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Leon Davidson's flying saucer collection, 1950-1980

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Creator(s) Davidson, Leon, 1922-
Title Leon Davidson's flying saucer collection, 1950-1980
Physical Description 65 linear feet (52 boxes)
Language(s) English .
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Books, magazines, newsletters, reports, pamphlets, and clippings documenting the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) or flying saucer phenomenon. Mr Davidson used this material in connection with his study for the United States Air Force, entitled "Flying Saucers: Special Report No. 14." (Oct. 1957 & July 1966)

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You will need to make an appointment in advance to use this collection material in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room. You can schedule an appointment once you've submitted your request through your Special Collections Research Account.

This collection is located off-site. You will need to request this material at least three business days in advance to use the collection in the Rare Book and Manuscript Library reading room.

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Boxes 19, 20, 21 and Scrapbooks 1-73 are available on microfilm.

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Source of acquisition--Davidson, Leon. Method of acquisition--Gift; Accession number--M-1962.

Gift of Leon Davidson, 1962-1968 & 1984.

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History / Biographical Note

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(Columbia University B.A. 1942, B.S. 1943, M.S. 1947& Ph.D. 1951).

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Box 1 Barber, Adam D., "The Coming Disaster Worse than the H-Bomb"

Box 1 Barker, Cray, "Book of Adamski"

Box 1 Barker, Cray, "The Strange Case of Dr. M. K. Jessup"

Box 1 Bartsch, Leo V., "The U.F.O. that Changed My Life"

Box 1 Borderland Sciences Research Associates, Various Short Articles

Box 1 Brasington, Virginia, "Flying Saucers in the Bible"

Box 1 Davidson, Leon, "Flying Saucers: Special Report No. 14, October, 1957"(4 Copies)

Box 1 Davidson, Leon, "Flying Saucers: Special Report No. 14, July, 1966" (2 Copies)

Box 1 Grant, W.V,, "Men in the Fying Saucers Identified"

Box 1 Kachur, V., "Space Scientists and the U.F.O. Phenomenon"

Box 1 Krafft, Carl Frederick, "Glimpses of the Unseen World"

Box 1 Layne, Meade, "The Coming of the Guardiands"

Box 1 Layne, Meade, "The Ether of Space"

Box 1 Layne, Meade, "The Morley-Martln Experiments"

Box 2 Marxer, John, "Evidence in Favor of Flying Saucers"

Box 2 Mitchell, Helen and Betty, "We Met the Space People"

Box 2 McCoy, John,"They Shall be Gathered Together"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura,"Ashtar, Go Home"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Cosmogony, Genesis, and Eschatology"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Don't Say I Didn't Tell You"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Flying Saucers"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Flying Saucers and the Father's Plan"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Pied Piper from Outer Space"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Private Lecture for Flying Saucer Study Groups"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, 'There is a Way Out."

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "Truth of Consequences"

Box 2 Mundo, Laura, "The Visitor's Plan"

Box 2 Ormond, Ron, "The Power of Faith"

Box 2 Sherwood, John, "Flying Saucers are watching You"

Box 2 Michael X, "Secrets of Higher Contact"

Box 3 Book Announcements

Box 3 Book Jackets

Box 3 Convention Announcements

Box 3 Lecture Announcements

Magazines (8 Boxes)

Box 4 Air Progress (1 issue)

Box 4 Amazing (October, 1957)

Box 4 American Aviation (June, 1963 October, l954), 1963

Box 4 Chrysalis (September -October, 1964)

Box 4 Chrysalis (1964-June, 1967)

Box 4 Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (1956)

Box 4 Dissenter/Dissinter (Vol. 1, No, 1)

Box 4 Engineering (October 13, 1967)

Box 4 Fantastic Universe Science Fiction (November, 1953)

Box 4 Fate (August, 1955-Aprll, 1959)

Box 4 Flying Saucer News (1967 ? 2 issues)

Box 4 Flying Saucers-Look Magazine (1967)

Box 4 Flying Saucers (l Issue)

Box 4 Flying Saucers-U.F.O. Reports (3 issues)

Box 5 Flying saucers-The Magazine of Space Conquest (17 Issues, June, 1957-February, 1961), 1957-February, 1961

Box 6 Flying Saucers-Mysteries of the Space Age (37 issues, May, 1961-December, 1967), 1961-December, 1967

Box 7 Flying Saucer Review (31 issues, Januarv, 1958-October, 1967), 1958-October, 1967

Box 8 Round Robin-Journal of Borderland Research (30 issues, 1953-1958)

Box 9 Round Robin-Journal of Borderland Research (22 issues, 1959-1961)

Box 10 Journal of Borderland Research-Clips, Quotes, and Comments (1953-1958)

Box 11 Pegasus (1 issue, Novemebr, 1952)

Box 11 Saucer News (2 Folders, 1960-1967)

Box 11 Saucers, Space, & Science (4 issues, October 1962-1967)

Box 11 Science & Mechanics (1 issue, December, 1966)

Box 11 Space World (1 issue, September, 1962)

Box 11 Spacecraft News (1 Issue)

Box 11 Transformation (1 issue, 1960)

Box 11 True, (1 issue, January, 1950)


Box 12 The Philosophical Bulletin (No, 426, 428, 450)

Box 12 Bulletin of New California Subtropical Settlement (No. 302,335,346,348)

Box 12 Circulo Da Amizade Sideral (No. 1,2,3,4)

Box 12 Civilian Research, Interplanetary Firing Objects Newsletter-Orbit,(Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol. Ill, No. 11)

Box 12 Civilian Saucer Intelligence (No. 1-27)

Box 12 Clarion Call (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol. 2, No. 2)

Box 12 Cosmic Researcher (Vol. 1, No. 1)

Box 12 Disc Digest (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol III)

Box 12 Dominion-American Corporation (Special Bulletins)

Box 12 Doubt (No. 39-61)

Box 12 Faith Contenders (April, 1961)

Box 12 The Flying Saucer (No. 3-10)

Box 12 Flying Saucer News (May 1958-August, 1961)

Box 13 Flying Saucer News Service (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol, 1, No. 10)

Box 13 Flying Saucer Review (No. 6-11)

Box 13 Forum (Vol. 2, No. 38)

Box 13 Galaxy Diskpatch (Vol. 1, No. l)

Box 13 Great Western News (No. 3-9)

Box 13 International Paranormal Bulletin (No. 1-13)

Box 13 International Roundtable of the World University (1960-1961)

Box 13 Interplanetary Intelligence Report (Vol. 1, No, 1)

Box 13 Journal of Correlative Philosophy (March, 1959-June, 1960), 1959-June, 1960

Box 13 Mark Age (July I960-May 1962)

Box 13 Midwestern U.F.O. Reporter (July -September, 1967)

Box 13 Metaphysical Digest (Vol. 4, No, 5 & 7)

Box 13 New Age Expositor (No. 2, 1960-No. 2, 1962)

Box 13 New Age Newsletter, (No. 20)


Box 13 Om-on-o Gold Sector (February, 1964)

Box 13 Open Letter (July, 1960-August, 1961), 1960-August, 1961

Box 13 Ouranos Revue Internationale (No. 19,-24)

Box 14 Orbit (April I960-January 1964)

Box 14 Ray Palmer's Flash Newsletter (June, 1965)

Box 14 Planetary Center (May, 1956-February, 1966 4 folders), 1956-February, 1966

Box 15 Satellite (July -Sept, 1957)

Box 15 Saucerian Bulletin (No, 7-25)

Box 15 Saucerian (1953-1956)

Box 15 Saucers (Vol. 1, No. 2-Vol. III, No. 3&4)

Box 15 Saucer Forum (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol 4, No. 1)

Box 15 Saucer News (No. 20-49)

Box 15 The Saucer's Report (September, 1957)

Box 15 The Saucer Sentinel (No. 8-18)

Box 15 The Science Group & The Christian (TRUTH) (Vol. 2)

Box 15 Sociedade Brasileira De Estudos Sobre Discos Voadores (No. 8)

Box 15 Spacecraft News (Vol 1, No. 1&2)

Box 15 Space Review (Vol 1, No. 1-Vol III, No. 1)

Box 15 Tee-Side U.F.O, Research Group (No. 3-5)

Box 15 Truth (No. 41, August, 1960)

Box 16 The Ufologer (Vol 1, No, 3-Vol. 2, No. 4)

Box 16 Ufology News (Vol 1, No. 2)

Box 16 U.F.O. Chile (August, 1967)

Box 16 U.F.O. Contact (March, 1967)

Box 16 U.F.O.-Critical Bulletin (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol. III, No. 6)

Box 16 U.F.O. Journal (Vol. I, No, 5-Vol 2, No. 3)

Box 16 U.F.O. Newsletter (No. 7-13)

Box 16 U.F.O. Reporter (Summer & Spring, 1964)

Box 16 Uranus (Vol. 1, No, 1-Vol. 7, No, 5)

Box 16 Voice of Aquarius (January, 1960 & March, 1964), 1960

Box 16 World-Wide Divine Love Radiation Service (September, I960)

Bound Newsletters

Box 17 Saucer News (Vol, 2, No, 6-Vol, 6, No, 5, #12-38)

Box 17 Nexus (Vol. 1, No, 1-Vol. 2, No. 5, #1-11)

Box 17 Flying Saucer News (Summer 1953 & Summer-Autumn 1954), 1953

Box 17 Space Review (Vol. 1, No. 1-Vol. 2, No, 4)

Box 17 Flying Saucer Review (No, 7-11)

Box 17 Civilian Saucer Investigation (Vol, 1, No. 4)

Box 17 Civilian Saucer Intelligence Newsletter (No. 1-27)

Box 18 Thy Kingdom Come (No. 4-9)

Box 18 Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America World Report (No. 11-16)

Box 18 McCoy (May 17, 1957-August 27, 1957), May 17, 1957-August 27, 1957

Box 18 Ufologer (January, 1958-April, 1959), 1958-April, 1959

Box 18 Aerial Phenomenon Research Group Reporter (Vol, 1, No, 5)

Box 18 Grove Gazette (Vol. 2, No. 7)

Box 18 Cosmic Science Newsletter

Box 18 Orbit (Vol. II, No. 4-Vol. Ill, No. 12)

Box 18 Civilian Research, Interplanetary Flying Objects Newsletter (Vol, 1 No.I, Vol II, No. 3)

Box 18 U.F.O. Newsletter (No. 7-13)

Box 18 U.F.O. Investigator (Vol. I, No. 1-Vol. II No. 5)

Box 18 Satellite (Vol. 1, No. l-Vol. 1, No. 5)

Box 18 U.F.O.-Critical Bulletin (Vol. II, No. 4-Vol. Ill, No. 6)

Box 18 The Prince George Cosmic Observer (Vol. I, No, 1-Vol. I, No. 3)

Box 18 Fliegende Untertassen Revue (No. 5/6-13/14)

Box 18 New Zealand Civilian Saucer Intelligence (Vol. 4, No. 4)


Box 19 Newsclippings, 1943 1954-1959), 1943

Box 20 Newsclippings (1960)

Box 21 Newsclippings (1961-1963)

Pamphlets & Transcripts


Box 22 Aurora, "Let Freedom Ring"

Box 22 Campbell, Duncan Cameron, "Truth and Flying Saucers"

Box 22 Ferguson, William, "My Trip to Mars"

Box 22 Morison, Robert, "Driving Whirlwinds"

Box 22 Schmidt, Reinhold O., "The Kearney Incident" and "To the Arctic Circle in a Spacecraft"

Box 22 Robertson, Archibald F. "A Sunday Afternoon"

Box 22 Ward, Clara Wills, "A Spirit Passed Before My Face"


Box 22 NBC-TV, "The Open Mind"

U.S. Aeronautical Charts

Box 23 U.S. Aeronautical Charts, 1950-1954

Box 23 Misc. bibliographies of UFO materials (gift of William S. Jone, 1979)

Periodicals and Pamphlets (1984 Gift), 1968-1978

Box 24 Aerial Research Systems' Sentinal

Box 24 Aid to Identification of Flying Objects

Box 24 Allen Body Photos

Box 24 Anomoly

Box 24 APRO Bulletin

Box 24 Asociacton Astromodelists Argentina (letter)

Box 24 Believe It

Box 24 Beyond Reality

Box 24 Boletin AAA-DIOVNI

Box 24 BUFORA Journal

Box 24 Boletin Ufologico

Box 26 Fate

Box 26 Flying Saucer News

Box 26 Flying Saucer News Catalogues

Box 26 Flying Saucer Review

Box 26 FSR Case Histories

Box 26 FSR Special lssues

Box 27 The Flying Saucer Story

Box 27 Flying Saucers by Laura Mundo

Box 27 Flying Saucers: An Analysis of the Air Force Project Blue Book

Box 27 Flying Saucers: Mysteries of the Space Age

Box 28 Forum

Box 28 Cateway Seminars (advertisement)

Box 28 The Hefley Report

Box 28 How to Save the World by Laura Mundo

Box 28 Hudson Valley

Box 28 International Paranormal Bulletin

Box 28 International UFO Reporter

Box 29 Jim Moseley's Book of Saucer News

Box 29 Lea Extraterretrea

Box 29 Magic and Showmanship

Box 29 Marcen Journal

Box 29 The Metaphysical Magazine

Box 29 Midnight Horoscope

Box 29 Mufon Symposium

Box 29 National Radio Pulpit

Box 29 New Atlantean Journal

Box 29 The Nominal UFO Researcher

Box 29 Nyhetsblad Newsletter

Box 29 Official UFO

Box 29 "Open Letter to the Now Generation," by Laura Mundo

Box 29 "Our Trip to the Moon and Venus," by Laura Mundo

Box 30 Page Research Library Newsletter

Box 30 Page Research Library Publications and Book Catalogue

Box 30 50 Lat (Polish)

Box 30 Project Bluebook reports 1-12 (bound)

Box 30 Psychic Gazette

Box 30 "Radical Science Ideas Acquire New Journal," The New York Times, 6, June 1978

Box 30 Ray-Palmer's Newsletter

Box 30 Revelations Awareness

Box 30 Rockets Vs. Flying Saucers

Box 31 Saucer News (by various titles)

Box 32 The SBI Report

Box 32 Search

Box 33 The Secret of Success (advertisement)

Box 33 "The Secret of the Sunbeam," by Laura Mundo

Box 33 The Skeptical Inquirer

Box 33 Skylook (name changed to Mufon UFO Journal)

Box 33 Spacelink

Box 33 Spaceview

Box 33 Spectrum

Box 33 Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects

Box 33 Teoria De Procesos De Los Ovni

Box 33 True Flying Saucers and UFOs Quaterly

Box 34 UFO Monitor

Box 34 UFO-NYT

Box 34 UFO Ohio Newsletter

Box 34 UFO Prophecy

Box 34 UFO Report

Box 34 UFO Review

Box 34 UFOer Pa Radar

Box 34 Ufologisch Informatief Tijdschrift

Box 34 Ufology

Box 34 Umbral Cero

Box 34 Unifeid States of Awareness

Box 34 Urania

Box 34 The White Sands Incident

Box 34 Who is Dean Kraft


Box 35 Adamski-Fort

Box 36 Fry-Leslie

Box 37 Lorenzen-Oahspe

Box 38 Ohio-Williamson


Box 39 1, 3-7

Box 40 8, 18, 24-28

Box 41 29-35

Box 42 36-37, 39-41

Box 43 42-45, 47-48

Box 44 49-52, 54-56

Box 45 57-61

Box 46 62-63, 66-67, 70-73

Printed Materials

Box 47 Books, brochures, printed reports


Box 48 Correspondence, notes, annotated printed matter, 1945-1969

Box 49 Correspondence, notes, annotated printed matter, 1945-1969

Box 50 Correspondence, government reports and clippings, 1950-1979

Box 51 Correspondence, notes, annotated printed matter, 1970-1992

Box 52 Correspondence, notes, annotated printed matter, 1970-1995

List of Books

Adamski, George Flying Saucers Farewell

Adamski, George Inside the Space Ships

Allingham, Cedric Flying Saucers from Mars

American Map Company Deutschland

Angelucci, Orfeo The Secret of the Saucers

Arnold, Kenneth, and Palmar, Ray The Coiming of the Saucers

Barker, Gray The Unidentified

Barker, Gray They Knew Too Much About Flying Saucers

Bender, Albert K. Flying Saucers and the Three Men

Bethurum, Truman Aboard a Flying Saucer

Bloecher, Ted Report on the U.F.O. Wave of 1947

Eisinger, Larrv The Mystery of Other Worlds Revealed

Erskine, Allen Louis Why Are They Watching Us?

Flying Saucer Review, World Roundup

Fort, Charles The Books of Charles Fort

Fry, Daniel Steps to the Stars

Fry, Daniel To Men of Earth

Fry, Daniel The White Sands Incident

Gibbon, Gavin They Rode in Spaceships

Girvan, Maveney Flying Saucers and Common Sense

Heard, Gerald Is Another World Watching?

Jessup, W.K. The Expanding Case for the U.F.O.

Jessup, W.K. The U.F.O. Annual

Jung, C.G. Flying Saucers

Keyhoe, Donald E. The Flying Saucer Conspiracy

Keyhoe, Donald E. Flying Saucers from Outer Space

Keyhoe, Donald E. Flying Saucers: Top Secret

Keyhoe, Donald E. The Flying Saucers are Real

Leslie, Desmond & Adamski. George Flying Saucers have Landed

Lorenzen, Coral E. Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence of the Invasion from Outer Space

Lorenzen, Coral E. The Great Flying Saucer Hoax

Lusar, Rudolf Die Deutsbhen Waffen und Geheimwaffen des 2 Weltkriges und ihre Weiterentwicklung

Michel, Aime Flying Saucers and the Straight-Line Mystery

Michel, Aime The Truth About Flying Saucers

Menzel, Donald H,. Flying Saucers

Maney, Charles A. and Hall, Richard The Challenge of Unidentified Flying Objects

N.Y. Academy of Sciences Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft

Nebel, Long John The Way Out World

Newman, Bernard The Flying Saucer

Nelson, Buck My Trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus

Nininger, H.H. Out of the Sky

OAHSPE. A New Bible

Ohio Northern University Bulletin

Prins, Ethera The Light That Must Not Fail

Reeve, Bryant and Helen Flying Saucer Pilgrimage

Robertson, Archibald F. Mohawk Trail and Apples of Avalon

Ruppelt, Edward J. The Report on Unidentified Flying Objects

Schonenberger, Schweizer Werlag Karl Volker der Erde

Scully, Frank Behind the Flying Saucers

Sorel, Edward Moon Missing

Stranges, Rev. Frank E. Flying Saucerama

Stringfled, Leonard Inside Saucer Post ... 3-0 Blue

Tacker, Lt. Col. Lawerence J., U.S.A.F. Flying Saucers and the U.S. Air Force

U.S. Air Force The Air Force Blue Book

U.S, Government Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Government Operations, House of Representatives

U.S. Government, Space Handbook: Astronautics and its Applications U.S.S.R., No Return for U-2

Wallee, Jacques Anatomy of a Phenomenon

Wilkins, Harold T. Flying Saucers on the Attack

Williamson, George Hunt, and McCoy, John U.F.O.'s Confidential