Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Henry Parker Willis papers, 1863-1937

Series II: Personal File-- Correspondence

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Box 3 A

Box 3 Agger, E.E.

Box 3 Anderson, Benjamin M., Jr.

Box 3 B

Box 3 Beckhart, B. Haggott

Box 3 Bulkley, Robert J.

Box 4 C

Box 4 D

Box 5 E

Box 5 Edwards, George W.

Box 5 Ehrlich, W.J.

Box 5 Egbert, J.C.

Box 5 Elliott, Edward

Box 5 F

Box 5 Flannagan, W. W.

Box 5 Fletcher, Wilson

Box 6 G

Box 6 H

Box 6 Haig, Robert M.

Box 6 Hamlin, Charles S.

Box 6 Harding, W.P.G.

Box 6 Herter, Christian

Box 6 Hollander, J.H.

Box 6 Hollis, Henry

Box 6 I

Box 6 Inter-American High Commission

Box 7 J

Box 7 Jenks, John S., Jr.

Box 7 K

Box 7 Kammerer, E. W.

Box 7 Kirkbridge, F.W.

Box 7 L

Box 7 LaSalle University

Box 7 Linz, Clarence L.

Box 8 M

Box 8 N

Box 8 National Committee on People's Banks

Box 8 New International Encyclopedia

Box 8 O

Box 8 Oddie, Tasker

Box 9 P

Box 9 Paine, George H.

Box 9 Q

Box 9 R

Box 10 S

Box 10 Sprague, O.M.W.

Box 10 T

Box 10 U

Box 11 V

Box 11 W

Box 11 Walcott, Frederic C.

Box 11 Wilson, Emmett

Box 11 Willis, Gwendolen B.

Box 11 Willis, Olympia

Box 11 Willis, Rosa Johnston Brooke

Box 11 Y