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Jacques Barzun papers, 1900-1999

Series XXII: 1996 Gift

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Box 399 Correspondence: A-J

Box 400 Correspondence: K-Z

Correspondence: Family (restricted) & oversized folder (filed at end of correspondence)

Box 401 About music-Berlioz, Shaw, et al.

Box 401 Academies, Associations, Guild., and other memberships

Box 401 The American Scholar

Box 401 Art and the Individual

Box 402 Articles and letters

Box 402 Articles & notes; Berlioz ...

Box 402 Articles & notes on professionalism (PBK), Judges & their work

Box 402 Articles by JB, correspondence, material used

Box 402 Articles requested

Box 402 Arts

Box 402 Arts (general)

Box 403 Berlioz

Box 404 Bibliography

Box 404 Bookplates

Box 404 Breckinridge lectureship

Box 404 Capital punishment, Material for article on

Box 404 Churchill College, Cambridge and University of Buckingham

Box 404 Claremont

Box 404 Claremont College, Lectureship at, 1971

Box 404 Claremont lectureship (folder #2)

Box 405 Classics, Notes for

Box 405 Club memberships, JB

Box 405 Columbia, Correspondence with or about

Box 405 Comments about articles & talks

Box 405 Copy-editing (language); Behind the blue pencil

Box 405 Copyright, Correspondence with Viking, Macmillan. etc. about

Box 405 Creativity

Box 405 Criticism (1983), Phil., Politics, Social Sci. & Psych. related to

Box 405 Criticism 1983 used in more than one essay, 1983

Box 406 Critics & history, UTSA

Box 406 Culture, current for Dict.

Box 406 Democracy and modem government

Box 406 Detective fiction: A Catalogue of Crime

Box 406 Detective fiction: The literature of true crime

Box 406 Detective fiction: Sherlock Holmes ...

Box 407 Detective fiction: Card files

Box 408 Dictionary items: Scholarship (D.C.) History (OAR)

Box 408 Diderot

Box 408 Education, Material & letters mostly for writings on

Box 408 Education, Selected Documents on

Box 408 Follett: Modern American usage, Material collected for completion & rev. of

Box 408 For energies of art (II)

Box 408 For "Why opera"

Box 409 French verse, Material for essay on

Box 409 Germany, Material for

Box 409 Ghosts (for JS volume)

Box 409 History

Box 409 History-general

Box 409 History and historical criticism, Notes for lectures on

Box 409 History of Science, Projected, (with WHT) and other plans and speech outlines

Box 410 History, written fragments, catalogues ...

Box 410 Invitations to speak or appear

Box 410 James, William, by or about

Box 410 James, William Ms. pp. by JB

Box 410 The Language-articles ...

Box 411 Letters & notes to & from JB mostly art & lit. ...

Box 411 Letters-misc.-short-course (innovation) outlines

Box 411 Lincoln, About

Box 411 Lincoln notes for little book

Box 411 Liszt material for essay

Box 412 Library card files (JB's own library) (I)

Box 413 Library card fles (JB's own library) (2)

Box 414 Lit. crit. & cultural hist., Correspondence and notes about

Box 414 Look it up, check it out, Part of material for

Box 414 Miscellaneous requests and comments including the "special cases" ...

Box 414 The Modern Researcher; material for 4th edition

Box 414 The Modern Researcher notes for revision letters from HFG

Box 414 Modernism, Lecture on

Box 415 Notes: Blue books & notebooks

Box 415 Notes for Beddoes, B. Rush, Burke & Hare, and other articles

Box 416 On education

Box 416 On language (Follett revision & Safire)

Box 416 Paris in, 1830

Box 416 Permissions various

Box 416 Railroad essay-Modem researches

Box 416 Recommendations

Box 416 Relativism

Box 416 Romanticism, dead or a1ive

Box 417 Shakespeare

Box 417 Shaw, G.B.

Box 417 SMU, Material for lectures at. Feb, 1979

Box 417 Speech notes and small pieces

Box 417 The sport of research (Columbia alumni 1986)

Box 417 Television & the schools (CBE 1986)

Box 417 Thomson, Randall. memorial notice

Box 417 Thoreau

Box 417 To authors & publishers

Box 417 To, from, and about friends

Box 417 Tocqueville

Box 418 Wesleyan-A word or two before you go.

Box 418 Who's who-obits and notices of people I have known or dealt with

Manuscripts by JB:

Box 419 Acad/Institute Ceremonial, May 20, 1981

Box 419 Articles by JB

Box 419 Briefs

Box 419 Central influences on American life

Box 419 The erotic Bernard Shaw

Box 419 Essays

Box 419 How the Romantics invented Shakespeare

Box 419 Longer pieces

Box 419 Margaret Mills memorial tribute ..., 1993

Box 419 Minor articles and speeches

Box 420 Our distortion of the 19th century

Box 420 The pleasures and uses of history

Box 420 Speeches and short papers

Box 420 Speeches and short papers, 1947-1995

Box 420 Talks various

Box 420 When the Orient was new; Byron, Kinglake & Flaubert

Box 420 Why do the arts attack society

Box 420 Why is modem literature so difficult

Box 420 Written fragments, not used

Printed materials:

Box 421 Published articles by JB: A-B(I)

Box 422 Published articles by JB: B(2)-C

Box 423 Published articles by JB: D-L

Box 424 Published articles by JB: M-O

Box 425 Published articles by JB: P-Z

Box 426 Published articles by JB: Unsorted

Box 427 Books by Barzun (2 boxes)

Box 428 Books by Barzun (2 boxes)

Box 429 Books with m's contributions & misc.

Box 430 Books with m's annotations (2 boxes)

Box 431 Books with m's annotations (2 boxes)

Box 432 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 433 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 434 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 435 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 436 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 437 Books inscribed to 18 (6 boxes)

Box 438 Books & off-prints inscribed to JB

Tape cassettes