Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Henry Edward Crampton papers, 1900-1950

Series I: Cataloged Correspondence

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Box 1 Babbitt, E. H.

Box 1 Baker, E. F.

Box 1 Barnes, William

Box 1 Barringer, Daniel Moreau

Box 1 Bartlett, D. Dana

Box 1 Bielaski, A. Bruce

Box 1 Bigelow, William Frederick

Box 1 Bouge, L. J.

Box 1 Brougham, H. B.

Box 1 Brown, Roscoe C.

Box 1 Butler, Nicholas Murray

Box 1 Caird, Andrew

Box 1 Capen, Samuel P.

Box 1 Carver, C. N.

Box 1 Cate, Eleazar

Box 1 Chapman, I. A.

Box 1 Coffin, Howard E.

Box 1 Colcord, Lincoln

Box 1 Conklin, C. G.

Box 1 Cooke, Helen Te

Box 1 Crampton, Henry E.

Box 1 Crampton, Francis Asbury

Box 1 Crampton, Marion (Mrs. Henry)

Box 1 Crampton, Theodore H. M.

Box 1 Crampton, W. D., Jr.

Box 1 Creel, George

Box 1 Curtis, G. L.

Box 2 Davies, Milton J.

Box 2 Davis, William Morris

Box 2 Dean, Bashford

Box 2 De Booy, Theodoor

Box 2 DeWoody, Charles

Box 2 Draper, B. H. Bristow

Box 2 Drinker, Henry Sturgis

Box 2 Earle, Ralph

Box 2 East, Edward Murray

Box 2 Edwards, Florence G.

Box 2 Evans, Samuel M.

Box 2 Farabee, William Curtis

Box 2 Gale, Charles J.

Box 2 Germain, Louis

Box 2 Gifford, Walter S.

Box 2 Godfrey, Hollis

Box 2 Going, Charles B.

Box 2 Gratacap, Louis Pope

Box 2 Gray, Arthur R.

Box 2 Gregory, William K.

Box 2 Harris, S. F.

Box 2 Hollis, Ira N.

Box 2 House, Edward M.

Box 2 Hovey, Edmund Otis

Box 2 Jessup, Henry Wynans

Box 2 Keppel, Frederic Paul

Box 2 Kissell, Mary Lois

Box 2 Litchfield, T. W.

Box 2 Livingston, Louis

Box 2 Lucas, Frederic Augustus

Box 2 McCain, Henry P.

Box 2 Merserve, Frederick H.

Box 2 Mezes, Sidney Edward

Box 2 O'Brian, John Lord

Box 2 Osborn, Henry Fairfield

Box 2 Polk, Frank L.

Box 2 Popence, Paul

Box 2 Price, Raymond B.

Box 2 Scott, F. A.

Box 2 Seligman, Edwin R. A.

Box 2 Simpson, Frank F.

Box 2 Sligh, Charles R.

Box 2 Smith, Charlotte

Box 2 Smith, David Eugene

Box 2 Staats, Marion

Box 2 Stevenson, Archibald Ewing

Box 2 Stillwell, Lewis B.

Box 2 Strong, Benjamin

Box 2 Summers, Lealnd Laflin

Box 2 Tilden, Charles J.

Box 2 Wadsworth, James Wolcott

Box 2 Wheaton, Harrison H.

Box 2 Wheeler, William Morton

Box 2 Winans, Herbert