Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Leon Davidson's flying saucer collection, 1950-1980

Periodicals and Pamphlets (1984 Gift), 1968-1978

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Box 24 Aerial Research Systems' Sentinal

Box 24 Aid to Identification of Flying Objects

Box 24 Allen Body Photos

Box 24 Anomoly

Box 24 APRO Bulletin

Box 24 Asociacton Astromodelists Argentina (letter)

Box 24 Believe It

Box 24 Beyond Reality

Box 24 Boletin AAA-DIOVNI

Box 24 BUFORA Journal

Box 24 Boletin Ufologico

Box 26 Fate

Box 26 Flying Saucer News

Box 26 Flying Saucer News Catalogues

Box 26 Flying Saucer Review

Box 26 FSR Case Histories

Box 26 FSR Special lssues

Box 27 The Flying Saucer Story

Box 27 Flying Saucers by Laura Mundo

Box 27 Flying Saucers: An Analysis of the Air Force Project Blue Book

Box 27 Flying Saucers: Mysteries of the Space Age

Box 28 Forum

Box 28 Cateway Seminars (advertisement)

Box 28 The Hefley Report

Box 28 How to Save the World by Laura Mundo

Box 28 Hudson Valley

Box 28 International Paranormal Bulletin

Box 28 International UFO Reporter

Box 29 Jim Moseley's Book of Saucer News

Box 29 Lea Extraterretrea

Box 29 Magic and Showmanship

Box 29 Marcen Journal

Box 29 The Metaphysical Magazine

Box 29 Midnight Horoscope

Box 29 Mufon Symposium

Box 29 National Radio Pulpit

Box 29 New Atlantean Journal

Box 29 The Nominal UFO Researcher

Box 29 Nyhetsblad Newsletter

Box 29 Official UFO

Box 29 "Open Letter to the Now Generation," by Laura Mundo

Box 29 "Our Trip to the Moon and Venus," by Laura Mundo

Box 30 Page Research Library Newsletter

Box 30 Page Research Library Publications and Book Catalogue

Box 30 50 Lat (Polish)

Box 30 Project Bluebook reports 1-12 (bound)

Box 30 Psychic Gazette

Box 30 "Radical Science Ideas Acquire New Journal," The New York Times, 6, June 1978

Box 30 Ray-Palmer's Newsletter

Box 30 Revelations Awareness

Box 30 Rockets Vs. Flying Saucers

Box 31 Saucer News (by various titles)

Box 32 The SBI Report

Box 32 Search

Box 33 The Secret of Success (advertisement)

Box 33 "The Secret of the Sunbeam," by Laura Mundo

Box 33 The Skeptical Inquirer

Box 33 Skylook (name changed to Mufon UFO Journal)

Box 33 Spacelink

Box 33 Spaceview

Box 33 Spectrum

Box 33 Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects

Box 33 Teoria De Procesos De Los Ovni

Box 33 True Flying Saucers and UFOs Quaterly

Box 34 UFO Monitor

Box 34 UFO-NYT

Box 34 UFO Ohio Newsletter

Box 34 UFO Prophecy

Box 34 UFO Report

Box 34 UFO Review

Box 34 UFOer Pa Radar

Box 34 Ufologisch Informatief Tijdschrift

Box 34 Ufology

Box 34 Umbral Cero

Box 34 Unifeid States of Awareness

Box 34 Urania

Box 34 The White Sands Incident

Box 34 Who is Dean Kraft