Rare Book & Manuscript Library

James Woodman Thompson papers, 1909-1955

Series VI: Production File

Contains: correspondence; contracts; expenses; notes; property lists; costume lists; cast lists; schedules; scripts; music "run throughs"; programs; publicity; blueprints; drawings, usually schematics or prop details, done in pencil and/or ink; sketches, generally costume, but some schematics; rough sketches in pencil; studies in color (watercolor, poster paint, melted crayon, light oil, ink and pencil) usually for sets; cardboard minature mock-ups; photographs of sets, scenes, and mock-ups; source illustrations.

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Box 103 Unidentified material

Mapcase 14-F-14 "Unidentified Material"

Box 103 Contracts (arranged chronologically)

Box 103 The Admiral

Mapcase 14-F-14 "The Admiral"

Box 103 The Adventures of Samuel Pickwick, Esq.

Box 103 Antigone

Mapcase 14-F-14 "Antigone"

Box 103 Augustan Comedy (also called "A Neoclassical Comedy")

Mapcase 14-F-14 "Augustan Comedy"

Mapcase 14-F-13 "Augustan Comedy"

Box 103 Balle Comique

Box 103 The Beggar On Horseback

Mapcase 14-F-14 "The Beggar on Horseback."

Mapcase 14-G-7 "Beggar on Horseback" ["The Cady Home"], [n.p.], 1933, 15 x 22 3/4 Gouache

[From the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum, 1970. Transferred from Art Properties, 23 September 2001]

Box 103 The Bishop Misbehaves

Mapcase 14-F-15 "The Bishop Misbehaves" - "The Chastening."

Box 103 Bridal Quilt

Box 103 Butterflies

Box 103 Candida

Box 103 Carioca Purple

Box 104 The Chastening

Box 104 Christopher Rand

Mapcase 14-G-1 "Christopher Rand" - "Daphnis & Chloe."

Box 104 Close Harmony (also called "Soft Music")

Box 104 The Cocoanuts

Box 104 Daisies Won't Tell

Box 104 Dangerous Corner

Box 104 Daphnis & Chloe

Box 104 Deep River

Mapcase 14-G-2 "Deep River" - "God Loves Us."

Box 104 Delicate Justice

Box 104 Desert Song (also called "Lady Fair")

Box 104 Expressing Willie

Box 104 The Firebrand

Mapcase 14-G-7 "The Firebrand" Acts I and III, [n.p.], [ca. 1930], 15 1/2 x 22 1/2 Watercolor (signed on back)

[From the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum, 1970. Transferred from Art Properties, 23 September 2001]

Box 104 The Ghost of Yankee Doodle

Box 104 God Loves Us

Box 104 The Habitual Husband

Mapcase 14-G-3 "The Habitual Husband" - "Macbeth."

Box 104 Hedda Gabler

Box 104 Hospitality

Box 104 In the Meantime

Box 104 Iolanthe

Box 104 Ipinegia aus Tarus

Box 104 Joan d'Arc

Box 104 Lightnin'

Box 104 Little Theater Concert

Box 104 Macbeth

Box 105 The Magnificent Yankee

Mapcase 14-G-4 "The Magnificent Yankee" - "Neighbors."

Box 105 Malvaloca

Box 105 The Marriage of Figaro

Box 105 The Merchant of Venice

Mapcase 14-F-12 "The Merchant of Venice."

Box 105 Midnight

Box 105 Month In The Country

Box 105 Neighbors

Box 105 Nepenthe

Mapcase 14-G-5 "Nepenthe" - "Queen Victoria."

Box 105 The New Englander

Box 105 Old Man Minick

Box 105 Pirates Of Penzance

Box 105 Plumes In The Dust

Box 105 The Potters

Box 105 A Primer For Lovers

Box 105 Pure In Heart

Box 105 Queen Victoria

Box 105 Rhapsody Negro

Mapcase 14-G-6 "Rhapsody Negro" - "Rye."

Box 105 Richard The Third (John Carradine)

Box 105 The Rivals

Box 105 Roger Bloomer

Box 105 Romeo and Juliet

Mapcase 14-G-7 "Romeo and Juliet" Act I, scene i, [n.p.], 1933, 14 1/2 x 22 1/4 Watercolor

[From the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum, 1970. Transferred from Art Properties, 23 September 2001]

Box 105 Rye

Box 106 She Stoops To Conquer

Box 106 The Shelf

Mapcase 14-G-7 "The Shelf" - "Venus Vixtrix."

Box 106 The Squall

Box 106 Sweet Nell Of Old Drury

Box 106 Taboo

Box 106 Theme And Variations

Box 106 These Few Ashes

Box 106 This One Man (also called "The Man Saul", etc.)

Box 106 Tomorrow Is A Holiday

Box 106 Venus Vixtrix

Box 106 The Warrior's Husband

Mapcase 14-G-8 "The Warrior's Husband" - "Why Not?"

Box 106 "What Price Glory?"

Mapcase 14-G-7 "Scene from What Price Glory" Act II, [n.p.], [n.d.], 15 x 23 Watercolor

[Inscribed on verso: "What Price Glory"/ Scene II The Dugent/Designed by/Woodman Thompson/for Arthur Hopkins. From the Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum, 1970. Transferred from Art Properties, 23 September 2001]

Box 106 White Wings

Box 106 "Why Not?"

Box 106 "Will You Marry Me?"

Box 106 The Winged Messenger

Mapcase 14-G-9 "The Winged Messenger" - "The Wolf At The Door."

Box 106 The Wisdom Tooth

Box 106 The Wolf At The Door

Box 106 Miscellaneous Productions -- Programs only

Mapcase 14-F-13 Miscellaneous material