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Group Research Inc. records, 1955-1996

Series XIV: Bumper Stickers

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Box 506 A Bureaucrat in Time Makes Nine

Box 506 A is A

Box 506 America: Love it or Leave It

Box 506 Apathy is Terrorizing

Box 506 Appease in Our Time

Box 506 Be a Povert. It's What's Happening Baby!

Box 506 Better Brinksmanship than Chickenship

Box 506 Bomb the Ban

Box 506 Brown for President

Box 506 Buy Back the Federal Reserve

Box 506 Cheer Up! They're Still 90 Miles Away

Box 506 China Has Gun Control (Gun Owners of America)

Box 506 Conserve Natural Resources like Gold and Water

Box 506 Disarmament=Surrender

Box 506 Does Politics Pay? Ask LBJ

Box 506 Down with Defense Like It Gets in the Way of Surrender

Box 506 Eschew Obfuscation

Box 506 Eye

Box 506 Fight Back: Enroll and Vote Conservative

Box 506 Fight Crime Shoot Back (Gun Owners of America)

Box 506 Freedom Wasn't Won With Registered Guns

Box 506 Get Government Out of the Red/ Get the Red Out of the Government

Box 506 Get US out of the United Nations (John Birch Society)

Box 506 Get US out of UN/ Get UN out of US

Box 506 Go to College Learn to Riot

Box 506 Great Society Fake-Hokum-Parity

Box 506 Great Society: A New Leech on Life

Box 506 Great Society: Abominable Snow-Job

Box 506 Great Society: Serf Yourself

Box 506 Guns Don't Kill People; People Kill People

Box 506 Happiness…is a warm splinter group

Box 506 Honor It Defend It

Box 506 I Didn't Raise Money to be Taxes

Box 506 I Don't Believe the Liberal Media

Box 506 I Don't Believe the Post

Box 506 I Love Animals, They're Delicious

Box 506 I'm Fighting Poverty. I Work for a Living

Box 506 I'm Not Fond'a Hanoi Jane

Box 506 I'm One of the 27 Million and Proud of It

Box 506 Indifference Breeds Fascism

Box 506 Jack Kemp President 1988

Box 506 Kids Need to Pray (Old Time Gospel Hour)

Box 506 Let Freedom Ring

Box 506 Let's Phase Out Foreign Aid

Box 506 Let's Phase Out McNamara

Box 506 Misgovern with McGovern

Box 506 New Monroe Doctrine: Welcome, Comrades!

Box 506 Once Upon a Time There Was a Constitution

Box 506 Participate in the Welfare State: Go Poverty-Stricken

Box 506 Perot for President

Box 506 Poland Has Gun Control (Gun Owners of America)

Box 506 Read State Department Document 72 77

Box 506 Register Communists Not Guns

Box 506 Register Your Dog Every Vote Counts

Box 506 Repeal the Income Tax

Box 506 Repeal the Income Tax! Support the Liberty Amendment (National Committee for Economic Freedom)

Box 506 Robertson '88

Box 506 Santa Is Dead Long Live Lyndon Claus

Box 506 SDI Could Ruin a Nuclear Bomb's Whole Day

Box 506 Share the Wealth, Equalize the Poverty

Box 506 Smile, You're in Wallace Country

Box 506 Support Your Local Police and Keep them Independent (John Birch Society)

Box 506 Support Your Local Police: Their Troubles are Yours (John Birch Society)

Box 506 Support Your Local Pseudo Intellectual. Give an Hour of Your Time! He Will.

Box 506 The UN is Stealing Your Birthright

Box 506 Those Missiles are Still in Cuba

Box 506 Trust the People! Wallace for President

Box 506 Trust the Soviets? Ask the Afghans (Committee for a Free Afghanistan)

Box 506 Uncle Sam-Please! I'd Rather Do It Myself

Box 506 Vote American! John Schmitz for President

Box 506 Wallace

Box 506 Wallace for President

Box 506 You Can't Fool Mother Nature. Stop ERA.

Box 506 Youth Against McGovern