Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Collection of American Civil War documents, 1850-1917

Series IV: Prints of photographs by Mathew Brady, circa 1860-1864

Prints of photographs by Mathew Brady, c. 1860-1864. Silver prints, 13.5 x 16.5 mounted on board 16" x 20". Each print from the original Brady negative, printed circa 1950, from negatives which were subsequently donated to the Smithsonian Institution.

Entries for the identified portraits have been added to the General Portrait Collection file. Gift of Harvey V. Fondiller, 1983.

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Flat Box 682 Arthur, Prince, Duke of Connaught

Flat Box 682 Bodisco, Mrs.

Flat Box 682 Boutwell, George

Flat Box 682 Bull Run

Flat Box 682 Burying the Dead

Flat Box 682 Captain of Gun Boat "Hunchback"

Flat Box 682 Cartridge Manufactory

Flat Box 682 Catacazy, Madame

Flat Box 682 Custer, George, General

Flat Box 682 Factory Hospital, Fredericksburg

Flat Box 682 Fairfax Station

Flat Box 682 Fessenden, William

Flat Box 682 First Connecticut Battery

Flat Box 682 Fish, Hamilton

Flat Box 682 Fourth Massachusetts Battery

Flat Box 682 Gage, Mr., and Brother

Flat Box 682 Grant, Jesse and Nelly

Flat Box 682 Grant, Ulysses S., General, Seated

Flat Box 682 Grant, Ulysses S., General, Standing

Flat Box 682 Grant, Ulysses S., President

Flat Box 682 Hancock, Winfield, General, Seated

Flat Box 683 Hancock, Winfield, General, Standing

Flat Box 683 Harwood, Miss

Flat Box 683 Hoar, Ebenezer

Flat Box 683 Hut; Eleventh Rhode Island V. M.

Flat Box 683 In the trenches at Fredericksburg

Flat Box 683 Lincoln, Abraham, Seated

Flat Box 683 Lincoln, Abraham, Standing

Flat Box 683 Logan, John Alexander, and Family

Flat Box 683 Machine Shops, Alexandria

Flat Box 683 Officers' quarters

Flat Box 683 Robeson, George

Flat Box 683 Shaffer, Mrs.

Flat Box 683 Sheridan, Philip, General

Flat Box 683 Stanton, Edwin

Flat Box 683 Unidentified Child

Flat Box 683 Unidentified Lady

Flat Box 683 Unidentified Little Girl

Flat Box 683 Unidentified Young Woman