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Group Research Inc. records, 1955-1996

Series XII: 1996 CPAC

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Box 495 Accuracy in Media

Box 495 American Conservative Union

Box 495 American Life League

Box 495 American Policy Center

Box 495 American Society for Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property

Box 495 American Sovereignty Action Project

Box 495 Americans Back in Charge

Box 495 Americans for Tax Reform

Box 495 Bruce W. Eberle & Associates, Inc.

Box 495 Campus Report

Box 495 Canon

Box 495 Capital Research Center

Box 495 Capitol Watch

Box 495 Cato Institute

Box 495 Christian Action Network

Box 495 Christian American

Box 495 Christian Coalition

Box 495 Citizens for an Alternative Tax System

Box 495 Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Box 495 Citizens Informer

Box 495 Citizens for a Sound Economy

Box 495 Citizens to Stop D.C. Statehood

Box 495 Citizens for a Strong America

Box 495 Claremont Institute

Box 495 College Republicans

Box 495 Competitive Enterprise Institute

Box 495 Conservative Caucus

Box 495 Conservative Legal Review

Box 495 Conservative Political Action Conference

Box 495 Conservative Television Network

Box 495 Council of Conservative Citizens

Box 495 DeWeese Report

Box 495 Eagle Publishing

Box 495 Family Research Council

Box 495 Family Research Institute

Box 495 Federalist Society

Box 495 Focus on the Family

Box 495 Free Congress Foundation

Box 495 Glider, George

Box 496 GOPAC

Box 496 Government is not God

Box 496 Heritage Foundation

Box 496 Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Box 496 Keene Report

Box 496 Kemp, Jack

Box 496 Keyes, Alan

Box 496 Leadership Institute

Box 496 Legal Affairs Council

Box 496 Light and Truth

Box 496 Media Research Center

Box 496 Murray, William J.

Box 496 National Citizens Legal Network

Box 496 National Empowerment Television

Box 496 National Minority Politics

Box 496 National Policy Forum

Box 496 National Rifle Association

Box 496 National Security Center

Box 496 National Tax-Limitation Committee

Box 496 O'Leary/Kamber Report

Box 496 Pontotoc County Citizens for School Prayer

Box 496 Radio America

Box 496 Regent University

Box 496 Regnery Publishing, Inc.

Box 496 Republican National Coalition for Life

Box 496 Richard Norman Company

Box 496 Right Stuff

Box 496 Schlafly

Box 496 Sixty Plus

Box 496 Sons of Confederate Veterans

Box 497 Southern League

Box 497 Toward Tradition

Box 497 Town Hall

Box 497 Tradition, Family, Property, Inc.

Box 497 United Seniors Association

Box 497 US English

Box 497 United States Justice Foundation

Box 497 Western Journalism Center

Box 497 Young America's Foundation