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Fred Friendly papers, 1917-2004, bulk 1950-1990

Series VII: Photographs, 1917-1990

This series contains photographs of Friendly, as well as images used in the production of his seminars and books. It has been arranged into three subseries based on subject.

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Subseries VII.1: General, 1917-1990

Photographs in this subseries represent a wide variety of Friendly's activities. Images show Friendly announcing radio programs for WEAN-Providence, teaching classes at Columbia, conversing with Walter Cronkite, and speaking at commencement ceremonies and other events. There are a few personal photos, including a shot of Friendly as a child and pictures with family and friends. Photographs taken for the book Minnesota Rag are also included. Images are prints in black and white or color and have been arranged chronologically.

Box 200 Folder F.1 S.H. Friendly Store, Oregon, undated

Box 200 Folder F.2 Baby Photo, circa, 1917

Box 200 Folder F.2 World War II Speech, circa, 1944

Box 200 Folder F.3 WEAN Radio--Prints, circa, 1940

Box 200 Folder F.4 NBC, circa, 1947

Box 200 Folder F.5 NBC, 1980s

Box 200 Folder F.6 Simauts Murder Case, circa, 1970s

Box 200 Folder F.7 Seminars, 1970-1980s

Box 200 Folder F.8-12 Seminars, 1980s, (5 Folders)

Box 200 Folder F.13 Columbia School, Chicago, 1980s

Box 200 Folder F.14 Friendly, circa, 1985-1992

Box 200 Folder F.15 Friendly and Walter Cronkite, circa, 1980s

Box 200 Folder F.16 Speeches and Family Photos, circa, 1980s

Box 200 Folder F.17 Caldwell Schorr, 1980s

Box 200 Folder F.18-19 Minnesota Rag, circa, 1980, (2 Folders)

Box 200 Folder F.20 Classroom Images, circa, 1980

Box 200 Folder F.21 Columbia Journalism School, circa, 1986

Box 200 Folder F.22 Chicago Historical Society Speech, 1987

Box 200 Folder F.23 Publicity Portraits, 1988

Box 200 Folder F.24 Columbia Commencement Ceremony, circa, 1990

Box 200 Folder F.25 People Magazine Photo Spread, circa, 1990

Subseries VII.2: Media and Society Seminars, 1984-1990

This subseries is comprised primarily of headshots of panelists and corresponding curriculum vitae. They include such notables as Ralph Nader, Geraldo Rivera, Andy Rooney, and Tom Brokaw. In addition to the headshots, there are photographs taken during round-table discussions at some of Friendly's most successful seminars, includingThe Constitution: That Delicate BalanceandEthics in America. Photographs are arranged alphabetically and include black and white and color prints, negatives, slides, and contact sheets


Box 201 Abelman, Robert--Ferris, Charles

Box 202 Fiedler, Tom--Jones, David A.

Box 203 Jones, David C.--Penticuff, Joy

Box 204 Plum, Fred--Turner, Stansfield

Box 205 Folder F.1-2 Urbanski--Adam-Zucchino, (2 Folders)

Candid Seminar Shots

Box 205 Folder F.3 Unknown Seminar, 1984

Box 221 America's Schools --Prints, Slides, (4 Folders)

Box 205 Folder F.4-5 Business and the Media--Negatives, Prints, Slides, 1984, (2 Folders)

Box 205 Folder F.6 The Constitution: That Delicate Balance --Contact Sheets, Prints, 1983

Box 206 Folder F.1-3 The Constitution: That Delicate Balance --Contact Sheets, Prints, Slides, 1983, (3 Folders)

Box 206 Folder F.4 Constitutional Bicentennial--Prints, 1984 October 1

Box 206 Folder F.5-7 Ethics in America --Prints, Slides, circa, 1989, (3 Folders)

Box 221 Ethics in America --Prints, Slides, circa, 1989, (4 Folders)

Box 206 Folder F.8 Ethics and Marketing--Prints, 1986 October

Box 206 Folder F.9 Hospitals and the Elderly: An Alliance of Quality --Prints, 1987 March

Box 207 Folder F.1 Unknown Seminar, 1984

Box 207 Folder F.2-3 Managing our Miracles --Contact Sheets, Negatives, Prints, 1986, (2 Folders)

Box 207 Folder F.4 Media, Power, and Democracy --Prints, 1987

Box 207 Folder F.5-8 The Other Side of the News --Color Slides, Prints, circa, 1990, (4 Folders)

Box 208 Folder F.1 The Presidency and the Constitution --Prints, Slides, 1987

Box 208 Folder F.2-3 Presidents Carter and Ford at Congress Hall, Philadelphia--Contact Sheets, Prints, undated, (2 Folders)

Box 208 Folder F.4-6 Terrorism--Contact Sheets, Prints, Slides, 1987, (3 Folders)

Subseries VII.3: CBS--Prints, 1951-1965

Photographs taken during Friendly's time at CBS are housed in this subseries. Most shots show Friendly speaking with notable program guests such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Edward R. Murrow, Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy, and Carl Sandberg, and some include the set and cameramen in the background. All items are prints or contact sheets and have been arranged alphabetically by subject. Oversize photos have been housed separately.

Box 208 Folder F.7 Group: John Kennedy, Linden B. Johnson, Edward Murrow, Eisenhower, 1950s

Box 208 Folder F.8 Group: Carl Sandberg, Edward Murrow, Louis Armstrong, 1950s

Box 209 Danny Kaye Party, circa, 1957

Box 209 Folder F.3 Taft, Robert, 1951 November 25

Box 209 Folder F.4 Talbott, Refect, undated

Box 209 Folder F.5 Texas Drought, 1953 October 13

Box 209 Folder F.6 Textile Slump, 1954 February 2

Box 209 Folder F.7 Tito, Marshall, 1957 June 30

Box 209 Folder F.8 Toynbee, Arnold J., 1953 January 25

Box 209 Folder F.9 Trieste, 1953 November 10

Box 209 Folder F.10 Truman and Film Crew, 1958 February 2

Box 209 Folder F.11 U Nu, 1955 March 15

Box 209 Folder F.12 Veterans of Foreign Wars, 1954 February 2

Box 209 Folder F.13 Walter, Francis, 1955 March 8

Box 209 Folder F.14 Warren Earl, 1953 May 10

Box 209 Folder F.15 West, Rebecca, 1955 March 22

Box 209 Folder F.16 Wong, H.K., undated

Box 216 Folder F.1 Friendly, Eisenhower, Walter Cronkite, undated

Box 216 Folder F.2 Friendly and John Kennedy, 1960s

Box 216 Folder F.3 Friendly and Lyndon B. Johnson, circa, 1960s

Box 216 Folder F.4 Columbia Classroom, undated