Rare Book & Manuscript Library

Frank A. Vanderlip papers, 1890-1937

Part A: Correspondence--Incoming

127 boxes. Arranged alphabetically by sender; listed in the Vanderlip card catalog. There are two boxes at end of the group that contain unidentified correspondence.

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Box A-1 A-Ailes, Mary

(See Also: Flat Box)

Ailes, Milton E.

Box A-2 1901-1904

Box A-3 1905-1908

Box A-4 1909-1910

Box A-5 1911-1913 June, 1911-1913

Box A-6 1913 July -1914, 1913

Box A-7 1915-1917

Box A-8 1918-1928

Box A-9 Telegrams (Box 1)

Box A-10 Telegrams (Box 2)

Box A-11 Ain-Allen E.

Box A-12 Allen, F.-Alt

Box A-13 Am-Austin, J.

Box A-14 Austin, O.-Az

Box A-15 Ba-Barnard

Box A-16 Barnes-Bea

Box A-17 Bec-Ben

Benedict, Henry E.


Box A-18 1914-1924

Box A-19 1925-1936

Box A-20 Miscellaneous Correspondence

Box A-21 Miscellaneous Documents

Box A-22 Telegrams

Box A-23 Benedict-Bey

Box A-24 Bra-Bro

Box A-25 Bru-By

Box A-26 Ca-Cal

Box A-27 Cam-Carl

Box A-28 Carm-Cary

Box A-29 Cas-Ches

Box A-30 Chew-Cl

Box A-31 Coa-Com

Box A-32 Con-Cor

Box A-33 Cos-Cup

Box A-34 Cur-Cy

Box A-35 Da-Dec

Box A-36 Def-Dod

Box A-37 Doh-Dy

Box A-38 Ea-El

Box A-39 Em-Ey

Box A-40 Fa-Fil

Box A-41 Fin-Fo

Box A-42 Fr-Fy

Box A-43 Ga-Garl

Box A-44 Garn-Gl

Box A-45 Go-Gw

Box A-46 H-Han

Box A-47 Har-Harp

Box A-48 Harr-Haz

Box A-49 He

Box A-50 Hi-Hop

Box A-51 Hor-Hurl

Box A-52 Hum-Hunt, Mazie (Correspondence)

Box A-53 Hunt, Mazie (Dychman…)-Hy

Box A-54 I-Ja

Box A-55 Je-Ju

Box A-56 Ka-Kem

Box A-57 Ken-Kies

Box A-58 Kil-Ky

Box A-59 La-Lap

Box A-60 Lat-Leo

Box A-61 Les-Lor

Box A-62 Los-Ly

Box A-63 MacA-MacD

Box A-64 MacE-MacF

Box A-65 MacG-Mak

Box A-66 Mal-Maz

Box A-67 Me-Miles

Box A-68 Milh-Mix

Box A-69 Mo

Box A-70 Mu-My

Box A-71 N

Box A-72 O

Box A-73 Pa-Pei

Box A-74 Pek-Pi

Box A-75 Pl-Prin

Box A-76 Prit-Pritchett, Henry S., 1905-1916

Box A-77 Pritchett, Henry S. 1917-1955-Py

Box A-78 Q-Ram

Box A-79 Ran-Ray

Box A-80 Rea-Reynolds, K.

Box A-81 Reynolds, T.-Ri

Box A-82 Roa-Robertson

Box A-83 Robins-Roos

Box A-84 Root-Rumely, E.A. undated-1933 July

Box A-85 Rumely, E.A. 1933 August -1935 March, 1933

Box A-86 Rumely, E.A. 1935 April -Ry, 1935

Box A-87 Sa

Box A-88 Sb-Scho

Box A-89 Schr-Scu

Box A-90 Se

Box A-91 Sha-She

Box A-92 Shi-Sil

Box A-93 Sim-Sl

Box A-94 Sm

Box A-95 Sn-Sq

Box A-96 Sta-Ste

Box A-97 Sti

Box A-98 Stillman, James 1915-Miscellaneous-Stiv

Box A-99 Sta-Stra

Box A-100 Stre

Box A-101 Stri-Sz

Box A-102 Ta-Te

Box A-103 Th-Tol

Box A-104 Tom-Ty

Box A-105 U

Box A-106 Va-Vanderlip, Frank Arthur, Jr.

Vanderlip, Frank Arthur, Jr.

Box A-107 1931-1936 (Uncataloged), 1931-1936

Box A-108 Miscellaneous

Box A-109 Vanderlip, Henry-Vanderlip, W.

Box A-110 Vanderpoel-Vay

Box A-111 Ve-Vy

Box A-112 Wa-Wam

Box A-113 Wan-Way

Box A-114 Wea-Wee

Box A-115 Wef-Wey

Box A-116 Wh

Box A-117 Wi-Wilbur, J.-1912

Box A-118 Wilbur, J. 1913-1936-Wilbur, M.

Box A-119 Wilcox-Wilenkin

Box A-120 Wiley-Willey

Box A-121 Willi-Wilson

Box A-122 Wilt-Woodruff

Box A-123 Woods-Wy

Box A-124 X-Y

Box A-125 Z

Box A-126 Miscellaneous

Box A-127 Miscellaneous