Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Cecile Starr papers, 1925-2001

Series IV: New York Film, 1940s-1950s

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Box 4 Folder 40 Jack Ellis. Film Council of America. Correspondence to and from Starr; incomplete manuscript of autiographical materials [author unclear]. Evanston, IL and Vermont 1981-1997 1 Folder, 1981-1997

Box 4 Folder 41 Clippings, flyers, personal correspondence regarding filmmakers Julien Bryan, Ken Snelson, Francis Thompson. New York 1970s-1980s 1 Folder Note: All filmmakers who began careers in New York during the 1940s and 1950s., 1970s-1980s, 1940s

(Previously arranged by Cecile Starr.)

Box 4 Folder 42 Clippings regarding film careers of Jim Davis and James Broughton. New York 1940s-1950s 1 Folder Note: Includes published volume "Jim Davis: The Flow of Energy" inscribed to Cecile Starr., 1940s-1950s

(Previously filed as "Rosalind Kossoff" by Starr.)

Box 4 Folder 43 Thomas Brandon and Leo Dratfield. Correspondence and personal notes. New York 1967-1982 1 Folder Note: Note by Starr regarding relationship between filmmaker and distributor., 1967-1982

(Previously filed by Starr.)

Box 4 Folder 44 Lillian Wachtel. Film News. Clippings and correspondence regarding periodical "Film News" and film publisher and editor Rohana Lee. Vermont and New York [n.d.]; 1965, 1997 1 Folder, 1965, 1997

Box 4 Folder 45 Wachtel, Lillian. Clippings and correspondence with Cecile Starr. [n.p.] 1999-2001 1 Folder, 1999-2001

Box 4 Folder 46 Austrailian News and Information Bureau. Correspondence, clippings, and personal notes. New York 1942-1977 1 Folder Note: Cecile Starr's employer from 1942-1945. Includes correspondence between Cecile Starr and Australian filmmaker Ronald Maslyn Williams to 1977 with references to Jean Stafford, wife of poet Robert Lowell. References regarding office environment and newswriters during World War II., 1942-1977, 1977

Box 4 Folder 47 Affiliated Film Producers. Personal correspondence and accounts, clippings regarding Starr's working acquaintance with Willard Van Dyke, Irving Jacoby, and Helen Grayson; obituary for Irving Jacoby written by Starr published in EFLA Newsletter. New York 1967-1997 1 Folder, 1967-1997

Box 4 Folder 48 Film Council of America. "A Symposium: Sixty Years of 16 mm Film" and "A Guide to Film Services of National Associations." Practical Offset Inc.: Des Plaines IL 1954 220 pages bd. 146 pages bd, 1954

(Cecile Starr on the editorial board.)

Box 4 Folder 49 Film Council of America. Correspondence, programs, t.ms. of essay by Starr published in memorial flyer (1996). New York 1959-1996 1 Folder, 1959-1996

(Personal accounts regarding activities in the 1940s and 1950s Cecile Starr on the editorial board)

Box 4 Folder 50 National Film Board of Canada. Flyers, correspondence, personal accounts. New York and Montreal 1956-1979 1 Folder, 1956-1979

Box 4 Folder 51 Sophie Hohne (Reu). March of Time. Correspondence, flyers, clippings, photographs of building where former office stood. New York 1970-1997 1 Folder, 1970-1997

Box 4 Folder 52 Miscellaneous events and projects 1940s-1950s. Correspondence, clippings; study guides and articles for Encyclopedia Britannica by Cecile Starr. New York 1940-1950 1 Folder, 1940-1950