Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999

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Series VI: 1980 Gift, 1980

Box 228 Correspondence, 1972-76

Box 228 American Friends of Cambridge University, 1977-79

Box 228 Articles accepted, 1976-77

Box 228 Lectures accepted, 1978-79

Box 228 Lectures declined, 1977-78

Box 228 Library gifts & other contributions, 1971-75

Box 228 Miscellaneous invitations, 1976-78

Box 228 The New York Society Library, 1978-79

Box 228 Open Court Publications, 1973-77

Box 229 Publicity (duplicates only)

Manuscripts edited by Jacques Barzun:

Box 229 Keck: How to take care of your pictures .

Box 229 Steeves: History of feminism .

Box 229 Tibbetts: What's happening to American English

Box 230 Books inscribed to Barzun, with his contributions, etc.

Box 231 Books with Barzun' s notes, etc., & misc. printed items