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Henry Beetle Hough papers, 1841-1994

Series III: Research Materials

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Subseries III.1: Book Files

Box 33 An Alcoholic to his Sons

Box 33 All Things are Yours

Box 33 Country Editor--Reviews

Box 33 Far Out the Coils

Box 33 Great Days of Whaling

Box 33 Harbor Light

Box 33 Lament for a City

Box 33 Lament for a City--Correspondence

Box 33 Lament for a City--Reviews

Box 33A Long Ancorage--Reviews

Box 33A Marth's Vineyard

Box 33A Massachusetts

Box 33A Mostly on Martha's Vineyard

Box 33A Mostly on Martha's Vineyard--Reviews

Box 33A The New England Story

Box 33A The New England Story--Clippings

Box 33A Once More the Thunderer--Correspondence

Box 33A Once More the Thunderer--Reviews

Box 34 Publicity for Random House

Box 34 Remembrance and Light

Box 34 The Road

Box 34 Roosters Crow in Town--Reviews

Box 34 Singing in the Morning--Reviews

Box 34 Sounding at Sea Level

Box 34 That Lofty Sky

Box 34 Thoreau

Box 34 Thoreau--Correspondence

Box 34 To the Harbor Light ("All Things Considered")

Box 34 Tuesday Will Be Different, 2 folders

Box 35 Vineyard Gazette Reader

Box 35 Whales Out of New Bedford

Box 35 Whaling Wives--Correspondence

Box 35 Whaling Wives--Manuscript Material

Subseries III.2: Subject Files

Box 35 ABC

Box 35 American History

Box 35 Architectural Resource Center

Box 35 At Kinson

Box 35 Australian TV

Box 35 Beetle, Henry W.

Box 35 Bodfish, H.H.

Box 35 Books begins at Home

Box 35 Captain Brown, George W.

Box 35 Carroll, Robert J.

Box 35 Censorship

Box 35 Channing, W.E.

Box 35 Christmas

Box 36 Cook., Dr. and the North Pole

Box 36 Crime

Box 36 Criticism

Box 36 Deer

Box 36 Dickens, Charles

Box 36 Dogs

Box 36 Editorial Ideas

Box 36 Editorials

Box 36 Emerson

Box 36 Feeney Case

Box 36 Fisher, Charles W.

Box 36 Garage Improvement

Box 36 Garden Trees

Box 36 Gifford, R. Swain

Box 36 Grand Canyon

Box 36 Hakodate

Box 36 Harding

Box 36 Harvard Common Press

Box 36 Hawthorne

Box 36 Holidays

Box 36 Honolulu

Box 36 Ideology

Box 36 Islands

Box 37 Journalism--Good Taste

Box 37 Journalism--Miscellaneous, 2 folders

Box 37 Kennedy Case--Chappaquiddick

Box 37 Kennedy Legislation Clippings, 1971-1972

Box 37 Kennedy Legislation Clippings, 1973

Box 37 Kennedy Legislation Clippings, 1974-1976

Box 37 Kennedy Legislation Clippings, Typescripts, Letters

Box 37 Lahaina

Box 37 Libel

Box 37 Lincoln

Box 37 Lord Kitchner

Box 38 Mass Circulation

Box 38 Melville, Herman

Box 38 Mexico

Box 38 Miller, Percy Chase, 2 folders

Box 38 New Bedford

Box 38 New Belfast Standard Time

Box 38 New Orleans

Box 38 Newspapers

Box 39 Ochutsk Dea

Box 39 Old New Bedford

Box 39 Owen, William Barry

Box 39 Paita-Callao-Valparaiso

Box 39 Pierce Avenue

Box 39 Plays

Box 39 Public Radio

Box 39 St. Helena

Box 39 Schools

Box 39 Sewers

Box 39 Small Town

Box 39 Ship Miscellaneous

Box 39 Smith, Gilbert L.

Box 39 Smith, Lucy P., 2 folders

Box 39 Smith, Nathan Skiff

Box 39 Songs

Box 39 Songs, Plays, Entertainment

Box 39 South Africa, 2 folders

Box 40 Spring Summer

Box 40 Sunday

Box 40 Talcahuano

Box 40 Television

Box 40 Thanksgiving

Box 40 Thoreau

Box 40 Typos

Box 40 Wamsutta Mills

Box 40 Water

Box 40 Whaling, 4 folders

Box 40 Whaling Voyages

Box 40 Winter

Box 40 Wolfe, Thomas

Box 40 Zoning

Box 40 Miscellaneous Notes and Clippings

Subseries III.3: Documents

Box 40 Hough Family History

Box 40 Vineyard Gazette