Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Cecile Starr papers, 1925-2001

Series VIII: Film Activities, 1980s-1990s

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Box 8 Folder 75 Kertesz Project Paris 1986-1987 1 Folder, 1986-1987

Box 8 Folder 77 Museum of Modern Art. Clippings, notes, and inventory lists; correspondence. New York 1980-1997 1 Folder, 1980-1997

Box 8 Folder 78 Southern filmmakers; correspondence, critiques, rosters of film festivals. [v.p.] 1975-1982 1 Folder, 1975-1982

Box 8 Folder 79 Correspondence, loose pages from published script, typed draft for article on movie: "Tattoo." [v.p.] 1959-1983 1 Folder Note: Article never published. Filed by Starr: "Tattoo article-Bob Brooks.", 1959-1983

Box 8 Folder 80 Centre Georges Pompidou. Correspondence, contract, and draft of Starr article on Stephanie Maxwell Paris and Vermont 1993-1997 1 Folder, 1993-1997

Box 8 Folder 81 American Federation of the Arts. Copy of distribution agreement, correspondence, flyer for film festival in Baton Rouge. Baton Rouge [n.d] 1977-1989 1 Folder, 1977-1989

Box 8 Folder 82 Boyajian Starr Associates. Notes, Employer Identification Number, financial records. New York 1979-1985 1 Folder, 1979-1985

Box 8 Folder 83 Correspondence and related items for various film periodicals. [n.p.] 1961-1985 1 Folder Note: Includes "Spiral," "Film Quarterly," and "Cantrills.", 1961-1985

Box 8 Folder 84 Receipts from personal sale of used film related books, videos, and posters. [v.p.] New York 1989-1994 1 Folder, 1989-1994

Box 8 Folder 85 Curtis, David. Arts Council of Great Britain. To Cecile Starr England 1981-1984 1 Folder, 1981-1984

(Regarding film program notes and project proposals.)

Box 8 Folder 86 Miscellaneous film correspondence 1990s New York [n.d.] 1995, 1998 1 Folder Note: Includes Maxine Haleff, Vachel Blair, Sally Mason-Robinson, Paula Kotis., 1990s, 1995, 1998

Box 8 Folder 87 Clippings and correspondence regarding film education and teaching positions. [v.p.] 1980-1999 1 Folder, 1980-1999

Box 8 Folder 88 Lye, Len. Clippings, correspondence, and materials regarding career of the kinetic sculptor and experimental filmmaker Len Lye (1901-1980). [v.p.] 1936-1991 1 Folder, 1936-1991

(Photocopy of letter to Starr signed "Len.")

Box 9 Folder 89 Lincoln Center programs and exhibition notes; t.ms. of talk given by Starr during 1967-1968 school year. New York 1967-1989 1 Folder, 1967-1968, 1967-1989

(Includes correspondence regarding "Fantasy in Film" public school project developed by Cecile Starr.)

Box 9 Folder 90 Laser disc information: flyers, clippings, correspondence, photographs. [v.p.] 1988-19941 Folder

Box 9 Folder 91 Correspondence and clippings regarding non-film friends. [v.p.] New York 1980-1998 1 Folder, 1980-1998

Box 9 Folder 92 Fire Island related clippings. New York 1979-1992 1 Folder, 1979-1992

Box 9 Folder 93 Grierson, John. Clippings, correspondence, and Starr's personal account of meeting the film critic. Photocopy of Starr book review for Grierson on the Movies (1981) in "Sightlines, Fall 1981. [v.p.] 1955-1981 1 Folder, 1955-1981

Box 9 Folder 94 Receipts, reviews, and correspondence regarding film related books purchased by Starr. [v.p.] 1966-1998 1 Folder, 1966-1998

Box 9 Folder 95 Kaufman, Boris. Materials, correspondence, and manuscript of article written by Starr. Starr's printed review of Dziga Vertov: A Guide to References and Resources printed in "Sightlines" Spring 1981. [v.p.] 1980-1981 1 Folder, 1980-1981

Box 11 Folder 99 Harvard Film Archives. Clippings, programs, and reviews regarding film retrospective Starr participated: "The Emergence of Abstract Film in America." Cambridge, MA 7-11 December 1995 1 Folder, December 1995

Box 11 Folder 100 Reiniger, Lotte. Personal correspondence, accounts by Starr, clippings, obituary regarding the film animator. [v.p.] 1981-1997 1 Folder, 1981-1997

(Reference to Starr's organizing Reiniger retrospective at the American Film Festival in 1980.)

Box 11 Folder 104 Stearns, Monteagle and Toni. To Cecile Starr (and Aram Boyajian). Article by Antonia Stearns in House Beautiful, December 1994. [v.p.] 1977-1995 1 Folder, 1977-1995

Box 11 Folder 105 Wright, Basil. Information regarding British documentary filmmaker. Correspondence between Starr, Wright, and others. [v.p.] 1974-1985 1 Folder, 1974-1985

Box 11 Folder 106 Correspondence and clippings regarding years spent in France. Includes Starr article reprint from the Saturday Review of Literature (1955). Personal accounts by Starr. [v.p.] 1962-1988 1 Folder, 1962-1988