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Gerald Freund papers, 1952-1997, bulk 1975-1995

Series I: Education

This series documents Freund's academic life, as an undergraduate at Haverford College and a graduate student at Oxford College. It also includes professional academic work: teaching at Haverford College, work as acting dean at Hunter College and Yale, and as an academic consultant for several other collegiate institutions.

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Subseries I.1: Haverford College

This subseries is arranged chronologically, and contains his notes, papers, and interest in student organizations.

Box 1 Haverford's Counterpoint and Miscellany,, 1948-1949

Box 1 Papers and Class Notes, 1948-1952

Box 1 Undergraduate Papers, 1948-1952

Box 1 United World Federalists, 1949-1952

Box 1 Haverford College Student Government, 1950-1951

Box 1 Honors Thesis and Term Paper, 1952

Box 1 Haverford College Graduation, 1952

Box 1 Haverford Alumni Papers, 1952

Box 1 Grad Schools, 1952

Box 1 Poetry, undated

Mapcase 15-L-8 Class Photograph (31.5 inches x 7.5 inches), 1951-1952, 1 photoprints

Subseries I.2: Oxford College

This subseries is arranged chronologically, and contains Freund's notes, as well as personal correspondence and photos.

Box 1 Fulbright Grant, 1952-1953

Box 1 Oxford Angle and Miscellany, 1952-1956

Box 1 Correspondence and Research, 1954-1958

Box 1 Oxford Graduation, 1956

Box 1 Photos from Oxford Days, undated

Subseries I.3: Teaching, Professorship, Deanship and Academic Consulting

This subseries is arranged into three groups: Teaching and Professorship, which chronologically documents his work as professor at Haverford College; Deanship, which documents his work as dean alphabetically by school, and Academic Consulting, which alphabetically documents his files and reports for academic institutions.

Teaching and Professorship

Box 2 International Relations Lecture Notes, 1950-1960

Box 3 Lecture for British Broadcasting Corporation, "The Mood of the Democracies,", 1956

Box 2 Haverford Syllabi and Exams, 1957-1960

Box 1 Haverford Lecture Notes: US Foreign Policy, 1958-1959

Box 2 Haverford College Bulletin, 1958-1960

Box 1 Political Science Lecture Notes, 1958-1959

Box 1 Haverford Test Questions, 1958-1959

Box 1 Haverford College: Lecture Notes, 1959

Box 2 Political Science Lecture Notes, 1959

Box 3 Offer of Employment from The American University School of International Service,, 1960

Box 2 Guest Lectures, 1962

Box 2 International Organization Course Material, undated


Box 4 Hunter College: Appointment as Dean and Director of Arts and Humanities,, 1971

Box 2 Hunter College Tenure and Resumes, 1975

Box 4 Hunter College: Correspondence, 1975

Box 4 Hunter College: NEH Grant Proposal, 1976

Box 17 Hunter College Meeting, 1994

Box 3 Yale: Theater and Drama, 1963-1968

Box 3 Yale: Music, 1964-1968

Box 3 Yale: Art and Architecture, 1967-1968

Box 3 Yale: Creative and Performing Arts Consultant, 1969-1970

Academic Consulting

Box 4 Annenberg Center at the University of Pennsylvania Consultant Report,, 1971

Box 2 Bio Materials, CV, and Photos, undated

Box 3 Cincinnati Council on World Affairs Meeting and Seminar, 1965

Box 4 Dartmouth University Consultant Report on Arts, 1979

Box 2 Allan Evans Research, undated

Box 3 North Stamford Democratic Club, 1956

Box 3 Presidential Search Committee for SUNY College and Purchase,, 1977

Box 2 World Affairs Council, 1959

Box 2 Washington Center of Foreign Policy Research, 1960