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William S. Vickrey papers, 1939-1996

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Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

Correspondence sent to William S. Vickrey from senators, congressmen, and other economists. Includes letters from Carl Shoup to Vickrey and his colleagues at Columbia University. Arranged alphabetically by last name of sender.

Box 1 Bonbright, James C. To William Vickrey, New York, NY, 22 Nov.-6 Dec. 1954, 2 page t.l.s.

[Includes Bonbright's comments on Vickrey's draft of paper on Marginal Cost Pricing.]

Box 1 Cordier, Andrew W. To Professor William S. Vickrey, New York, NY, 8 May 1969, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Koch, Edward I. To Friend, Washington, DC, 1969, 2 t.l.s. (rubber stamp signature)

Box 1 McGill, William J. To Professor William S. Vickrey, New York, NY, 16 May 1974, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Melman, Seymour To Colleague, New York, NY, 28 June-4 Aug 1966, 2 t.l.s. (with enclosures)

Box 1 Melman, Seymour To Professor William S. Vickrey, New York, NY, 1963-1966, 3 t.l.s. (with carbon replies and related materials)

Box 1 Moynihan, Daniel P. To William Vickrey, New York, NY, 1991-1993, 2 t.l.s.

Box 1 Muskie, Edmund S. To Professor William Vickrey, Washington, DC, 20 Aug. 1974, 2 page t.l.s. (with carbon reply)

Box 1 Poitier, Sidney To Friend, New York, NY, 1 Oct. 1973, 2 page t.l.s. (rubber stamp signature)

Box 1 Shoup, Carl S. To William S. Vickrey, [v.p.], 1948-1992, 2 a.l.s. 3, t.l.s.

Box 1 Shoup, Carl S. To Professors Albert G. Hart, Albert O. Hirschman, Peter B. Kenen, and William Vickrey, New York, NY, 6 Jan. 1961, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Shoup, Carl S. To Robert M. Haig, C. Lowell Harriss, William Vickrey, and William C. Warren, [n.p.], 28 March 1951, 1 t.l.s.

Box 1 Thurmond, Strom To William Vickrey, Washington, DC, 23 June 1993, 1 t.l.s.

Series II: Arranged Correspondence

Correspondence to and from William S. Vickrey related to his career in economics. These letters include debates on economic theory, discussion of transportation issues, requests for references, proposals for grant projects, and reviews of other economists' papers. The series also has letters about symposiums, involvement with professional organizations, visits by other scholars, Quaker activities, publications, and comments by colleagues on his work. In addition, there is personal correspondence with his wife Cecile, mother, and friends. Arranged alphabetically by last name of sender.

Box 1 Folder 1 A, 1964-1995

Box 1 Folder 2 Allan, Ron, 1993

Box 1 Folder 3 American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 1979-1980

Box 1 Folder 4 American Economic Association (AEA), 1948-1991

Box 1 Folder 5 American Economic Association (AEA), 1992-1995

Box 1 Folder 6 :Appointments American Economic Association (AEA), 1991-1992

Box 1 Folder 7 American Economic Review, 1964-1973

Box 1 Folder 8 American Economic Review, 1974-1978

Box 1 Folder 9 American Economic Review, 1979-1994

Box 1 Folder 10 American Friends Service Committee, 1971

Box 1 Folder 11 American Statistical Association, 1960-1985

Box 1 Folder 12 Arnott, Richard, 1992-1995

Box 1 Folder 13 AT&T, 1966-1967

Box 2 Folder 14 Atlantic Economic Society, 1991-1993

Box 2 Folder 15 : Reprint of Agenda for Progressive Taxation Augustus M. Kelley Publishers, 1968-1970

Box 2 Folder 16 B, 1960-1969

Box 2 Folder 17 B, 1970-1979

Box 2 Folder 18 B, 1980-1996, undated

Box 2 Folder 19 Bab, Herbert, 1970-1972

Box 2 Folder 20 Bagiotti, Tullio, 1969

Box 2 Folder 21 Barton, Allen H., 1973 & 1992

Box 2 Folder 22 Baum, Sandra, 1982-1994

Box 2 Folder 23 Baumol, William, 1966-1977

Box 2 Folder 24 Beckman, Martin J., 1974

Box 2 Folder 25 Beckwith, Burnham P., 1963-1965

Box 2 Folder 26 The Bell Journal of Economics and Management Science, 1971-1981

Box 2 Folder 27 Benson, E. J., 1969-1970

Box 2 Folder 28 Berman, Dale, 1967

Box 2 Folder 29 Bidwell, Miles O., 1972-1982

Box 2 Folder 30 Bird, Richard M., 1969-1977

Box 2 Folder 31 Block, Walter, 1977 & 1995

Box 2 Folder 32 Bobbs Merrill Company, Inc., 1966 & 1969

Box 2 Folder 33 Boulding, Elise, 1968 & 1994

Box 2 Folder 34 British Consulate-General, 1974

Box 2 Folder 35 Butcher, William L., 1965

Box 2 Folder 36 C, 1956-1980

Box 3 Folder 37 C, 1981-1995, undated

Box 3 Folder 38 Cairns, John, 1972

Box 3 Folder 39 Carr, Marjorie H., 1974

Box 3 Folder 40 Carroll, John J., 1965-1969

Box 3 Folder 41 Chamberlain, Neil W., 1967-1972

Box 3 Folder 42 Chase, Elmer P., 1993-1994

Box 3 Folder 43 Chinitz, Benjamin, 1969 & 1972

Box 3 Folder 44 Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women, 1965-1968

Box 3 Folder 45 Citizens Union of the City of New York, 1966-1974

Box 3 Folder 46 City Club of New York, 1974-1983

Box 3 Folder 47 Colander, David, 1976-1982

Box 3 Folder 48 Columbia Institute for Tele-Information (CITI), 1992-1994

Box 3 Folder 49 Committee on Land Taxation (COLT), 1970

Box 3 Folder 50 Council of State Governments, 1965-1967

Box 3 Folder 51 D, 1957-1996

Box 3 Folder 52 Decker, Robert L., 1972

Box 4 Folder 53 Dikmen, M. Orhan, 1967-1968

Box 4 Folder 54 Döen, Tom, 1973

Box 4 Folder 55 Downing, Paul, 1974

Box 4 Folder 56 Doyle, Richard D., 1993

Box 4 Folder 57 Dréave;ze, Jacques H., 1970-1994

Box 4 Folder 58 Duke University Press, 1972

Box 4 Folder 59 Dunn, LeRoy, 1968-1969

Box 4 Folder 60 E, 1965-1995

Box 4 Folder 61 Ecker-Racz, Laszlo, 1962 & 1967

Box 4 Folder 62 The Econometric Society, 1968

Box 4 Folder 63 Econometrica, 1965-1968

Box 4 Folder 64 Environmental Defense Fund, 1973-1974

Box 4 Folder 65 F, 1963-1996

Box 4 Folder 66 Feldstein, Martin S., 1973-1975

Box 4 Folder 67 Foster, Christopher, 1969-1970

Box 4 Folder 68 Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL), 1980 & 1995

Box 4 Folder 69 G, 1960-1996

Box 4 Folder 70 Gaffney, Mason, 1968-1974

Box 4 Folder 71 Gannon, Colin A., 1968-1972

Box 5 Folder 72 Gawthrop, Paul R., 1961-1968

Box 5 Folder 73 Gigliotti, Gary, 1976, undated

Box 5 Folder 74 Ginsburg, Helen, 1993-1994

Box 5 Folder 75 Glenn, William A., 1970

Box 5 Folder 76 Gold, Andrew J., 1969-1973

Box 5 Folder 77 Goldin, Kenneth D., 1968-1970

Box 5 Folder 78 Gonzalez, Fernando, 1981

Box 5 Folder 79 Grieson, Ronald E., 1970-1979

Box 5 Folder 80 H, 1962-1977

Box 5 Folder 81 H, 1980-1996, undated

Box 5 Folder 82 Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1959-1964

Box 5 Folder 83 Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc., 1965-1973, undated

Box 5 Folder 84 Harriss, Lowell, 1992-1996

Box 5 Folder 85 Hau, Timothy, 1989-1995

Box 5 Folder 86 Hedges, Charles, 1965-1971

Box 5 Folder 87 Hertz, Roger J., 1968-1975

Box 5 Folder 88 Holden-Day, Inc., 1968

Box 5 Folder 89 Holland, Daniel M., 1952-1973

Box 5 Folder 90 Hunter, J. S., 1960

Box 5 Folder 91 I, 1965-1996

Box 5 Folder 92 Ichimura, Shinchi, 1969

Box 6 Folder 93 Interstate Commerce Commission, 1973

Box 6 Folder 94 J, 1967-1995

Box 6 Folder 95 Jasinowski, Jerry, 1971

Box 6 Folder 96 Johnson, Byron L., 1966-1971

Box 6 Folder 97 Jones, Thomas H., 1975

Box 6 Folder 98 The Journal of Business, 1972

Box 6 Folder 99 Journal of Economic Literature, 1971-1976

Box 6 Folder 100 Journal of Political Economy, 1972-1983

Box 6 Folder 101 Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, 1966-1980

Box 6 Folder 102 Joy, Stewart, 1969-1971

Box 6 Folder 103 K, 1950-1993

Box 6 Folder 104 Kalder, N., 1953

Box 6 Folder 105 Kelly, John, 1993 & 1995

Box 6 Folder 106 Kennett, David, 1976-1979

Box 7 Folder 107 Kohn, Robert E., 1990-1993

Box 7 Folder 108 L, 1960-1975

Box 7 Folder 109 L, 1980-1996, undated

Box 7 Folder 110 Lambert, Ian, 1991-1993

Box 7 Folder 111 Lave, Lester B., 1969

Box 7 Folder 112 Lea, Norman D., 1959

Box 7 Folder 113 Lehmann, Glenn, 1972

Box 7 Folder 114 Levin, Harvey, undated

Box 7 Folder 115 Levin, Harvey, 1959-1964

Box 7 Folder 116 Levin, Harvey, 1965-1975

Box 8 Folder 117 Levin, Harvey, Jan. 1976-June 1977

Box 8 Folder 118 Levin, Harvey, July 1977-Aug. 1977

Box 8 Folder 119 Levin, Harvey, Aug. 1977-May 1978

Box 8 Folder 120 Levin, Harvey, June-Dec. 1978

Box 8 Folder 121 Levin, Harvey, 1979

Box 8 Folder 122 Levin, Harvey, 1980-1981

Box 9 Folder 123 Levin, Harvey, 1982-1983

Box 9 Folder 124 Liu, Ta-Chung, 1964

Box 9 Folder 125 M, 1960-1970

Box 9 Folder 126 M, 1971-1996, undated

Box 9 Folder 127 McClintock, Deanne and Douglas, 1983-1992

Box 9 Folder 128 MacLean, Brian, 1992-1993

Box 9 Folder 129 Management Science, 1969-1970

Box 9 Folder 130 Mathews, John A., 1981-1982

Box 9 Folder 131 Mead, Edgar T., 1966-1967

Box 9 Folder 132 Merewitz, Leonard, 1974

Box 9 Folder 133 Milgram, Morris, 1992-1993

Box 9 Folder 134 Modigliani, Franco, 1974 & 1993

Box 9 Folder 135 Mohring, Herbert, 1970-1975

Box 9 Folder 136 Monash University, 1970-1972

Box 9 Folder 137 Morgan, Griscom, 1962-1963

Box 9 Folder 138 Morse, Herbert C., 1966

Box 9 Folder 139 N, 1958-1996

Box 9 Folder 140 National Academy of Sciences, 1996

Box 10 Folder 141 National Association of Railroad Passengers, 1968

Box 10 Folder 142 O, 1963-1992

Box 10 Folder 143 Operations Research, 1969-1972

Box 10 Folder 144 P, 1966-1993

Box 10 Folder 145 Palma, Andréde, 1994

Box 10 Folder 146 Pan-Technology Consulting Corporation (PANTEK), 1970

Box 10 Folder 147 Political Science Quarterly, 1966-1973

Box 10 Folder 148 Public Choice Society, 1972-1974

Box 10 Folder 149 Public Finance Quarterly, 1971-1974

Box 10 Folder 150 Public Finance Quarterly, 1975-1993

Box 10 Folder 151 Q, 1966-1983

Box 10 Folder 152 The Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1974-1983

Box 10 Folder 153 R, 1959-1970

Box 10 Folder 154 R, 1971-1996, undated

Box 10 Folder 155 Rand Corporation, 1961-1969

Box 10 Folder 156 Reig, Enrique Jorge, 1959-1960

Box 10 Folder 157 Review of Economic Studies, 1967-1974

Box 11 Folder 158 Richard D. Irwin, Inc., 1967-1969

Box 11 Folder 159 Rockefeller, Barbara, 1970

Box 11 Folder 160 Roth, Gabriel, 1971-1990

Box 11 Folder 161 Ruppenthal, Karl M., 1975 & 1981

Box 11 Folder 162 S, 1958-1969

Box 11 Folder 163 S, 1970-1989

Box 11 Folder 164 S, 1990-1996, undated

Box 11 Folder 165 St. Martin's Press, Inc., 1973

Box 11 Folder 166 Sonstegaard, Miles, 1971-1973

Box 11 Folder 167 Spillane, Annie, 1986-1991

Box 11 Folder 168 Steinberg, Charles, 1952-1970

Box 11 Folder 169 Straszheim, Mahlon R., 1970-1971

Box 11 Folder 170 T, 1964-1996

Box 11 Folder 171 Thomson, Ian, 1971-1973

Box 11 Folder 172 Tideman, Nicolaus, 1968-1996

Box 11 Folder 173 Transportation, 1979

Box 11 Folder 174 TRED (Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development), 1965-1970

Box 12 Folder 175 TRED (Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development), 1971

Box 12 Folder 176 TRED (Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development), 1971-1991, undated

Box 12 Folder 177 : Carter Weld TRED (Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development), 1965-1968

Box 12 Folder 178 : Carter Weld TRED (Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development), 1969-1974

Box 12 Folder 179 U, 1988-1993

Box 12 Folder 180 United Nations, 1968-1975, undated

Box 12 Folder 181 United States Treasury Department, 1972-1973, undated

Box 12 Folder 182 Urban Studies, 1973-1975

Box 12 Folder 183 V, 1970-1979

Box 12 Folder 184 Vickrey, Cecile, 1968-1975

Box 12 Folder 185 Vickrey, Mrs. Charles V., 1970-1975

Box 12 Folder 186 W, 1954-1996

Box 12 Folder 187 Wheatcroft, G. S. A., 1965-1966

Box 12 Folder 188 Wilson, Douglas, 1972-1974

Box 12 Folder 189 Winter, Ernst F., 1967-1968

Box 12 Folder 190 Wohl, Martin, 1969 & 1971

Box 12 Folder 191 X, 1973

Box 12 Folder 192 Y, 1966-1982

Box 12 Folder 193 Yance, Joseph V., 1968

Box 13 Folder 194 Z, 1969-1992

Box 13 Folder 195 Unidentified, 1949-1996

Series III: Manuscripts

Typescripts, mimeograph masters, drafts, outlines, notes, and fragments of William S. Vickrey's papers, articles, reviews, and other economic documents. Various aspects of economic theory and application are discussed including macroeconomics, marginal cost pricing, microeconomics, social choice, taxation, transportation, urban economics, and related matters. Arranged alphabetically by subject designated by economic graduate students who previously inventoried Vickrey's papers or assigned by the author in his annotated bibliography. Many of the notes were also provided by Vickrey or the graduate students.

Subseries III.1: Macroeconomics

Papers, letters to the editor, reviews, essays, speeches, and incomplete parts of Vickrey's bookMetastatics and Macroeconomics. These papers focus mainly on government fiscal policy regarding balanced budgets, deficits, capital spending, unemployment, inflation, and social security. Also includes discussion of the fallacies of financial fundamentalism, markup warrants, interest rates, and related topics. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 13 Folder 196 Acceptance of Honorary Membership in NTA, speech, 6 Nov. 1993

[Argues for a larger deficit.]

Box 13 Folder 197 All That Anguish Over a Phony Number, letter to editor, 12 Dec. 1995

Box 13 Folder 198 Averting Unemployment and Inflation in Transition to Market Economy, paper, 1992

Box 13 Folder 199 Balanced Budget is Not the Answer, paper, 2 June 1992

Box 13 Folder 200 Balancing the Budget is a Recipe for Economic Disaster, paper, Feb-May 1995

Box 13 Folder 201 Budget Balancing: A Cruel, Pious Fraud, letter to editor, undated

Box 13 Folder 202 The Burden of the Public Debt: Comment, article, 1961

[Published inAmerican Economic Review, 51, March 1961, 132-7. Superseded by later analysis.]

Box 13 Folder 203 Capital Budgeting, Unemployment, and Inflation, paper, June 1992

[Paper for Levy Institute Meeting, Bard College, 25 June 1992. Discusses alternative criteria for defining a capital budget and the need for marketable markup warrants. The appendix is about the detailed operation of the markup warrant proposal.]

Box 13 Folder 204 Chock-full Employment without Increased Inflation, paper, Jan. 1991

[For presentation at session entitled "Achieving High Employment without Inflation", New Orleans, 4 Jan. 1991.]

Box 13 Folder 205 Chock-full Employment without Inflation, paper, 1992

[Presented at Munich Conference 18 May 1992 and Prague/Bratislava Meetings 28 June-3 July, 1992.]

Box 13 Folder 206 Comments on "Investment, Dividend, and External Finance Behavior of Firms" by Phoebus J. Dhrymes and Mordecai Kurz and on "Business Fixed Investment: A Marriage of Fact and Fancy" by W. H. Locke Anderson, review, 1965

[Shows a knowledge of econometrics.]

Box 13 Folder 207 Controlling Inflation through Marketable Gross Markup Rights, paper, Dec. 1993

Box 13 Folder 208 Controlling Inflation through Marketable Gross Markup Rights for Chock-full Employment in a Neo-Keynesian Economy, paper, 1993-1994

Box 13 Folder 209 Debt Limits Throttle the Economy, essay, 14 Nov. 1995

Box 13 Folder 210 Debts, Deficits, and Delusions, paper, 14 Dec. 1990

Box 14 Folder 211 Disarmament, Unemployment, Budget, and Inflation, paper, June 1992

Box 14 Folder 212 The Dole Tax Plan Could Backfire, essay, 16 Aug. 1996

Box 14 Folder 213 Economic Criteria for Optimum Rates of Depletion, paper, [1967]

[Appears to have been published inExtractive Resources and Taxation. Edited by Mason Gaffney. Milwaukee: University of Wisconsin Press, 1967. Discusses implications of the perfect information model.]

Box 14 Folder 214 Effective Fiscal Policy, paper, 23 May 1993

Box 14 Folder 215 Fallacies of the Conventional Wisdom, notes for a talk, 26 Oct. 1992

[Notes for a talk at Marymount.]

Box 14 Folder 216 Fatal Fallacies about Economies with Unemployment, paper, 6 Sept. 1993

[See also Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Establishment Economics, Box 14, Folder 217 and Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Fundamentalism, Box 14, Folder 218.]

Box 14 Folder 217 Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Establishment Economics, paper, 1995

[See also Fatal Fallacies about Economies with Unemployment, Box 14, Folder 216 and Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Fundamentalism, Box 14, Folder 218.]

Box 14 Folder 218 Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Fundamentalism, paper, 7 Sept. 1995

[See also Fatal Fallacies about Economies with Unemployment, Box 14, Folder 216 and Fifteen Fatal Fallacies of Financial Establishment Economics, Box 14, Folder 217.]

Box 14 Folder 219 Fiscal Policy in Prosperity and Depression: Discussion of Papers Delivered by Musgrave and Hardy, review, Dec. 1947

Box 14 Folder 220 Fiscal Strategies for Shifting Resources from Military to Civilian Activities, paper, [1964?]

Box 14 Folder 221 A Growing Debt is a Necessity, not a Threat, letter to the editor, 31 May 1995

[Response to letter by Congressman Mark W. Neumann, 24 May 1995.]

Box 14 Folder 222 How Big a "Deficit" Do We Need?, essay, 28 June 1993

Box 14 Folder 223 How Successful as Innovators Have Economists Been?, paper, 9 Aug. 1987

[See also My Innovative Failures in Economics, Box 32, Folder 576.]

Box 14 Folder 224 How to Get Real Full Employment (Jobs for All), paper, 8 Aug. 1996

Box 14 Folder 225 Interest and Policy: Long or Short?, essay, undated

[Discusses which interest rate to use in analysis of long-term projects.]

Box 14 Folder 226 Letter on Budget Balancing, letter to the editor

Box 14 Folder 227 Letter to Senator, 1 June 1993

[Discusses government deficit.]

Box 14 Folder 228 Letter to The New York Times, letter to the editor, 30 Oct. 1992

[Discusses government deficit and full-employment economy.]

Box 14 Folder 229 Letter to The New York Times, letter to the editor, 22 April 1993

[Argues against the Federal Reserve Board worries of overheating economy.]

Box 14 Folder 230 Long Term Forecasting in Terms of Government Debt, paper, June 1994

[A reasonably complete articulation of the deficit view. The paper discusses the failure of market to equilibrium, interest-insensitivity of investment, and markup warrants in an open economy.]

Box 14 Folder 231 Lowering Inflation through Gross Price Markup Rights, essay

Box 14 Folder 232 Macroeconomic Aspects of Tax Incidence, abstract of paper, Nov. 1994

[Abstract of paper for NTA Meetings, 13-16 Nov. 1994]

Box 14 Folder 233 Macro-economic Impacts of Social Security, paper, April-May 1996

Box 14 Folder 234 A Macroeconomic Program for the Clinton Era, paper, [1992?]

[Paper for the Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association, Washington, 23 Nov. 1992. The paper discusses the rapid growth to genuine full employment, then maintenance of full employment by strong fiscal measures under control of an anti-inflation program such as markup warrants.]

Box 14 Folder 235 Markup Market, letter to the editor, 6 Feb. 1993

Box 14 Folder 236 Meaningfully Defining Deficits and Debt, paper, 1991-1992

[Paper for session on "Deficits, Which, How Much, and So What?", New Orleans, 4 Jan. 1991. Published inPapers and Proceedings, American Economic Association, May 1992, 305-10. Discusses debt in a Georgist context, varieties of capital budgeting, deficits, unemployment, and growth.]

Box 15 Folder 237 Metastatics and Macroeconomics, bibliography, ca. 1964

Box 15 Folder 238 Metastatics and Macroeconomics, illustrations, ca. 1964

Box 15 Folder 239 Metastatics and Macroeconomics, incomplete draft, ca. 1964

Box 15 Folder 240 Necessary and Optimum Government Debt, paper, March-April 1993

[Discusses optimum government normal economy without capital but with money.]

Box 15 Folder 241 Notes on Macroeconomic Instruments, notes, 6 Dec. 1989

Box 15 Folder 242 Notes on the Macroeconomics of Disarmament, notes

Box 15 Folder 243 One Economists' View of Philanthropy, paper, 1961

[Paper for Conference on Philanthropy, Sponsored by National Bureau of Economic Research and Merrill Center for Economics, 26-30 June 1961.]

Box 15 Folder 244 The Other Side of the Coin, address, Sept. 1992

[Prepared for an address accepting the Seidman Award, Memphis, 24 Sept. 1992. Subsequently revised and published. Discusses reaching real full employment by vigorous fiscal policy with tradable gross markup warrants as an inflation control.]

Box 15 Folder 245 Review of Disarmament and the Economy, edited by Emile Benoit and Kenneth E. Boulding, book review, 1963

Box 15 Folder 246 Social Pathologies, Unemployment, and the Fatal Obsession with Debt Reduction and Other Fallacies, paper, 14 July 1994

Box 15 Folder 247 Some Disastrous Economic Fallacies, notes, 1992

Box 15 Folder 248 Statement to the Armed Services Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee, speech, 17 May 1963

Box 15 Folder 249 Three Degrees of Separation between Budgets and Reality, paper, 9 March 1996

Box 15 Folder 250 Today's Task for Economists, address, 1992-1993

[Presidential address to the American Economic Association, Jan. 1993. Published inAmerican Economic Review, March 1993, 1-10. Discusses how to raise the economy rapidly to real full employment and keep it there through the use of vigorous public policy and controlling inflation with marketable markup warrants. One draft has comments from Carl Shoup, 17 Nov. 1992.]

Box 15 Folder 251 A Trans-Keynesian Manifesto (Thoughts about an Asset-Based Macro-economics), paper, June-July 1996

[A clear statement of views.]

Box 15 Folder 252 Two-Stage Fiscal Program: Stimulus First, Deficit Reduction Second, paper, 1 Nov. 1992

[Apparently a preliminary draft of a proposal for the anticipated Clinton Administration.]

Box 15 Folder 253 We Need a Bigger Deficit, paper, Aug-Sept. 1993

Box 15 Folder 254 We Need Bigger Deficits!, letter to editor

Box 16 Folder 255 What Deficit, Anyhow?, essay

Box 16 Folder 256 Why Balance the Budget?, article, 1959-1960

[Published inChallenge.]

Box 16 Folder 257 Why Balance What?, paper, Aug.-Oct. 1995

Box 16 Folder 258 Why Not Chock-full Employment?, paper, 2 Feb. 1994

[Revision of talk to the Atlantic Economic Society, Philadelphia, 1993.]

Subseries III.2: Marginal Cost Pricing

Papers, reviews, articles, statements, essays, and notes about the pricing of natural resources and public utilities. Includes a notebook on postal rate and fee increases as well as his thoughts about efficient pricing, responsive pricing, peak load pricing, tolls and pollution. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 16 Folder 259 Adam and Eve and the Coal Mine: Comments on Harold J. Barnett: "Measurement of Natural Resource Scarcity", review, [1962?]

[Discusses the pricing of natural resources and the deviations from Hotelling's rule due to changes in expectations, increasing extraction cost, and technological change.]

Box 16 Folder 260 The Airline Booking Problem: Some Further Solutions, paper, Dec. 1970

[Published inJournal of Transport Economics and Policy, 6(3), Sept. 1972, 257-70. Discusses pricing on the basis of a simulated futures market and Appendix I estimates the gain from responsive pricing.]

Box 16 Folder 261 Appendix II: Depreciation as an Element of Marginal Cost, paper, 4 Dec. 1990

Box 16 Folder 262 Apportionment of Cost over Time and Pricing Methods, paper, June 1964

[Discusses congestion on electrical networks (power factor) and equipment husbandry.]

Box 16 Folder 263 AT&T Rate Structure Hearings, draft of testimony, 1968

Box 16 Folder 264 The Backward Art of Utility Pricing, paper, Aug. 1988

[Discussion Paper Series No. 404, Columbia University, August 1988. Discusses responsive pricing, power factor charges, lifeline rates, and subsidy from land taxation.]

Box 16 Folder 265 Decreasing Costs, Publicly Administered Prices, and Economic Efficiency, paper, 1969

[Background paper for the Joint Economic Committee Study of "Economic Analysis of Public Expenditure: The PPB System." Discusses marginal cost pricing, subsidies, and the excess burden of taxation in the context of the "Program, Planning and Policy Budgeting System."]

Box 16 Folder 266 Economic Efficiency and Pricing, paper, 1970-1971

[Published inPublic Prices for Public Products. Edited by Selma J. Mushkin. Washington: Urban Institute, 1972.]

Box 16 Folder 267 Economies of Scale Stemming from Indivisibilities, paper, 28 June 1969

Box 16 Folder 268 Economizing and Pricing of Computer Services, paper, 1968

[Concerns batch processing.]

Box 16 Folder 269 Efficient Pricing and its Impact on Operating Costs, Fuel Requirements, Capacity Expansion, Retirement of Obsolete Plants, and Integration of Exotic Power Schedules, essay, 28 March 1980

[Offers responsive pricing as an option to standard pricing.]

Box 17 Folder 270 Efficient Pricing of Electric Power Service: Some Innovative Solutions, paper, 1990-1992

[Published inResources and Energy, 14, 1992, 157-74. Discusses responsive pricing, power factor, formulation of subsidies, pricing of hydro power, and second-best considerations. ]

Box 17 Folder 271 Efficient Pricing under Regulation: The Case of Responsive Pricing as a Substitute for Interruptible Power Contracts, paper, June 1978

[Draft for Proceedings: Marginal Costing and Pricing of Electrical Energy, Canadian Electrical Association with Canadian Bureau of Mines and Resources, Canada, 1-4 May 1978, pp. 38-58. See also Notes on Interruptible Power and Alternative Pricing Methods, Box 17, Folder 286.]

Box 17 Folder 272 Efficient Pricing vs. Privatization of Utility Services, paper, Nov. 1991

[Prepared for a meeting on Argentina, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York, 18-19 November 1991. Discusses that varying fare by time of day encourages staggered work hours and makes the point that making toll voluntary (or allowing people to wait in a lay-by) results in everyone being made better off by tolling a bottleneck.]

Box 17 Folder 273 Hotel Problem, notes

[Discusses responsive pricing.]

Box 17 Folder 274 Interrelations between Interest Rates and Depreciation Rates, paper, 1970-1971

[Published inUtility Regulation During Inflation. Edited by J. E. Haring and J. F. Humphrey. Glendale, California: Occidental College, 1971. Discusses the dangers of front-end loading of costs and double counting in inflationary circumstances.]

Box 17 Folder 275 Investment Bias under Regulatory Constraint, paper, Sept. 1965

[Paper prepared for presentation at the Symposium on Economics of Public Utilities, Airlie House, Warrenton, Va., 7-10 Sept. 1965]

Box 17 Folder 276 IPA Water Outlines, notes, 1969, undated

Box 17 Folder 277 Local Telephone Costs and the Design of Rate Structures: An Innovative View, paper, March 1981

[Discusses responsive pricing and land taxes.]

Box 17 Folder 278 Marginal Cost Pricing: Using the Short Run for the Long Run, article, 1983

[An abbreviated version of this article was presented at the meetings of the Eastern Economic Association, Boston, 11 March 1983.]

Box 17 Folder 279 Maximum Output or Maximum Welfare? More on the Off-Peak Pricing Problem, article, Dec. 1970

[Published inKyklow, 24(2), 1971, 305-29. Includes critique of a naive proposal for determining peak price differentials.]

Box 17 Folder 280 The Meaning of Marginal Cost: Some New (Empty?) Boxes for Old, paper

[Discusses short- and long-run relevant product mines, queuing, travel time, schedule delay, relevance to direct controls, bottleneck model, and marginal cost pricing.]

Box 17 Folder 281 Measurement of Demand for Demand Changes, fragment

Box 17 Folder 282 New Approaches to Marginal Cost Pricing of Electricity, notes, [1990]

[Notes for a talk at Lehigh University, 17 February [1990].]

Box 17 Folder 283 Notes and Amendments regarding the Proposed City Club statement: "A New York City Energy Policy for the Eighties", review, 1980

[Argues for time-of-day-pricing in New York City.]

Box 17 Folder 284 Notes on AT&T Testimony, notes, 1965 & 1968

Box 17 Folder 285 Notes on Brancato: Criteria for Redesigning Rates, review, April 1974

Box 17 Folder 286 Notes on Interruptible Power and Alternative Pricing Methods, notes, 6 April 1977

[See also Efficient Pricing Under Regulation: The Case of Responsive Pricing as a Substitute for Interruptible Power Contracts, Box 17, Folder 271.]

Box 17 Folder 287 Notes on Statements to the FCC, notes, July-Oct. 1968

Box 17 Folder 288 Notes on the Con Ed Crisis, fragment

Box 17 Folder 289 Notes on Welfare Economics as a Theory of Teams, notes

Box 18 Folder 290 Notes re: Marginal Cost Pricing, notes

Box 18 Folder 291 Optimal Electricity Prices, draft of chapter 3

Box 18 Folder 292 Optimum Allocation of Intra-Marginal Residues, paper

[Discusses Ramsey pricing for public utilities.]

Box 18 Folder 293 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook, 1973-1974

[Notebook is related to Vickrey's role as witness in Docket No. RT4-1 regarding postal rate and fee increases.]

Box 18 Folder 294 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Memos, 1974

Box 18 Folder 295 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Direct Testimony and Exhibits, 1973

Box 18 Folder 296 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Interrogations and Answers by Party, 1973-1974

Box 18 Folder 297 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Written Cross Examinations, 1974

Box 18 Folder 298 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Motions, 1973-1974

Box 18 Folder 299 Postal Rate and Fee Increases Notebook: Rebuttal Testimony, 1974

Box 18 Folder 300 Postal Rate Structure, notes

Box 18 Folder 301 Pricing for Tomorrow: The Welfare Economics of Price Structures Adapted to an Electronic Age, drafts

[Incomplete manuscript of a book in years of gestation.]

Box 19 Folder 302 Pricing for Tomorrow: The Welfare Economics of Price Structures Adapted to an Electronic Age, fragments

Box 19 Folder 303 The Pricing of Tomorrow's Utility Services, paper, 1968

[Published inThe New Economics of Regulated Industries: Rate-Making in a Dynamic Economy. Edited by Joseph E. Haring. Los Angeles Economics Research Center, Occidental College, 1968.]

Box 19 Folder 304 Rebuttal by Vickrey, transcript, 1974

[Postal Rate Commission testimony on the pricing and cost services of postal service. Vickrey argues for Ramsey pricing, discusses the economics of scale in postal service, and gives definition of marginal cost.]

Box 19 Folder 305 Remarks at Institute of Public Utilities Conference, speech, May 1975

Box 19 Folder 306 Responsive Pricing and Homeostatic Control, paper, May 1979

[Discusses responsive pricing for electricity.]

Box 19 Folder 307 Responsive Pricing Based on Marginal Cost as a Means of Promoting Efficient Energy Usage, paper, June 1979

[Paper for the IAEE-RFF Conference on International Energy Issues, Sheraton Park Hotel, Washington, D.C., 4-6 June 1979. Published inInternational Energy Strategies. Proceedings of the 1978 International Association of Energy Economics. Edited by James Duesenberry. See also International Association of Energy Economists (IAEE) Annual Conference, Box 41, Folder 699.]

Box 19 Folder 308 Responsive Pricing of Public Utility Services, paper, 1970

[Published inEconomics of the Regulated Communications Industry in the Age of Innovation, 1970 Seminar, New England Telephone, pp. 61-8. Discusses the original suggestion for implementing short-run marginal-cost pricing in terms of separating flexible consumer payment rates set freely by the utility from utility retention rates set by regulatory procedures, with an escrow fund to absorb differences. Also has suggestion for low-cost metering technology.]

Box 19 Folder 309 Statement at the Public Hearing held by the Department of Environmental Conservation regarding Mobile Pollutants, statement, 24 Jan. 1979

[The hearing was held in County Center, White Plains, New York, 24 Jan. 1979. Discusses tolling as a way to reduce pollution.]

Box 19 Folder 310 Statement before Water Resources Subcommittee of U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works, statement, 1 April 1977

[The statement concerns user charges on inland waterways and competition with railroads.]

Box 19 Folder 311 Statement to New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Corporations, Authorities, and Commissions, statement, 24 Sept. 1975

[Discusses lifeline pricing of telephone service to the poor.]

Box 19 Folder 312 Tarifacion de Pasajes, Por Avion, Tema No. 9, lecture notes, 15 July 1976

[Discusses responsive pricing.]

Box 19 Folder 313 Tarifacion en Los Muelles, Tema No. 10, lecture notes, 15 July 1976

Box 19 Folder 314 La Tarification des Communications Urbains: Principes Economiques, Possibilites Techiques, Resultats Pratiques, paper, Nov. 1973

[Presented in Barcelona]

Box 19 Folder 315 Teoria del Segundo Mejor (second best), Tema No. 11, lecture notes, 16 July 1976

Box 19 Folder 316 Testimony before the Environmental Defense Fund, transcript

[Discusses marginal cost pricing of public utilities.]

Box 19 Folder 317 Testimony before the Federal Communications Commission, in relation to Charges for Program Transmission Services Rendered by the Bell System to the Radio and Television Networks, draft, 1967

[Discusses telephone pricing.]

Box 19 Folder 318 Testimony before the New York Public Service Commission in behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund in the matter of Niagara-Mohawk Power Corporation Electric Rates, Case 26402, transcript, 27 July 1973

[The testimony argues for peak-load pricing and time-of-day metering, describes possible technologies, and provides definitions of marginal cost and Ramsey pricing.]

Box 20 Folder 319 Theoretical and Practical Possibilities and Limitations of a Market Mechanism Approach to Air Pollution Control, article, 1992

[Listed as forthcoming,Land Economics, Feb. 1992.]

Subseries III.3: Microeconomics

Primarily outline, illustrations, bibliography, appendices, errata, and notes for Vickrey's graduate level textbookMicrostaticspublished in 1964. Also includes his review of "The Taxation of Income from Capital." Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 20 Folder 320 Notes on The Taxation of Income from Capital, review, Feb. 1983

Box 20 Folder 321 Microstatics, bibliography, ca. 1964

[A graduate level textbook. Reprinted once and contains some errors.]

Box 20 Folder 322 Microstatics, errata, ca. 1964

Box 20 Folder 323 Microstatics, illustrations, ca. 1964

Box 20 Folder 324 Microstatics, mathematical appendices, ca. 1964

Box 20 Folder 325 Microstatics, notes, ca. 1964

Box 20 Folder 326 Microstatics, outline, ca. 1964

Subseries III.4: Political Economy and Welfare

Papers, book reviews, and an outline of remarks on the subjects of social science, world development, poverty, and corporate giving. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 20 Folder 327 America's Capability for Tooling Up World Development, paper, undated

Box 20 Folder 328 Auschwitz--and Hiroshima, paper, 3 Oct. 1958

Box 20 Folder 329 Book Review of Economic Factors in the Growth of Corporation Giving by Ralph L. Nelson, book review, 1971

[Published inJournal of Economic Literature.]

Box 20 Folder 330 Comments on Essays in the Structure of Social Science Models by Albert Ando, Franklin M. Fisher, and Herbert A. Simon, book review, 1964

Box 20 Folder 331 Maldistribution of Wealth: Provision for Each Individual within the National Economy, outline, 28 Oct. 1969

[Outline of remarks prepared for delivery to the Institute for Religion and Social Studies, 26 Oct. 1969. Discusses the fairly drastic measures required for eliminating poverty by redistribution.]

Subseries III.5: Public Finance

A paper on tax cuts, a book review concerning taxation, and notes regarding land tax and how tax policies encourage investment. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 20 Folder 332 Cut the Corporate Income Tax, not Capital Gains, paper, undated

Box 20 Folder 333 Notes on the Land Tax, notes

[Discusses the lack of neutrality of market value less depreciated improvementsapproach.]

Box 20 Folder 334 Review of The Economics of Taxation by Henry Aaron and Michael J. Boskins, eds., book review, 1981

[Comments on averaging.]

Box 20 Folder 335 Tax and Other Policies to Encourage Investment, notes, Aug. 1993

[Notes for a discussion oat Great Barrington, 19-21 Aug. 1993. Discusses cumulative averaging and categorization of types of investment.]

Subseries III.6: Social Choice

Papers, reviews, and notes about social choice and welfare. Topics addressed include auctions, game theory, demand revealing procedures, equity, justice, and related societal issues. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 20 Folder 336 Agenda Setting and Social Choice, paper, June 1980

[Published inPublic Transfers and Some Private Alternatives During the Recession. Schriften des Internationalen Institute fur Empirische Sozialokonomie, Band 7(II). Edited by Martin Pfaff. Berlin: Duncker & Humblot, 1983. Discusses the power of an agenda setter in social choice procedures and methods of avoiding such bias.]

Box 20 Folder 337 An Anonymity-Preserving Procedure for Sealed Bid Auctions, paper, 1967

Box 20 Folder 338 The Arrow Social Choice Theorem, paper

Box 21 Folder 339 Auctions and Bidding Games, paper, 1962

[Published inRecent Advances in Game Theory, The Princeton University Conference, 1962, 15-27. Includes further mathematical analysis of various types of auctions in terms of game theory and in relation to Pareto efficiency.]

Box 21 Folder 340 Auctions, Markets, and Optimal Allocation, paper, 1974-1976

[Published inBidding and Auctioning for Procurement and Allocation. Studies in Game Theory and Mathematical Economics. Edited by Yakow Amihud. New York University Press, 1976. Previously presented at a conference at NYU in 1974. Contains non-mathematical overview and notes.]

Box 21 Folder 341 Bidding Procedures and Economic Efficiency, paper, April 1980

Box 21 Folder 342 A Comment on Tideman and Tullock's "A New and Superior Process for Making Social Choice", review, Jan. 1976

Box 21 Folder 343 Demand Revealing Procedures, Collusion, and Lump-sum Payments, paper, 1976

[Discusses the ways of dealing with problems that arise in various contexts and includes a bibliography.]

Box 21 Folder 344 Demand Revealing Procedures for Public Choice: Beyond Majority Rule, paper, June 1994

Box 21 Folder 345 Demand Revealing Procedures in International Disputes, paper, Nov. 1979

Box 21 Folder 346 Demand Revealing Procedures in International Disputes, paper, 14 May 1992

Box 21 Folder 347 A Further Simplification of Consumer's Surplus, paper

[Argues that compensating variation likely to be used in practice rather than equivalent valuation.]

Box 21 Folder 348 The Intensity Problem: A Perennially Elusive Target, paper

Box 21 Folder 349 Justice, Bloomberg, etc., notes

[Possibly notes for lecture.]

Box 21 Folder 350 Justice, Economics, and Jurisprudence, article, 1976-1977

[Published inSocial Research, 46(2), 1979, 272-81. Discusses the concepts of equity, and how especially naive concepts can be in sharp conflict with economic efficiency.]

Box 21 Folder 351 Lifeline Rates: Succor or Snare?, paper

[Discusses the role of equity in public utility pricing.]

Box 21 Folder 352 Myopia, Consistency, and Exponential Discounting, paper, 1957-1966

[Drafts accompanied by pages of algebra, correspondence, and copy of "How Income Ought to be Distributed: A Paradox in Distributive Ethics" by Robert H. Strotz.]

Box 21 Folder 353 Preference, Probability, and Proficiency, paper

Box 21 Folder 354 Review of Collective Choice and Social Welfare by Amartya K. Sen, book review

Box 21 Folder 355 Risk, Utility, and Social Policy, paper, 1961

[Defends expected utility as measure of satisfaction.]

Box 21 Folder 356 The Weltanschauung of an Economist, paper

[Discusses Rawls, Nozick, and equity in economics.]

Subseries III.7: Taxation

Papers, notes, articles, and reviews concerning the effects of taxation on the economy. These papers include examination of the simplification of the tax system, tax revenues, capital gains, progressive taxation, land value taxation, tax evasion, assessments, philanthropy, tax credits, income, and related issues. Also discusses federal income tax, international tax, corporate income tax, state taxes, excise tax, expenditures tax, estate taxes, and gift taxes. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 21 Folder 357 Alternatives to the International Tax Credit, paper, Aug. 1978

Box 21 Folder 358 Alternatives to the International Tax Credit--Some Afterthoughts, paper, 26 Oct. 1978

Box 21 Folder 359 Comments on Jennifer Arlen and Deborah Weiss's A Political Theory of Corporate Taxation, book review

Box 21 Folder 360 Concession Agreements: Liberia, paper, 1968-1969

[Discusses the economics of concessions.]

Box 22 Folder 361 The Consequences of the Corporation Income Tax: A Macroeconomic Approach, paper

Box 22 Folder 362 The Corporate Income Tax and How to Get Rid of It, paper, May 1989

[Published inRetrospective on Public Finance. Edited by Loraine Eden. Duke University Press, 1991. Discusses the tax's effects on the economy, political popularity incidence in relation to macroeconomic policy, replacement with withholding tax, cumulative assessment, regression-based allocation of income by source, and the replacement of the foreign tax credit.]

Box 22 Folder 363 The Corporate Income Tax in the U.S. Tax System, paper, 27 March 1992

[For presentation at the Manhattan Institute session, Century Club, 1 April 1992. Discusses leveling the playing field for capital gains, methods of eliminating the baneful effects of the corporate income tax, rationalization of formulas for allocation of income among jurisdictions, and replacing the foreign tax credit with a separation of the income tax into a normal source-based tax and a destination-based surtax.]

Box 22 Folder 364 Cumulative Assessment: Some Responses to Richard Goode's Critique, paper

[Discusses averaging.]

Box 22 Folder 365 Cumulative Averaging after Thirty Years, paper, 1972

[Published inModern Fiscal Issues: Essays in Honor of Carl S. Shoup. Edited by Richard M. Bird and John G. Head. University of Toronto Press, 1972. Review of some of the possible causes for failure of adoption.]

Box 22 Folder 366 Design of Taxes to Minimize Evasion, paper, Oct. 1977

[Paper for conference on "Tax Losses in Turkey and Preventative Measures", Istanbul, 25-27 Oct. 1977. See also Economic and Social Studies Conference Board of Turkey Conference, Box 40, Folder 693.]

Box 22 Folder 367 The Effect of the Tax System on the Impact of Government Debt, paper, 18 Sept. 1990

Box 22 Folder 368 Estimating Income Tax Revenue under Alternative Rate Structures, paper, 1969

Box 22 Folder 369 Excise Tax, paper

[Makes reference to a paper by Vickrey: "Can Excises Lower Prices"Essays in Economics and Econometrics: A Volume in Honor of Harold Hotelling. Edited by Ralph W. Pfouts. Chapel Hill: UNC Press, 1962.]

Box 22 Folder 370 Expenditure, Capital Gains, and the Basis of Progressive Taxation, article, 1968-1969

[German translation reprinted in Finanztheory, Horst Claus Recktenwald, Herausgeber, Köln, Kiepenhauer and Witech, 1969, pp. 425-33. Discusses the capital gains issue.]

Box 22 Folder 371 Improvements Tax in a Monocentric City, notes

Box 22 Folder 372 Income Tax Impasse, article, ca. 1957

[Op. Ed. piece for Challenge magazine. ]

Box 22 Folder 373 Justice, Equality, and the Economic System, paper, 1977

[Published inSmall Comforts for Hard Times. Edited by Michael Mooney and Florian Stuber. New York: Columbia University Press, 1977. Discusses Rawls, Utilitarianism, Pareto efficient redistribution, and redistributive public finance.]

Box 22 Folder 374 A Modern Theory of Land Value Taxation, paper, 1992

[Paper for a Session on "New Concepts of Taxation", COPE Conference, Rio de Janeiro, 8-12 January 1992. Discusses the problems in use- and state-neutral assessment.]

Box 22 Folder 375 Note on Taxation in New Hampshire, review, 27 July 1992

Box 22 Folder 376 Notes and Issues Concerning an Expenditures Tax, paper, Oct. 1978

[Paper for Brookings Conference, 19-20 Oct. 1978. Discusses cumulative assessment under a consumption tax, a net worth tax to replace estate and gift taxes, and cumulative averaging under an expenditures tax.]

Box 22 Folder 377 Notes on Proposed California Severance Tax, notes, [1968?]

Box 23 Folder 378 Private Philanthropy and Public Finance, paper, June 1973

Box 23 Folder 379 Problems in Land Value Taxation: Equity, Expectation, and Efficiency, paper, 1973

[Prepared for presentation at the Symposium on the Land Tax in Honor of Professor Harry Gunnison Brown, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo., 6 April 1973. Discusses the switch from current system to land value taxation, the objection that a sudden shift expropriates legitimately acquired values does not hold when this is the result of shifting from other localized taxes, and that owners of land can gain from increased land taxation.]

Box 23 Folder 380 Progression, Simplification, and a Level Playing Field, paper, 20 Jan. 1995

Box 23 Folder 381 Reforma de Impuestos sobre Donaciones y Herencias, Tema No. 16, lecture notes, 21 July 1976

[Discusses gift and inheritance taxation.]

Box 23 Folder 382 Reforma del Impuesto Sobre Rentas (ingresos netos), Tema No. 15, lecture notes, 20 July 1976

Box 23 Folder 383 Security Equity for Working Wives via Earned Income Credit, paper, Feb. 1968

Box 23 Folder 384 Simplification, Progression, and a Level Playing Field, paper, 1995-1996

Box 23 Folder 385 Simplification through Cumulative Averaging, paper, ca. 1969

Box 23 Folder 386 Some Preliminary Thoughts on Basic Principles of the Taxation of Multinational Activity, paper, [1974?]

Box 23 Folder 387 Special Report on New Tax Frontiers for the National Governors' Conference, paper, 25 June 1968

Box 23 Folder 388 Statement for Chairman's Summary Report: NGC Revenue and Taxation Committee, 6. New Tax Frontiers, paper

Box 23 Folder 389 Statement regarding Party Planks on Federal Tax Reform, paper, 1972

[Prepared for Taxation with Representation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan, public interest tax lobby that deals solely with federal tax issues.]

Box 23 Folder 390 Tax Simplification through Cumulative Averaging, paper, 1969

[Published inLaw and Contemporary Problems: Tax Simplification and Reform, 34(4), Autumn 1969, 736-50. Argues that cumulative averaging be viewed as a master stroke of simplification, in spite of being reportedly rejected out of hand as too complicated.]

Box 23 Folder 391 Teoria del Progresion, Tema No. 17, lecture notes, 22 July 1976

Box 23 Folder 392 An Updated Agenda for Progressive Taxation, paper, 1992

[Published inPapers and Proceedings, American Economic Association, March 1992, 257-62. Discusses capital gains, inflation, corporate income tax, undistributed profits tax, transnational incomes, tax-exempt bonds, home ownership, and leisure.]

Subseries III.8: Transportation

Papers, reviews, letters to the editor, essays, statements, outlines, speeches, reports, and notes regarding the numerous economic aspects of transportation. These materials reflect his observations on transit fares, automation, road pricing, parking, land use, toll systems, airline timetables, subway scheduling, transfers, highway use, direct current traction, and methods of examining transportation demand for pricing. Vickrey proposes solutions to the problems with congestion, pollution, subway service, parking allocation, inadequate maps, traffic accidents, financing, signaling, politics, and inefficient use of transportation infrastructure. In addition, some documents address the specific transportation concerns in New York City, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Washington, D.C., Tehran, Korea, and the Netherlands. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 23 Folder 393 After the Defeat of the Bond Issue, What?, paper, 17 Oct. 1973

Box 23 Folder 394 Airline Guide, notes

[Includes algorithm for itineraries, examples, and other notes.]

Box 23 Folder 395 Alleviating Rush-Hour Crowding: Comment, review, March 1974

[Comments on a proposal by Professor Charles Libove in Transportation Engineering Journal, 1973. Discusses overlength trains, skip stop scheduling, and "overlap" scheduling. Includes appendix on "The Effects of various operational modes on volume of service."]

Box 23 Folder 396 Alternative Method of Implementing Subscriber Fares, paper

Box 23 Folder 397 Analysis of Minimum Headways in Rapid Transit Service, paper, Aug. 1971

[Makes reference to a computer program for train control.]

Box 23 Folder 398 Appendix II: Suggested Algorithm for Processing a Basic or Local Airport Set, fragment

Box 23 Folder 399 Automatic Control of Subway Service Perturbations, paper, May 1973

Box 23 Folder 400 Better Subway Safety, letter to the editor, 23 Sept. 1995

Box 23 Folder 401 Bibliography on the Costs and Pricing of Streets and Highways, list, 1965

Box 23 Folder 402 Caracas Road Pricing Study, paper, 1970-1973

Box 24 Folder 403 A Change-Free, Time-Origin-Destination Fare Collection System, paper, 1 May 1966

Box 24 Folder 404 Charging Users of Transportation Infrastructure, paper, Dec. 1991

[Draft of a proposed Congressional Budget Office paper with some marginal comments.]

Box 24 Folder 405 A Check-list of Points to be Considered in Planning Improvements and Economies in Subway Service, paper, June 1953

Box 24 Folder 406 Comments on the "Tolls Pricing Study of Port Authority of NY and NJ", FWHA Docket 76-9, paper, Jan. 1979

[Discusses the implementation of peak-load pricing in New York City anticipating a bottleneck model with heterogeneous users.]

Box 24 Folder 407 Computers, Pricing Mechanisms, and Optimum Traffic and Transit Patterns, paper

Box 24 Folder 408 Congestion in Midtown Manhattan in Relation to Marginal Cost Pricing, paper, May 1991

[Argument on the basis of which Vickrey claimed that the marginal cost pricing of a trip in Manhattan on a weekday is $1,000.]

Box 24 Folder 409 Congestion Theory and Transport Investment, paper, 1968-1970

[For presentation at a meeting of the American Economic Association, 28 Dec. 1968. Discusses optimal investment, with and without congestion pricing.]

Box 24 Folder 410 Continuous Automatic Bus Spacing and Dispatching (CASBAD): A Proposal for Improving the Efficiency of Short-Headway Bus Service, paper, 1966

[The proposal suggests using automatic digitalized radio signals.]

Box 24 Folder 411 Controlling the Environmental Impact of the Automobile, outline, 17 Oct. 1972

[Outline of presentation at VPI Conference on the Environment, 17 Oct. 1972.]

Box 24 Folder 412 Converting to Efficient Transit Fares, paper, 17 Aug. 1995

[Concerned with the mechanical aspects of phasing-in an efficient fare structure.]

Box 24 Folder 413 Cost Reduction and Efficiency Promotion through Pricing in Urban Transportation, abstract

Box 24 Folder 414 Current Economic Position and Prospects of Argentina: Planning and Public Investment in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area, paper, 1970

[Confidential report to the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Comments on skip stop scheduling, brake wear, coordination between platforms of trains, push-pull service, and express service.]

Box 24 Folder 415 Current Issues in Urban Transportation, paper (1 of 4), 1968-1973

[Published inContemporary Economic Issues. Edited by Neil Chamberlain. Irwin, 1969. A wide-ranging discussion of urban transportation issues.]

Box 25 Folder 416 Current Issues in Urban Transportation, paper (2 of 4), 1968-1973

Box 25 Folder 417 Current Issues in Urban Transportation, paper (3 of 4), 1968-1973

Box 25 Folder 418 Current Issues in Urban Transportation, paper (4 of 4), 1968-1973

Box 25 Folder 419 Dealing with Divergence or Slow Convergence in a Traffic Assignment Problem, paper, April 1972

Box 25 Folder 420 Denver Transcript, speech

[Notes hypercongestion as a queuing reservoir.]

Box 25 Folder 421 Detailed Pricing of Urban Transportation Services: The Essential Key to Efficient Urban Transportation, paper, Aug. 1973

[Published inProceedings International Symposium, "Man and Transport", Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, 3-7 Sept. 1973. Discusses congestion charges and the lack of burden on non-driving poor. See also International Symposium "1973 Man and Transport", Box 41, Folder 701.]

Box 25 Folder 422 The Economic Efficiency of the Present Road User Charges System, and Some Observations on the Value of Time in the Evaluation of Road User Charges, paper, 18 Feb. 1972

[Technical Note No. 10, Task No. 23.]

Box 25 Folder 423 The Economics of Intra-Urban Transportation, paper

Box 25 Folder 424 Efficiency through Pricing in Urban Transportation, paper

Box 25 Folder 425 Efficient Allocation of In-House Parking Space, paper, 12 Aug. 1992

[Discusses the application of auctions to allocation of parking space within, say, a university.]

Box 25 Folder 426 Efficient Pricing of City Facilities and Services, paper, 2 Dec. 1992

[Notes for testimony for NYC Controller's Office, 2 Dec. 1992. Discusses congestion pricing, subway fares and service, utility rates, and site value taxation.]

Box 25 Folder 427 Energy Saving in Direct Current Traction, paper, 1975-1982

[Discusses the design of traction engine for buses and includes circuit diagrams and notes. See also Low Loss DC Traction for Rapid Transit Service, Box 26, Folder 445.]

Box 26 Folder 428 Equipment Husbandry, notes

Box 26 Folder 429 Externalities in Public Facility Use: The Case of Highway Accidents, paper, April 1968

[Prepared for Conference on the Economics of Public Output, Universities-National Bureau Committee for Economic Research, 26-27 April 1968. Discusses marginal costs in relation to insurance, traffic density, tort law, and administrative costs.]

Box 26 Folder 430 A Flexible, Change-free Fare Collection System for Buses and Subways, paper, 10 May 1966

Box 26 Folder 431 Further Notes on Fare Collection for the Rationalized Commuter Service, paper, 17 June 1962

Box 26 Folder 432 Immediate Congestion Relief for E and F Riders, essay, Feb. 1992

Box 26 Folder 433 Immediate Steps Towards an Efficient Transit Fare Structure, paper

[Discusses New York City.]

Box 26 Folder 434 Improvement of Broadway IRT Service, essay, March 1966

Box 26 Folder 435 Improvement of Quick Reference Airline Timetables, notes, April 1982

[Superseded presumably by computers.]

Box 26 Folder 436 Increasing Capacity at Transit Bottlenecks, paper, 7 Sept. 1995

[Discusses more efficient use of existing subway capacity.]

Box 26 Folder 437 Information Requirements for Meaningful Evaluation of Alternative Solutions to Metropolitan Transportation Problems, paper

Box 26 Folder 438 An Interim Plan for Street Parking Licenses, paper, 7 Dec. 1971

Box 26 Folder 439 JFK to Penn Station, essay, 18 June 1996

Box 26 Folder 440 Letter to Dr. William Ronan, Port Authority of NY and NJ, letter, 23 May 1977

[Advocates time-varying tolls and peak-load pricing in New York City.]

Box 26 Folder 441 Letter to the New York Times, letter to the editor

[Discusses tolls.]

Box 26 Folder 442 Letter to the New York Times, letter to the editor, 12 April 1978

[Discusses parking meters and cards.]

Box 26 Folder 443 Lexington-Pelham Skip-Stop Scheduling, paper, 1972

Box 26 Folder 444 Low Loss DC Traction for Rapid Transit Service, notes, 1971

[Includes circuit diagrams.]

Box 26 Folder 445 Low Loss DC Traction for Rapid Transit Service, paper, Nov. 1971

[See also Energy Saving in Direct Current Traction, Box 25, Folder 427.]

Box 26 Folder 446 Making the Most of Urban Roadways, speech, 26 March 1966

[Sketch of remarks for Engineering Dean's Day, Columbia University. Argues that rational use requires collaboration among engineers, economists, and politicians with special attention to efficient pricing of alternatives.]

Box 26 Folder 447 More Revenue and Better Usage from Curb Parking, paper

[Discusses parking vouchers.]

Box 26 Folder 448 New Systems versus Better Use of Old Systems: Criteria and Cases, paper, 1974

[For Econometric Society--Association for the Study of Grants Economy, San Francisco, 29 Dec. 1974. Covers a litany of inefficiencies: monumentalism and other biases in favor of large-scale capital outlays; over-generous pensions and other forms of political time-bomb planting; transit service with small cross-section, shorter station platforms, low train weight per unit length, and high frequency under continuous control and skip-stop scheduling through bottlenecks; fares simulating futures markets for car ferries and airline seats; schedule coordination; and transit fares on a marginal social cost basis.]

Box 26 Folder 449 New York Needs an Efficient Fare Structure, letter to editor, 25 Aug. 1995

Box 27 Folder 450 Notes Concerning the Caracas Metro, paper, Aug. 1971

Box 27 Folder 451 Notes for Public Transit Finance Workshop, notes, 14 Sept. 1976

Box 27 Folder 452 Notes on an Interim Fare Structure for Suburban Service, notes, 1 May 1962

Box 27 Folder 453 Notes on Cambridge Road Pricing Proposals, notes, Nov. 1991

Box 27 Folder 454 Notes on "Charging Users of Transportation Infrastructure", review, 27 Dec. 1991

[Possibly notes for discussion of a paper at an AEA meeting.]

Box 27 Folder 455 Notes on Cromwell: Financing NY Subways, review

Box 27 Folder 456 Notes on Jim O'Shea memo "Time to Review Transit Options", notes

[Discusses New York City transit.]

Box 27 Folder 457 Notes on Land, Traffic, and Markets, notes, 15 Oct. 1991

[For presentation at Henry George Breakfast, University Club, 15 Oct. 1991.]

Box 27 Folder 458 Notes on Subway Finance, notes, 22 Dec. 1971

[Various recommendations for sources and uses of funds in New York City.]

Box 27 Folder 459 Notes on The Abstract Mode Model by Quant and Baumol, book review, Sept. 1966

Box 27 Folder 460 Notes on the Analysis of Transportation Demand, notes, Aug. 1973

Box 27 Folder 461 Notes on "The Economic Analysis of Rural Road Projects, World Bank Staff Working Paper No. 241" by C. Carnemark, Jamie Biderman, and David Bovet, review, 1976

Box 27 Folder 462 Notes on the Further Development of the Netherlands Transit Subsidy Project, fragments, 8 Aug. 1980

[Discusses optimal transit subsides. ]

Box 27 Folder 463 Notes on the Law and Economics of Highway Use, notes, March 1977

Box 27 Folder 464 Notes on the New Subway Map, notes, Feb. 1978

[Discusses New York City subway map.]

Box 27 Folder 465 Notes on Transit Fare Structure and Finance, notes, 10 July 1993

Box 27 Folder 466 Notes on Urban Transportation Issues, notes, Jan. 1971

[Thorough set of notes with a discussion of hypercongestion and comments on shadow value of urban land and transit service.]

Box 27 Folder 467 Observations on Modern Transit, paper, 23 Dec. 1985

[Version 6. Part of Discussion Paper Series, Columbia University, Aug. 1987. Discusses fares, fare systems, subsidies, economic infrastructure design, cost-benefit analysis of operating methods, automatic control and signaling for higher frequencies and regularity, energy saving traction.]

Box 27 Folder 468 On Assigning a Value to Changes in Service Frequency, paper, Aug. 1962

Box 27 Folder 469 Optimization of Traffic and Facilities, paper, 1966

[Published inJournal of Transport Economics and Policy, 1(2), Jan. 1967, 123-36. Discusses marginal cost pricing for control of congestion and optimal timing of construction.]

Box 27 Folder 470 Outline of Registration Apparatus for Reusable Subscriber Card Systems, outline

Box 27 Folder 471 Overall Outline of Processing Procedure for Full Itinerary Development, outline

[Includes design of an algorithm.]

Box 27 Folder 472 Politics versus Efficiency in Transit Fares, letter to editor, 25 June 1966

Box 27 Folder 473 Possible Topics for Study in Urban Transportation, notes, 4 Dec. 1968

[Includes a list of research topics.]

Box 27 Folder 474 A Preliminary Sketch of Possible Schemes for Automatic Toll Assessment with Reference to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area, paper

Box 28 Folder 475 Prices and Rates in Korean Transportation, preliminary draft, Aug. 1972

[For Princeton Contract AID/csd-159.]

Box 28 Folder 476 Prices and Rates in Korean Transportation, report, 1972

[For Princeton Contract AID/csd-159.]

Box 28 Folder 477 Prices and Rates in Korean Transportation, research materials, 1969-1972

Box 28 Folder 478 Pricing as a Tool in Coordination of Land Transportation, paper, April 1963

[For Conference on Transport Economics, National Bureau of Economic Research, 26-27 April 1963.]

Box 28 Folder 479 Pricing in the Planning of Transportation Facilities, paper, 15 Jan. 1979

[For presentation at the meetings of the Transportation Research Board, Shoreham Americana, 15 Jan. 1979.]

Box 28 Folder 480 Pricing in Urban and Suburban Transport, paper, 1962-1963

[Published inAmerican Economic Review, 52(2), May 1963, 452-65. Discusses a litany of inefficiencies related to departures of prices from short-run marginal social cost.]

Box 28 Folder 481 Pricing of Urban Transportation: Economic Desiderata, Technology Possibility, and Political Constraints, outline, 1973

[Outline of paper for ICT Conference, Denver, 1973.]

Box 28 Folder 482 Pricing Transport Services, essay, 5 Aug. 1980

Box 28 Folder 483 Principles and Applications of Congestion Pricing, paper, 1993

[Overview and new material using intersection queuing theory to compute tolls at intersections and optimal signaling.]

Box 28 Folder 484 Principles of Efficient Congestion Pricing, paper, 1991

Box 28 Folder 485 Priorities for the City, 1973, paper, 1973

[Discusses engineering aspects of subways, skip stop scheduling, and other methods of improving subway service.]

Box 29 Folder 486 Privatization and Marketization of Transport, paper, 1993

Box 29 Folder 487 Promoting Efficient Use of On-Street Parking, paper, 11 Aug. 1995

Box 29 Folder 488 A Proposal for Increased Service on the IND Queens and Central Park West Express Lines, essay, March 1966

Box 29 Folder 489 Queries Regarding Taxi Services, notes

Box 29 Folder 490 Queuing Models, notes

[Very sketchy.]

Box 29 Folder 491 The Relief of Congestion on the 8th Ave. Line, essay, 5 March 1966

Box 29 Folder 492 Report on Mission to Teheran, Iran: Notes on Transport Planning, Electricity and Telephone Rates for Teheran, report, April 1975

[Prepared for United Nations. ]

Box 29 Folder 493 Resistance to Rational Decision-Making in Transportation: Pricing and Marketing Practices and Consequences, outline, 7 May 1969

[Outline of discussion to be presented at the National Seminar on Urban Transportation for Tomorrow, Denver, 7 May 1969.]

Box 29 Folder 494 Returns to Scale in Transit: A Comment, review, March 1977

[Comments on the various methodological and definitional difficulties with the analysis by Paul McDevitt inThe Logistics and Transportation Review, 1976, pp. 233-49.]

Box 29 Folder 495 Review of Transportation Economics by Herbert Mohring, review, Jan. 1977

[Transportation Economicsby Herbert Mohring, Cambridge, Mass.: Ballinger Publishing Company, 1976.]

Box 29 Folder 496 Revising New York's Subway Fare Structure, paper, 1955

[A revised and condensed version of the Mayor's Committee monograph later published inOperations Research for Management. Vol. III. Edited by Joseph F. McClosky and John Coppinger. John Hopkins, 1956.]

Box 29 Folder 497 Revising the Taxi Fare Structure, paper, ca. 1974

[Discusses New York City.]

Box 29 Folder 498 Road Pricing: Key to Efficient Urban Transport, paper

[Discusses congestion pricing. ]

Box 29 Folder 499 Schedules for Buenos Aires Suburban Service, notes

[Includes actual proposed schedule. ]

Box 29 Folder 500 Seats for All on the Subway, paper

Box 29 Folder 501 Sketch of Proposal for a Study of Street Use Pricing, outline, 5 Nov. 1970

Box 29 Folder 502 Social Costs of Transportation: Their Meaning and Use in the Allocation of Resources, paper, 22 Jan. 1980

Box 29 Folder 503 Some Suggestions for Open Platform Fare Collection, paper, March 1962

[Discusses suburban service. ]

Box 29 Folder 504 Some Suggestions for Suburban Fare Collection, essay, March 1962

Box 29 Folder 505 Some Suggestions for the Pricing of the Caracas Metro, fragment, Jan. 1982

Box 29 Folder 506 Specifications and Procedures for the Construction of a Consolidated Quick-Reference Airlines Timetable, paper, ca. 1968

[Includes algorithm for itineraries, notes, and examples.]

Box 30 Folder 507 Statement to Joint Committee on Washington Metropolitan Problems, paper, 1959

[An abridged version of the testimony was prepared for publication. Contains original proposal for finely adjusted congestion pricing with automatic vehicle identified (AVI) units and roadside scanning points.]

Box 30 Folder 508 Statement to New York State Assembly Standing Committee on Transportation, transcript, 3 Oct. 1979

[Disputes the disposition of the "Energy Conservation Bond Issue".]

Box 30 Folder 509 Subway Automation, paper

Box 30 Folder 510 A Suggested Fare Structure and Fare Collection Program, paper, 26 July 1962

Box 30 Folder 511 Suggestions for New Subway Maps, fragment, Feb. 1978

Box 30 Folder 512 Tarifacion del Uso de Las Calles, Tema No. 8, lecture notes, 12 July 1976

Box 30 Folder 513 La Tarification des Transports Urbains: Principes Économiques, Possibilitiés Techniques, Astreintes Politiques, fragment, 5 Nov. 1973

Box 30 Folder 514 Testimony before a New York Committee, transcript, ca. 1992

Box 30 Folder 515 Testimony before the Federal Highway Administration in the Matter of Bayonne Bridge, George Washington Bridge, Goethals Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing Tolls, Docket No. 76-9, transcript

[Submitted on behalf of The Environmental Defense Fund.]

Box 30 Folder 516 Testimony on behalf of the Environmental Defense Fund concerning PATH fares, transcript

Box 30 Folder 517 Traffic Measures to Reduce Air Pollution, paper, Feb. 1987

Box 30 Folder 518 Transfers, notes

Box 30 Folder 519 Transit Automation (Tehran), notes

Box 30 Folder 520 Transit Fare Action Program, essay, 28 March 1973

[Discusses New York City.]

Box 30 Folder 521 Two Means of Alleviating Rush-Hour Crowding: A Discussion, paper, 1973-1975

[Published inTransportation and Engineering Journal, May 1975, 395-9. Suggests that the skip-stop operation plus trains 30 percent longer than standard platforms could increase seating capacity by 70 percent, superior to the suggestion of Charles Libove, Ibid. Nov. 1973 for double-stopping of double-length trains, or eliminating seats altogether.]

Box 30 Folder 522 Types of Congestion Pricing Models, paper, Nov. 1994

[Summary review and classification including discussion of turbulence, triggernecks, traffic lights, stochasticity, and bathtub models.]

Box 30 Folder 523 The Use of Tolls in Controlling Urban Traffic Congestion, paper, Nov. 1972

[For Unorthodox Approaches to Urban Transportation: The Emerging Challenge to Conventional Planning, Bureau of Business and Economic Research, Georgia State University, Atlanta, 16-17 Nov. 1972, pp. 22-37.]

Subseries III.9: Urban Economics

Papers, reviews, models, and notes proposing resolutions to urban issues. Includes descriptions of the efficient city, urban development, taxation, land valuation, transportation, and strategies for making New York City work. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 30 Folder 524 The Allocation to Land to Transportation, paper, 1966

[Includes Appendix A. One Dimensional Model of Area Optimization.]

Box 30 Folder 525 The City as a Firm, paper, 1964 & 1977

[Published inThe Economics of Public Services. Proceedings of a Conference Held by the International Economics Association at Turin. Edited by Martin S. Feldstein and Robert F. Inman. London: MacMillian, New York: Wiley, 1977. The original locus of the thesis that in a world of perfect competition among cities, urban land rents in each city will be just sufficient to finance the subsidies required to permit marginal cost pricing of the goods and services produced under conditions of increasing returns to scale, the availability of which is responsible for the agglomeration of the city. See also The Efficient City, Box 30, Folder 528.]

Box 30 Folder 526 Comments regarding "Goals for NYC", second draft

Box 30 Folder 527 Defining Land Value for Tax Purposes, paper, 1969-1970

[Published inThe Assessment of Land Value. A Symposium sponsored by the Committee on Taxation, Resources and Economic Development. Edited by Daniel M. Holland. Madison, London: University of Wisconsin Press, 1970. Discusses practical and conceptual problems in assessing land values, the notion of a standard condition, problems of parcels in substantially substandard condition, and the effects of assembly or subdivision, internalization of externalities in large holdings.]

Box 30 Folder 528 The Efficient City, paper

[Establishes the relationship between land rents and transport costs. See also The City as a Firm, Box 30, Folder 525.]

Box 31 Folder 529 Externalities in Urban Development, paper, 1969-1970

[Published inProceedings of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association. 1969. An initial foreshadowing of the thesis relating urban land rents to subsidies needed for marginal cost pricing and the problems with decentralization of efficient allocation.]

Box 31 Folder 530 Financing City Government..., fragment

Box 31 Folder 531 Henry George, Economies of Scale and Land Taxation, paper, 9 Jan. 1992

[For COPE Meeting, 9 Jan. 1992.]

Box 31 Folder 532 The Impact on Land Values of Taxing Buildings, paper, Sept. 1969

[Published inProceedings of the 62nd National Tax Conference, Boston, Sept. 29-Oct. 3, 1969. Columbus, Ohio: National Tax Association. Contains a concentric model in which taxing buildings lowers land values at the centre and increases them in the periphery. See also Notes on the Land Tax, Box 31, Folder 538.]

Box 31 Folder 533 Land Values and Economics of Scale in the Urban Environment, paper

Box 31 Folder 534 Making New York City Function, paper, 1995-1996

Box 31 Folder 535 Making New York City Work, paper, 1992

[Published inChallenges of the Changing Economy of New York City, 1992. New York: Baruch College, New York City Council on Economic Education, 1992. Discusses market-clearing parking charges, time-of-day bridge and tunnel tolls, congestion charges, replacement of business and improvement taxes by land taxes, bringing utility rates and transit fares closer to marginal social cost, improving transit service, and shifting from incarceration to strict parole conditions, strictly enforced by electronic devices and low cash loads. Also includes bathtub model.]

Box 31 Folder 536 Notes for the panel on New York City in Crisis--Causes Encampment for Citizenship, notes, 16 Sept. 1976

Box 31 Folder 537 Notes on "Road Pricing Techniques" by Kiran Bhatt, review, Feb. 1974

Box 31 Folder 538 Notes on the Land Tax, notes

[See also The Impact on Land Values of Taxing Buildings, Box 31, Folder 532.]

Box 31 Folder 539 Notes re Unsuspected Perversities in the Theory of Location by Richard G. Lipsey and Curtis Eaton, book review, Sept. 1972

Box 31 Folder 540 Optimum Cities as Efficient Competitive Firms, paper, Oct. 1973

[For conference on Econometrics and Mathematical Economics, Georgetown University. Discusses GHV theorem and decentralization.]

Box 31 Folder 541 Propositions Relating to Site Value Taxation, paper, 1995

[For TRED, 29-30 Sept. and Levy Institute, 2-4 Nov.]

Box 31 Folder 542 La Renta de Terrenos Urbanos Como Fuente de Subvenciones de Servicios de Naturaleza Local, Tema No. 14, lecture notes, 20 July 1976

Box 31 Folder 543 Site Value Taxes and Public Services, notes, 1991

[Notes for a talk at St. John's University, 17 Oct. 1991. Argues that in an imperfect world, a city which priced public services at marginal cost would reap the gains.]

Box 31 Folder 544 Subroutine for Computing the Area of a Polygon containing all points that are closer to a given point then to any of N other points in a plane, notes

Box 31 Folder 545 Transition Effects of Shifting to a Land Tax, notes, June 1970

Box 31 Folder 546 Urban Issues: Some Novel Solutions, notes, 10 Nov. 1981

[Notes for talk at Scarsdale Adult School, 10 Nov. 1991]

Box 31 Folder 547 Urban Model, notes

[Very sketchy.]

Box 31 Folder 548 Urban Street Model, notes

Box 31 Folder 549 The Use of Land for Transportation, paper, Feb. 1964

[Previously announced title "The Social Opportunity Cost of Land". Paper prepared for the Second Conference on Urban Public Expenditure at New York University, sponsored by the Committee on Urban Economics of Resources for the Future, Inc., 21-22 Feb. 1964. Discusses in freight transport and raises issues of unpriced congestion.]

Box 31 Folder 550 User Charges as Alternatives to Building Taxes, paper, March 1971

[Discusses education, police, pollution, urban transport (trucks), and utilities. See also General and Specific Financing of Urban Services, Box 46, Folder 760.]

Subseries III.10: Miscellaneous

Papers, notes, reviews, essays, statements, lists, teaching materials, and fragments about assorted subjects of interest to Vickrey. Contains discussions of theory, insurance, public services, foreign economic systems, conflict resolution, computer applications, methods of economic measurement, higher education, politics, sociology, and minor diversions. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 32 Folder 551 Algebra, notes

Box 32 Folder 552 Bons Mots, notes

Box 32 Folder 553 Cargas Que Varien Segun el Ingreso del Pagante, Tema No. 12, lecture notes, 1976

Box 32 Folder 554 Causality, Control, and Observation, paper

[Includes comments on paper by H. Wold.]

Box 32 Folder 555 Classifications and Codes, list, 1956 & 1962

Box 32 Folder 556 Comments on "Investment, Dividend, and External Finance Behavior of Firms" by Phoebus J. Dhrymes and Mordecai Kurz, and on "Business Fixed Investment: A Marriage of Fact and Fancy" by W. H. Locke Anderson, review

[Discusses produced durables.]

Box 32 Folder 557 Curiosa, notes

Box 32 Folder 558 Definition and Measurement of Risk, fragment

Box 32 Folder 559 The Definition and Measurement of Risk: Individual, Social and Market Risk, paper, 19 Oct. 1967

[For Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance, Montreal, 19 Oct. 1967]

Box 32 Folder 560 Democracy Beyond Majority Rule, paper, 9 Feb. 1995

Box 32 Folder 561 Economic Solutions and Political Hurdles (An Economist's Utopia), paper, [1992]

[Presented as The Frank Tannenbaum Lecture to the 48th Annual Meeting of the University Seminars at Columbia University, 22 April 1992. Brief statement with equations on cumulative averaging and background to innovative failures.]

Box 32 Folder 562 An Economist's View of Human Rights, notes, 9 March 1978

[Notes for talk to General Education Seminar. Provides insight into Vickrey's moral views.]

Box 32 Folder 563 Eye Twisters, sketches

Box 32 Folder 564 Factors Underlying Soviet and Western Growth and their Implications, notes

[Notes related to Russia and peace.]

Box 32 Folder 565 Figgerin, notes

Box 32 Folder 566 File Classifications, notes

Box 32 Folder 567 Financianento de la Ensenanza Superior, Tema No. 13, lecture notes, 19 July 1976

[Discusses financing higher education.]

Box 32 Folder 568 The Generalized Queen's Problem, notes

Box 32 Folder 569 Increased Minimum Wage Could Increase Employment, letter to the editor, 6 April 1996

Box 32 Folder 570 Issues in Student Loan Programs, paper, Dec. 1966

Box 32 Folder 571 Letter to Editorial Board of MEASURE, letter, 28 Dec. 1976

[Argues against tenure.]

Box 32 Folder 572 Lumber Model, notes

Box 32 Folder 573 Matrix Algebra sans Determinants, notes

[Illustrates Vickrey's mathematical creativity.]

Box 32 Folder 574 Medical Insurance and Employment Burdens, essay, 22 May 1994

[Argues against using a payroll tax to finance medical insurance and makes the point that making medical insurance part of payroll tax is distortionary.]

Box 32 Folder 575 MLS, fragment

Box 32 Folder 576 My Innovative Failures in Economics, address, 1992-1993

[Presidential Address to the Atlantic Economic Association, Plymouth, Mass., 16 Oct. 1992. Published inAtlantic Economic Journal, March 1993, 1-9. Discusses tax reform, marginal cost pricing, and full employment. See also How Successful as Innovators Have Economists Been?, Box 14, Folder 223.]

Box 32 Folder 577 A Note on "Qualifying Requirements" in Unemployment Insurance, essay, 8 Sept. 1967

[Discusses adverse selection and argues against stiffening requirements.]

Box 33 Folder 578 Notes and Comments on the February 20, 1967 draft of the memorandum on An Educational Opportunity Bank from the panel on Educational Research and Development, review, ca. 1967

Box 33 Folder 579 Notes on "Impact of Competition..." by Chapman, review

Box 33 Folder 580 Notes on "Issue-Elasticity in Political Systems" by Strickland and Johnston, review

Box 33 Folder 581 Notes on "On Search and Equilibrium Price Distributions" by J. E. Stiglitz, review, 19 Aug. 1980

Box 33 Folder 582 Notes on Operations, notes

[Apparently algorithms developed for numerical illustrations.]

Box 33 Folder 583 Notes on "Putting Americans Back to Work" by Maco Stewart, review, 17 March 1993

Box 33 Folder 584 Notes on "Rehabilitating Cardinal Utility" by R. Cooter, review

Box 33 Folder 585 Notes on the Financing of Health Services, notes, 16 Sept. 1993

[Discusses typology of pure forms.]

Box 33 Folder 586 Notes on "Welfare Foundations of Congestion Economics" by McGillivray, review

Box 33 Folder 587 Outline of Topics for MIT Urban Seminar, notes, Aug. 1977

Box 33 Folder 588 The Pareto Optimality of Competitive Equilibrium, paper

Box 33 Folder 589 Pastimes, notes, ca. 1969

Box 33 Folder 590 Personal Notes and References, notes

[Mainly names and telephone numbers.]

Box 33 Folder 591 A Proposal for Financing Higher Education, paper, 1959-1961

Box 33 Folder 592 Puzzles, notes, 1949-1966

Box 33 Folder 593 Report on Mission to Zambia, paper, June 1975

[For United Nations. Contains practical recommendations for applying cumulative averaging, marginal cost pricing, etc.]

Box 33 Folder 594 Returns and Homogeneity: A Clarification, paper

Box 33 Folder 595 Review of India's Green Revolution: Economic Gains and Political Costs by Francine R. Frankel, book review, 1971

Box 33 Folder 596 The Sociology of Concentration Camps, report, Sept. 1950

[Preliminary report on a research project under the auspices of The Columbia Social Science Research Council and presented at the Conference on World War II in the West, Amsterdam, 4-9 Sept. 1950.]

Box 33 Folder 597 Some Additional Thoughts after perusing Cartter's "Some Financial Implications...", essay

Box 33 Folder 598 Some Notes on Computer Repertoires, with Special Reference to UNIVAC II and 1105, paper, 1958

Box 33 Folder 599 Some Notes on Current Economic Condition, notes, June 1980

[Argues that unemployment is worse than inflation.]

Box 33 Folder 600 Some Notes on the Theory and Practice of Sorting on Digital Computers, paper, 1 Nov. 1959

Box 34 Folder 601 Sorting in the Light of Information Theory: Some New Techniques, paper, July 1965

[Related to the problem of processing data for congestion pricing.]

Box 34 Folder 602 Sorting on Digital Computers--Some Notes Based on Information Theory, notes, April 1964

Box 34 Folder 603 Sources of Turbulence in Conflict Situations, notes, 26 Oct. 1976

[Notes for the University Seminar on Peace, 26 Oct. 1976]

Box 34 Folder 604 Statement at Hearings on Price Statistics of the Federal Government Joint Economic Committee, Subcommittee on Economic Statistics, statement, 5 May 1961

[Disagrees with Stigler Committee on treatment of insurance.]

Box 34 Folder 605 Statement before the Water Resources Subcommittee of the U.S. Senate Committee on Public Works, statement, 1 April 1977

[Concerns user charges on Island Waterways. Includes statement of why Vickrey considers efficiency to be of paramount importance.]

Box 34 Folder 606 Temas a Elaborarse por el Dr. Vickrey, Caracas, outline, ca. 1976

Box 34 Folder 607 Teoria del Progression, Tema No. 17, lecture notes, 22 July 1976

Box 34 Folder 608 Testimony on Cable before the NYC Board of Estimates, speech, 21 June 1983

[Argues for better regulation in New York City.]

Box 34 Folder 609 Theoretical Economics, bibliography, ca. 1964

Box 34 Folder 610 Theoretical Economics, illustrations, ca. 1964

Box 34 Folder 611 Theoretical Economics, outline, ca. 1964

Box 34 Folder 612 Theory and Welfare Notes, notes

Box 34 Folder 613 Theory Teaching Program, notes, 1946 & 1953

Box 34 Folder 614 Tic Tac Toe, notes

[Attempts to algorithmize.]

Box 34 Folder 615 The University Economist and the Labor Movement, paper

Box 34 Folder 616 Venezuela Course, notes, 1976

[Mainly rough drafts of lecture notes and exams.]

Box 34 Folder 617 Miscellaneous Fragments, fragments

Box 34 Folder 618 Miscellaneous Notes, notes

[Notes on half a dozen different problems.]

Series IV: Columbia University

Correspondence with administrators, fellow professors, students, visitors, librarians, and others involved in university activities. Also includes exams, papers, course syllabi, reading lists, seminar presentations, and other teaching materials used by Vickrey during his career. Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box 35 Folder 619 Ad Hoc Committees, 1960-1970

Box 35 Folder 620 Appointments, 1948-1975

Box 35 Folder 621 Barger, Harold, 1961-1963

Box 35 Folder 622 Bookstore, 1948-1979

Box 35 Folder 623 Cobun, Nancy, 1955-1956

Box 35 Folder 624 Conferences on the Humanities and Public Policy Issues, 1974-1976

Box 35 Folder 625 Correspondence, 1947-1969

Box 35 Folder 626 Correspondence, 1970-1992, undated

Box 35 Folder 627 Course Evaluations

Box 35 Folder 628 Dissertations, 1947-1987

Box 35 Folder 629 Economic Analysis Course, 1954-1965, undated

Box 35 Folder 630 Economics 101 Course, 1954-1959, undated

Box 35 Folder 631 Economics 103 Course, 1953, undated

Box 35 Folder 632 Economics 105 Course

Box 35 Folder 633 Economics 1103 Course, 1981-1982

Box 35 Folder 634 Economics 2080 Course, 1979

Box 35 Folder 635 Graduate School of Business, 1948-1993

Box 36 Folder 636 Grant Squires Prize, 1959-1960

Box 36 Folder 637 Leaves of Absence, 1949-1978

Box 36 Folder 638 Libraries, 1949-1971

Box 36 Folder 639 Meetings and Visitors, 1960-1992

Box 36 Folder 640 Microeconomics Course, 1969-1979, undated

Box 36 Folder 641 Office of the Registrar, 1947-1984

Box 36 Folder 642 Padawar-Singer, Alice M., 1973

Box 36 Folder 643 Parking, 1968-1982

Box 36 Folder 644 Peace Seminars, 1956-1977

Box 36 Folder 645 PhD in Religion, 1953-1961

Box 36 Folder 646 Proposal for Research Program on Railroad Transportation, 7 Jan. 1965

Box 36 Folder 647 Public Finance Course: Exams, 1974-1984

Box 36 Folder 648 Public Finance Course: Notes, 1975-1979, undated

Box 36 Folder 649 Public Finance Course: Reading Lists, 1971-1981

Box 36 Folder 650 Public Finance Course: Syllabi, 1970-1980

Box 36 Folder 651 Reading Lists, 1965, undated

Box 37 Folder 652 References, 1947-1986

Box 37 Folder 653 Sabbatical, 1970-1971

Box 37 Folder 654 Salary and Benefits, 1947-1977

Box 37 Folder 655 Sea Grant, 1968-1971

Box 37 Folder 656 Students, 1947-1981

Box 37 Folder 657 Theory and Welfare Seminar, 7 June 1960

Box 37 Folder 658 University Seminars, 1953-1960

Box 37 Folder 659 University Seminars, 1961-1964

Box 37 Folder 660 University Seminars, 1965-1995

Box 37 Folder 661 Urban Economics Course: Exams, 1981-1982

Box 37 Folder 662 Urban Economics Course: Reading Lists, 1970-1975, undated

Box 38 Folder 663 Urban Land Use and Transportation Course: Exams, 1970-1981

Box 38 Folder 664 Urban Land Use and Transportation Course: Notes

Box 38 Folder 665 Urban Land Use and Transportation Course: Reading Lists, 1971-1983, undated

Box 38 Folder 666 Urban Land Use and Transportation Course: Syllabi, 1969-1983

Box 38 Folder 667 Welfare Economics and Utility Regulation Course: Exams

Box 38 Folder 668 Welfare Economics and Utility Regulation Course: Notes

Box 38 Folder 669 Welfare Economics and Utility Regulation Course: Reading Lists, 1972-1984

Box 38 Folder 670 Welfare Economics and Utility Regulation Course: Syllabi, 1972-1985

Box 38 Folder 671 Welfare Economics Course, 1965-1982

Box 38 Folder 672 Welfare Economics of Price Structures Course: Exams, 1960-1961

Box 38 Folder 673 Welfare Economics of Price Structures Course: Notes, 1954, undated

Box 38 Folder 674 Welfare Economics of Price Structures Course: Reading Lists, 1954-1961

Box 38 Folder 675 Welfare Economics of Price Structures Course: Syllabi, 1954-1961

Series V: Conference Materials

Programs, schedules, correspondence, publicity, discussion transcripts, and related materials about the participants, travel arrangements, topics to be debated, chairmanship duties, and comments on proposed presentations. Includes correspondence and other papers about the American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting organized by Vickrey. The meeting files detail the proposed sessions, papers submitted for presentation, organization of joint programs, and further planning information. Arranged alphabetically by conference title.

Box 38 Folder 676 American Economic Association (AEA) 1961 Annual Meeting, 1961

Box 38 Folder 677 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting, 1991-1992

Box 39 Folder 678 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Acceptance Letters, 1991

Box 39 Folder 679 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Confirmations, July-Aug. 1991

Box 39 Folder 680 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Joint Programs, 1990-1991

Box 39 Folder 681 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Letter re: Submitted Papers A-G, 1990-1991

Box 39 Folder 682 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Letter re: Submitted Papers H-M, 1990-1991

Box 39 Folder 683 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Letter re: Submitted Papers N-T, 1990-1991

Box 39 Folder 684 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Letter re: Submitted Papers U-Y, 1990-1991

Box 39 Folder 685 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Proceedings, 1990-1992

Box 39 Folder 686 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Proposed Sessions, 1990

Box 40 Folder 687 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Proposed Sessions, Jan. 1991

Box 40 Folder 688 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Proposed Sessions, Feb.-April 1991

Box 40 Folder 689 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Proposed Sessions, May-Aug. 1991

Box 40 Folder 690 American Economic Association (AEA) 1991 Annual Meeting: Rejection Letters, Aug.-Sept. 1991

Box 40 Folder 691 ATS-LRIS Analysis Conferences, July 1970

Box 40 Folder 692 The Econometric Society Meetings, 1960-1961

Box 40 Folder 693 Economic and Social Studies Conference Board of Turkey Conference on "Tax Losses in Turkey and Preventative Measures", May-Oct. 1977

[Held in Istanbul, 25-27 Oct. 1977. See also Design of Taxes to Minimize Evasion, Box 22, Folder 366.]

Box 40 Folder 694 The Fourth International Economics Conference on China, 1992-1993

[Held in Beijing, 10-12 Nov. 1992.]

Box 40 Folder 695 FRB Conference on Auction Reform, 1992

[Held in Washington, D.C., 3 June 1992.]

Box 40 Folder 696 Highway Finance Seminar, 1957

[Held at Michigan State University, 17-18 June 1957.]

Box 40 Folder 697 Highway Research Board 48th Annual Meeting, 1967-1969

[Held in Washington, D.C., 13-18 July 1969.]

Box 41 Folder 698 ICC Practitioners Association Annual Meeting, 1966

[Held at Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois, 12 May 1966.]

Box 41 Folder 699 International Association of Energy Economists (IAEE) Annual Conference, 1979

[Held in Washington, D.C., 4-6 June 1979. See also Responsive Pricing Based on Marginal Cost as a Means of Promoting Efficient Energy Usage, Box 19, Folder 307.]

Box 41 Folder 700 International Economic Association (IEA) Conferences, 1974 & 1976

Box 41 Folder 701 International Symposium "1973 Man and Transport", 1971-1972

[Held in Tokyo, Asahi Shimbun, 3-7 Sept. 1973. See also Detailed Pricing of Urban Transportation Services: The Essential Key to Efficient Urban Transportation, Box 25, Folder 421.]

Box 41 Folder 702 International Symposium on Transportation Pricing, 18-19 July 1969

[Held at the American University, 16 June 1969.]

Box 41 Folder 703 International Symposium on Transportation Pricing, 19 July-1 Aug. 1969, undated

Box 41 Folder 704 MITRE Conference on Transportation, 1975

[Held 17-19 Sept. 1975.]

Box 41 Folder 705 National Tax Association 62nd Annual Conference, Aug-Sept. 1969

[Held in Boston, Mass., 29 Sept.-3 Oct. 1969.]

Box 41 Folder 706 New England Telephone and Telegraph Company Seminar on "Economics in the Regulated Communications Industry", Feb.-Aug. 1970

[Held at the Bald Peak Colony Club, Melvin Village, New Hampshire, 17-19 June 1970.]

Box 41 Folder 707 Seminar on Urban Land Policy and Land Taxation in Asia, Aug-Sept. 1970

[Held in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Aug. 1970.]

Box 41 Folder 708 Society of Automatic Engineers (SAE) Congress & Exposition, 1973-1974

[Held at Cobo Hall, Detroit, Michigan, 25 Feb.-1 March 1974.]

Box 41 Folder 709 TRED Conference on "The Assessment of Land Value", July 1968-July 1969

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 16-18 June 1969.]

Box 41 Folder 710 TRED Conference on "The Assessment of Land Value", July 1969

Box 42 Folder 711 TRED Conference on "The Property Tax and Economic Development", 1966

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 13-15 June 1966.]

Box 42 Folder 712 TRED Conference on "The Property Tax and Its Administration", 1967

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 5-8 1967.]

Box 42 Folder 713 TRED Conference on "Property Taxation and the Finance of Education", 1972

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 20-22 Oct. 1972.]

Box 42 Folder 714 TRED Conference on "Property Taxation and Transportation", 1968

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 17-19 June 1968.]

Box 42 Folder 715 TRED Conference on "Property Taxation and Transportation", 1969-1971

Box 42 Folder 716 TRED Conference on "Property Taxation U.S.A.", 1965

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 14-16 June 1965.]

Box 42 Folder 717 TRED Conference on "Subsidies and Other Government Spending: Effects with Special Reference to Land Prices", 1971

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 23-25 Oct. 1971.]

Box 42 Folder 718 TRED Conference on "Tax Treatment of Exhaustible Resources", Feb. 1964-July 1965

[Held at the University of Wisconsin, 17-19 Aug. 1964.]

Box 42 Folder 719 TRED Conference on "Tax Treatment of Exhaustible Resources", Aug.-Nov. 1965, undated

Box 42 Folder 720 United Nations Training Workshop on the Negotiation and Regulation of Foreign Investments, Feb.-May 1975

[Held in Bucharest, Hungary, 26 May-20 June 1975.]

Box 42 Folder 721 World Bank Urban Transport Policy and Planning Course, 1980

[Held at the Economic Institute of the World Bank, 14 July-22 Aug. 1980.]

Series VI: Subject Files

Correspondence, notes, bibliographies, papers, lists, press clippings, and other documents reflecting Vickrey's research interests and efforts to have his work published. Also includes correspondence, notes, financial records, travel arrangements, and other information about his consulting projects, often overseas. Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box 43 Folder 722 Airline Guide, 1968-1969

Box 43 Folder 723 Balanced Budget, Aug-Sept. 1995

Box 43 Folder 724 Bibliographies, 1988, undated

[Entries are classified and often include comments, apparently written by Vickrey.]

Box 43 Folder 725 Broadcast Networks Consulting, 1967-1970

Box 43 Folder 726 Caracas Road Pricing, 1970-1974

Box 43 Folder 727 Curriculum Vitae, 1960-1992

Box 43 Folder 728 Game Theory

Box 43 Folder 729 Korea, 1971-1972

Box 43 Folder 730 Liberia

[Includes part of draft report and notes on income tax.]

Box 43 Folder 731 Liberia, 1965-1970

Box 43 Folder 732 Macro Growth

Box 43 Folder 733 Publication of Public Economics: Selected Papers by William Vickrey, May-Sept. 1993

Box 44 Folder 734 Sustained Prosperity, 1995

Box 44 Folder 735 Taxes, 1960-1966, undated

[Includes information on property taxes.]

Box 44 Folder 736 Telephone Charges, 1972

Box 44 Folder 737 Theoretical Economics Inquiries, 1955-1960

[Vickrey's efforts to have text on Theoretical Economics published.]

Box 44 Folder 738 Toll Roads, 1992

Box 44 Folder 739 Urban Transportation, 1954-1967

Box 44 Folder 740 Urban Transportation, 1969-1972

Box 44 Folder 741 Urban Transportation, 1973-1975, undated

Box 44 Folder 742 Vancouver, 1970-1974

Box 44 Folder 743 Venezuela

Box 44 Folder 744 Venezuela, 1975-1982

[Includes information on project with Carl Shoup. ]

Box 45 Folder 745 Zambia, 1968-1972

Box 45 Folder 746 Zambia, 1973-1975

Series VII: Printed Material

Reprints of papers written by Vickrey and his colleagues, issues of journals, and related economic ephemera. Arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 45 Folder 747 Vickrey, William Averaging of Income for Income Tax Purposes, June 1939

[Reprint fromThe Journal of Political Economy, Vol. XLVII, No. 3, June 1939. Developed as a result of work on the treatment of capital gains under Carl Shoup for the U.S. Treasury.]

Box 45 Folder 748 Vickrey, William Defining Land Value for Taxation Purposes, 1970

[Reprint fromThe Assessment of Land Value, edited by Daniel M. Holland, The University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, Wisconsin, and London, 1970.]

Box 45 Folder 749 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 217, London and New York, April 1945

Box 45 Folder 750 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 218-19, London and New York, June-Sept. 1945

Box 45 Folder 751 The Economic Journal, Vol. LV, No. 220, London and New York, Dec. 1945

Box 45 Folder 752 The Economic Journal, Vol. LVI, No. 223, London and New York, Sept. 1946

Box 45 Folder 753 The Economic Journal, Vol. LVII, No. 228, London and New York, Dec. 1947

Box 45 Folder 754 The Economic Journal, Vol. LXVIII, No. 269, London and New York, March 1958

Box 46 Folder 755 Vickrey, William The Economizing of Curb Parking Space: A Suggestion for a New Approach to Parking Meters, Nov. 1954

[Reprint fromTraffic Engineering Magazine, Nov. 1954. An early approach to traffic problems by the application of short-run marginal social cost concepts.]

Box 46 Folder 756 Vickrey, William Efficient Pricing of Electric Power Service: Some Innovative Solutions, 1992

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