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Fred Friendly papers, 1917-2004, bulk 1950-1990

Series VI : General, 1934-2004

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Subseries VI.1: Appointment Books and Phone Logs, 1961-1990

While the entries in many of Friendly's appointment books and phone logs were sparse, these have been retained for their somewhat more detailed notes. They provide a glimpse at Friendly's busy day-to-day life and his many meetings with government officials and prominent members of the television and radio industries

Appointment Books

Box 181 Folder F.1 1961

Box 181 Folder F.2 1965

Box 181 Folder F.3 1968

Box 181 Folder F.4 1974

Box 181 Folder F.5 1986

Box 181 Folder F.6 1990

Box 182 Phone Logs

Box 182 Folder F.1-10 1981 May 19-1985 January 24, (10 notebooks)

Box 183 Folder F.1-8 1985 January 5-1987 August 6, (8 notebooks)

Box 184 Folder F.1-9 1987 August 7-1989 October 21, (9 notebooks)

Subseries VI.2: Awards, 1967-1997

This subseries documents some of the many awards Friendly received throughout his career. Also included is information on the Fred Friendly First Amendment Award at Quinnipiac College and its recipients. Documents include invitations, programs, clippings, correspondence, and some photographs. Files are arranged alphabetically by award title or awarding institution.

Box 185 Folder F.1 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences--Hall of Fame Inductee, 1994

Box 185 Folder F.2 Alfred I. DuPont Columbia University Awards, 1993-1994

Box 185 Folder F.3 American Bar Association--Silver Gavel Medal, 1992 and 1982, 1992, 1982

Box 185 Folder F.4 American Judicature Society--Justice Award, 1985

Box 185 Folder F.5 Anti Defamation League of B'nai Brith--Hubert H Humphrey First Amendment Freedom Prize, 1988

Box 185 Folder F.6 Barnard Medal of Distinction, 1992 May 12

Box 185 Folder F.7 Brown University Commencement - Honorary Degree, 1985

Box 185 Folder F.8 Columbia University--Honorary Degree, 1986

Box 186 Folder F.1 Columbia University, Teachers College--Medal for Distinguished Service, 1995

Box 186 Folder F.2 Committee to Protect Journalists--Burton Benjamin Memorial Award, 1997

Box 186 Folder F.3 Creative Arts Rehabilitation Center Awards Dinner--Public Spirit Award

Box 186 Folder F.4 Distinguished Achievement in Journalism Dinner-University of Southern California, 1989

Box 186 Folder F.5 Friendly Hall Centennial Celebration-University of Oregon, 1993

Box 186 Folder F.6 Grinnell College Convocation--Honorary Degree, 1967

Box 186 Folder F.7 International Documentary Association - Career Achievement, 1986

Box 186 Folder F.8 International Press Freedom--Awards Dinner, 1997

Box 186 Folder F.9 John Peter Zenger Award--University of Arizona, 1982

Box 186 Folder F.10 Lab School of Washington--Outstanding Disabled Achievers, 1989

Box 186 Folder F.11 Libel Defense Resource Center--William J. Brennan Jr. Defense of Freedom Awards, 1997

Box 186 Folder F.12 Lowell Thomas Centennial Awards, 1992

Box 186 Folder F.13 National Broadcast Editorial Association's Madison Award, 1982

Box 186 Folder F.14 National Press Foundation--Awards Dinner, 1988

Box 187 Folder F.1 New Jersey State Bar Foundation Awards Dinner, 1992

Box 187 Folder F.2 New York Law School--Honorary Degree, 1987

Box 187 Folder F.3 Polk Awards, 1991

Box 187 Folder F.4 Quinnipiac College--First Amendment Award, 1994

Box 187 Folder F.5 Riverdale Mental Health Association Ball Honoring Fred and Ruth Friendly, 1987

Box 187 Folder F.6-7 RTNPA Paul White Award, 1986, (2 Folders)

Box 187 Folder F.8 The Society of the Silurians Honors Fred W Friendly, 1983

Box 187 Folder F.9 Thomas Paine Award, 1990 and 1991, 1990, 1991

Box 187 Folder F.10 United State Holocaust Memorial Liberators Tribute, 1993

Box 188 Folder F.1 University of Utah Department of Communication--Service to Journalism Award, 1986

Box 188 Folder F.2 University of Wisconsin--Honorary Degree, 1970

Box 188 Folder F.3 Washington and Lee University--First Amendment Dinner, 1990

Box 188 Folder F.4 William O. Douglas Award, 1990

Box 188 Folder F.5 Women's American ORT Humanitarian Award, 1993

Box 188 Folder F.6 College of Wooster--Honorary Degree, 1982

Subseries VI.3: Columbia University, 1968-2002

Friendly's work at Columbia is documented by lecture notes, assignments and exams, and memos to students and faculty, which have been arranged chronologically, and by course syllabi, which are arranged alphabetically by title.

This subseries also includes notes, clippings, and information booklets relating to the Summer Program in Broadcast and Print Journalism for Members of Minority Groups, which Friendly created and directed. The program's goal to "bring more members of minority groups into journalism" by providing instruction and training was successful; though most students came into the program without any form of training in journalism, thirty-one of the thirty-six members of the first graduating class were hired by major television and radio stations to work as writers or reporters. The program was later renamed the Michele Clark Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists in memory of a Columbia student. These files have been arranged chronologically

School of Journalism

Box 188 Folder F.7 General, undated

Box 188 Folder F.8-9 Class Assignments, undated, (2 Folders)

Box 188 Folder F.10 NET Journal Special "The Warren Years"--Transcript and Notes, undated

Box 188 Folder F.11 Response to 1968 Riots, 1968, 1968, 1968

Box 188 Folder F.12 Memos to Students, 1968-1971

Box 188 Folder F.13 Memos to Administration, 1969-1972

Box 188 Folder F.14 Class Assignments--Congressional Elections, 1969-1972

Box 188 Folder F.15 CV and Teacher's Record, 1973

Box 188 Folder F.16 Alumni Club--Notes, 1987-1983

Box 188 Folder F.17 Opening Day Remarks, 1988 September 6

Box 189 Folder F.1 Correspondence, 1990-2002

Box 189 Folder F.2-4 Lecture Notes, 1992-1993, (3 Folders)

Box 189 Folder F.5 Student Evaluations, 1971

[restricted until 2051]

Box 189 Syllabi for Courses and Seminars

Box 189 Folder F.6 "Broadcast Journalism and the Making of Public Opinion,", undated

Box 189 Folder F.7 "Confrontation and the Media: World Outside and the Pictures in Our Heads," 1978 Spring, 1978

Box 189 Folder F.8 "The Constitution, the Public and the Media," 1984 Spring, 1984

Box 189 Folder F.9 "Constitutional Law and Journalism," 1984 Spring, 1984

Box 189 Folder F.10 "The Constitution, That Delicate Balance," 1983 Spring, 1983

Box 189 Folder F.11 "Contemporary Civilization: Journalism for Poets, Protestors and Physicists," 1971 Spring, 1971

Box 189 Folder F.12-13 "Contemporary Communications,"1977 Spring, (2 Folders)

Box 189 Folder F.14 Georgene Dreishpoon lecture, 1977 Spring, 1977

Box 189 Folder F.15 "Ethics in America," 1989 Spring, 1989

Box 189 Folder F.16 "Five Years: 1949-1954" (Proposed), undated

Box 189 Folder F.17 "The First Amendment and Electronic Journalism,", 1971

Box 189 Folder F.18 "Journalism and the First Amendment," 1973 Fall, 1973

Box 189 Folder F.19 "Journalism and the Law," 1978 Fall, 1978

Box 189 Folder F.20 "Journalism, Law and Society," 1980 Fall, 1980

Box 190 Folder F.1 "Media and Society: The Making of a Journalist,", undated

Box 190 Folder F.2 "The Media and the First Amendment," 1979 Fall, 1979

Box 190 Folder F.3 "Media, Law, and Society," 1981 Fall, 1981

Box 190 Folder F.4 "News and the Law," 1970 Spring, 1970

Box 190 Folder F.5 "The Presidency,", 1984

Box 190 Folder F.6 "Televison," 1970 Spring, 1970

Michele Clark Fellowship Program for Minority Journalists

Box 190 Folder F.7 Budget and Funding Information, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.8 Memos and Correspondence, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.9 Press Releases, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.10 Reports on Program Success, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.11 Student Lists and Guidebooks, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.12 Teaching Material and Course Schedules, 1968-1975

Box 190 Folder F.13 Program Brochures, 1969-1970

Box 216 Folder F.5 Program Booklet, 1969

Box 191 Folder F.1 Proposal, 1970

Box 191 Folder F.2 Teaching Curriculum, 1970-1972

Box 191 Folder F.3 Clippings--Minority Groups and Journalism, 1970-1971

Box 191 Folder F.4 Michelle Clark Memorial Service--Program and Clippings, 1972 December

Box 191 Folder F.5 Graduation Speech, 1974 August 16

Box 191 Student Papers

Box 217 Folder F.1 "51st State" by Diana Huffman, 1972

Box 217 Folder F.2 "The Agnew Affair" by Terrence L. Martin, 1970

Box 217 Folder F.3 "Anatomy of an Informer" by David Ball, 1973

Box 217 Folder f.4 "Anatomy of a Murder? Anatomy of a News Story" by Joan Page Nassivera, 1976

Box 217 Folder f.5 "Biography of a License: The Fifty-Year History of a Commercial Broadcast Station" by Ralph J. Begleiter, 1972

Box 217 Folder f.6 "'Black Journal' and 'Like it Is': A Discussion" by Jill N. Beasley, 1971

Box 217 Folder F.7 "Broadway's Puzzler" by Don Scott, 1973

Box 217 Folder f.8 "Crisis in Adoption Land" by Steve Petrou, 1972

Box 217 Folder f.9 "Direct Satellite Broadcasting: Implications for Telecommunications Policy" by Janine Ann Petit, 1972

Box 217 Folder f.10 "The Era of the Blacklist" by David Powell, 1975

Box 217 Folder f.11 "Faraday Wood, A Dream Deferred" by Gerthie Hartley, 1971

Box 217 Folder f.12 "Fair Game: CBS and 'The Guns of Autumn'" by Robert Engelman, 1976

Box 218 Folder F.1 "The First Amendment Goes to Court" by Leonard M. Apcar, 1976

Box 218 Folder F.2 "The First Amendment Takes a Beating in Indianapolis" by Rory Quirk, 1972

Box 218 Folder f.3 "Football at Columbia, 1870-1976" by Gregory C. Roberts, 1976

Box 218 Folder f.4 "The Gramercy Gym: Home of Champions" by Greg Aiello, 1976

Box 218 Folder F.5 "In Search of the Gullible: The Media and Their Reports on the Paranormal" by Andrew Skolnick, 1981

Box 218 Folder f.6 "Joseph P. Little: Attica Veteran" by Karen G. Gray, 1973

Box 218 Folder F.7 "Letters to the Anchorman: Talking Back to TV" by Eileen McNamara, 1976

Box 218 Folder f.8 "The Living Room Candidate: Who will Reform Broadcast Campaign Advertising?" by Betsy Bowman, 1972

Box 218 Folder f.9 "A New Breed if Black Inmate" by Karen G. Gray, 1973

Box 218 Folder f.10 "No Joy in Meadville? Nightly Cable is at the Bat" by Jeffrey Hatch, 1971

Box 218 Folder f.11 "A Study of 'How 'Rational' Men Make Decisions" by Lauren Katzowitz, 1971

Box 218 Folder f.12 "The Pay Cable Issue" by Wayne Kabak, 1975

Box 218 Folder f.13 "Portrait of a Nursing Home Patient" by Patricia Roberts, 1973

Box 218 Folder F.14 "Prescription Promotion: Selling the Doctor Drugs" by Peter Frishauf, 1972

Box 219 Folder F.1 "The Presidential Press Conference" by Diana Crawford, 1971

Box 219 Folder F.2 "Press Coverage of the Cornell Crisis: 1969 by Jaipal S. Jhala, undated, 1969, undated

Box 219 Folder F.3 "A Primer on the Fuentes Affair" by Peter Niles Baylor, 1973

Box 219 Folder F.4 "A Radio Documentary Manual" by Michael J. Strauss, 1976

Box 219 Folder F.5 "Report of the Montauk Meeting" by Stephen White, 1982

Box 219 Folder F.6 "Six Views of Times Square" by Lee McEachern, 1973

Box 219 Folder F.7 "The Soul of William Buckley" by Richard A. Reingold, 1971

Box 219 Folder F.8 "The Tale of the Tudor City: How a City Protects Itself" by Sarah R. Bedell, 1973

Box 219 Folder F.9 "Three Nights in Midtown North, or, How Would You Like to Carry a Badge and Work in Times Square?" by Marek Lewanda, 1973

Box 219 Folder f.10 "TV or Not TV? The Question of Cameras in Congress" by Don S. Dickson, 1970

Box 219 Folder f.11 "Up Against the American Flag: Artistic License vs. the New York Flag Desecration Law" by David Pitt, 1971

Box 219 Folder F.12 "Welfare in Suburbia" by Andrew J. Schorr, 1972

Box 220 Folder F.1 "What Ever Happened to Newsman's Privilege?" by Joseph Seldner, 1976

Box 220 Folder F.2-6 Short Student Papers, 1976-1985, (5 Folders)

Subseries VI.4: Personal, 1934-2004

This small subseries contains Friendly's high school transcripts and documents from his service in the Army during World War II. One letter to his mother describes the liberation of the Maulthausen concentration camp. The subseries also includes interviews with Friendly about his work at CBS and Columbia, clippings about his life and career, and obituaries and reactions to his death. Items are arranged chronologically.

Box 191 Folder F.6 High School Transcripts, 1934

World War II

Box 191 Folder F.7 Articles for India-Burma Theater Roundup, 1945

Box 191 Folder F.8 Letter, Friendly to Therese Wachenheimer, 1945 May

Box 191 Folder F.9 Army Notices, 1941-1945

Box 191 Folder F.10 Memorabilia, 1941-1945

Box 191 Folder F.11 Ex-CBI Roundup Articles, 1954-1960

Box 191 Folder F.12 General, 1960s

Box 192 Folder F.1 Interview by Eric Barnouw, 1968 December 27

Box 192 Folder F.2 Interview by 20/20 1981 April 25, 20/20, 1981 April 25

Box 192 Folder F.3 Interview, 1995 October 20

Box 192 Folder F.4-5 White vs. Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters, 1992, (2 Folders)

Box 192 Folder F.6-7 Memorial Articles and Obituaries, 1998, (2 Folders)

Clippings and Articles about Friendly

Box 192 Folder F.8 Biographies, 1963-1992

Box 193 Folder F.1 CBS, 1961-1962

Box 193 Folder F.2 Resignation from CBS, 1966

Box 193 Folder F.3-8 General, 1940-1979, (6 Folders)

Box 194 Folder F.1-7 General, 1980-2004, (7 Folders)

Subseries VI.5: Professional Activities, 1963-1989

Friendly served on several boards outside of his usual work, four of which are represented here. In 1968, New York City mayor John Lindsay appointed Friendly as chairman of the Mayor's Advisory Task Force on CATV and Telecommunications, which researched the feasability of introducing a city-wide cable television system to New York, and its possible impact on local television stations. Research notes, articles, correspondence, and reports document the process. Also present are memos and board proposals relating to the 1986 revision of the New York City Charter, and reports and memos from Friendly's time as a Communications advisor for the Ford Foundation. Finally, there is a small amount of correspondence and notes related to Friendly's position on the board of Riverdale County School in the Bronx.

Box 195 Mayor's Advisory Task Force on CATV and Telecommunications

Box 195 Folder F.1 "An Economic Analysis of Community Antenna Television Systems and the Television Broadcasting Industry" by Martin H. Seiden, 1965 February 12

Box 195 Folder F.2-6 Clippings and Background Research, 1966-1971, (5 Folders)

Box 195 Folder F.7 New York City CATV Franchises, circa, 1965

Box 195 Folder F.8 Correspondence, 1967

Box 195 Folder F.9 "The Impact of CATV Competition on Local Television Stations,", 1967 July 24

Box 196 Folder F.1 Meeting Notes, 1967

Box 196 Folder F.2 "A Proposal for Wired City Television,", 1967 August

Box 196 Folder F.3-4 Impact of the World Trade Center Buildings on Television Reception--Report to FCC, 1967-1968, (2 Folders)

Box 196 Folder F.5-6 "A Report on Cable Television and Cable Telecommunications in New York City,", 1968 September 14, (2 Folders)

Box 196 Folder F.7 "The Present Status of CATV Program Origination Activities Ascertained by a Survey of Published and Unpublished Reports,", 1968 November

Box 196 Folder F.8 "The Future of Cable Television: Some Problems of Federal Regulation,", 1970 January

Box 196 Folder F.9 "Statement of Fred W. Friendly Before the Board of Estimate, City of New York,", 1970 July 23

Box 196 Folder F.10 Notes on FCC Hearing Records, 1970-1971

Box 196 Folder F.11 "Analysis of Three Aspects of CATV"--Report, circa, 1970

Box 196 Folder F.12 "Planning a New Community Antenna System"--Report, circa, 1970

Box 197 Ford Foundation

Box 197 Folder F.1 General, 1969-1971

Box 197 Folder F.2 Communications Satellite Controversy--Press Releases and Clippings, 1963-1966

Box 197 Folder F.3 Reports on Television and Higher Education, 1967

Box 197 Folder F.4 Proposals, 1969

Box 197 Folder F.5 Inter-office Memos, 1979

New York City Charter Revision

Box 197 Folder F.6 Memos, 1989

Box 197 Folder F.7 "Fred Friendly to Meet with City Students on Charter Revision,", 1989

Box 197 Folder F.8 Riverdale School Board of Trustees--Memos, 1968-1970

Subseries VI.6: Research Files, 1960-1992

This subseries holds files of research notes that are not clearly associated with specific projects. Topics include FCC's Fairness Doctrine and the Daily News Strike, among many others. Files have been arranged alphabetically by topic

Box 198 Folder F.1-14 General--Notes and Articles, 1960-1970, (14 Folders)

Box 198 Folder F.15 Bay of Pigs, 1983

Box 198 Folder F.16 Black, Charles Jr., 1983

Box 198 Folder F.17 Cable Television, circa, 1980

Box 198 Folder F.18 Daily News Strike, 1982

Box 199 Federal Communications Commission

Box 199 Folder F.1 Notes and Articles, circa, 1970

Box 199 Folder F.2 "The FCC as it Operates Today"--Transcript, 1971 October 13

Box 199 Folder F.3 "Anti-Trust Networks"--Transcript, 1972 April 24

Box 199 Folder F.4 Fairness Doctrine--Articles and Reports, 1971

Box 199 Folder F.5 Freedom of Speech, 1971

Box 199 Folder F.6 History Project Proposal, 1990

Box 199 Folder F.7 Interviews, 1975

Box 199 Folder F.8 New York City Housing and Zoning, 1990s

Box 199 Folder F.9 Public Television, 1992

Box 199 Folder F.10 Vietnam, 1970

Box 199 Folder F.11 Watergate, 1973

Box 199 Folder F.12 Weinberger Meetings on the Military and the Press, 1985

Box 199 Folder F.13 Wise, Isaac, 1985