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Frank A. Vanderlip papers, 1890-1937

Part F: Subjects--Correspondence and Documents

9 Boxes. Arranged alphabetically and listed in the Subject section of the Vanderlip card catalog. The container list in this finding aid was created from the catalog cards.

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Box F-1 Albania--League of Nations, Geneva--Rapport general de la conmission d'Enquete et resolution adoptee par le Conseil le 14 mai 1922, 1922 June 2, p.d. 15p.


Box F-1 Commerce between U.S.A. and Argentina, 1919 June 3

Box F-1 The National City Bank of New York announces the opening of three additional banking houses in South America ...Rosario, and Buenos Aires, …


Box F-1 American Relief Administration in Austria, 1921 April-June

Box F-1 American Relief Committee for Sufferers in Austria

Box F-1 Appreciation of the student relief work by Austrian leaders and others. European Student Relief, 1921 June

Box F-1 The General Austrian Situation at the Beginning of January 1923, 1923 January

Box F-1 Notes upon the general situation in Austria from the point of view of student conditions and student relief. European Student Relief, 1921 July

Box F-1 A report on special cases of sick, undernourished, and very poor students in Austria, 1921. European Student Relief, Donald Grant, 1921

Box F-1 Austria: Special cases of distress. European Student Relief, [1921]


Box F-1 Belgian Relief Committee

Box F-1 The Commission for relief in Belgium

Box F-1 Bolivia--NCB Loan

Box F-1 Brazil


Box F-1 Statement by Minister of Finances Tourlakoff, 1922

Box F-1 Genoa Conference statement of Bulgarian delegation

Box F-1 Letter from Bulgarian minister in London, 1922

Box F-1 Chain Stores: Six independent chain stores submitted for consolidation

Box F-1 Chile--The monetary situation in Chile and its influence on business.


Box F-1 American Chamber of Commerce of China. Shanghai, 1920 April

Box F-1 American Red Cross. Re: Public works Loan for construction in China, 1915 October

Box F-1 Anti-Civil-War Conference, 1932 August

Box F-1 H.deF. Baldwin to Maurice William, 1933 January 12, 1p. (Copy)

Box F-1 China and Silver by Sir Arthur Salter. An Economic Forum Publication, 1934, 117p.

Box F-1 China's Anti-Civil War League, 1932

Box F-1 Comission on Relations with the Orient. Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, 1920

Box F-1 Norman H. Davis to Maurice William, 1933 January 4, 1p. (copy)

Box F-1 Famine in China described in…

Box F-1 William J. Gies to Maurice William, 19?? November 12, 2p. (copy)

Box F-1 H. H. Kung to Maurice William, Shanghai, 1932 May 23, copy

Box F-1 Shu-Chin Tsui to Maurice William, 1932 August 22, copy

Box F-1 Statement…addressed to all leaders of both factions in the Kuordntang. By Maurice Williams., 1932 March 16

Box F-1 Leighton Stuart to Maurice William, Peiping, 1932 September 24, copy

Box F-1 Sun Yat-Sen and Maurice William by James T. Shotwell, 1932

Box F-1 Who's Who: James Thomson Shotwell; John Leighton Stuart

Box F-1 Maurice William to Mme. Sun Ching-ling, 1932 March 16, copy

Box F-1 Maurice William to James T. Shotwell, 1932 July 6, copy

Box F-1 Maurice William to William J. Gies, 1932 November 19, 22p. (copy)

Box F-1 Maurice William to William J. Gies, 1932 December 5, 28p. (copy)

Box F-1 W.W. Yen to Maurice William, Geneva, 1932 March 29, copy

Box F-1 Yui Ming to Maurice William, Shanghai, 1932 May 10, copy

Box F-1 Chrome Ore

Box F-1 Communist Party of America--Workers Party of America, Intelligence Division Report on, 1924 February 5

Box F-1 Community Councils--Frank Peer Beal, 1935 February

Box F-1 Copper--General copper siutation as of January 1927, 1927

Box F-1 Credit Lyonnais


Box F-1 Loan of $20,000,000, (1913)

Box F-1 Loan in 1919


Box F-1 Banking and Commericial: European Crisis

Also contains a list of related material in the personal name file

Box F-1 Silver

Also contains a list of related material in the personal name file

Box F-1 Currency Reform

Also contains a list of related material in the personal name file


Box F-1 Documents, 1922

Box F-1 "Czechoslovakia certainly presents at the present time…a hope to all Europe … ", [1921]

Box F-1 Letter to FAV from Géxhaus (?) Mitra, Tschechvo-Slovakische Republik.

Box F-1 "Recent word from …" European Student Relief, 1921 August

Box F-2 Distribution--Investors' Union

Box F-2 Diversified Stock Fund

Box F-2 Dyeing and Cleaning Companies

Box F-2 Educational Finance Inquiry

Box F-2 Florida


Box F-2 The American Society for the Relief of the French War Orphans.

Box F-2 Paris. "French organizing to trade with U.S.", 1917 June 29, t.d. 1p.

From the Sun, June 30th, 1917

Box F-2 "… Report on the General Situatin of France", 1920 February 20, a.ms.s., 10p.

Box F-2 [Ministere des Régions Libérées: Paris], [1922 July 1], t.d. 3p., with ms. notes

"Re: Germany's Responsibility for French loss in the War, according to the Versailles Treaty"

Box F-2 [Ministere des Régions Libérées: Paris] "Montant des dommages subis & des sommes dépensées et à dépenser pour leur réparation", [circa 1922 July?], t.d. 2p.

Box F-2 Ministere des Régions Libérées. "L'Oeuvre de la Reconstitution", Statistique, Situation au ler Mars 1922, 1922

1. Population 2. Habitation 3. Administration - Assistance - Hygiene 4. Sol 5. Agriculture 6. Voies de Communication 7. Usines 8. Dommages de Guerre

Box F-2 Ministere des Régions Libérées. "L'Oeuvre de la Reconstitution" Statistique au ler au ler Juillet 1922, 1922

1. Dommages de Guerre 2. Population 3. Habitations 4. Administration - Assistance 5. Sol 6. Agriculture 7. Voies de Communication 8. Situation Economique

Box F-2 Ministere des Régions Libérées. Paris. "Reparation des dommeages causés par la guerre", 1920, t.d. 15p.

Box F-2 Ministere des Régions Libérées. Paris. "Role et détermination des coefficients de reconstitution", 1922 August 12, t.d. 2p.


Box F-2 American Relief Committee for German Children

Box F-2 American Relief Committee for German Intellectuals and Artists

Box F-2 "Commercial, Industrial, and Economic conditions in Germany, July, and August 1916" National City Bank memo

Box F-2 European Student Relief. General Report, 1921 June

Box F-2 "German reparations", [circa 1922 March 21], 20p.

Box F-2 The Grievances and claims of the Saar population., 1922 April 6, 4p.

s.: Demokratische Partei. Dr. Scheuer. ; Liberale Volkspartei. Schmelzer. ; Deutschnationale Volkspartei. Hermann Heyne. ; Sozialdemonkratische. V. Schäfer. ; Zentrumpspartei. Levacher.

Box F-2 1) Memorandum from State-Counsellor in the Sociological Technicology of Money. Re: National value-Standards. w/ calling card of A.F. Lukacs. 2)… Trade between france and the principal foreign countries … during 1921 compared with 1920.

Box F-2 Minnesota Committee for Relief of German Children

Box F-2 Press release re: note from American Ambassador to German Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1916 May 8

Box F-2 Germany: "rebuilding the financial conditoins of Central Europe…", 1922 March 22, 6p.

Box F-2 "Special memorandum: German food supply, 1921, 3p.

Box F-3 Gold Mining Stocks

Goldsborough Amendment

Box F-3 Miscellaneous documents

Box F-3 U.S. Congress. Committee on Banking and Currency. H.R. 5357. "A bill to provide for the sound, effective, and uninterrupted operation of the banking system…", 1935 February 5

Box F-3 U.S. Congress Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 5357, 1935 March 11

Box F-3 U.S. Congress Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 5357, 1935 March 12

Box F-3 U.S. Congress Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 5357, 1935 March 13

Box F-3 U.S. Congress Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 5357 (Morning Session), 1935 March 14

Box F-3 U.S. Congress Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 5357 (Aftrnoon Session), 1935 March 14

Box F-3 U.S. Congress. Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearings of H.R. 7216 & 7157, 1934 January 30-February 9, t.ms. ca. 270p.

Box F-3 U.S. Congress. Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 7157. Testimony of Eugene R. Black, Gov. FRB, 1934 March

Box F-3 U.S. Congress. Committee on Banking and Currency. Hearing on H.R. 7157. Testimony of Henry Morgenthau Jr., 1934 March 1

Box F-3 Greece--Memorandum on the condition of students at the Universities of Athens. European Student Relief., 1921 June

Box F-4 Haiti--"Memorandum re. Haitien Situation."

Home Mortgage

Box F-4 Home Owners' Loan Corporation Home Mortgage Advisory Board of RFC

Box F-4 Home Mortgage Advisory Board of RFC


Box F-4 American Hungarian Chamber of Commerce 1922, 1922

Box F-4 Balance sheet of the 'Hangya' May 1922, 1922 May

Box F-4 Bericht der direktion der Geldinstituts-Zentrale uber das Geschäftsjahr 1921. Budapest, 1922, p.d. 23 [6]p.

Box F-4 "Correspondance between the International Cooperative Alliance, and Mr. Elmér de Balogh…", 1922 January 19-February 6, 11p.

Box F-4 Formation du coup hebdomadaire d'alimentation des le commencement de la guerre jusqu'au juin 1922, 1922, 4p., 2 charts

Box F-4 "The 'Hangya' Cooperative societies in the 'Slovensko", 1922?, 3p.

Box F-4 "Hangya" (ANT) Co-operative wholesale society of the alliance of the Hungarian farmers; report and financial accounts for the year 1920. Budapest, 1921, p.d., 56p.

Box F-4 History of the Royal Hungarian Francis Joseph University of Sciences. Budapest, 1922, p.d. 20p.

Box F-4 La Hongrie: cartes at notions géographiques, historiques, etnographiques, économiques et intellectuelles, p.d. 48p.

Box F-4 Hungarian Bondholders Committee

Box F-4 The Hungarian government welcomes the convening of the International Congress… Genoa, 1922 April, p.d., 10p.

Box F-4 Interest rates and taxes, 1922 June 27, 4p.

Box F-4 Kgl. Ung. Staatliches Noteninstitut stand der aktiven und passiven. Budapest, 1922, p.d. 7p.

Box F-4 "Membership of the 'Union of Transsylvanian Hangya Cooperative Societies'", 1922, 3p.

Box F-4 Hungary "Memorandum…In accomplishment of the peace treaties Hungary made agreements with France on the following lines…", 1922 June 27, 2p.

Box F-4 Memorandum…during…summer of 1919 there have been issued notes by the Bolshevik Government, 1922 June 27, 1p.

Box F-4 "The present state of the Royal Hungarian States Railways and their wants", 1920 October 15, 18p., 7 charts

Box F-4 Report on Hungary relative to materials and information desired by contributing countries, 1921

Box F-4 Italy

1) Ministero per I'lndustria e il Cominercio L'Andarento delle esportasioni italiane dope la guerra. 2)"Italian Liras" 3) Expense account - Bologna & Venice


Box F-4 Japan

1) Japan Advertiser. Newspaper clippings. 1923 2) Japan American Society of Los Angeles. 26th Anniversary Dinner. 1935. 3) The Sumitomo Bank, Ltd. [Presentig three pieces of pottery] 1920 4) Shimbun Rengo [Re: New Year's Message] 1934. 5) Osaka Chamber of Commerce [Wishing Quick Recovery ]6) Japanese Financial COomission., New York. 7) Yokohama Specie Bank, N.Y. 1933 8) "Successful Banking" [re: article on Japanese Financial conditions 1920. 9) Request for autographed picture. Tokyo, Japan, 1920.

Box F-4 Mementos of FAV's trip to Japan, 1920 Spring

Box F-4 South Manchuria Railway Company


Box F-4 Latvia

1) Latvian American Chamber of Commerce. 1924. 2) Letter from J. Lasdin, Secretary General Latvian Delegation to the Genoa Conference. 1922. 3) Statement about the needs of Latvian railroads by Minister of Finances. 1922. 4) Letter from Minister of Finances. 1922. 5) re. Latvian Bank by Ringold Kalning. Paris, 1921. 6) 8 per cent Foreign Loan of 1922 in gold for the Reconstruction of Economic Life of Latvia.

Box F-4 The Latvian Economist, no. 4. Riga, 1922 April

Box F-4 Latvia

1) Necessary Credits for the renewal of Latvian Agriculture. 2) Necessary credits for the renewal of Latvian Industry 3) Beschaffung and Herstellung des rollenden Materials (Lokomotiven & Waghons) 4) Angaben über den Realwert einiger Teilstrecken Lettländischen Eisenbahnnetzes

Box F-4 Proposed Statutes of 'The Latvia Bank', 1921 October 19, t.l.s., 1p.; t.d., 19p. (2 copies)

Box F-4 State Revenues in 1921 and 1922; State Revenues in 1922 (Export and Import Duties and Harbour Dues), 2 tables

Liberty Loan

Box F-5 Clippings

Box F-5 Correspondence

Box F-5 Documents

Box F-5 Liberty Loan Committee meetings

Box F-6 Memorabilia, posters, etc.

Box F-6 Printed matter

Box F-6 Reports

Box F-6 Speeches, Magazine articles, etc.

Box F-6 Lithuania--Cables requesting allied aid. 1919., 1919

Box F-6 London--London Stock Exchange Charges

Box F-7 New Mexico

Box F-7 New York City Subway Extension

Box F-7 Persia--Correspondence and documents with Phiroz D. Saklatvala, Honorary Consul General of Persia, 1933

Box F-7 Plans for Government Regulation of Railroads, 1922

Box F-7 Poland--Notes of the questionnaire sent out from Geneva in the matter of information needed by the student organizations contributing to federation relief in Europe. European Student Relief., [1921]

Box F-7 Reduction of Armaments

Box F-7 Relief--A list of related material

Box F-7 Revenue Bill (Corporation taxes?), 1917


Box F-7 Banque Marmorosch, Blank T Co. Soc. Anon.--Bulletin d'etudes et informations economico-financieres… Bucarest, 1921 January, p.d. 49p.

Box F-7 Banque Marmorosch, Blank T Co. Soc. Anon.--Les Forces economiques de la Roumanie. Bucarest, 1920, p.d. 166p.

Box F-7 Lahovary, Philippe. Hungarian minorities in Transylvania, 1921 December 15, p.d. 10p.

Printed by the League of Nations. Geneva

Box F-7 Teleki. Hungarian minorities in Transylvania, 1921 November 29, p.d. 27p.

Printed by the League of Nations. Geneva


Box F-8 "...the actual situation in Russia…", undated, 9p.

Box F-8 "Allied governments…at Genoa cannot admit any liability…to the claims…by the Soviet Government", [1922], 1p.

Box F-8 Babet, V. Le minerai de manganèse de Géorgie. Paris, 1921, p.d. 32, IXp.

Box F-8 "Conditions in Russia at the close of 1917", 1917 December 20, 2p.

Box F-8 Convention between Persia and the Soviet Government, 1931 October 27, 15p.

Box F-8 "Draft reply to German note of April 21, 1922", [circa 1922 April 21], 3p.

Box F-8 "Economic activities in Russia in connection with European inter-indebtedness", 1922 April, 3p.

Box F-8 "Europe's financial problem", 1919 February 11, 9p.

Box F-8 "Ever since I realized, in the summer of 1912, the near approach of the dreaded world war…" New York, 1919 April, 1p.

Box F-8 Extract from a letter form Mlle. Marie Brechet to Mlle. Bidgrain. Moscow, 1921 August 24, t.l. 8p. (carbon)

Box F-8 Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America Federal Council Relief for the Children of Russia. New York, 1921

Box F-8 "The financial requirements of the Russian government…" by Novitsky, 1919 May 22, 1p.

Box F-8 "The Genoa Conference", 1922 April 26, 3p.

Signed by Alexandre M. Briantchaninoff, L. Tolstoy

Box F-8 "The great famine and the reconstruction of Russia" by Ewald Ammende, of Esthonian Red Cross, [1922?], 25p.

Box F-8 "The Great Siberian Railway", 1900, 16p. (map)

Box F-8 The Group of English speaking communists in Russia: "Will you be oppressors of workers liberty?", 1920, 4p.

With accompanying letter

Box F-8 "L'industrie de petrole de la Galacie orientale", 1922 April 26, 21p.

Box F-8 "International economic conference, Genoa: British Empire Delegation: Memorandum sent to the Russian Delegration, Wednesday, May 3, 1922", 1922, 14p.

Box F-8 Koltchak, Admiral et.al. Memorandum de la délégation Russe à la Conférence de Gênes. Omsk, 1919 January 16, p.d. 15p.

Box F-8 Letter to Lord Byrce, Describing escape from Petrograd, 1918 December 30-1919 January 26, 15p.

Box F-8 "Memorandum" (Present conditions in Russia) by E.P.R. Ross, [1920 February?], 6p.

Box F-8 "Notes on Russian finances under the provisional government and under Bolsheviki domination" by J Allen Palmer, Genoa branch of NCB, [1922?], 14, [1]p.

Box F-8 "Open letter form a Russian patriot to an American friend in Petrograd" by Roman Rosen, 1917 July16/29, 10p.

Box F-8 "Opportune time to get Germany's place in Russia", 1914 December 13, up.

Box F-8 Petrouchevytch, Eugen. The case for the independence of Eastern Galicia. Vienna, 1921 December 28, p.d. 71p.

Box F-8 "Proposals and observations of the Russian delegates financial sub-commission…", [circa 1922], 3p.

Box F-8 "Proposals regarding the economique reconstruction of Europe", 5p.

Box F-8 The reply of the Russian delegation to the memorandum of May 2, 1922, 1922, 19p.

Box F-8 Reply of the Russian Delegation to the Memorandum of May 2, 1922, 1922, 7p.

Box F-8 Reports on Russian Women students in Constantinople, 1921 August

Box F-8 Richesses forestières de la Géorgie, p.d. 18p.

Box F-8 "Russia" (Banking, transportation, foreign trade), [1922], 11p.

Box F-8 The Russia and Siberia Trade and Finance Corporation. The petition of promoters, draft deed of settlement, and draft terms of sanction, 1918, p.d. 27p.

Box F-8 American Relief Association. Mary Bakhmiteff, Marie D. Bayntan, 1917

Box F-8 Russian Committee of American Red Cross. Petrograd, 1916

Box F-8 "The Russian problem and the problem of Bolshevism", 13p.

Box F-8 Russian Refugee Relief Society of America, Inc., 1923

Box F-8 The Russian reply by George Tchitcherin, 1922 April 20, 2p.

Box F-8 Russian Students, 1921 October 11, 4p.

Box F-8 Sabakhtarichvili, C. Traité conclu le 7 mai 1920 entro la République de Géorgie et al République Socialiste Fédérative Soviétiste Russe et accor de transit et de commerce conclu le 14 nov 1920… Triflis, 1920 November 14, p.d. 19p.

Box F-8 "Short memorandum concerning the exploitation of private railways in Russia.", [1910?], 6p.

Box F-8 Tchedidze, Nicholas. La declaration de la conférence des délégues des partis politiques de Géorgie. 1922 ; Oboladze, O. Appel de tous les partis politiques de Géorgie February 19, 1922. ; Tiflis. Ambroise, Patriarche de tout la Géorgie Lettre du Partiarche...à la conférence de Gênes Tiflis, February 7, 1922., 1922, p.d. 16p.

Box F-9 Single Tax

Social Security

See: Townsend Plan

Box F-9 Sociology

Solutions to social problems by various individuals

Box F-9 Spain--"Barcelona" Havana, 1915 August 16, t.d.s., 8p.

Box F-9 Steel

Box F-9 Texas

Box F-9 Townsend Plan

Box F-9 Trade acceptances

Box F-9 Travertine Mine

Box F-9 Turkey

Box F-9 Ukrainian National Committee of the United States, Inc.

Box F-9 Universal Taxi Cab Fare Books

Box F-9 Uruguay

Box F-9 Vienna

Box F-9 Virginia

Box F-9 Wisconsin

Box F-9 Yachts

Box F-9 Yama Conference; Yama Farms (Trout hatcheries)

Box F-9 Yugoslavia--Succoring the starving with Serbia's surplus. [World Student Christaian Federation], 1920