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Ulysses Kay papers, 1938-1995

Series XI: Annotated, Inscribed, and Signed Materials, circa 1947-1986

This series contains materials that are annotated by Kay as well as materials that are either signed or inscribed to either Ulysses Kay or to someone in the Kay family. The materials include inscriptions from authors, composers, conductors, musicians, and family members. The series also includes a small number of annotated scores and The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening.

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Subseries XI.1: Recordings, 1958, 1984-1986

This subseries consists of four inscribed phonograph records. Two of these are from musicians Cecil Lytle and Wanda Maximilien, the others are from Gennady Rozdesventsky and Tikhon Khrennikov, both of whom were part of the composers exchange in Moscow in 1958.

Box 109 B Cecil Lytle, "The Scriabin Series, Volume 1," Klavier Records KD 7032 1986, 7032, 1986, 1 33 1/3 rpm phonograph record

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Cecil Lytle)

Box 109 B Wanda Maximilien, "Wanda Maximilien Plays Shapey's '21 Variations', Chenoweth's 'Three Musics' and Moevs 'Una Collara'," Composers Recordings, Inc. CRI DC 496,, 1984, 1 33 1/3 rpm phonograph record

(Inscribed to Hillary Kay by Wanda Maximilien)

Box 109 B Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, 1957

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Gennady Rozdesventsky, Conductor of the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, Moscow, October 15, 1958. Inscription is in English. Album information is in Russian.)

Box 109 B Tikhon Khrennikov, 1955

(The album contains Khrennikov's compositions. Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by the composer, 1958. The album information and the inscription are in Russian.)

Subseries XI.2: Scores, circa 1947-1972, undated

This series includes fifteen scores. Of these, about half have some annotations. Of the others scores, six are signed or inscribed by the composer or the lyricist, one is inscribed by Barbara Kay, and another is inscribed by J.G.R.

Box 112 Alban Berg, "Sieben Frühe Lieder,", 1907

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by his wife, Barbara Kay, 1951)

Box 112 Alban Berg, "Wozzeck," Universal Edition A.G. Wien, undated


Box 112 Paul Chihara, "Kyrie Eleison," Dayton Ohio: The Heritage Music Press,, 1971

(Piece is dedicated and inscribed to Ulysses Kay by the composer.)

Box 112 Paul Chihara, "Magnificat,", 1965

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by the composer.)

Box 112 Luigi Dallapiccola, ""Quaderno Musicale di Annalibera," Milano: Edizioni Suvini Zerboni, circa, 1954


Box 112 Ernest Kaye, "A Musical Crossword," Oxford University Press, 1961

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by the composer.)

Box 112 Gail Kubik, Second Choral Suite from "A Mirror for the Sky," New York: Ricordi,, 1958

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by the composer, 1958)

Box 112 Arnold Schoenberg, "Phantasy" Opus 47, New York: C.F. Peters Corporation,, 1952


Box 112 Arnold Schoenberg, "Five Pieces for Orchestra" Opus 16, New York: C.F. Peters Corporation,, 1952


Box 112 William Schuman, "Concerto for Violin and Orchestra," Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania: Merion Music, Inc.,, 1960


Box 112 Roger Sessions, "Idyll of Theocritus," New York: Edward B. Marks Music Corporation, circa, 1957

(Inscribed to "Oliver, in cordial friendship" by the composer, New York, September, 1957)

Box 112 Jean Sibelius, "Symphony No. 3" Opus 52, New York: E.F. Kalmus Orchestra Scores,, 1933


Box 112 Igor Stravinsky, "Petroushka," New York: E.F. Kalmus Orchestra Scores,, 1933


Box 112 Igor Stravinsky, "Greeting Prelude" for the eightieth birthday of Pierre Monteux, London: Boosey & Hawkes,, 1955

(Full score; inscribed to Ulysses Kay from J.G.R., March 1972)

Box 112 Kurt Weill, "Street Scene," Chappell & Co. Inc., circa, 1947

(Music by Kurt Weill, book by Elmer Rice, and lyrics by Langston Hughes. Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Langston Hughes.)

Subseries XI.3: Books, circa 1953-1983

This subseries contains both inscribed and annotated books. Of these, only one is annotated:The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening. The others books are primarily inscribed by family or friends, with the exception ofStokowski: A Counterpoint of View, which is inscribed by its author Oliver Daniel.

Box 113 R.O. Blechman The Juggler of Our Lady: A Medieval Legend adapted by R.O. Blechman . New York: Henry Holt and Company,, 1953

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by John H.)

Box 113 Derek Brewer Chaucer and His World . New York: Dodd, Mead & Company, 1978

(Inscribed to Ulysses and Barbara Kay, June, 1980 by "Oliver" who appears to be author Oliver Daniel-see also the inscription on the Oliver Daniel's book in this series.)

Box 113 Oliver Daniel Stokowski: A Counterpoint of View . New York: Dodd, Mead & Company,, 1982

(Inscribed to Ulysses and Barbara Kay by the author, March1, 1983.)

Box 113 Curtis Harnack We Have All Gone Away . Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press, 1981

(Inscribed to Barbara Kay by Ulysses Kay, Christmas, 1981)

Box 113 Roger Kamien, editor. The Norton Scores: An Anthology for Listening . 3rd edition. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.,, 1977


Box 113 Virginia E. Kay, "Custom, Ideology and Propaganda: A Cultural History of Apartheid." PhD Diss., University of Chicago,, 1978

(Inscribed to Barbara and Ulysses Kay by Virginia Kay.)

Box 113 Claude Lévi-Strauss Tristes Tropiques . New York: Atheneum, 1974

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Virginia Kay, Christmas 1974)

Box 113 Arnold J. Toynbee and Daisaku Ikeda The Toynbee-Ikeda Dialogue: Man Himself Must Choose . Toyko: Kodansha International Ltd.,, 1976

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Melinda Kay, December, 1980.)

Box 113 Who is Who in Music . 5th edition. Myrtle Beach: Who is Who in Music, Inc., Ltd.,, 1951

(Inscribed to Ulysses Kay by Aunt Vic and Gladys, May, 1951. The volume includes an entry and photograph for Ulysses Kay.)