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Manuel Komroff papers, 1897-1979

Series V: Manuscripts by Komroff

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Box 3 Abbé Doret's secret

Box 3 An accident

Box 3 Aesop and the oracle of Thebes

Box 3 All for love, and love for all

Box 3 All in our day

Box 3 Alone the stranger passes

Box 3 Anatomy of a dictator

Box 3 Animals

Box 3 Ants

Box 3 The apple tree saga

Box 3 The arrest of Prince Basil

Box 3 At the feet of Li Po

Box 3 Bakunin - prophet of revolution

Box 3 Barabbas was a robber

Box 3 Baron von Starmer and Beau, the Harlem bouncer

Box 3 The beating of the reed

Box 3 Bees, ants and war

Box 3 Beethoven

Box 3 Beheading of John the Baptist

Box 3 Behind fortune's throne

Box 4 Big city, little boy

Box 4 By the breath of God

Box 4 Carol's career

Box 4 Chapel in the forest

Box 4 Chariot in the sky

Box 4 China's one way gate

Box 4 The Christian bite

Box 4 The Christmas surrender

Box 4 Circle of confusion

Box 5 Come, follow me!

Box 5 Contrary Japan

Box 5 Coronet

Box 6 Creation

Box 6 The cycle of myrrh

Box 6 The dark wanderer

Box 6 David and Goliath

Box 6 A day of pleasure

Box 6 Dear Mikado

Box 6 Death of an outcast

Box 6 The death of Herod

Box 6 The death of Judas

Box 6 Dialogues in the desert

Box 6 The diamond ring

Box 6 Dictators die hard

Box 6 A dog from nowhere

Box 6 Don Quixote rides again

Box 6 An Easter in Spain

Box 6 Echo of evil

Box 7 The end of a long journey

Box 7 The end of Lopez

Box 7 Expect and live

Box 7 A famous place

Box 7 Feast of the jesters

Box 7 The five soldiers

Box 7 The flaxen-haired mannequin

Box 7 Flight into Egypt

Box 8 The fool and death

Box 8 For happiness - an easy step down

Box 8 From civilian to soldier - the process of transformation in America's mass army

Box 8 The garden of Femadia

Box 8 The genial governor of Judea

Box 8 Genot - man of victory

Box 8 George, saint of courage

Box 8 The girl who wept tears of real pearl

Box 8 Give them justice

Box 8 The grace of lambs

Box 8 The great tomorrow

Box 8 The greatest belief of all

Box 8 The greatest story in the world

Box 8 Hamlet's dagger

Box 8 The happy land without a sky

Box 8 Hara-kiri for Japanese generals

Box 8 The hara-kiri of Baron Kura

Box 8 A herd of swine

Box 16 Hidden message

See: The love between Che-lin and Black Goose

Box 8 How Christmas came

Box 8 How does it feel to be free!

Box 6 How to be a dictator

See: Dictators die hard

How to write a novel

Box 9 First draft

Box 10 First draft, corrected

Box 10 Second draft

Box 10 Second draft, revised

Box 11 Notes

Box 11 I am one of you

Box 11 If you were my boy

Box 11 If you were my girl

Box 11 In quest of a heart's desire

Box 11 In the land of Egypt

Box 11 In the name of liberty

Box 11 In the years of Our Lord

Box 11 Introduction

Introduction to Some Chinese Ghosts by Lafcadio Hearn.

Box 11 An innocent visitor

Box 11 Invitation to danger

Box 11 I, the tiger

Box 12 Jade star

Box 13 Jade star

Box 14 The joy of waiting

Box 14 Juggler's kiss

Box 14 Kiss Cupid and live

Box 14 The lady & the Titanic

Box 14 The last court

Box 14 The laugh that threatens

Box 14 Lecture notes for novel writing workshop at Columbia University

Box 14 The lepers in the wilderness

Box 14 A letter to the children at Christmas

Box 14 The life and miracles of St. Nicholas

Box 14 Light of the moon

Box 15 A little bedroom far away

Box 15 A little bit of butter

Box 15 The little black box

Box 15 Little forces of nature

Box 4 The little glass heart.

See: The Christian bite.

Box 15 The little master of the sky

Box 15 A little pup from Alaska

Box 15 Live dangerously

Box 15 The Liveright story

Liveright's biography.

Box 16 Lost in Jerusalem

Box 16 The lost song

Box 16 Lots of luck

Box 16 The love between Che-lin and Black Goose

Box 16 The magic bow: a romance of Paganini

Box 16 The magic keyboard

Box 16 The magic of madness

Box 16 Manuel Komroff: the gold standard candidate

Box 17 The march of the hundred

Box 17 Mathew Brady

Box 17 A million franc reward

Box 17 The miracle of miracles

Box 17 Miss Maupassant

Box 17 Miss Robinson Crusoe

Box 17 A morning in court

Box 17 Mozart

Box 18 My friend from Tibet

Box 18 Napoleon's hat under glass

Box 14 Never misspell a name

See: The lady &the Titanic

Box 18 The new class

Box 18 A New York tempest

Box 18 No bad news today

Box 18 O' thunderous drums

Box 19 Out of today's horror

See: The saga humane

Box 18 Over seven million transformed - an account of the new mass army America is building

Box 18 The package fantasy

Box 18 The packed suitcase

Box 18 The passing of a little unit

Box 18 Prince of the captivity

Box 18 Princess Kashmir

Box 18 Private journal

Box 18 Profit by my experience.

Box 18 A publicity stunt

Box 19 A red coat for night

Box 19 Red days and nights

Box 19 The red giant

Box 19 The refined art of stealing

Box 19 Remember December

Box 19 Requiem

Box 19 Return of the Magi

Box 19 Ride of the two thieves

Box 19 Round trip to Japan

Box 19 The saga humane

Box 19 Saint Karl Marx

Box 19 The serpent in Eden

Box 19 The Siamese hands

Box 19 Six men and a boy

Box 19 The slave girl from Judea

Box 19 Smile, little John

Box 20 So you won't talk

Box 20 Something of the sting

Box 20 Somewhere in the Pacific

Box 20 A Spanish episode

Box 20 A star for Bobby

Box 20 The story of Jesus

Box 20A A story teller's world

[Autobiography]. Typescripts, notebooks, photocopies and printed works. Unpubished ms. copyrighted March 20, 1991 under the title: Encounters.

Box 20B A story teller's world

[Autobiography]. Typescripts, notebooks, photocopies and printed works. Unpubished ms. copyrighted March 20, 1991 under the title: Encounters.

Box 20 The story without words

Box 20 The strange masterpiece

Box 20 The Sunday of palms and prophecy

Box 20 Take these things hence

Box 20 The tattooed forehead

Box 20 Telling tales

Box 20 The ten lepers in the wilderness

Box 20 That blowzy goddess fame

Box 20 That bum Weathermore

Box 20 There go the thieves

Box 20 The thousand and first Hollywood night

Box 20 Three strings of pearls

Box 20 Through the terror - and away

Box 20 Thumbs

Box 21 Told in the stars

Box 21 Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

Box 21 Tones

Box 21 Traced in moonlight.

Box 21 The travels of Marco Polo

Box 21 Troubles in hell

Box 22 The twenty-nine minutes

Box 22 The two Mrs. Parringtons

Box 22 Unknown sayings of Jesus

Box 22 The voice of fire

Box 22 Waterloo

Box 23 Waterloo--notes

Box 23 We boys of China.

Box 23 A wedding feast

Box 23 Where rain cannot enter

Box 23 Where the shoe pinches

Box 23 Who wrote this?

Box 23 The whole world is outside

Box 23 Within the arena

Box 23 Within the clockwork

Box 23 The yellow fox

Box 23 Ziggi the clown

Box 23 Untitled historical novel of the Revolutionary Period in New York City--notes on cards

Box 23 Scrapbook of clippings, book reviews, etc.