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William S. Vickrey papers, 1939-1996

Series VII: Printed Material

Reprints of papers written by Vickrey and his colleagues, issues of journals, and related economic ephemera. Arranged alphabetically by title.

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Box 45 Folder 747 Vickrey, William Averaging of Income for Income Tax Purposes, June 1939

[Reprint fromThe Journal of Political Economy, Vol. XLVII, No. 3, June 1939. Developed as a result of work on the treatment of capital gains under Carl Shoup for the U.S. Treasury.]

Box 45 Folder 748 Vickrey, William Defining Land Value for Taxation Purposes, 1970

[Reprint fromThe Assessment of Land Value, edited by Daniel M. Holland, The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin, and London, 1970.]

Box 45 Folder 749 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 217, London and New York, April 1945

Box 45 Folder 750 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 218-19, London and New York, June-Sept. 1945

Box 45 Folder 751 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 220, London and New York, Dec. 1945

Box 45 Folder 752 The Economic Journal, Vol. LVI, No. 223, London and New York, Sept. 1946

Box 45 Folder 753 The Economic Journal, Vol. LVII, No. 228, London and New York, Dec. 1947

Box 45 Folder 754 The Economic Journal, Vol. LXVIII, No. 269, London and New York, March 1958

Box 46 Folder 755 Vickrey, William The Economizing of Curb Parking Space: A Suggestion for a New Approach to Parking Meters, Nov. 1954

[Reprint fromTraffic Engineering Magazine, Nov. 1954. An early approach to traffic problems by the application of short-run marginal social cost concepts.]

Box 46 Folder 756 Vickrey, William Efficient Pricing of Electric Power Service: Some Innovative Solutions, 1992

[Reprint fromResources and Energy, 14 (1992), pp. 157-174.]

Box 46 Folder 757 European Recovery Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. XXI, No. 4, New York, NY, Jan. 1946

Box 46 Folder 758 Vickrey, William Expenditure, Capital Gains and the Basis of Progressive Taxation, Jan. 1957

[Reprint from "The Manchester School", Jan. 1957]

Box 46 Folder 759 Bergsten, C. Fred and Kahn, Alfred E. Federal Budget After 1984 The New York Times, E17, 27 Feb. 1983

[ ]

Box 46 Folder 760 Vickrey, William General and Specific Financing of Urban Services, 1963

[Reprint fromPublic Expenditure Decisions in the Urban Community, edited by Howard G. Schaller, Resources for the Future, Inc., Washington, D.C., 1963. See also User Charges as Alternatives to Building Taxes, Box 31, Folder 550.]

Box 46 Folder 761 Hello!, Vol. 2, No. 5, 25 March 1968

[Published for Illinois Central Railroad commuters.]

Box 46 Folder 762 In the American Tradition The Law Students Civil Rights Research Council

Box 46 Folder 763 Vickrey, William An Integrated Successions Tax, Aug. 1944

[Reprint fromTAXES--The Tax Magazine, Aug. 1944. The bequeathing power method of achieving neutrality among methods of devolution.]

Box 46 Folder 764 Solow, Robert M. and Vickrey, William Land Use in a Long Narrow City, Dec. 1971

[Reprint fromJournal of Economic Theory, Vol. 3, No. 4, Dec. 1971.]

Box 46 Folder 765 Memorandum '96 Gegen kapitalorientierte Standortdebatte und Zeitdiktat bei der Europäschen Währungsunion: Arbeitsplätze--ökologischer Umbau--soziale Sicherung, 1996

Box 46 Folder 766 Mobilization of Manpower and Pressing the Fight for Freedom Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. XX, No. 3, New York, NY, May 1943

Box 46 Folder 767 Now! , 9 Feb. 1968

[Official publication of The National Welfare Rights Organization]

Box 46 Folder 768 Omicron Delta Epsilon Newsletter , 1991

[International Honor Society in Economics]

Box 46 Folder 769 Vickrey, William Pricing in Urban and Suburban Transport, May 1963

[Reprint fromAmerican Economic Review, Vol. VIII, No. 2, May 1963.]

Box 46 Folder 770 Vickrey, William The Pricing of Urban Transportation: Economic Desiderata, Technological Possibilities, and Political Constraints, 1973

[Reprint fromProceedings of the Intersociety Conference on Transportation, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 1973.]

Box 46 Folder 771 Woodruff, A. M. and Ecker-Racz, L. L. Property Taxes and Land Use Patterns in Australia and New Zealand, Oct. 1975

[Reprint fromThe Tax Executive, Vol. XVIII, No. 1, Oct. 1965.]

Box 46 Folder 772 Puget Sound Regional Transportation Study Newsletter, Vol. I, No. 3, May-July 1963

Box 46 Folder 773 Shaping the Economic Future Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. XXI, No. 2, New York, NY, Jan. 1945

Box 46 Folder 774 Vickrey, William Some Objections to Marginal-Cost Pricing, June 1948

[Reprint fromThe Journal of Political Economy, Vol. LVI, No. 3, June 1948. Provides answers to the objections.]

Box 46 Folder 775 SPRINT: Special Police Radio Inquiry Network Police Department, City of New York, ca. 1967

Box 46 Folder 776 Ayres, B. Drummond, Jr. Sterilizing the Poor: Exploring Motives and Methods, 1973

[Reprint fromThe New York Times, 1973.]

Box 46 Folder 777 A Study of the Potential for America's Cities Task Force on Economic Growth and Opportunity

Box 46 Folder 778 Transportation in Wartime and the United Nations Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. XX, No. 2, New York, NY, Jan. 1943

Box 47 Folder 779 The Urban Transportation Institute Brochure, Syracuse, New York

Box 47 Folder 780 Vickrey, William Why Note Chock-Full Employment?, March 1994

[Reprint fromAtlantic Economic Journal, Vol. 22, No. 1, March 1994.]

Box 47 Folder 781 World Bulletin of Friends World College, Vol. V, Sept. 1969

Box 47 Folder 782 World Organization--Economic, Political and Social Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science, Vol. XXI, No. 3, New York, NY, May 1945