, 1967

(WQXR broadcast of the Cleveland Orchestra)

Box 107 "Markings," 1978 September 29, 1978

(New York Philharmonic, Zubin Mehta, conductor)

Box 107 "Markings" (Kay) and "Study No. 3" (Syderman?), 1979

(Kay's piece is performed by the New York Philharmonic,1979 Broadcast)

Box 111 "Markings,", undated

Box 107 MU 10644, undated

(Includes "A Short Overture" for orchestra and "Triptych on Texts of Blake" for soprano, violin, cello, and piano)

Box 107 National Public Radio (NPR) Interview with Ulysses Kay, 1988

Box 107 North Texas State University School of Music, 1971 July 1, 1971

(Includes and "Parables" and possibly "Facets")

Box 110 "Nosotros" for United Nations film for Latin America. Music by Ulysses Kay, 1962 August, 1962

Of New Horizons, 1979 November 24

This item was digitized from an audio analog reel in the collection, but it is unclear exactly which reel.

Box 107 "Of New Horizons,", undated

Box 114 "Of New Horizons,", undated

Chicago Symphony

Box 107 "Of New Horizons", undated

(Cleveland Orchestra. Irvin Hoffman.)

Box 111 "[Of] New Horizons" Columbus Philharmonic, Izler Solomon, conductor, 1947 March 4, 1947

(The label on the sleeve states "Quintet for Flute and "Strings" but the label on the record indicates this is "New Horizons")

Box 107 "Once There was a Man,", undated

Box 109 B Opus One Number 35, Ruth Norman, piano, Recorded at Catholic University, 1977 April 26, 1977

(Includes Kay's "Invention III")

(4 copies)

Box 107 Penn State, 1980 May 2, 1980

Box 107 Penn State, 1980 May 3, 1980

Box 105 "Pieta,", undated

(American Composers Orchestra)

Box 108 "Pieta" and "Suite for Band,", undated

Box 107 "Portraits," 1964 April 22, 1964

(Erie Philharmonic. James Simple, conductor. Premiere Performance.)

Box 105 "Presidential Suite,", undated

(St. Joseph's Symphony), undated

Box 107 "The Quiet One," 1960 July 25, 1960

(Transferred from 78 records)

Box 107 "Quintet Concerto,", undated

(Juilliard School Orchestra)

Box 107 Roosevelt Show, 1958 March19, 1958

(CBS Orchestra. Antonini, conductor. Includes "FDR". See Also: "FDR" on acetate disc.)

Box 107 "Scherzi Musicali," 1973 November 11, 1973

(Carnegie-Mellon University Orchestra. Chauncey Kelley, conductor. Also includes Haydn's "Symphony in E-Flat")

Box 114 New Tape: "Scherzo-Serenade" for Orchestra and "Umbrian Scene,", undated


Box 111 "Serenade for Orchestra" The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, conductor, 1954 September 18, 1954

Box 107 "Serenade for Orchestra," 1968 April 21, 1968

(Cornell Symphony Orchestra. Karol Husa, conductor.)

Box 107 "A Short Overture,", undated

(Queens Symphony Orchestra. 200th Concert. David Katz, Music Director.)

Box 107 Skidmore College, circa, 1975

(Includes "Triptych on Texts of Blake," "Five Portraits," "Tears, Flow No More," "Two Dunbar Lyrics," "What's In A Name?" "How Stands the Glass Around?" and "Brief Elegy.")

Box 105 Smithsonian: Black American Composer #4 (4 of 4), undated

Box 110 "Song of Ahab" George Irving, baritone, Milton Rosenstock, conductor,, undated

Box 108 South Carolina State College (SCSC): Kay Seminar, 1968 May 9, 1968

Box 107 Southern Connecticut State University, 1968 May 9, 1968

(Includes "Brief Elegy," "Triptych on Texts of Blake," and "Suite for Flute and Oboe".)

Box 110 "String Quartet" National Gallery Orchestra, Richard Bales, conductor, 1953 May 24, 1953

Box 107 "String Quartet No. 3," 1962 April 2, 1962

(Stanley String Quartet)

Box 107 "String Quartet No. 3, 1964

(Also includes Binkerd's "String Quartet #2")

Box 107 "String Quartet No. 3,", undated

(Composer's Forum)

Box 111 "Submarine," 1959 March26, 1959

(Produced by 20th Century Past CBS)

Box 111 "Suite for Orchestra" Radio Italiana, Concerto Dean Dixon, Torino,, 1952 August 1

Box 110 "Suite for Orchestra, undated

Box 108 "Swiss Shapes," 1961 January 16, 1961

(Composite music only)

Box 110 "Swiss Shapes," 1961 January 16, 1961

Box 110 "Swiss Watches,", 1959 December 11

(Cut 1: 2 min. Cut 2: Mens Cut 3: Ladies)

Box 110 "Swiss Watches,", undated

(ANNCR. Tracks and Orchestra Tracks. Produced by Cunningham and Walsh, Inc.)

Box 107 "Symphony No. 1," 1974 March, 1974

(Julliard Orchestra. James Conlon, conductor.)

Box 107 "Theater Set,", undated

(Robert Shaw and Cleveland Orchestra)

Box 108 "Theme," 1962 September 5, 1962

Box 109 B Thomas Harmon Plays American Organ Music of Three Centuries on the Schoenberg Hall and Royce Hall Organs, University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Orion ORS 76255 circa, 1976

(2 copies, one copy is inscribed to Kay by Thomas Harmon. Includes Kay's "Organ Suite No. 1")

Box 110 "Three Musketeers" TV Music, 1960 November 25, 1960

(Hotchkiss Music)

Box 107 "Trigon" and "Of New Horizons," 1961 and 1967 May 15, 1961, 1967

("Trigon" was recorded at an outdoor rehearsal in 1961. "Of New Horizons" was performed by the Seattle Youth Orchestra on May 15, 1967.)

Box 110 TV and Commercial Cues and Music, undated

Box 105 "Two Impromptus," 1987 February8, 1987

(Marcantonio Barone, piano)

Box 108 "Umbrian Scene," circa 1964 March, 1964

(New Orleans Philharmonic. Werner Torkanowsky, conductor.)

Box 109 B The United Church on the Green Sings Praises, Recorded on May 9 and June 13, 1981 at United Church on the Green, New Haven, Connecticut, Vogt Recording Company CSRV 2691 1981, June 13, 1981, 2691, 1981

(Includes Kay's "O Praise the Lord")

Box 109 B A Recording of Music by the Graduates of the University of Arizona, University of Arizona College of Fine Arts School of Music, 100th Anniversary 1862 Land Grant College and University System, 1962, 1862, 1962

(Includes Kay's "Of New Horizons")

Box 108 University of Arizona, undated

Box 107 University of Illinois, 1959 November 5, 1959

(Includes "Fugitive Songs," "Second String Quartet," "Serenade No. 2" for four horns in F. )

Box 105 University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Conservatory of Music Black Music Festival: Kay "Convocation," 1981 November 6, 1981

Box 105 University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) Conservatory of Music Black Music Festival: Kay "On Composing," 1981 November 13, 1981

Box 107 Urban League: Ulysses Kay, Leonard de Paur, 1954 January 6, 1954

Box 108 Urban League: Ulysses Kay, Ray Felix, November 4

Box 107 Ussachevsky Translation, 1954 July 23, 1954

Box 107 "The Western Paradise," 1976 October, 1976

(The National Symphony Orchestra. Carnegie Hall. Antal Dorati, conductor. William Conrad, narrator.)

Box 107 "The Western Paradise" for Narrator and Orchestra, circa, 1977

(The National Symphony Orchestra. Antal Dorati, conductor, William Conrad, narrator. This appears to have been broadcast as part of "International Concert Hall" #770123 on National Public Radio. )

Box 105 "The Western Paradise,", undated

Box 107 WMHT FM Schenectady, New York, Music America "In Conversation with Ulysses Kay,", undated

Box 107 Unknown, circa, 1954-1964

(This reel was re-used and it is unclear what is on the reel. It May consist entirely of material by other persons. It May also include material from the Urban League from March3, 1954)

Box 107 Unlabeled, undated

Box 111 Unlabeled, undated

Series IX.2: Video, 1959 undated

There is very little video in the collection. There is one video recording from the Urban League, and three film reels of watch commercials that used Kay's music.

Film: Commercials

Box 108 "Quality Spot," 1959 September 11, 1959

Box 108 "Man's Watch," 1959 October 8, 1959

Box 108 "Woman's Watch," 1959 October 8, 1959

Box 108 Urban League "Ulysses Kay,", undated